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Google Treasure Chest / scam, fraud

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Google Treasure Chest
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I have fallen for the scam from Google Treasure Chest. I ordered a cd for $1.97 and had no idea that I just enrolled in a monthly scam of charges to my credit card. I have disputed my charges with my credit card twice now. They keep puting the charge back on my bill because they say I did not supply them with the cancelation number of the product. The problem is I can not contact Google Treasure Chest in any way possible, to cancel or even return the stupid cd they sent me. I have no email address, every phone number I call is disconnected. I can not talk to anyone to get anything cancled. I need help with this. Can anyone provide me with contact information so I can resolve this...so far they are charging my capitalone card $72.21. I also would like to know who I need to contact to file a complaint with these scammers, they should be sitting in jail for what they are doing.
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A  14th of Apr, 2009 by  User  Agree Disagree +1 Votes
And guess what folks??? There is an ad on this very page with a link to the same scammers! Unbelievable.
N  14th of Apr, 2009 by  User  Agree Disagree +1 Votes
This has happened to my husband. he's not sure if he was doing through Google money tree or Google treasure chest, but he paid an initial 1.97 for a 'kit' that he never received. Then he got a call from some company in Utah asking him about it, he told her that he hadn't gotten the kit - she said that they could place him with a 'trainer' or something for 72.21 - and at that point, he said to stop, that he had to talk to me first. Well, today, he had a pending debit for 72.21 on his account, and I went to the bank to ask them to cancel it.

They said that the amount had to debit first, then they could file a dispute on the charge and try to contact the company.

I talked to the company that called him last week, and they claim to only 'represent' various work at home companies on the net, including those two, and that they don't handle actual debits or anything like that, that they only make phone calls for the companies.

I suggested that they check both sites out, since they are going to drive that company's rating down with the BBB. He said he would.

I'm going to call the 866 number tomorrow, to see if I can get this stopped. Since he never got the kit, he has nothing to return, so I'm not sure what is going to happen. If we can't get it resolved, he's going to cancel the debit card and get a new one so that the company can't get anymore money from his account.
N  15th of Apr, 2009 by  User  Agree Disagree +2 Votes
we found the website that was used for this: coreyhasmoney.com I don't understand why Google doesn't these people down for using their name and logo! It doesn't look very good on them, imho
N  15th of Apr, 2009 by  User  Agree Disagree +1 Votes
Thank you all for your comments - I was considering this before reading - now I will not try! I hope you all get your money back!
N  15th of Apr, 2009 by  User  Agree Disagree +1 Votes
Google obviously has great need to monitor what they allow their name to be associated to so that they do not come under such scrutiney.

Never, ever use a credit card or debit card that is associated with your bank accounts or assets to make a purchase over the internet. Purchase pre-paid debit cards for use over the internet and only put on the card what the vendor is entitled to. This flushes their hidden charges and scams down the toilet and initiates an automatic cancellation when they find they can't scam any more money out of you. You might be out the initial payment but then the line is drawn and they're not going to get you for any more. Do not authorize direct deposit from the internet. That opens the gate. Direct deposit can be made to the pre-paid after appropriate arrangements are made with the pre-paid company. Using pre-paid isolates your accounts from the world of thieves. It's cumbersome but worth it.
N  15th of Apr, 2009 by  User  Agree Disagree +1 Votes
They only managed to get the $1.97 out of me, because I realized what they really were just a few minutes later, then called and had my card cancelled.
However, I just got the CD yesterday (about 3 weeks after cancelling my card), but I'm kind of scared to put it in my computer. It might have a virus or something.
If not, it'll probably just ask for my card number all over again so that they can get back into my account.
I never did get that Member ID and password info though, and I thought that that was the first step to all of this.
N  15th of Apr, 2009 by  User  Agree Disagree 0 Votes
Hello everyone. I'm back again today with some new ideas. Since I started to wage my war on these companies yesterday I have had the opportunity to do some more research. I discovered many of these sites have TV stations, New shows, ect. listed on their home pages. Let's start sending emails and mail to these companies letting them know they are either supporting a scam or they are being used to solicit people for these scams. I think Mr. Larry King would not like to have his name and face affiliated with these con artisits. Google-kit.com has Larry King featured on the home page. As well as MSNBC, CNN, ABC and even The Los Angeles Times. If we start hitting the promoters that is going to hit these companies where it hurts. Send emails send regular mail, tell them you have been scammed and are surprised their organization as affiliated with these cons!! I emailed Google and told them as well. it is a shame they let people rent their trademark, it is dragging them in the mud as well.
I will continue to update as I get more information.
Thanks everyone!
A  15th of Apr, 2009 by  User  Agree Disagree 0 Votes
I was lucky, , I seen the 72.21 "pending" charge and immediatly went to the bank and closed the account, , moved that money to a new account, , so good luck getting any thing else from me, , a good lesson learned
A  15th of Apr, 2009 by  User  Agree Disagree 0 Votes
I sure hope that this scam outfit is brought to
justice. The lesson here is to remember to
read all terms and conditions before you
provide credit card info to an unknown
[or known] recipiant. Wouldn't you advise
your children to do the same?
My further advice to the victoms is to stop
any future damage by canceling the credit
or debit card that was charged. You folks
need to sleep at night knowing that no one
is making charges.
It certainly does not seem likely to expect
a refund if you swallowed the hook. Lets
face it this was a fishing expedition set up
to relieve [unsuspecting] people of their
money. $72 lesson. Be proactive in the
future. Good luck folks.
A  15th of Apr, 2009 by  User  Agree Disagree 0 Votes

N  15th of Apr, 2009 by  User  Agree Disagree +1 Votes
It states on their Term of Policy that they will charge $72.21 a month. I think people should always read the Term of Policies and Agreements before doing anything or joining anything.
A  15th of Apr, 2009 by  User  Agree Disagree +1 Votes
Yes, we should all definitely read the Terms and Conditions. Got that. The website is set up in a very sneaky way however, and it's easy to look at the banner flashing and fill out the info, rather than look at the TEENY letters at the bottom of the screen with the T and E.

In any event, I called today and asked for a RA number to return my disk. They said as soon as they receive it they will process a refund. We will see . . . .
N  16th of Apr, 2009 by  User  Agree Disagree +1 Votes
I wish I had found this web site before I ordered, I have contacted my credit card company to stop any charges at all. I hope that works. I should have known better...Think Iwill cancel my credit card also and just have a new one sent to me...
N  16th of Apr, 2009 by  User  Agree Disagree +1 Votes
I had the same thing done.. Call 1-866-951-1406

I called them once I found that they had charged me $72.21 and they reversed the payment and cancelled my subcription without issues.

remember.. always read the small print..
N  16th of Apr, 2009 by  User  Agree Disagree +1 Votes
I hate to say this guys but when you click on the button that says "I agree to the terms", you just authorized Google to debit your credit card monthly if you don't cancel within seven days. I was just about to do it and scrolled down looking for the "Terms and Conditions". It was at the very bottom of the page almost out of sight but it was there. Not only will they charge you monthly for being a member but they will begin to charge you for two other unwanted services as well. Anytime a company charges a nominal fee, you should check the terms and conditions because that is usually their way of "getting you". Sorry you all had such a bad experience but remember... If it seems too good to be true...it probably is!!
A  16th of Apr, 2009 by  User  Agree Disagree 0 Votes
I also was charged 72.21 for somthing from treasure chest. I called and the attend she explained I had to fill out a police report. I am also calling the better bussiness Bureau about this company and its fraud. This is a very deceiving company. Taking money from hard working people who can not afford this.
A  16th of Apr, 2009 by  User  Agree Disagree +1 Votes
This is crazy... I too was charged the same amount of $72.21... this is an unauthorized transaction...
When i called the 800 number, there was a female who told me that i agreed to the terms and etc well i obviously agreed but then its not fair how they charge you of something that your not aware of whatsoever...
I only paid $1.97 just for a CD...
today i went to the bank and filed a fruad claim and HSBC cancelled my debit card and will be issuing me a new one in the next couple of days... but this is absolutely scam and im hoping i get my money back ASAP...this is not fair people nationwide are getting ripped off from this scam... now the special investigators from HSBC will investigate this and will inform me... we all should peitition this ridiculous scam and fradulent company...

Did anyone else besides me who is in the same situation get their FULL money back?
it will be awesome if anyone could respond to me comment
Thank you...
N  16th of Apr, 2009 by  User  Agree Disagree +1 Votes
I didn't check whether my CC was charged the 72.21 yet, but this guy called my house regarding their "program" and wanted me to charge another $5700 on my credit card to continue the whole thing. No thank you.
N  17th of Apr, 2009 by  User  Agree Disagree 0 Votes
I fell for this thinking this was a good way to make some extra income. What they do is charge you $1.97 for shipping and handling of the CD that they send out, but if you don't read the terms and conditions page after filling out there online application you have no idea that they will begin billing your account for $72.21 on a monthly basis. I did have a representative call me and ask about my personal finances, how much I owed and that I should establish some credit card account for business use at this web site http://www.0aprcards.biz and that he would call back in about 30 day with an update. What I think is they get paid for every account that is setup, just my opinion.

This has taught me to read all Terms and Conditions pages from every site when they come up.

You have 30 days to cancel and receive a refund. I have not received a refund but it's only been a few days.

Here are what their Terms and Conditions section say's to do.

30-Day Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee and Cancellation Requirements

At any time during the first thirty days, if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, you may call customer service at 866.951.1406 for a refund of your monthly subscription and the shipping fee. When you call, a customer representative will give you an RGA (Return Goods Authorization) number. The kit must then be returned with the RGA number. You must be able to confirm delivery to receive your refund. Please ship your kit with a delivery confirmation to our fulfillment center: 405 East 12450 South, Suite G, Draper, and Utah 84020. Note: This address is for returns only. All other correspondence must be sent to the address on the website.

Shipping & Other Fees
Upon submitting a request for Membership, a Member ID and Password are assigned to you and can be used to gain access to googletreasurechest.com. The initial shipping and handling charge of one dollars and ninety seven cents, includes the google treasure chest kit as well as seven days worth of access to the online directories and training. After seven days, if you choose not to cancel, you will be billed your first monthly membership fee of seventy two dollars and twenty one cents for the membership fee for the googletreasurechest.com membership. Membership fees will be charged to the credit card used by you to complete the transaction. You have also unlocked a fourteen-day trial and twenty one-day trial to the Fraud SafeLockID and GrantSpring for just $38.84 and $24.87 a month thereafter (shows as "SafeLockID" and "GrantSpring") should you choose not to cancel. Prior charges for all programs are non-refundable but bonus subscriptions can be cancelled and future charges stopped at any time by calling toll-free 866.951.1406 Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm. All offers come with a monthly newsletter.
If you choose to sign up for this product and pay the recurring monthly charges using a debit card you hereby provide pre-authorization and consent that googletreasurechest.com may charge seventy-two dollars and twenty one cents on a monthly basis. You may stop payment on any pre-authorized charge by notifying googletreasurechest.com at least three business days prior to the scheduled charge date. You agree your pre-authorization and written consent to charge your debit card is given in electronic form by submitting the request for the membership, and that an electronic signature is sufficient to authenticate your authorization to charge the debit card. You further agree that these terms and conditions shall be your copy of your pre-authorization for the debit card.
Upon completion of the order form, should your credit card be declined, we may, at our option continue to try to authorize your purchase on future dates. Your acceptance of these terms indicates your additional acceptance that should your purchase of either the shipping for your free kit, or your monthly membership fee eventually approve, you will accept and approve those charges to your method of payment.

Also, you need to cancel your subscription to their service and you can do so by calling the same number above and asking them to cancel your subscription.

I'm just a simple guy trying to make an honest living.
N  17th of Apr, 2009 by  User  Agree Disagree +1 Votes
if you want your money back i recommend you call this 888-705-1575 number but i will tell you this much they will only refund you with in the 7 day trial membership if you have passed that many days you will have to talk to your bank or a lawyer telling them you never knew about these charges and they should get you somewhere.

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