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I hardly ever write any reviews and complaints letters but would like to share this with other customers and possibly save somebody from a disaster and a lot of unnecessary stress. We ordered lumber and roofing from Lowe's in Sylva NC, over 5, 000 $ order over a week ago. We can't get it delivered and it seems we were lied to twice by Lowe's customer service. Every time I called them, talked to somebody else and never felt like anybody cared about our delivery. The ordered should have been delivered yesterday, they said would call and let us know. I called Lowe's three times yesterday and got nowhere. The first time, a girl told me that the delivery is on the way and should be there in the afternoon. There was no call from Lowe's till the afternoon so I called them back and was told the delivery guy is in route and be there by evening time.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Cherokee, NCThe evening came and no delivery guy so called them back again and was told that "a part" (never told me which part and what was missing) of the order just came in yesterday so they will deliver today and they would call and let me know what time. Nobody called today so I called them back and was told that their delivery guy called out and they have nobody to deliver my order and they will deliver on Sat morning (tomorrow is Friday) . Needless to say, I am very upset because we have contractors waiting and now have to call them off till next week. The guy from Lowe's didn't seem to think this was a big deal and did not seem to care about my delivery. All I got was " oh, I don't know" and " I wasn't here yesterday".
They are incompetent and don't care about their customers. I am thinking about cancelling my order since there is no guarantee that the delivery guy will show up on Sat. I will not order anything else from Lowe's in Sylva, NC in the future.

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    This complaint has been resolved in a timely manner. We have received a phone call from the Lowes' Assistance Manager the next day . She was very nice, helpful and had exceptional customer service skills. We had our materials delivered on Saturday. Thank you Lowes!

May 18, 2017

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