Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / kfc popcorn nuggets share for $10

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Date of Incident - 3/12/17
Approximately @ 1 pm I visited the KFC near my home resident.
4471 Fm 2181
Corinth, TX 76210
I ordered KFC Popcorn Nuggets Share for $10 and the round container I was given was only half full of chicken. I mentioned this to the Manager on Duty and she told me that they are not required to fill the container to the top and that there is an imaginary line inside the container that they shoot for. Well, if you are going try to sell me a 1/2 container of chicken nuggets, then I should only be charged $5.00 I come to this KFC location on a regular basis at least twice a week and order this same item. I have never ran across this issue before. I would say 90% of my orders the container is filled to the top with chicken nuggets and if they fall a little short they usually make the correction. This Manager on Duty made no attempt to rectify the issue and basically blew me off. I basically told the counter agent I wanted a refund which I was granted. The grave concern I have is: do I have to go through this mess every time I encounter this issue. It really makes me want to stop supporting this KFC with my hard earned money. Customer service should always come first and an all out effort should be exercised to try to achieve it.
I would like to request a Regional Manager or someone above the Manager pay grade step in and help resolve my complaint.

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]

Mar 12, 2017

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