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Do not book car rental through They are worse than worse. One star is far too generous. We had not previously used but we were impressed with the vehicles they offered and the prices. It was arranged that we would be calling an off-site number from the Lisbon airport and they would greet us with the car. When we called we got a recording (in Portuguese). After asking someone to translate we found they were no longer in business. We had not been notified by EconomyBookings nor did we have a way of getting hold of them. It took over an hour to find someone, anyone to help us track this down since they didn't have an airport on-site presence. Bless the kind soul that took her time to call people that in turn called others and were able to provide the name of the company that would provide the service. Once we were picked up and arrived at their site we found that we had to pay for A LOT of extras which seemed contradictory to the contract such as we had paid for an additional driver but were going to be charged again by the rental company. We took full insurance coverage and yet we were going to have to put down a !, 000 Euro deposit for any damages. This was supposedly refundable but after our experience we were leery. Upon our return I contacted Economy with no response. I emailed yet again and told them that I felt that the additional driver fee should be refunded BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY AT THE VERY LEAST I WANTED AN APOLOGY. Never heard a peep from them and will NEVER again book through them. In a foreign country and basically stranded because of their failure to notify us that the rental car agency they booked us with was no longer in business. Of course all of this was prepaid so why should they respond.

Nov 27, 2018

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