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Mustang, OK, United States
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Hello my name is Ivonne Drake and I purchased a water filer for my refrigerator on 2 and a half months ago from Lowes. June 8th my refrigerator quit making ice or giving water. Figured it was either the motor or a clogged line. Called a repairman out to fix it. $101.53 dollars later I was told the filter was faulty. He stated he has had a few calls on those water filter being faulty. DO not have my receipt from 2 months ago and they will not refund me any money since this items has to have a receipt. So I ended up having to search my bank statement and lucky found the transaction which was 3/19/17. So I was able to get my filter refund back. but would like to get my service fee reimbursed also which would be $50. I can send you the receipt and the repairman's bill I had to pay.

Jun 12, 2017

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