Your os is [censored]!!
How can u sell an os that cant run two separate separate programs at the same [censored]ing time?
Why do u insist on filling my browser maps with unimportant [censored] and block my screen!
Also until I see a check from google you have no right to sell my data for profit!!
You need a good anti-trust case against you.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Arlington Heights, IL I bought my phone and there are a plethora of google apps I cant delete from my fone!
Facebook isnt guilty of sharing users data, your [censored] assed os with weak security is the issue!
Why do you allow people to manipulate your os for nefarious means? I know cause as an open source os you don't control anything!!
Google is an evil corporation and needs to be broken up just like ma bell!!!
[censored] you google
And have a smell green [censored] day, just like im havibg using your [censored] product!!!

Dec 11, 2018

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