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Kohl's / buyers beware - wrong sale prices posted on racks

1 Nanuet, NY, United States Review updated:
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Kohl’s either has incompetent staff or they are seriously trying to stay in business by posting wrong prices above their clothes. I went to their store this evening to purchase a few items and ended up paying more than I wanted.

There was a sign above the Hanes t-shirts stating buy one get one free. There were no other Hanes products to the left or right of these Hanes shirts for me to think oh they are referring to the underwear at the back of the isle!! Anyway when I get to the register they tell me oh it's buy 2 get one free. So you see folks at that point you already have two in hand at full price and if you are not careful no one will tell you oh go get a third as that one will be free. You think you are paying for two with one being half price...

The second item I went to go purchase was a pair of Sonoma boys Cargo shorts. There was a sign above the shorts stating 50% off Sonoma shorts and the board listed Cargo shorts as one of the items. THERE WAS NO MENTION OF BUY ONE GET ONE FREE. I get to the register and the sales lady tells me oh you can get another pair for free as it's buy one get one free. Once again the sign was wrong as they scam you into buying a second pair and making you pay $24 instead of $12.

Bottom line is that I wanted to buy two Hanes shirts as they were buy one get one half off which would have had a pre tax cost of $15 and a pair of Sonoma shorts at 50% of 24 for $12 for a total pre tax cost of $27. Instead I ended up paying $34 for one Hanes t-shirt and two Sonoma shorts!

Anyway I can't see this company staying in business for much longer with such fraudulent behavior. It's unfortunate for the hard working employees that are going to be victims of poor management.


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  • Ca
      20th of May, 2009
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    You do realize that it's human beings that put up the signs and sometimes humans make mistakes. Sorry that not everyone is as perfect as you!

  • Jt
      21st of May, 2009
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    i agree. humans are also the ones reading the signs, and are possible of making mistakes when reading them. many people get buy one get one signs confused with buy two get one signs. it is just because you see what you want to see.

  • Ai
      24th of Jun, 2009
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    It's very possible that when you stepped into the store, they were still in the process of adjusting the signing for the items. Did you know that with a store the size of most of our stores, it takes several hours to change over all the signing? And all of our available floor associates are out there flipping signs, so as to get it taken care of as soon as possible. We try to stay out of your way, and we do as much of it while we're closed as possible, but sometimes ads set during the middle of the day.

    Also, when we're setting signs, there are times when customers are where we need to be. Sometimes we forget to come back to a particular area. It isn't as though we're trying to rip you off.

    As a cashier, I see this happen a lot, and it always frustrates me, because it isn't my fault, and everyone assumes that I should know all of the prices, and that I should just automatically adjust the prices for them. If your discrepency is above a certain amount, I have to call and check with that department. A lot of times, the person working that department is busy helping someone else...I try my best to keep my eye on what I'm ringing up, but I don't know what is supposed to ring up what. That's every bit as much your responsibility to point out as it is mine to fix it for you.

    All I can suggest to you is that you take a moment before you slide your card or write your check or whatever it is you intend to do. Slow down, and look over that screen at the end of the bay. Look at the prices. And then ask me if you have any questions. Politely, if you please?

  • Jt
      1st of Jul, 2009
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    Very well said Aidan. I agree 100%.

  • Ov
      6th of Apr, 2010
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    They don't have enough employees to be careful. The workers are pushed to get things done a record speed. This causes mistakes to occur.

    thats why things are so cheap there.

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