Lowe’slowe's sucks and so does customer care

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I was shoppping at my local Lowes, I had an employee walk up to my shopping cart full of my soon to be purchases and pull one out! I asked if there was a problem and he said “just checking something.” He had scanned my product, he said, “yup, its the right price.” I couldn’t believe the nerve of this guy, had it been mis-marked did he plan to take it away? What if a woman’s purse or a child had been in that cart? I contacted Lowes customer care center and was told they have a 24 hour reply policy. It’s been 4 days and no phone call.

The manager sends me emails, I wish I could share, he is ducking me and hiding and is basically a wimp for not doing his job and just calling and apologizing! Lowes customer care center is USELESS!

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  • Ho
      Dec 25, 2011

    Well he should have asked first.

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  • Bl
      May 09, 2012

    I mostly agree with GEOMMM, in that this doesn't really seem to be a big deal. If you are in contact with a manager I don't see why it matters whether its by email or telephone.
    However it an employee in a store started looking into my cart and taking things out without an explanation I would be freaked out. He could have at least explained what he needed.

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  • Lo
      May 03, 2013

    I had siding put on my house... They came installed it and screwed it up. Part of the siding all bubbly, a piece fell off somewhere else, and they disconnected one of my lights and didn't put it back. Also, they took off before i signed off on the job. It's been eight months now and i keep calling to try to get them to fix it. Everytime they yes me to death, "oh we are very sorry sir we will get right on that and send someone over" However, nothing get's done. Piss poor service.

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  • 38
      Sep 28, 2018
    Best Best Advice

    Does this surprise you - try contacting Marvin Ellsion, Michael McDermott, Sandy Dermondy or Kimberly Wells. All they can do is forward it to some lady in the "Executive Committee" who cant even remember her email, let alone when she called you last. No wonder why they spend more time on lawyers. If they would learn to treat their employees and their customers right...well maybe they would not end up like JC Penny - oh wait - who was the CEO of that defunk store??????

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  • Br
      Apr 25, 2019

    I had a similar customer service issue with an extremely rude employee, and this was not the first time. They were rude and confrontational without any provocation whatsoever on my part. Admittedly, I was in the store near closing time; however, I knew exactly what I wanted and where it was located. I was approached by an employee who told me I needed to hurry up and get out because they were about to close. When I submitted a complaint to customer service and requested a response...nothing. This tells me they have no concern whatsoever regarding customer service and the way employees treat customers.

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  • Bu
      May 10, 2019

    We are currently on hold 15 minutes so far, to check on an order placed 2 weeks ago, that we have had zero updates on. Cost of goods $500.
    However, “they value our business and appreciate our patience “. Hey Lowe’s, add staff in your stores and call centers. No wonder your sales are down. Then there’s the crap they sell, even brand names are lower quality so they can fatten margins.
    We are DONE with these [censored]s.

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