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I'm writing the review to warn others to never use Lowes on remodeling jobs of any sort. The nightmare began when we first signed our contract with them on January 3, 2018. We went through the inside sales department. The job began with the saleswoman walking us down many isles saying "that would look nice"...and taking notes as we walked. The job was supposed to be a simple remodel. We looked at the Lowes website and chose some of the faucets, new lights, new vanity top and tile for the shower remodel. She kept pushing Onyx products on us. (the most expensive pieces, of course). We described the shower door we wanted but unfortunately it wasn't on the showroom floor. So once again, we mention privacy door and she wrote notes for an Onyx privacy door and shower pan. The vanity top was also an Onyx product. What they failed to mention was that Onyx products are special order items that can take a month or more to get in the Lowes warehouse.

We then find out that the stories about their contractors having thorough background checks was a lie. The first contractor was sent in for the pre-construction meeting at our home. They looked over things, made tick marks in a fancy notebook...flipping through the pages quickly and asked us to sign yet another contract with Lowes contractor. We were only allowed to call the project manager, who was never available. The vanity came in the wrong color so that was the first stop to the remodel job and it took another several weeks of waiting.

Finally, the new colored vanity came in and it was back to work for the crew. The crew was divided into sub-contractors of the Lowes appointed contracting firm. The first crew changed the start date to the second week in April 2018. Yeah, this was the fourth month of waiting.

The second crew, the tile guys didn't speak any English. They were two illegal immigrants working under the table. Well, we were told that they would only be here for two hours to finish the Kerdi sheet rock vapor seal. What really happened was they snooped around in a closed closet to find our safe and they stole over $2000 worth of gold jewelry. We had to make a police report and deal with the original contractor who denied the event ever happened.

We told Lowes that we wanted a new contractor. A week later, they sent a 23-year-old with one-year experience to finish tiling the shower. He tiled the shower alright. But none of the sides or the shower pan are level. Then he hung part of the shower door crooked into the tile and not into the studs making the door so crooked that it left a 1/4" gap down the side of the door. Then this young man told us that the other half of the door was too long and had to be re-ordered through Onyx. This meant another month wait. And now were into May and the entire shower looks like a person watched YouTube lessons before doing the tile work.

Today, May 10, 2018...we are still waiting for Lowes store managers to return calls. We tried Lowes Corporate only to be re-connected back to the local Lowes general manager. And he's either at lunch or left for the day. Lowes has been avoiding us for weeks now and after five months of waiting the shower is still not usable. The shower was supposed to be converted into an ADA handicap accessible shower. But the measurements don't match.

We had another independent contractor come over to evaluate this shower and he just shook his head and pointed out all the flaws. His company could have saved us $4, 000 had we chosen his company. The total price of this horrible remodel through Lowes came to $12, 400. And the only way to correct the errors made, is to gut the whole shower and start from scratch with an independent professional contractor who warned us to avoid Lowes. Like I mentioned in the beginning of this review this has been a never-ending nightmare!!

May 11, 2018
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  •   May 11, 2018

    If you're not a colored nutcake, I'd take Lowes to court. Make sure to sue for your legal costs, too. You've been screwed.

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