Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / kfc a chicken restaurant alway claims they don't have chicken breast available...

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Good morning my name is Elva Barba and my contact number is [protected].
On Tuesday, December 19, 2017, my fiancé, Art Mendoza and I stopped off at the:
Christown Spectrum Mall - KFC
1749 W. Bethany Home Rd
Phoenix, Arizona 85015
location to pick up a dinner for our family. Placed my order and Specifically requested chicken breast (White Meat). The cashier advised they did not have any white meat available and would take an additional 12 to 15 minutes to cook. We agreed to wait as the white meat is our favorite and don't mind waiting or paying the cost difference. She rang up the order and we paid.
While waiting for the order about half way into the waiting time, a different employee/food preparer call out our name, only to offer that we take two thighs and a wing in replacement for the white chicken breast. We told him that we specifically requested the white meat and did not mind waiting.
We received our order drove home and tried to enjoy our dinner since they did not provide the chicken breast that we ordered... this was very upsetting to me since we ordered and patiently waited. My biggest problem is KFC is a chicken serving establishment, how in the world does your establishment not have white chicken this is unacceptable and I will surely think hard about returning since this incident has occurred before... I really don't understand how you can sell chicken but never seem to have chicken breast available to serve. My resolution is that the corporate actually care and discuss with their employees to stop being lazy and cook the chicken as requested as your in the business of selling chicken and white meat should not be an exception available. I hope that in the future this issue is not longer there .

Elva Barba

Dec 21, 2017
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  •   Dec 21, 2017

    Did you call the manager and explain what happened and you were overcharged?

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