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Garyville, LA, United States

We were moving across country and decided that we were going to cancel our service due to cheaper options on the market. DirecTV rep offered us the movers deal with 2 options: receive $10 off for the next 3 months or receive NFL Sunday ticket (NFL ST) for free. We chose NFL ST. Football season has kicked off and tried to access the Sunday ticket channels and told us that we had to pay to gain access. We were quite confused as we were promised NFL ST free of charge for moving. We called customer service who transferred us to Movers department. Movers department told us that they didn't know why we were transferred to them as this was a customer service issue. So, they transferred us back to customer service. In the meantime, we are also in talk with another DirecTV rep on the website through online chat. Louisa G, was our rep online who again told us that was a movers department issue as they were just the billing department and didn't have access to that particular offer and provides us with another movers department phone number. Now remember, we are still on hold with customer service during this time.. after 30 minutes on hold, they hang up on us. So, we call the phone number that Louisa has provided to get the SAME INFORMATION! We explain that we have been through this with 3 other reps and she transfers us to the special accounts department. We have to then explain our situation yet again and ask for them to pull the record for confirmation. The rep explained that she pulled the record and found no evidence of such promise. She said that there was nothing she could do but we could add the package for an additional $46 a month. Hmm, absolutely not as we were promised it for free with our movers deal. The rep tells us that she will call her supervisor to resolve this matter. We were placed on hold for 45 MINUTES and then the line goes dead. That's right! A second rep has hung up on us after all of this. So, we call back because this is NOT how you do business. We tell our story all over again to another special accounts rep. Have you kept count of how many reps we have talked to during this whole ordeal? If you guessed 4, you are correct! We then get the exact same answer. There is nothing they can do but for us to pay for the package. Outrageous! We told them we wanted to cancel our service immediately. We were placed on hold and transferred one more time. The last rep we spoke to, without hesitation, stated that it is indeed in our account notes that we are to receive NFL ST free of charge. After multiple complaints, speaking with 5 different reps and 2 hang ups later... We resolved an issue that shouldn't have been an issue in the first place! DirecTV will become a moot point if they keep treating their customers like this. There are too many options in today's market. MOVERS BEWARE! If you are promised something in return for cancelling, get the rep's name immediately and never give up on what you are promised. DirecTV, from a frustrated customer, get your act together!

Sep 17, 2017

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