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Kenmore Kenmore n73037 25.5cu ft french style Fridge purchase through Sears

I purchased a refrigerator from Sear in November 2019. Since that time we have had to have the doors removed and replaced. The refrigerator has not been in working condition since we purchased it and still to this date has not been repaired by Sears. We have had to throw away so much food since we have purchased this fridge from Sears and been patient to get it operational but this is ridiculous. We have had a non operational ice maker which only recently was diagnosed properly. Basically our refrigerator has not been operational since the date of purchase. The interior fridge temperature is not consist. It runs too much or not at all which causes the water in the ice maker to melt then freeze and also causing our food to freeze then thaw.resulting in bad food. I have never had to throw away so much food in my life. Fruits and Vegetables within a day.
I have had multi repairs for this fridge in the past year and NONE have repaired the issue. July 15, 2020 an order was put in for a new ice maker but the wrong parts were sent. One Sept 2 when we were out of town Sears just showed up at our home without any appointment to do the repair for the ice Maker which once again we learned the fridge has 2 issues. The fan unit is broken which is causing inconsistent temperature causing our food to go back. The ice maker was going to be replaced but as advised on October 5, 2020 the fridge was not running at the right temperature as it has since we purchased it and Sears stated it was not repairable but before they can request a new fridge a tech in a higher position had to come out and see if the fan unit could be repaired. October 23, 2020 Sears came out to the home I left just for about 30 mins and my husband met with the technician. As stated he ordered a new Ice maker part to replace the ice maker but never attempted to repair the reason why the temperature was not consistent. He never pulled the fridge out and took a temperature. All he did is order parts which could have been done on Sept 2 or Oct 5 but it was advised the refrigerator is broken and the fan unit is not operating properly. We are going into the Holidays and we once again we will not have an operating fridge.

I called the escalations department on 10/23/2020 and advised them what occurred on that day. The repair man did absolutely nothing to repair or replace the fridge. I advised Sears we will not wait any longer. We have not had an operating refrigerator since we purchased it 10 months ago. was advised I would be contacted back. Once again ZERO PHONE CALLS BACK. I am demanding you repair or replace this broken refrigerator before we sue you because it made us sick. Food is going bad. Just yesterday we had to throw eggs away because they were frozen. This is so wrong on so many levels. We have wasted so much time waiting at our house for Sears Repair to do absolutely nothing to repair the actual issue. Now the new order for the ice maker is on back order. I must have a manager contact me ASAP to replace our fridge.

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    Kenmore Elite refrigerator

    I bought Kenmore Elite refrigerator in 2016 from Sears and stopped working in less than 5 years. After spending over $ 1600 I expected it to last a little longer. This thing is a nightmare. Its gonna cost me an arm and leg to fix. im contemplating whether to trash it or get it fixed. Dont buy. Btw, its not really Kenmore. Kenmore on the outside and on the inside is all LG.

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      • Mr
        Mr. Helpful Oct 27, 2020

        Kenmore has never been, or claimed to be, a manufacturer. Kenmore has been one of several house brand names that simply contracts out products for production by other manufacturers then having it labeled with the Kenmore name.

        It doesn't take a great deal of research to see multiple brands and models can experience problems earlier than one may expect.

        Check with your local Sears store. They keep good records of previous purchases. If you elected to have longer warranty coverage at the time of purchase, Sears will cover any cost of servicing the unit.

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      Kenmore Kenmore elite Washer

      Major problem with bleach dispenser rusting-I rarely ever use bleach!!! The machine looks like it just came out of the box. Its barely used-purchased in June 2018 and noticed bubbling recently that I thought I overlooked before-thinking it was just bad spot in paint until the rust came through recently!!machine is otherwise in excellent condition but I am noticing rust spots on my clothes. Kenmore and sears no help but will fix it for a fee??? I'll buy a new washer and take them to court before I pay for an obvious defect!

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        • Mr
          Mr. Helpful Oct 01, 2020

          Is like to assist but you'll have to understand that neither Kenmore or Sears have any legal obligations.

          Please let me know if I can help.

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        Kenmore My refrigerator I purchased on November 23 2018

        I have only had this refrigerator for 1 1/2 years now an it's already stopped working. This is totally unacceptable and I don't feel I should be responsible for repairing or replacing an refrigerator that is this new. I have owned other refrigerators that lasted well over 10 or 15 years. The only reason they were replaced was either I wanted a bigger refrigerator or I moved into a new home an had to have one. This refrigerator should not need repairs refrigerators usually last until you just don't want it anymore.

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          Jul 07, 2020

          Kenmore — Refrigerator not working

          We purchased a brand new Kenmore Elite refrigerator on June 17 of 2019 from our local Sears authorized...

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          Kenmore Kenmore refrigerator

          I purchased a Kenmore refrigerator in 2016 and the warranty in my owner's manual states, "If the sealed refrigerant system is defective within five years from the purchase date, call 1;800-4-MY-HOME to arrange for free repair". My compressor failed, and when I called for repair it was anything but free. The service tech said the parts were covered but labor was going to be over $600. Free repair should not cost anything, I see why reviews on this company are horrible. I regret not reading them before my purchase.
          To make matters worse, their customer service phone reps are horrible. I kept getting transferred from one rep to another, and I could barely understand them.

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            Kenmore household microwave oven model 790.[protected] faulty hood light fixture

            Hello, I bought a beautiful Kenmore microwave 3 years ago. I noticed that when left the light on during the night for visibility in the kitchen, the next morning, inside would be very warm. the light bulbs would burn very quickly and now one fixture doesn't work at all. I have never had an issue like this with any type of microwave and specially with the high end one that I bought.

            I would like to know if you can provide maintenance for this or replace the microwave.

            thank you,
            Lina Vega-Critzer

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              Kenmore elite washer/dryer all in one

              There are many days I could put down for incidents. I had many problems with this machine since the start. First it was water coming out the back and side of the machine. Then it was screws coming out of it. The drum came loose and last but not least water went into the control panel. It took ten or more visits from technician before it was replaced with another machine, but the same kind. I was told that was the only option. Now the new machine is messing as well! The screws have worked their way out again. How many times does a product have to break down or be worked on in order to get a refund? I have been dealing with this since 2017.

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                Nov 07, 2019

                Kenmore — sears kenmore elite refrigerator

                We purchased our Kenmore Elite Refrigerator November 2018. I did not get the extended warranty. Just over a...

                Nov 04, 2019

                Kenmore — kenmore 73025 26.1 cu. ft french door refrigerator

                Good Afternoon, This purchase just barely made 3 years and now the appliance is malfunctioning. When you...

                Kenmore kenmore electric range model # 970c503

                Bought a stove 08/20/17 and have had problems with it that past year today being 10/16/19 it would not work. Stove, oven and lights. Called Kenmore and they said there is nothing they can do!!! Seriously, not even 3 years old and it is done for. Not to mention that we would have the stove in low and it would be high!! They need to stand by their products and they are not! Something needs to be done about this!!!

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                  • Sh
                    Shaun R. Oct 17, 2019

                    I'm sorry to hear of your recent issue with not being able to obtain service for your Kenmore brand product.

                    Service should absolutely be available and can be scheduled at https://www.kenmore.com/sears-home-services-scheduler/ or by calling [protected].

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                  Kenmore kenmore refrigerator 106-5112

                  We purchased the refrigerator in May of 2016 and added a 3-year extension. On February 15, 2017 all of the LED lights went out. Service fixed them. The cost would have been $582.64, but, as we had the warranty, we didn't have to pay. Now, all the LED lights are out again. So in two years the lights are all bad again and our warranty has expired and we will need to pay approximately $600 to have it repaired. We have been quite steady customers in our purchases of Kenmore products. But, given this situation again, we can see why Kenmore is going downhill. If nothing can be done to help us with this lemon of a product, we will no longer purchase any Kenmore products. Thank you.

                  Paul Jackson
                  4490 Hackley Point Lane
                  Muskegon, MI 49441

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                    Kenmore kenmore elite built-in oven not working right

                    I purchased a $1400 Kenmore Elite Built-in electric oven about 3 years ago from the Sears store in Tifton which has since closed. Before the warranty was out it started smelling like wires burning every time I turned it on so I called Sears repair. There was a burned wire in the part he took out. Approximately 2 months later it started smelling again but since the warranty was out and I knew the repair would be around $300.00 I just purchased the largest toaster oven I could find and quit using the oven except occasionally when I have a pan too large to fit in my toaster oven. Yesterday, I tried to cook a large chicken pie in it, I set the control on 400, it took exactly 33 minutes for it to preheat and after baking an hour the top still wasn't brown and it was dried out. I think there should be a recall on this oven. I don't have another $1400.00 to replace it.

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                      Kenmore refrigerator

                      Approx 2 years ago I purchased a refrigerator from sears at the aurora store in Colorado. Recently on August 9th it had the annual service I mentioned the ice maker wasn't working properly they said it was probably due to debris and once cleaned it should work better. Shortly thereafter it got worse both refrigerator and freezer stopped working . I have a service agreement which covers food loss etc . After several cancelled appts the problem worsened on Sept 17th I was told the compressor gave out and parts had to be ordered. That now leaves me with a family of 5 including one infant living out of a small refrigerator and three coolers. I realize this is not directly Kenmore but I expected more from your product.

                      Margaret Gomez

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                        Kenmore electric range

                        I bought this range in june 2010.in the spring of 2016, the glass from the oven door just suddenly broke. On 6/20/2016, I spoke with karen, one of your customer representatives from sears, and she helped me order a new glass. Today, my daughter and myself were sitting in the living room when all of a sudden we heard a loud crash. We went out in the kitchen and saw that the exact same thing happened. Just out of the blue, the glass in the oven door broke! I am so disgusted as it has made scratches and dents in my hardwood floor from impact of the broken glass! This is the second time in 3 years this has happened!
                        I want to hear from you and how you plan to resolve this!!
                        My range is model # [protected]
                        Serial # vf01459692

                        Jody jordan

                        electric range

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                          • Updated by Jody J · Sep 12, 2019

                            I bought this range in June 2016. The first time this glass broke from the oven door was in June 2016. Today, my daughter and I were in the living room talking when we heard a loud crash. Out of the blue, the oven door glass broke a SECOND TIME, within 3 years!!! This is ridiculous! I am totally disgusted and angry, also with the fact that the impact of the glass has scratched and dented the hardwood floor I have in my kitchen!
                            I want answers and a resolution!!!
                            Jody Jordan

                          Sep 11, 2019

                          Kenmore — sears kenmore side by side refrigerator model 253.[protected]

                          Our Kenmore side by side began smoking and burning in the middle of the night last night. This is a known...

                          Kenmore kenmore elite wall oven malfunction

                          I hate to do this, but I am disgusted with your product.

                          I have a Kenmore Elite Wall Oven (which had been serviced twice prior to this incident) which was not baking food effectively. I went to the store and bought a thermometer to check the actual temp of the oven. Set to 350 and 20 minutes later, the over was 475. I turned the oven back down to 325 and 10 minutes later, the oven was over 500. It had completely overheated. The oven did not turn off, just stared beeping and reading "Error F10". There was nothing in the manual about error codes. I proceeded to call Customer Service and had to stay on the phone for hours demanding someone to, at minimum, tell me what the error code meant. Preferably I wanted someone to come to my home, as I no longer felt safe with an overheating oven. The solution, I had to turn the power off from the breaker in the basement.

                          My father has the same oven (lives separately from myself). He set the oven to 175 to heat food for his 13 year old son, who was in the shower at the time. My father left to run an errand when minutes later, his son called him frantic because the food nearly caught on fire, as this oven overheated as well.

                          This product is incredibly dangerous and I am livid. This product had full potential to hurt myself, my elderly grandparents and my 13 year old brother. I do not know what the solution is from here, but I truly believe this company needs to remedy this issue immediately before someone is seriously injured from this completely unsafe product.

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                            Kenmore kenmore frontload washer, that dries as well

                            After re modeling my kitchen last year, which is very small, I got rid of my Maytag washer & mini dryer and went to Sears searching for a stackable washer/dryer, upon telling the salesman about my small kitchen he suggested this washer that also dries, so therefore I would only have one machine, well all I can say is I hate it and regret getting it . It stretches ALL of my shirts out and it gets extremely HOT where I can't even touch the clothes to take them out, without throwing them. I am SO unhappy with this machine!

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                              Aug 26, 2019

                              Kenmore — kenmore refrigerator

                              We bought a refrigerator through Sears 9/2015 and on 8/15/2019 the refrigerator and freezer stopped working...

                              Aug 12, 2019

                              Kenmore — kenmore electric oven

                              My oven glass front door fell off out of the blue today while cooking I had my grandchildren here and thank...

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