Lowe's (Home Improvement)management ethics

W Jul 30, 2016 Review updated:

I shop store 2370 all the time and the management in that store is a joke. They are never seen and if they are they usually are walking around on the phone unwilling to help employees and customers. They are the laziest group I have seen.
Do you not have any rules or structure for them. There can be a bell going off for a department and all staff is busy but not one manager will come help. There can be not cashiers or staff to help customers because they are unable to schedule enough employees to work and not one manage helps.
There is a manager nichole who is worth nothing. She should not be getting any pay to sit at a desk and type or what ever it is she is doing. If an employee calls her for anything she gives them the run around while I the customer is waiting. She is also judgmental and rude.
I see cashiers working as hard as they can just to get slack from people because of no help. Is that not managements fault?
I have watched that store go down hill through the years. They put people in positions they know nothing about. Is a specialist suppose to know something so they can help the customer? The new guy kal in window and walls does not even have a clue what he is doing. He needs to go back to the paint department where he came from.


  •   Aug 01, 2016

    Lowe's is open these days only because of a government subsidy (TARP money, of sorts). Its stores would be boarded up eyesores today if it wasn't for that subsidy. There are many others (bed Bath & Beyond, some say Target [I'm not sure}, Sports Authority, others) Well you can spot them - big stores with too few customers to even pay the rent and lighting, let alone pay employees and fund the inventory which never moves. The federal government feels its very important to not let things look, ya know... "depression."

    Welcome to socialism. That's the way it works...and, the way it looks.

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