Honda / warranty does not cover cooling coil

I have been a loyal honda car user ever since I bought my first car. But after my recent experience, I am seriously re-evaluating my choices.

Recently I was refused warranty coverage for the replacement of my car's cooling coil. It is of course still under warranty and I have been diligently sending it to an authorised honda service centre for every service every time. Honda is claiming that the cooling coil is not covered for my case because it was extremely dirty due to "external factors" which their customer service agent couldn't even describe in any detail. This is clearly due to a design fault in the car itself (as it can't be that dirty due to my normal everyday urban driving) or a lack in honda's service technician's diligence in checking my car during servicing. Either way, I am being penalised for a fault that should be covered by honda. To rub salt into the wound, they have not even bothered replying to my complaint email which was sent to the local honda email helpline.

Does anyone know of any honda regional or worldwide complaint email which takes customer complaints more seriously?

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