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Today(14/3/16) after my ordering in KFC a guy ringed me after 20 mins (I suppose) telling me wait downstairs I'm coming in 10 or 15 mins. Now I came out of my room 5 mins after that and I was on elevator it took more 5 mins to go down. Now this guy name " SYAM" "rider no- 6581" called me and started yelling at me telling off rudely " I told you to come down 10 mins before here". I was shocked yet I kept saying I am inside elevator just will take 1 min. He kept nagging on that. And when I reached it was almost 2 mins. He again started to shout and argue on that. I said I was on elevator but he was really being rude.

I am really disappointed with this kind of attitude. I have been having KFC food through delivery for quite a long time but have never seen this type of behaviour. I wish I could sent back the delivery that moment right away. It was pretty harassing.

Is this really difficult for anyone to wait only for 2 mins?. And without understanding the situation how can someone just shout on someone else that way.

That was really really disappointing and I don't think I am ever going to look back on KFC when I will be looking for food.

*****KFC should be aware before recruiting any person like that.

Mar 14, 2016

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