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Dear Sir,
I purchased an 11 pcs. Vent kit item # 205855 online and submitted it and received an order # [protected] after it was processed. I received an email the next day saying that the order was delayed, and was being shipped to the Lowes Amherst, New York store on [protected]. I began to track my order, and to my surprise, my order was cancelled. I didn't cancel it, and called the Amherst store and asked why? Customer Service girl said they did not stock the item and they cancelled the order. She said they don't carry this item anymore. I said I didn't appreciate the store doing that, without trying to locate it at another's store, and shipping it to there store. She said I would have to go online and order it again.
I proceeded to check online to see what store might have it, and found that the Lowes Springville, New York store had 6 of the same item #s at their store. I called and spoke to Matt in the plumbing and heating department, and asked him if he could ship the order for me to the Lowes Amherst store. He said he would, but I would have to wait a couple of days. I said no problem, and he asked for the order #, and I gave him #[protected]. Matt looked it up on the computer, and recognized that their was a difference in price. He said that he would call me back . Matt called me back, and said he could not send it and said that I would have to call customer service at the Lowes Amherst store. Well, I called Lowes Amherst store customer service and explained to the girl there that I didn't cancel my order and that there were 6 items of the same item # Lowes Springville store and why didn't she have the ship it to their store, she just said I would have to reorder it online again and pay the new price for the item . I was shocked, that just because their was a difference in price, I would have to order it again.
When I went online originally to purchase the item #205885, I purchased it as I would have in any other store, using the computer format and procedure that was available to me. I purchased this product in good faith base on the price that was in front on my computer screen. I am not responsible for the price of the items that you the store provider shows to the consumer, for which I am. The purchase was processed, and I received an order # when the order was submitted after I gave all necessary information as requsted by order form. I have all documents photographed, and am attaching them with this complaint.
I would appreciate it if you would expedite my request to ship my purchased
Item to the Lowes Amherst store as soon as you consider this matter.
I appreciate your time and efforts in helping me to settle this matter.

Thank you,
Eileen Tschari


May 5, 2017

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