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Wow, what a story. I am a Kohl's employee and I see all these posts about the store. Let me just stand up for all the employee's working at our store! We are overworked, unappreciated and it's a shame that upper management let's these airheads (that get hired from other companies and just cause they have college degrees, OH BIG WOW) runs a large store without any or little experience run a store improperly. Our store Manager sits in the office all day long on his phone and does nothing all day. Never has pushed a rack, never helped with freight, never picked up clothes from the floor, never accepts responsibility for things going wrong, never says thank you, never gives credit where credit is due, all he does is sit in the office and talk on the phone and eats the food that people bring back to him during THEIR LUNCH HOUR! He has had several HR complaints about him and you would think by now Corporate HR would get a clue and send people out to interview everyone at the store! BUT NO WE ALL GET PUSHED UNDER THE RUG! The store is overstaffed and yet there are still no employees on the floor to help with customer service issues! Overstaffed being that there are "alot" of people getting 4 hour work weeks, employees complain about not getting hours but still they hire more people! People at the fitting rooms doing go backs are overwhelmed, messy customers who feel that we are getting paid to pick up after them, (which we are NOT), cashiers dealing with rude customers, going into a fitting room and picking up clothes that have urine on them, or sanitary napkins rolled up, (utterly disgusting)! I think that Kohls needs to see all the hard work these employees do and take notice of bad management in the stores. (Which is really WIDE SPREAD!) It's really not worth it all for a 3% yearly increase! (If we are lucky we get 3%)But with the job market the way that it is, we all stay out of necessity and at the same time we all need our jobs no matter how badly we feel that we should quit! Maybe the top management will see all our concerns and get up and do something themselves...why expand and build more stores when they cannot get the ones that have already in shape! Makes no sense at all to grow a company when they have such idiots running the show!


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    CoyoteButterfly Nov 30, 2016

    I was fired right after black friday, this year from one of the butt. Managers. Not sure if it's okay as a minor(I'm 17) working 21-27 hr weeks. I usually worked closing and took longer than usual. I had one no call no show on a day that i wasn't aware i was supposed to be working. And on top of that i had a coworker giving me what i can only describe as destructive criticism and or bullying. I can deal with bad customers, managers taking favorites. But childish bullcrap from a grown butt adult is too much.

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    theanonymousguy Nov 23, 2014

    I've worked for kohl's for almost 5 years now, and I completely agree that this company is a poor choice for employment. The only reason I am still here is because jobs are extremely limited and this is the only way I can pay for my college. The original general manager in my store had an accident and is currently on medical leave of absence, however, my friends in loss prevention say there's a good chance he'll be terminated for reasons of his workplace accident. The general manager in charge now, is currently firing, or forcing resignation of employees whom are not 100% available for work. Currently, she is moving across those whom are going to college and those whom are asking for Thanksgiving or near Christmas off to spend with their families. Beforehand, she weeded out those who have family needs. I know I'll be in her sights soon, as my availability is changing for next semester... A semester that will take place in spring, when there are hardly any hours to give out to associates. She also has a tendency to yell at associates during huddles, make put downs to us part-timers, and has taken away everyone's vacation hours, whether or not one was hired prior to 2012. How can she be doing this, when Kohl's has prided itself in the balance of work and family life? Or the fact that the company promotes furthering education by offering scholarships? What's worse is that she has the backing of the District and Territorial Managers. The workplace has become hostile, and very backstabbing as she is hiring or transferring associates she "prefers". There's no secret here. She's getting her personal group of friends and "lackeys" so she can further her abusive power in the company.
    Another problem with this company is how terrible hours are. We are constantly told that if we make over our sales goal that there will be more hours to give out. However upon further research, I gathered from other managers that only corporate gives out a certain amount of hours, despite actual sales. And then there is the overflow of associates hired during the season. This year we hired over 70 new associates, in order to show that Kohl's is a great employer to all! The catch is, 3-4 hours a week is what you'll get.
    Overall, this place sucks to work at, especially now with the new change in management.

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  • Ic
    Ice Man220 Aug 06, 2014

    I work at Kohl's as well. This is a crap company to work for! I was put on over nights and it sucks hardcore! When I first started I got 3 days a week then after I went 2 1/2 weeks without hours. A couple days I was supposed to work they cancelled on me. I called out 2 times (Once in July, and Once in Aug) because I had some important things that needed to be done that were more important. I had a accidental no call, no show when I first started. I had no clue how the schedule worked. I asked my over night supervisor when the next truck was, and I was told Tuesday. So I get called in the office and was accused of fraud of 140 dollars when my last 2 pays were ONE DAY PAYS!! One was 95 due to 6 hours of time and a half, and the one before that was a reg 70 dollar pay. But I am being accused of fraud when I have no clue how to do that! I was told I clocked 20 1/2 hours in 23 minutes. How the hell does that happen?? Now more then likely I am going to be let go. It is sad because I love my co-workers but the management are ALL lazy! They sit on the damn computer and do NOTHING while the rest of us are busting our ###!! KOHL'S SUCKS!!! Don't work here and buy things there! Go somewhere else!

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    Michael1313 May 28, 2011

    This is ABSURD. Was this written by one of my co-workers? There's a running joke around our store that if every store was run like our's, there's no way the company would survive. But, apparently they are. I work part-time at kohl's because I'm a student and it's the same THING. I somehow got into the good graces of our store manager and he has helped me out on various occasions, but I see how he acts towards employees he doesn't like or really know. As far as the comment about the "15 points rule", that rule is a JOKE. If it were enforced at our store, I should have been fired 2.5 times. We are grossly overstaffed, and I was told it was because corporate requires each store to be "overstaffed by 10%". yet, we only have 4-5 associates closing each night. I also heard there was a bonus in it for the store manager if he can keep hours under budget. I ended up in a situation a while back where I became "romantically involved" with our new asst. manager, I'll call Megan(referred to as executives, lol) and she called it off after her boyfriend found out. Somehow it came to the attention of another "exec" (we'll call her Amy) a few weeks after it ended(because "Megan" had confided in someone untrustworthy, and they ran back and told Amy) and Amy said she "did not believe that was going on because Megan wouldn't do that, she's a great manager and wouldn't mess up her career by screwing around with an hourly associate" and therefore "must have been a rumor started by him (me)" and decided to get me written up or whatever by reporting it. Well, I was pulled into the office for "defamation of character, undermining authority" and a string of other stuff brought on by Amy and the District. The best part was the lady making these accusations wasn't even present, but the store manager and my immediate manager were. They explained that it had come to their attention I had "spread a rumor about sleeping with an executive at the store" and what the repercussions were. I then told them I didn't spread anything. Long story short, they found out the truth (The rumor was true) and it was swept under the rug, which was fine with me, because as far as I was concerned it didn't really have anything to do with work. So basically, managers and other associates will try to throw people "under the bus" for no good reason. Also, if you know the right managers, things get overlooked. There are definitely 2 sides, atleast in our store- the people our store manager likes, and the people he doesn't. I happen to be on the greener side of that fence, and still think it's ridiculously like high school and a total popularity contest. And this is just a personal experience, there are dozens of incidents at our store of management throwing hourly employees under the bus in order to make themselves look better to corporate, or to save themselves from getting into trouble.

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  • WOW!!! I feel like that was written by an associate from the Kohl's I work at. I guess it doesn't matter where you work, North, South, East or West, Kohl's is the same every where. The pay stinks, they expect an awful lot from the employees for a little bit of pay. Understaffed and overworked should be there motto not "yes we can" or "smile and say hi", that's almost impossible when you work at Kohl's but if you don't you face the possibility of termination. Make sure you get those poor suckers to sign up for a high interest credit card. The bait is save an additional 15% on everything in the store but don't forget you'll have to pay 25% interest on the bill when you get it. What a Joke!!!

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  • Ha
    happy to serve Jun 11, 2010

    Hi I work for Kohl's in TN. I love my job but we do not always get what we deserve. After having a baby and moving back to TN I looked for any sort of employment. After having been a small box retail manager for the last 6 years; I did expect to get more than I have gotten.
    I made more money per hour in high school than I make right now. It's ridiculous. Employees at ANY big box retail store will I'm sure agree with me...we don't get paid enough to 1) pick up piles and piles of clothes that customers have tried on and left in ruin on the dressing room floor; 2) to be yelled at and/or cussed at because our computer system doesn't recognize the correct sale price; 3) to entertain/tolerate children who have been left in the toy or book section or outside of fitting rooms in chairs (I had a 4 year old sitting outside my dressing room for 2 hours last Saturday who asked me if her mom was still here--awesome); 4) to try to help you understand at the return counter that without a receipt you may not get full value and a cash refund; 5) to clean up your bodily fluids from pee on toilet seats- poop in dressing rooms- spit on the floor- menstrual flow from new bathing suits- and sperm from some sicko getting off in a dressing room. So the next time an employee is nice and helpful; make sure you tell them that. And if they really go above and beyond; ask for a manager to tell them that. Maybe that employee will get a 2 cent raise on their hourly rate.

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  • Cv
    CV in California Feb 05, 2010

    How's this one! My daughter, who works for Kohl's, only gets scheduled to work for one day a week in recovery (on sales floor). A notice posted by the personnel manager has recently appeared in the employee break room. It states that any employee that does not sign up at least one customer for a credit account within a certain number of shifts will result in "separation" from the company! Something like four shifts for POS (cashier) employees and eight shifts for recovery employees. How can a recovery employee sign up even any customer for credit?! Does anyone know if that is legal? CV in California

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  • Dl
    DL in Ohio Jan 04, 2010

    I was terminated on New Years Eve because of the 15 occurance policy regarding tardiness or call off. Some of these were unavoidable and I had called in to say I was going to be late because a train was stopped on rr tracks and another instance I could not move because of traffic being stopped by Sheriff's Dept. One time I was scheduled a day that was approved as time off that I signed up for and the asst. manager said she would take me off the schedule which she didn't and this counted as another occurance. I have worked there over two years and have worked my ### off. I have rheumatoid arthritis and at times have gone home in such pain that I can't sleep. But, they don't care how hard you work. I work in the mens dept. and many times go in when no one has been in the dept. all day and the fitting rooms are stacked with clothing 3 feet tall. All they care about is how many credit apps you get. Your evaluations are based on your getting credit apps. and customer service. I am ready to file a wrongful termination suit. When I was tardy it was maybe 1 or 2 minutes over the start of my shift. Whoopee crap. I gave that place my all and more. I worked hard and was always willing to stay over if needed and they thank me by termination. I feel like I was a scapegoat. If anyone has advice as to what I should do I'd be glad to listen. Their motto should be "Smile and Say Hi" and treat employees like crap! DL in Ohio

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  • Ko
    Kohls.Associate Dec 25, 2009

    I work for Kohls and I have for about 2 months. Our managers are the same, rude, crabby, too young for the position and they do not do crap!!! It is so rude and unethical. I am a business student an know more about their job positions then them! It is ridiculous. I work in Minnesota, how about you?

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