Lowes Malabar Road, Palm Bay FLsliding door replacement

I ordered a sliding glass door at Lowes January 23rd. I asked how long it would take the salesman said it depended on how long the permit takes. I got a call from Lowes 2 weeks later letting me know that the permit was issued and the installer would call to set up a date within 24 hours for installation. A week went by and still no phone call. I called again and was given the installers phone number and he told me that his first opening was March 23rd. That's 2 months since I purchased the door! The day of installation I am rudely awoken by a phone call at 6:30 in the morning that there was a Lowes truck outside waiting to deliver the door! Not one person at Lowes told me that the window would be delivered separately! I thought the installer would bring it with him. It was dark out and I had to hold a flash light for the Lowes employees to see where they were going. So then the installer shows up and realizes that the door is the wrong size and it could take a while to get the correct one installed. I was so PO'd I called the "Manager" who ended up being the "Asst. Mgr." told me that she would check into the situation and call me back. Then another Lowes employee shows up when the installer gets back from the store and tells me some lame story about how things got screwed up and made it sound like no big deal.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Palm Bay, FLI guess Lowes decided that they could use that window but it would have to be made to fit! Since I know a little about Home Improvement I knew a 1/2 inch was no big deal but it was just the point that it wasn't what the installer measured for. After the installer went to the store to straighten this all out he brought back the materials he needed to install the door properly because the Lowes employees that dropped off the door didn't bring it with the door! I never got a call back from the manager because the guy who showed up from Lowes was sent here to "take care of the situation" I told this guy that I still wanted a call back from the Asst. Mgr. She called me back and I told her that I was still not happy about getting woken up at 6:30 in the morning and that I was very disappointed in Lowes. She tried to make it sound like she was doing something nice by telling me that they didn't charge me for the extra labor and materials. I told her that there wouldn't have been any extra labor and materials if the door was the correct size! I decided to call the corporate office to complain and they said I would hear back from the local stores top manager within 24 hours. I hope I don't get another lame story! It seems that the only person that knew what he was doing was the installer and he did do an excellent job and even cleaned up!

Mar 24, 2017

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