KFC / wrong & delayed food delivery

United States

Ordered from mobile @13:20 family meal received wrong recalled twice and was promised order will be re-arranged till 15:40 net yet received, called again cs mohamed fawzi who informed me will call back in 2 minutes now it’s 15:53 still order not received. i want to know what know kind of service and why not reverting back with accurate information if not possible any alternative fast action should have told. i will escalate the issue to the management to know what real customers are suffering from such service, hence u can check the history if my mobile to know since when I’m dealing with KFC.

This is in regards to Kfc Oman Qurum branch . And I been to KFc with my family and my 2 kids . I asked the sales attendent for normal water and he gave me a cold water . I asked him again that i wanted a normal one for my kids . He told we r not having . I requested him Again to have a look he told me in a very bad tone ” I told u we dont have ” That moment second gentel man came and gave me a normal water which was just below him.

Secondly they gave me a shrimp sandwich where as i had asked for a shrimp meal . I told him this is not what they r showing me in the pic . Then some other salesperson came and changed it for me . These people r acting as if they r giving food for free and we have to take what ever they give us .Boss u r in service industry and U r carring this attitude . Keep this attitude at home


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