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Lowes / consumer complaint

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Your store no 1740 has a rude service manager by the name of Joe. He ranks above a man named matt brown. Joe needs an attitude adjustment, however matt should be promoted. I Philip Carlotti had a problem which matt kindly took care off I say thank you to him and humbug to Joe. As a result of matt I will not be going to home depot. Impersonally like Lowes and have frequented your stores in all the former states I have resided.

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  • Ih
      15th of May, 2008
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    This horrible store did not deliver my appliances on time like they were supposed to and then charged my card twice for an appliance that i had already purchased. This caused my account to over draft and now I'm stuck starved till the whole thing is corrected. I'm calling the Better Business Breau and making a formal complaint about this horrible company. I will never step foot in another Lowe's after this incident. I'm even changing banks since they approved the second purchase without my signature.

  • Ge
      19th of Mar, 2009
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    My credit card number is: 6674 - I purchased/charged a refrigerator, stove and microwave at the same time for over $1800.00. I was told that there would be no finance charges, payments or interest for 12 months. Ever since I purchased the appliances I have been getting finance charges on my bill. I pay all I owe above the $1800.00 each time, so why is there finance charges added? The first time this happened last month I called Lowes and they removed the charges. I then told the lady, "Talk to you next month to get the next months finace charge off". I know this because I went through the same problem the last time I charged items over $299.00. Can't you people get it togther? I bet Home Depot can! You are more than welcome to call me anytime @ 334-703-8124.
    Thanks, George K. McGill

  • Ma
      26th of Jun, 2009
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    I have shopped at the Texarkana store since it has been opened. However, after today I believe I will go to Sear's or Home Depot.
    I took my 81 year old mother in the garden center to get her an outdoor rug. I struggled to get the large rug from it's stand while two YOUNG men with Lowe's vest on talked about how to move some pallets while glancing my way to watch me struggle with this rug. I finally decided that these nitwits needed me to ask for assistance and as I turned to request help, they took off.
    Then we asked the cashier to call someone to help load the heavy thing in our truck and she said wait outside, which we did until sweat was beading all over our faces. I managed to load the thing with no help as employees went back and forth, in and out of the store.
    Today my husband and I went back (why?? Sears and Home Depot honors Lowe's prices) to get a new electric range and vent hood and I also special ordered a sink. The man in the appliances sat at his terminal and talked on the phone for 30 minutes, when he got off the phone he got on the computer. When we asked for help a young girl stopped what she was doing and helped us.
    While we waited for her to finish I went over and asked about the sink. The girl on THAT computer said she wasn't in that department and she called for help.
    That boy finally came and was very rude because I obviously took him away from something in the back.
    When I went up front to pay for my choices I told the cashier I had a vent hood and a range and a special order sink. She said let me make sure and she looked line by line and said yea it's all here.
    We went home and the young man who ordered the sink called and told me we had not paid for the sink. I said I thought we had but I would look at my receipt, no! the cashier did not include it on the receipt. He proceeded to tell me I needed to pay for it. It crossed my mind to tell him to wait right there until I drove from out of town back to that store and paid for it. I bit my tongue and said my husband would go do it.
    My husband went BACK up there to pay for it and that old man was BACK ON THE PHONE!!! This time my husband just stood in front of him until he got off the phone which was a personal call and then turned his back on my husband and told another employee about his phone conversation. My husband interrupted him and asked about the sink. He said he didn't do that and for my husband to go to the service desk. SOOOOOOOO he went up there and four...I said FOUR employees were behind the desk whispering and laughing. He again had to interrupt to ask about the sink. A girl did something in the computer and gave him a printout and told him he could go up front and pay and someone would bring it up!!!It was a SPECIAL ORDER, there was none in the store.
    Oh yes, I called the manager, named answer and I was on hold long enough to get bored.
    After this I will NEVER go to Lowe's. I am thinking of putting in the paper under "cheers and jeers" this very for it.

  • La
      22nd of Aug, 2012
    0 Votes

    I lacy simmons purchase seneca berber carpet from lowe's store in jackson tn. the carpet came unweave less than a month I inform the salesperson : Laura Lineberry she came out to take a look at the carpet and took pictures and said she think the vaccum cleaner beaterbar unweave the carpet the biggist bunch of crap I've ever heard of said the manufactor would only pay me 215.00 dolars of my money which was the cost of the carpet for the store I'm out of about 800.00dollars I spoke with Bryan Trip which was the salesperson boss he told me it was nothing he could do I inform him that I had spent over 5000.00dollars for the last four years straight and I get treated like dog ### so I told him that I promise him that I want spend another dime in Lowe's stores again

  • Sw
      28th of Aug, 2014
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    I purchased a Swiffer Mop from Lowe's. It was a longer mop than the regular size. At the time I purchased the mop I also bought the pads that went with the mop, pads that fit appropriately. That is the last time that Lowe's has had this size pads. I have been told that they were on order and that they would receive them in a few days. I returned to the store in a few days, then went back a few weeks later, then a few more weeks later, and they still have not received the large Swiffer wet pads!!! I now think they just told me something to get rid of me. I wish I had never bought anything from Lowe's. I have to use two of the regular size pads to fit my entire mop head and it gets pretty expensive. My phone number is 334-484-3470 and if you can tell me where I can purchase the pads I will be very happy and I will not have to go to Lowe's for anything else...ever!

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