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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved Defects and awful gas mileage

I have a 2 year old (2006) Honda Civic which is still under full warranty. I dropped the car 9 days ago for various reoccurring problems. The dealership called me yesterday and told me that the car was ready. When I went to the dealer to pick up the car this morning, I was treated very badly and unfairly. The following is a few details of what took place.

One of my complaints about the car was a noise coming from underneath the car for first 3-4 minutes each time I drive the car after not driving for a few days. The service advisor (Kathy) told me that the mechanic un-bent a metal within the break system and the cost of this was $100. I asked to see what the mechanic un-bent (I am a Mechanical Engineer with a M.S. degree. I am unconvinced that a bent metal will not cause a problem that I described above). Both individuals I dealt with (Kathy and John Ross, General Manager) refused to show me what was done on the car. I explained that I felt uncomfortable paying $100 for un-bending a metal and I needed to see and understand what was done. They were very short with me and simply said no. Then, I asked if I could speak with the mechanic who allegedly un-bent this mysterious metal. I was told that it was not an option either. I was warned that I had to get my car out of their service center that day or I would be charged $35/day storage fee. I had no option but pay for a service that I,

a) didn't ask for,

b) doubt that Bronx Honda repaired anything to begin with,

c) or even if they did, that repair was not authorized and most likely unrelated to my original concern.

Allegedly, Bronx Honda mechanic test drove my car for the noise and found out that one of my concerns (road/wind noise) was due to faulty gasket around the windshield according to Kathy, one of the service advisor's. When I went to the dealership to pick up my car, the following is what I was told Because your car didn't have enough gas in the tank, we couldn't continue the test drive and we just didn't do the necessary repairs. This explanation shows the lack of customer service at this dealership. In a matter of fact, the car had still plenty of gas when I picked up the car. When I asked John about this, his response was You are all set. Your car doesn't need a gasket. Good bye.

The overall experience dealing with these two individuals (Kathy and John) was very unpleasant. They were not interested in helping, listening or accommodating any needs of mine. Their approach was Our way or highway, we have your keys. You don't pay; you don't get your keys.

There are another 4-5 disappointing aspects of the horrible service at this dealership. I will provide those in detail upon request.

lost oil drain plug

We took our Honda Civic Hybrid to T&T Honda (in Calgary) for its first oil change, with 10, 000 km on the vehicle. Within two weeks, the car had serious issues and began to run very roughly. The service engine light and add oil light both came on at the same time. I took the car to a different dealership to have them look at it - the root of the problem was that the oil drain plug had fallen out, all oil had drained.

The second dealership replaced the plug and oil, but the car was still running roughly. We are now fighting with T&T Honda to have them either replace the engine or the car. However, they are now suddenly coming up with all kinds of crazy numbers - they fully expect that we will pay $5, 000 as a lost trade in value and then buy a new car from them. We are being held hostage as they now have the car and we are still making the payments. Of course, they assure me that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the car, but they aren't willing to negotiate in good faith. To add insult to injury, I am constantly subjected to low level minions who have absolutely no authority to make any decision. They keep referring to the owner, but he does not call me when instructed to do so.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

immediate attention required

The following mail was sent twice but no response, it shows how the company treats it's customers !!!

From: Harish Gandotra
Sent: Thursday, April 24, 2008 10:08 PM
To: '[protected]@hondacarindia.com'; '[protected]@hondacarindia.com'; '[protected]@hondacarindia.com'
Subject: Immediate attention requested .
Importance: High

Dear Anita, Suniti and Saba,
I am writing this mail out of total frustration, pl pass on this to your head of quality and head sales and service . I was going to mark this mail to Mr. Masahiro Takadegawa, but decided not to do so.

I would like to come straight to the point.

I have 2 Honda City one is DL3CY2768 ( almost 4 + yrs old done 55, 000 KM, no issues till date ) and DL4CEA0009 registered Jan 07.

The 2nd Car DL4CEA0009 has been giving me trouble ever since the 1st service .
Service Station : Curtsey Honda
Location: Okhla, New Delhi

1. The Driver side window does not roll up automatically, this was first reported to the service station way back April 07.
2. Steering suddenly goes hard when turning . Informed day one but as per the service station this is normal !!!
3. Horn does not work.
4. Remote does not operate properly, the front doors do not work with the remote.
5. The Break shoes have worn out at 10, 000 KM . In the case of my old car the brake shoes just got changed at around 50, 000 KM . Just to let you know I do not have a driver and both the cars are driven by us ( myself and my wife).

I feel either this Car ( DL4CEA0009) is a piece of junk or the service station mechanics are playing dirty . The earlier car was serviced by Prime Honda for almost 3 yrs and never gave me a problem ( this is the reason why I bought the 2nd car) and ever since I bought the 2nd car both of them are being serviced from Curtsey Honda at Okhla.

May I request you to kindly take this matter seriously and take immediate action and get car fixed at no cost, failing which I will have no other option than to go public and legal .

Harish Gandotra
Harish Gandotra| GM- Delivery| Tech Mahindra
A-7, Sector-64 Noida.
 Mobile : +[protected]
Email: [protected]@techmahindra.com

  • Ra
    Rachit Gupta Apr 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Mr. Gandotra,

    I seen your complaint & I agree with you. I am having a concern over the refund of my booking amount, but till today I didnt get any refund even I called HONDA121. So can give me contact detail of Mr. Masahiro Takadegawa if you have it. Because I think we customers will keep calling, mailing or pulling them to this kind of fourm but they will never gona hear anything. So why not directly put the matter directly to CEO.

    What do you say?


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gas tank

I have been trying to contact the Honda original company to ask them one queastion
Is true the they made the gas tank made of plastic or fibroglass?
My problem is so simple but annoying. I bought an MRV Honda this year. Since I drove it, I am hearing a nocking sound in the gas tank every time I use the brake and every time I turn. I went to the compnay in Alkhobar three time and I contacted the head office in Dubai who called to see what is the issue, but the only response is this is normal. I am realy trying to contact Honda is Japan to see is true that they manufactered such a noisy car that cost 30000 $? The car that I have was probably assembles in an inaccurate way, many thing are not well lined up.
I realy like honda but from this experience, I became so disappointed. Please send this email to the main head office in Japan

  • Gu
    Gunawan Nov 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree with the comment. I notice the same problem with my MR-V 2008 but I am not sure were the sound came from.
    I purchased the car from the dealer at 25 Sept, as brand new item from the dealer ''it have > 300 km on it odometer'', I realize that number when I reached home from the dealer, but I didn't make any complaint I believed that they would not change the car with another, another reason was "my previous car - Accord 2003'' never dissapointed me. Then my happyness with the new car was really tip over when I had to make two complaint in the first one month. Its were minor complaint...but very annoying.

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misleading the customer/in-efficient service

I am the owner of MotorBike Passion Plus (DL 6S-Q-5663).
My bike has got Starting Problem for past 3 months.
I have got my bike repaired at the HeroHonda Workshop(Karol Bagh, New Delhi) thrice. In every visit the Mechanic has changed some component or the other.I have spent around RS.2500 in repairs/replacement of the parts. Still the problem is persisting and I am facing a very bad tiem because of all this .The workshop Mechanic says thats we need to change another part.I have realized that the service done by the Workshop is in-efficient. I am very much disturbed by the way, workshp has treated my complaint. I have suffered loss of money, time, business because of this. Please help me this regard.

  • Ma
    manojkumarmaiti Feb 29, 2008


    I, Manoj Mait, r/o Delhi has purchased a Passion Plus Motor Cycle on 28.02.2008 from the Himgiri Automobile, Shahdara, Delhi. After delivery the product, it hardly run 3 km. , it suddenly stoped and after that it did not start. As it was night around 12 midnight, so i thought, as it is new so may be shortage of Petrol, so i poured Petrol of Rs.500/-. In spite of that it did not move. On today morning when i brought the byke to the dealer, the mechanic found that there are water in the fuel line.
    Now i requesting u to clarify, who is responsible for the same and who will bear the cost of the petrol (Rs.500/), which has been drained out due to mixing of water on it, which was already insite the byke before i poured petrol.

    Is it the dealing procedure of ur company?

    Manoj Maiti, Delhi
    Mob. 9810336027

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  • Li
    Liton Oct 31, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi Brother

    Did you try to change the petrol station, As I got the start problem with my bike and noticed that from where I am taking the petrol is mixed with something and the engine starting problem begin.

    After changing the petrol quality the problem is gone!

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starting problem

I have purchased Hero Honda pleasure on 9th april. I am a new two wheeler user so I dont have any idea about...

Resolved honda sold me a new vehicle with undisclosed body damage

Sunset Honda of SLO, CA sold me a new Honda Ridgeline and did not tell me about the damage that was done to the vehicle before I bought it. My vehicle had 19 miles on it and we found bond on the driver’s rear fender. The whole vehicle had been repainted, we don't know what was wrong with the other side. I ask Sunset Honda to replace my vehicle and they refused. Now I have to sue them to get me vehicle replaced. My first attorney did not talk to me, but presented a settlement of a low amount (less than I paid for the vehicle) to Sunset Honda's insurance. I refused the low offer and I have to find another attorney to litigate. I think I will contact Honda corporation myself. Does anyone out there have an inside number for Honda Corporation? Buyer beware of Auto Dealers and Attornies.

cheating by honda dealer staff

Reminder 4...

From: Subash Kannaw
Sent: Saturday, March 29, 2008 10:48 AM
To: honda CC
Subject: Fw: Kind Att; C R Manager

Reminder 3...

From: Subash Kannaw
Sent: Thursday, March 27, 2008 11:08 AM
To: honda CC
Subject: Fw: Kind Att; C R Manager

Reminder 2...

From: Subash Kannaw
Sent: Tuesday, March 25, 2008 11:23 AM
To: honda CC
Subject: Fw: Kind Att; C R Manager

Reminder 1...

From: Subash Kannaw
Sent: Monday, March 24, 2008 3:54 PM
To: [protected]@hondacarindia.com
Subject: Kind Att; C R Manager

Dear C R Manager,
Honda has been a dream Car for me . I am working in university here as Director . In the month of Sept I got a opportunity to buy a car thru a known it had run only 16000 km. I contacted Mr Harish (From Insurance Depptt)of Prestige Honda Jalandhar (Honda Dealer) in the month of 3rd week of Sept 2007 with whom we discussed for the transfer of the papers since I had a previous insurance at 40 % benefit he advised me to get present insurance which was vaild upto Aug 2008 refunded and continu the old one we checked up with him regarding surrender of the policy the policy was of Reliance . I kept on checking with Mr. Harish he kept on extended the dates. In Nov2007 he asked me for copy of transferred Registration copy which was handed over to him . Ending Nov when I didn’t get the payment I contacted Mr. koura of the same deptt in presence of Mr Anup senior sales manager of the dealer.. It was agreed in front him that the payment will be released to me within 7 days that is fist week of Dec. I kept on calling these both guys Mr. Kaura and Mr Harish nothing Happened. On 7th Jan2008 I was told to hand over the original copy of insurance which was done. Again nothing happened it was ending Feb after a lot of pressure on the Mr. Kaura, he told me that the it cannot be refunded as my earlier owner has already taken claim on the policy . I was shocked. I even contacted Mr. lallily the Director of Prestige Honda Jalandhar (Honda Dealer) But even he promised, nothing no initiative was taken by him to resolve the issue . My submission is as below
1. Prestige Honda Jalandhar (Honda Dealer) should have not accepted my papers when they were not sure.
2. why so much of delay 6 months.
3. I could have continued with the policy if told in Oct itself.
4. Why Mr Lalliy Director Prestige Honda Jalandhar didn’t took any initiative to resolve this even I request him to give a patient hearing. He will at least earn something out of the money I spend on the vehicle. He too is not bothered to resolve this issue. I was shocked when he told me that I haven’t purchased vehicle from him
5. Why they asked me the papers time to time and kept me hanging
6. I complained on 1 to 1 Honda says it is for the people they carebut sorry it is absolutely a big lie on 11th March, 14th March, 15th March, 18th March, 24th March (twice), 26th March, 29th March, 31st March Till date no one from Honda has contacted me. Honda is not really bothered about customer. They only talk of high slandered of services but in really sense it is bull ###.
7. Why there has not been any solution or settlement till date why everyone is washing hands.
8. Why Honda who is known for their service silent on this issue. Is this the service Honda is talking about
9.I AM STILL WAITING FOR HONDA TO RESPONSE>>>>>>I HAVE LOST FAITH IN HONDA AS WEL AS THEIR DEALERSHIP> I REGRET GETTING Associated with them . I have put my dream car on Sale.. Shame on Honda for not caring for the people
Subash, Email [protected]@hotmail.com

  • Sa
    Sahil Jain Apr 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Neglegence of your service centre ( Courtesy Honda).
    With reference to my Car Honda City Zx purchased from Courtesy Honda (Okhla Industrial Area), I am sorry to say that my car went for the 3rd service on 2nd April, 2008, today(14th April) while driving from my home suddenly after 20 Kms of driving my car was broke up on the middle of the road and i had to approach nearby local mechanic for SOS but he told me that engine oil has totally leaked due to the fault of the drain out nut and he asked to call Honda Helpline. then i reported to the Courtesy Honda service centre for the help and my car was towed away to the service centre and there after inspection i got a call from the service manager saying that someone might have stolen the oil. So my point is now how is it possible: 1. as my car is always parked in my personal garage, so there is no point of things being stolen. 2. the place where my car is always parked there is no spot of oil over there. it as not at all possible. So my point is that this totally negligence during my last service when the engine oil nut might have left loose or whatever i don't know these things better then you people. But the same kinda of negligence i have faced when i went for my 3rd service my car''s foot matt''s were missing and after reaching home when i called them then they admitted their fault and it was delivered at my place after 2 days. Despite of talking to CRM people no action has been taken yet. what if my car would have undergone serious damage or fire? who would have been held responsible then. Its not either the fault of the service centre or the manufacturer that the drain out nut may open on its own even while driving.

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  • Ji
    Jitendra Madan Jul 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Date : 21st July’2008


    The Chief Marketing Officer,
    Honda Siel Cars India ltd

    Dear Sir,

    Undersigned purchased Honda Accord from your dealer M/s.Prime Honda in 02nd week of June’08 after paying full payment and Rs, 90, 000/- for the accessories. The experience at showroom was not upto the mark for the customers like us and for the cars sellers of Honda Repute. Nevertheless, it does not make much sense, as the visit to showroom has to be only once in a blue moon.

    It is a matter of great surprise as the car was delivered without installing the accessories despite of taking full payment. More surprise was in the packet when it was informed that the accessories would be fitted in next 02-03 days time and the driver would be sent to pick-up vehicle and deliver it back. Surprises didn’t end here as despite of having regular follow-ups, no concrete answer could be received, as to when the accessories would be installed.

    In view of the above, why should we not consider it as a perfect case of breach of conduct and cheating & fit for initiating proper action?

    We look forward to receive from you a concrete and convincing answer before the close of 24th evening failing which, we shall be left with no option, but to initiate proper proceedings.

    Thanks & regards,
    Jitendra Madan

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  • Am
    Amey Naware Oct 20, 2011

    Honda Brio

    Show room: Deccan honda, Pune- Satara Road, Pune 43
    Date: October 1, [email protected] 11 am

    Sales executive was polite and explined all the features of the car to the best of her ability.
    She was not trained fully in technical specifications of the car, so could not answer many of my queries.
    Unfortunately, she was not assisted by anyone who has technical knowledge at the showroom and management was so reluctant that I stepped out of the showroom in frustration.
    So overall experience is rated very low.

    I had very high expectaions but those were not met at all. Soory to say, but Honda failed to attract a highly satisfied Swift customer who was carrying a cheque book in order to book a HONDA car.

    1. Front Track (1480 mm) is wider than Rear Track (1465 mm)? This is very unusual.
    2. The rear fender are not covered internally with plastic mud covers. Front fenders are covered partially.
    Will it not damage the body and helps in rusting?
    3. Seats are very weak and even the rear seat neck rests can be squizzed by hand.
    4. Demo vehicle is not Quality checked, as the wrinkled colour and body metal could be seen.

    5. Brio iVTEC engine is fantastic, no doubt about it, but the in order to lower the cost Honda has offered interriors and seats of low quality.

    I have the photos of the demo car with me, if you would like to view them, I would email the same to you.

    --Amey Naware ( Pune)

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  • Sy
    Syed Rameez Mar 18, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have booked Honda City VMT Petrol-Urban Titanium On Nov1st in the name G.Syed Rameez Ahamed at Capital Honda, Trichy Branch, Tamil Nadu, Since then its been 5 months but still i have not got the vehicle.

    The sales consultant has been mentioning that there is some funding problem for the dealer and thats the reason why I'am not getting the vehicle.
    Now in April if the vehicle price goes up why do i have to bear the extra cost of the vehicle due to dealer's problem.
    i requested the vehicle by december but the dealer was not able to give and Rs.50, 000 has been increased from january so I'am already bearing extra 50, 000Rs, Now if again there is a price increase in April then i will not pay any extra money and the dealer has to bear that amount.

    Everytime i keep calling the representative i dont get an convincing answer from them. Looks like Capital Honda, Trichy dont have any concern for the customer and it shows how much you value your customer.
    Now i'am also starting to get fear that when i have to face such a bad service from your team even before getting the vehicle, what will be my situation after i purchase the vehicle.

    Pls write back to me with current status and with suitable solution.

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scam-lies-customer service

On 2/20/08 I started an internet exchange with a sales rep of Germain Honda in Naples FL. I was in Boston Ma...

faulty engine

Rested Sir/Madam,

I (Joydeep Bhadra) residing at 46H, Sreedhar Roy Road, Kolkata – 700039, PS- Tiljala, purchased a Hero Honda Super Splendor (Reg. No: WB-07-7668; Engine No. 07HAEE-07819; Chasis No. 07HAEF – 08201) on 12th September 2007 (12/09/07) from Malu Motors Pvt. Ltd. at 82, Park Street, Kolkata – 700017.

I am totally disillusioned about Hero Honda motorcycles following my repeated complaints to the Hero Honda Service Center going unattended. On the very next day of the purchase, I found that the engine is over heating even after a short drive with annoying noise from the pistol chamber, which is not a trend to any Hero Honda bike. I brought the matter into concern at Malu Motor’s Hero Honda Service Center at 69C, Tiljala Road, Kolkata – 39 during my first service. They said they will rectify the problem eventually doing nothing. This made me take my bike another 3 times after the first service and every time I was asked to leave my bike at the Service center for surveillance to rectify the fault, to which they did nothing till date. Meanwhile, sometime in January, 2008, I went to Auto Emission Testing Center at 36A&B, Ballygunge Circular Road, Kolkata –19 to obtain a pollution certificate. The bike failed in the emission test to both me and the concerned test inspector with great astonishment. Then only the test conductor stated that the bike has a faulty engine and that I must do something about it.

I took the bike to the concerned Service Center and once again asked to look into the matter seriously. I am quite unhappy with the arrogant behavior of some Mr. Rama of the Malu Motor’s Service Center and thus had few heated exchange of words. Now, whenever I go, he does not attend me anymore and leaves it on some other people though he is the main concerned person. I have talked regarding the faulty engine condition at the Malu Motors Showroom with a concerned person named Mr. Satyaki Sen. He assured full assistance on this regard, but so far with no result.

I had always held Hero Honda bikes to highest esteem, but now I am really disillusioned about Hero Honda bikes. Its very much distressing to feel cheated even with whole lot of warranty assurance from the company to its customer. Most of my friends are now opting for Bajaj motorbikes for their performance and those who even thought of getting Hero Honda Super Splendor are thinking of buying Bajaj Discover seeing the condition of my bike.

I am mentally distressed after buying the bike and not getting proper assistance at the service center following my complaint.

The engine of the bike gets heated up very quickly even driving it for less than a kilometer. The heat becomes incessant after driving the bike for a mere 4/5 kilometers and the pillion rider also feels the heat wave blowing out of the whole engine even during chilly winter nights. It becomes unbearable and I am not sure how will I manage to drive the bike during summer months. The noise of the engine is also not same compared to other Super Splendor of same series and it was evident when I checked it last time in the Service Station on 02/24/08 with another Super Splendor of same series. I have recently undergone my second Service contact of the bike, with no rectification.

Its my most ardent request to look into the matter specifically and immediately to restore solace and pride in me and make me a proud Hero Honda bike owner. Please do the needful. Thanking you.

Regards – Joydeep Bhadra

  • Sh
    Sheikh Feroze Apr 08, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    A complaint was registered by Mr. Joydeep Bhadra on 26th of February 2008 against Malu Motors Pvt. Ltd. at 82, Park Street, Kolkata – 700017. I totally agree with him.
    My name is Sheikh Feroze. I had bought CBX Xtreme from Mallu Motors (Kolkata, Park Street)
    I have given my bike for service in their own service station. My bike number is WB-07 Y3959. It's been over 2 months and I still haven't got my bike back. It's been a very horrible experience as I keep calling them every week and they always tend to extend the time without taking any initiative. I have not bought my bike for the service station people to use it. I am a lawyer by profession and I going to file a case in the consumer forum to ask for compenstaion. I do hope for your early reply and action as I have'nt got any feedback from your side till now. Thanks

    0 Votes
  • Sa
    Sanjay S Apr 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am telling for both of you.
    Plz, if you purchase the bikes for finance stop your cheque immidiately.
    Please both of you please contact Head Office

    Sanjay S

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  • Mr
    M. Ravi Nair Aug 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I fully agree with Mr. Joydeep as I have also been facing similar type of problem.

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  • De
    Deepak bhardwaj Sep 27, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    When i go service centre in TARAN ANGAD TRADERS PVT. LTD, GWALIOR
    Meri byke under warrenty hone ke badh bhee mujko pareshan kiya ja raha hai, aur bar bar ye bola ja raha hai ki parts stocks main nh h, meri byke main cillencer, shooker, service ko lekar problem h, byke no .MP07 MA5835, Jab ki main 10/06/2008 ko aur 26/09/2008 ko service per 15 din tak byke de chuka hu, uske badh bhee problem hai service kiii.plz samashya ka samadhan kare,

    Deepak bhardwaj

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  • Ma
    Mantosh kumar Oct 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi, Myself Mantosh i bought a HERO HONDA SPLENDOR PLUS bike in november 2007 ( OSWAL Moter, DELHI) in this period my bike never run in proper condition. There are a missing problame that always make me worry. I complained several time in oswal servece center but he was always unable to solve my problame. After ten month i got a mejor problame in the engine, it was tomuch smoking there was a mejor fault in piston kit and now my bike is running in another new pistonkit but, still my bike is suffering from missing problame, i am in too much worry & distress about the feature of this bike. i wish to get a proper feedback from the concern authority.

    My contact number is- 9871444821.

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  • An
    anandakumar Nov 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i get new bike so give tip to me

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poor service & cheating

i have hero honda glamour bike (Purchased on DEC 29 2006) its front shokers are not working properly i have complain about it for six monthes in Excellent motors rama devi Kanpur (U.P.) but they are not servicing my bike they alwayes said we have not parts of the bike compony is not providing parts so we are unable to replace ur parts. ur compony is providing poor service.

After this i had gone to Northen motors The mall kanpur for this complain & for regular servicing of bike they notedown my complain and completed the regular servicing of bike. For this servicing they charged some amount. The cost of 4T oil was also included in this amount but next day i fond that the 4t oil is not replaced it was burnt oil of dark black colour.So your Autharised dealer are cheating the coustmors.
Kindly take the neccessary action against the your Autharised dealers.

Such type of poor service is forcing to me to make a complain against your compony in Consumer Forum.

  • Ja
    Jagendra Singh Rathore Dec 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sir, I'm from Bhopal . I suggest my naphew to purchase the Herohonda from Indore. On telephone I gave him my passport No. for the dealers entry. But the dealer denie and told that passport should be shown him. Physically it was not possible to go to Indore for this, bcoz I was so away from there. Due to dealer's denie I lost my 2500 points and a chance to get the prize.

    U're requested to pl. give me the credit and ensures that dealer's respect the passport no.even through the phone, becoz a to z, India is an one unit. My passport No. is 06J09C22248.


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demanding personal information! w

On January 10, 2008 I called Honda of Toms River to get a price on a 2005 Odyssey. The web site that I found it on said to call for a price. The lady I spoke with asked for my personal information (name, phone number etc.). I told her that I preferred not to leave my personal information and just wanted the price of the Odyssey. I understand that she didn't want to lose me as a potential customer but as you will see she did anyway by her behavior. She continued to ask for my number and when I said that I would give her some time to do her research and call back later she refused to comply. Instead of being professional she rudely said, "I can't even call you back at your home!?" I responded by saying "why can't I call you back instead?" She continued the pressure for me to give her my number and so I finally said "No thank you" and hung up. About 10 minutes later she called me! She had my number anyway, probably from caller ID. Against my wishes she called me at home. I would not take the call. She called back again about 30 seconds later. I didn't answer the phone. I started to feel harassed. It's customer service like this that will keep a customer like me away forever. I would rather go to a dealer that wasn't the best organized or didn't have the best selection as long as the salesman or woman was kind and respectful.

  • No
    NONE May 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Ev
    evshar77 Oct 30, 2010

    I purchased a vehicle as well and had nothing but good luck with this dealership. They had a great follow up and made it clear they wanted to earn my business. I feel like a valued customer. Other dealerships had many "Hidden Costs" Honda of Toms River was upfront and honest. My monthly payment is where I wanted it to be.

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  • Gm
    Gman321 Mar 02, 2011

    I just shopped Honda of Toms River and found them very helpful, they did ask for my information and have followed up but were not rude and did get me all of the info I wanted. Right now they are at the top of the list in Regard to dealerships and I have shopped a few other Honda dealerships but none of them were as good as the staff at there.

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  • Do
    Donna Foxman Feb 25, 2013

    I have another problem with this dealership. I could not agree with the lease terms offered. The sales man was extremely nice, however the credit manager stinks He lost the sale. I went to Kay Honda and leased my new Civic with all the extras and paid exactly what I offered at Toms River Honda. The manager at Toms River Honda was so spiteful that when I tried to turn in the end of lease vehicle he refused to take it back! By the way I used their service department for 10 years now I will think twice.

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regarding the failure of engine

respected sir,

as i have bought the hero honda passion+on 28/4/07.on vishnu motors at ekanduthangal.engine no:07c08m57465&chessis no:07c09c57265.company had changed the bore at 1200km.since the same problem occur again & again since the bike has two yrs guarrented.so kindly take the action as soon as possible...

thanking u,

your's faithfully,

poor product and service standards

Hero Honda Motors Ltd.
34/Community Centre,
Vasant Lok, Vasant Vihar
New Delhi 110057
Phone : 011-[protected]/[protected]

Sub : Complaint of CBZ X-TREME Chasis No . 07e BMC – 17659
Engine No. 07c BMM 16953

Dear Sir,

I the undersigned, Joy Parry (mobile no. [protected], e-mail: - [protected]@yahoo.co.in) was very found of owing a Hero Honda CBZ XTREME and therefore I purchased your Bike on 17/04/2007 from your authorized Dealer M/s Century Bikes Pvt. Ltd. (Dealer code No.10267) at Baroda, Gujarat and bike is registered at RTO, Baroda. Since I was found of riding bike I chose your bike but just in a few days of owing the bike immediately I noticed that there was some humming sound coming from the engine. I complained to Mr. Bhavsar (Warranty Incharge, Century Bikes) at your authorized dealer – code 10267, that there is some unusual humming sound in the engine. I was told that there is some problem in valve and after some Kilometers this will be okay. I got done first serviceat 642 kms on 28/4/2001 at the same dealer and even at that time I had registered my complain in the Job Card. When I brought this to their notice I was told that by the second service the vehicles will got roused and problem will be solved. Hence I waited till the second service. However even on second service on 4-6-07 there was no change in the sound. Immediately I took the vehicle to the said dealer and they did some tempering with the vehicles but the sound persisted. I was told to observe some more days. I got third service on 5/8/07 at the same dealer. Every time I got the complaint registered in the job card but they kept the problem pending and asked me to keep patience. After my forth service I got restless and I told them to do something of the problem or give me a replacement. After that they retained the vehicle and asked me to come after some hours. When I reached the service centre I noticed that without my consent or information they had dismantled the engine and even asked me to make payment for the same. i brought to their notice that the vehicle is still in warranty and asked them why I was not asked before operating the engine. They had no reply. Now the sound has increased and when I complain they are consoling me to repair the engine.

Dear sir/madam, I have purchased this vehicle on loan from GE country wide and it’s been only five months since purchase. I am not ready to compromise with my vehicle and I don’t need a vehicle with an altered engine for the cost of Rs.71000/- (interest inclusive). I need a replacement for the vehicle. And I hope you shall agree to the technical fault of your vehicle and shall live upto your goodwill to get me problem resolved.
Let me make it very clear that I am not getting a satisfactory treatment at Century Bikes and if you do not respond to my problem, I shall take this matter with the court for compensation and the cost of the bike. I should have liberty do go to public media for my genuine compliant and its result. Every detail mentioned in this letter can be verified from the job cards and since the problem is from the fist month of purchase and now that they have dismantled the vehicle’s engine without my consent I NEED A REPLACEMENT for the vehicle and shall not compromise.

Hope you can understand my craze of owning the CBZ bike and its failure result to disown it.

Yours faithfully,

Joy Parry.

scammers and dis-honest sales team

On Friday October 20th I went to the Honda Dealer on rt 37 in Toms River,NJ at 5pm , I saw a 2006 Honda Accord listed for $16, 995, after talking to the sales man and explaining that I didn't want to waist my time with price negotiation ,I made an offer of $16,ooo, he went and spoke to his manager Miegel, Miegel came and after a few minutes going back and forth with the price, we both agreed on a price of $16,400, the sales person started to do the paper work and they took the car to get it ready for pick up, it's now 7pm and we're waiting to see Lisa the finance person, we wrote a $5,000 deposit check and started to sign all the paper work , Lisa was really pushing me to by the gap insurance and the extended warranty, I declined, she must have mentioned the gap insurance and the extended warranty about ten times and each time I said no thanks, she kept on waisting time, excusing her self and leaving the office, it's now 9pm, she came back to the office and said I just got a phone call from her General Manager Wayne and we can't sell the car at that price, after we had an agreement, how odd?? when we said NO to their Gap insurance and extended warranty, that would have cost us an additional $3,ooo the deal was not worth it for them, they waisting 4 hours of my time, I don't understand how this dealership can be so dis-honest and continue to scamme customers, I was warned about this dealer from my friends, I should have listened.

I would never ever ever go to this dealership for anything. They wasted my time, swindled me and tried their best to screw me over. They are liars, scammers and completely dis-honest

worst service!

I bought a Hero Honda Passion plus in Suguna automobile agency - Coimbatore, a dealer of the Hero Honda company on 29/08/2007. When I went for the first service after a ride of 500 Km, their service was very poor. There was a girl sitting on the service counter, and she asked me to sit on the bench for 5 mins, and I did. She started talking with her boy friend. I had been waiting for half an hour and then told her again that I had been waiting for half an hour. She did not responded to me, and still continuing to talk with her boy friend. I got angry that why the hell she sit in customer support if she do not want to respond to a customer. If I was the boss of that company, I would have fired her for not doing the job on duty time, for what she is paid.

Still I had not lost the patience, and went to asks the service manager, and he replied recklessly. I told him that I had been waiting for a long time to just drop my bike for the service, and that idiot replied that so many people are waiting more than me, and that nonsense asked me to wait outside. I really got angry with their level of customer support. Hero Honda should cancel the franchise license of this agency.

  • An
    Anmol Gupta Sep 26, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Making Fool!!!

    I want to complaint about the Hero Honda Showroom Prakesh Motors Bangalore karnataka. I booked HH glamor with disc brakes on Sept 06, 2007. They told me It will take maximum of 3 weeks in delivery. But after 3 weeks when I called to a representative of this showroom said they do not have HH glamor with disk brake so asked me to go with the drum brakes. The company is not willing to send the consignment of HH glamor disc brake from Delhi, so go with drum brakes. But while booking I asked them so many times that I want only HH glamor with disc brakes. Now they are not ready to deliver HH glamor with disc brakes.

    Is this the way that a company handles a customer.

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  • Ja
    Jagdish Dahre Jan 24, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have Glamour hero honda bike (two wheeler). I have buyed from Lake City Motors PVT, LTD Bhopal Show Room. I cannot find its "Left Side Chain Adjester" .. I have tryed every Show Room of hero honda of bhopal. In Manual of Spare Parts, Code for right and left is same but practically its different in size. Its being about 1 month and i am still without Chain Adjester..

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  • Ga
    Gajanan Rathod Feb 24, 2009

    We all know that in India only 1/2 % customers use internet services for complaint regarding bad quality of goods they purchased or regarding poor services. A large number of customers of Hero Honda are suffering from very bad and irritating services of Hero Honda's authorized service centers. Hero Honda group have no control on such service centers. They only want to sell their products and never want to provide quality services to customers. I bought my Hero Honda Splendor++ bike from Rajdhani Auto, Raipur, Chhattisgarh. After 2 bad services milej of my bike is between 30-40 KM. On complaint there is no action from Hero Honda Group. Hero Honda Group is playing with customers like me. Is it OK...???????????

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  • Hero Honda Dealer Suguna, COimbatore. I bought galmour bike in suguna. Their free services are very very worst. I takign care of myself about the complaints of mmy bike. They are not considering my complaints in all the 3 services. Please no one go to service in hero honda suguna, coimbatore. My bike number is TN 41T 5889. My mobile number is 9543464085.

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  • Ja
    Jaichandran Oct 11, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am agree with the above complaints 200%. I have bought CBZ extreme through Suguna Automobiles, Coimbatore on Feb1 st 2010. I met an accident and claimed through Suguna. They billed Rs.7500. I am completely unsatisfied with their service. They have replaced front fork and lot of components in my bike, but including razer kit. They have not fixed/setup all of them properly, so my bike came very hard/rough to drive. They people didn't heard my complaints.

    Suguna Automobile providing Very very Worst service and spoiling the Quality of Service of Hero Honda.

    So prefer go HH bikes through Suguna automobiles.

    My Bike : TN37 BF 9210
    Mob: 98944 94649


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bike malfunctioning!

I bought a Honda Unicorn bike one month back (July 2007). Starting onwards it is having some complex problem...

Resolved not willing to work with me

Hi I'm a single mom of 12yrs I purchased a 2002 Honda on Septemeber 2001. I made my scheduled payments over the years and unfortunately as time went on finances became a struggle. I filed for bankruptcy but signed a reaffirmations agreement to keep my honda. I made my payments as always and of course I fell a month behind on a payment but still trying to keep up. I received a call from a private investigator that Honda wanted to repose my car. Now I had not received a letter nor a phone call. I had been out of bankruptcy for 2 1/2 years and only owed 1 yr on the car in the amount of 5,000 dollars.

I contacted Honda and they were very rude and was not willing to help me or give me any length of time to try and catch up. They stated they wanted the car. Now remember I haven't received a bill since the day I filed bankruptcy but still continued to make payments because I needed and loved my car and worked very hard over those 5 yrs paying it, only to have it taken from me when I only had 12 more payments. It has been 10 months since this all occurred and I'm still upset with how it all went down. I currently do not own a car I've been borrowing my mothers car my friends car. It saddens me to think that such a prestiges company could be so demeaning and cold hearted. Just wanted someone to know how I feel although I'm sure this want do any good but at least I finally got it off my chest. This experience has taught me never to do business with Honda again, even though I really love Honda cars. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  • Cj
    cjay27 Apr 22, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    How is it Honda's fault that you proved financially irresponsible, were given a second chance and blew that second chance? Of course they'll reposes your car!! It's a business.

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liars, scammers and completely dis-honest company!

On Friday the 20th of July, I had found a rare car that I wanted. I am from Long Island, the car is in Toms River NJ, which was about a 140 mile drive. I had spoken with the dealership several time during the day. I explained to them that I had pre approved financing with Capital One, and even faxed my approval to them. They reviewed it and said everything was good to go.

Since this place is far from me, I wanted to take same day delivery on this car, and explained that to them too.. They stated all I would need is insurance, and we would be all set and ready to deal. Obviously, I asked all the questions about the truck ahead of time, condition, price, etc... and everything was ready... So here it was my assumption, that I was going to drive down there, get the car, and come home... not the case.

After it took me 4 hrs to drive there in NY/NJ rush hour traffic, I finally get there at about 8:45 PM. I run right in, and test drive the truck... not good... the transmission, drivetrain and rear end were in terrible shape.. you could actually feel them shaking and moving all around, but I was still ready to deal.. I tried to make a deal with them. They made me fill out a credit ap so they would have my "information". I did so, and asked repeatedly that they not run my credit, but they did anyway. After them not being able to get me approved with their own banks, all of a sudden my pre approval was no good... BS... I know the game.. they get me approved with their banks, make a point or two on the interest, and then they are happy. I wasted a 4hr trip there, 1hr there, and only 2.5 hrs to get home on this.

I would never ever ever go to this dealership for anything. They wasted my time, swindled me and tried their best to screw me over. They are liars, scammers and completely dis-honest.

poor customer care

I recently purchased a CBZ extreme on March 15, 2007. There is already a rust on the bike. When I complained to the service department of Hero Honda they referred me to the sales department, who after inspecting state they cannot rectify it.

This is sheer manufactures defect and not mine. As I keep the bike well covered and away from water which could probably have caused the rust. The rust is in the swingarm of the bike.

I'm really pissed off with this. I spend so much of money to buy this bike, but now so soon there is a rust and they (Hero Honda) have declined to rectify it and want to get it rectified which is totally unfair.

I'm planning to take them to the consumer court for this as this sheer manufactures defect, and I'm going to discourage my friends n relatives to buy any of their products. I'm from Bangalore and my dealer is Millenuium Motor, Airport Road Branch.

  • Gy
    Gyanendra Jul 30, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Burst Bike, I suggest to every one don't purchase CBZ-Extreme.

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  • Im
    i.mohammed sabir Oct 31, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    hii, my name is sabir,
    i really love bcz extreme, but if i get the man who designed the front part of bike, i will break front part of his face, what the helll, he has designed, the front part sucks.. and what happen to the technical parts like digital speedometer, people are not interested in old technology, its the world of advanced technology, every 1 is realesing with digital ### pit, for the bikes, then i dont know why the hell hero honda is lacking... if there is a reason for cbz extreme still lagging in the market, 1) the front doom 2) digital speedometer 3) lack of tech equipments.. plz try to up grade yourself team hero honda... or else be at the last...

    regards to hero honda motors.
    i.mohammed sabir...

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  • Ga
    ganesh.M.N Dec 24, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi i had purchased the bike hero honda cbz extreme from metro motors cox town they had given me the bike in which self start was not working, they told it will run after running few kms but after running 700 kms also it s not working when i asked them he gives irresponsible answers!

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