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removal of ancient aliens from friday programming

I've noticed the last few weeks that the show Ancient Aliens has been removed from programming and...

Soundtracks too loud on Ancient Aliens

The sound tracks are so loud, distracting, and useless that I have a hard time hearing the information being presented. I mentioned Ancient Aliens, but other shows also have this issue.

not working on Apple TV

I have History Channel on my TV Cable provider. I also have Apple TV. Since January, 2020, the History Channel does not work on Apple TV. I have spent hours on the phone with the TV Cable provider as well as Apple TV trying to figure out the situation. There seems to be no way to reach History Channel other than by email. Someone does answer, but they never provide a solution. It HAS to be something with the History Channel programming? or their communication system with Cable Providers, etc. I am disappointed because this is my favorite channel and I wanted to catch up on things I've, I PAY for it and don't have it. No real response from History Channel:(.

Washington series

I presume you want people to enjoy watching your shows. I am watching the outstanding Washington, and am infuriated by both the frequency of commercials but even note by the ridiculous false choose of seeing the same 6 commercials or try g to do 30 seconds which repeatedly doesn't work leaving me even more unhappy. Are you nuts? Have you watched your own shows?? Please stop!!! And don't patronize me with a form generic response. A

The interrupting of the show with your annoying commentary describing what is going to be coming next or showing currently on a screen

The interrupting of the show with your annoying commentary describing what is going to be coming next or showing currently on a screen. The annoying narration needs to stop This is very distracting and I wish you would stop it first noticed it on American pickers but now it seems to have been used on everyone of your programs I wish you would stop it it is annoying and disruptive to the program and an insult to the viewers intelligence because it's obvious what's on the screen we don't need to be told what is on the screen

  • Updated by PJsPjs · Feb 29, 2020

    Please stop the annoying commentary the narration that you seem to have started inserting in the middle of your shows as new scenes come up are very distracting and an insult to the viewer because the narration says what's coming on next but anyone can see that. It's one thing to cater to the deaf because they can see your television the person that can't see is not going to have a television so I don't know why you feel you have to accommodate visually impaired people at the expense of normal viewers

Ancient Aliens

I think everyone is worn out watching Ancient Aliens for hours upon hours each week. This is about as exciting as watching paint dry! The constant repetition of some of the most boring shows on the History channel is getting to the point where I will programming them out of my remote! Tell me what relevance an asinine show like Forged in Fire has to anyone's life. Get real people at least give us something remotely entertaining!

omission of "so help me god" from washington oath of office in series.

In your new series Washington, why did you omit "So help me God" from the script of Washington's presidential oath of office. Several researchers have credited him with adding the phase and yet you left it out. Your namesake should guide you in relaying the facts of history and not being influenced to circum to the political correctness of the day. I was disappointed in you for choosing to leave that out.

history channel app

I have an amazon fire stick that i use for the past 3 months most shows that have shown dont show up. I finally get to start watching curse of oak island after not being able to watch the past 5 or 6 episodes and now ur app crashs. Please tell me why i have to pay for a cable service to sign in to youre pos app that constantly crashs. Today if 2/7/20 and in a 1hr episode this app has crashed at a minimum of 7 times so far

show commentator

I first want to clarify that I absolutely love your programming, especially the police stuff 😁.
What I cannot stomach is Nick White, America's top dog. From the very first episode, I wanted to scream. This "Expert Dog Trainer"... Is irritating as hell. Criticism is one thing, but this guy will NOT shut up.
Please give Mr. Minnifee a mute button or better yet...
I would love to see if he could hang with any of the other competitors. For the love of God. Please stop him.
Everything else you guys do Rocks


On many of your programs you have a narrator repeating what the characters are saying and describing every action. This is extremely annoying to those of us watching. Why do you have this? Can it be removed please? It takes away from the enjoyment of the show so much that we often change the channel. We enjoy many of your programs, but find ourselves missing out. Thank you for your time.

history channel programming

On January 6' 2020 the programming from 6:30 am until 11 am was an airbrush commercial really why am I paying to watch this for 5 1/2 hours !!
I can't believe that this was the only programming that you could find to run for 5 1/2 hours even if it is a repeat of shows . I can't believe that you need the money from advertisements that much you need to have one run for that long ..

viewing vikings

About a year ago, I cut my cable and subscribed to YouTube TV. Nothing but outstanding experience since. A month or so ago, I added the History channel in order to view Vikings. The process of adding this subscription was simple, fast and seemed to work without issues. However, viewing the weekly episodes has been problematic every week since. The episodes have never been available on Wednesday evenings as scheduled...I must wait a day or so until they appear. I also am required to "log in to my TV provider" in order to see episodes. This worked a time or two, but not since. Frontier is my ISP, but YouTube is my provider via Roku. Totally bad experience. I've now cancelled my subscription to the History channel. Have seen every season of Vikings until now, but it's not worth the hassle.

the history channel - 13 hours secret soldiers of benghazi

Never in my life have I seen this many commercials in 1 movie. This is rediculous. I've never felt the need to submit a complaint to any television channel. But this is disgusting. There was never more than 10 minutes of uninterrupted TV without a full commercial brake. This is not an exaggeration. I would find this frustrating on any normal day but on veterans day it's even more offensive. You know people are going to watch this type of programming on vets day so perfect time to screw everyone over to cash in. As if that's not bad enough your programming has devolved into trash like ancient aliens, bigfoot and oak island. Just because it has ancient in the title doesn't mean its actual history. Ive now watched as one of my favorite channels follows the Discovery channel and turns into complete trash. Oak Island is straight up fraud in my book and like the Discovery channel, you don't care because it's about ratings and money. You guys should at least show a disclaimer before every show that is similar to the one I've graciously typed out for you. It's more of a mission statement but I think its appropriate to say the least.
"The History channel has no interest in programming that portrays real history. Please take note that our programming is pure fiction and should never be used as an educational tool despite the fact our producers are educated and most definitely are tools. This is an easy mistake to make. Please keep in mind that we are dedicated to bringing you the worst trash possible disguised as history for the soul purpose of misrepresenting history and making everyone who watches a card carrying retard. If our programming just isn't enough for you, not to worry. There's also TLC. From the bottom of our nonexistent heart thankyou for your support.
Sincerely The History channel"
You guys can use that word for word if you like. It's been truly terrible watching History(the channel) and TLC fall so low.

constant buffering of shows

Please inform me of the minimum speed to watch History channel on the Roku TV without constant buffering. WE are in a very rural area with DSL that maxes out at 5 Mbps during non peak hours but drops to sometimes below 1 Mbps peak time. I know that 1 Mbps is not fast enough to stream History channel. But I often check the speed to find a time when it is fast enough so I can watch. Do you only stream in HD, or does History Channel stream in SD. Does History Channel measure the internet speed and adjust the Definition of the stream based upon the internet speed. If not, then perhaps you can update the system to do so. Otherwise I will have to stopp watching which I would rather not do as we enjoy a quite a few of the shows...It is our favorite streaming channel. Thank you for a response.

Tim Hall

forged in fire television programme and use of animal carcasses

I feel it necessary to complain about the unwarranted use of animal carcasses for demonstrations of knifes performance. This really puts a bad shadow over what is actually a great show. Why cant prosthetic targets be utilised instead of real animals. It teaches the younger generation that this is ok, when it is not. I would love to see the History channel show they are willing to listen to their viewers and act accordingly.

animal cruelty and wastefulness

It is just absolutely unnecessary to waste so many animal carcasses for the cutting shows like Knife or Death and Forged in the Fire.

There are so many possible replacements.

I got it, I got it, you wanna make a "manly" show, with testosterone spewing left and right, but it's just wasteful and heartbreaking. There are other ways to portray masculinity.

Stop destroying meat which could have been eaten by the people who choose to do so.

ccw alabama

When I was a child I loved the weekend especially around VE, VJ DAY & D Day anniversary. Because I loved to watch anything that sparked my imagination by putting me in the plane with 101st or running off of the high-end boats with the 29th. Not to mention the aw I had when watching History's Mysterys, Wings of the Luftwaffe, Hitler's body guard etc. Now it's scripted garbage 2 gay guys in a truck going to "buy" stuff that actually was placed by producers. Or see a wanna be actor "pawning" something that was sold some time b4. Ancient aliens is better than those shows... Why? Because it actually covers history when they "explain"their theories. But the straw that broke the camels back was the political ads attacking THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. PRESIDENT Trump has done more for this country than any other since Reagan. You should go back to the beggining burn anything up til now and start over. Or just chain the idiot in charge to a chair and break his knee caps every time he comes up with "a new scripted TV show idea"

history channel app

I love History channel irregardless of some people's opinions, only I have one complaint; when the commercials are played, some of the commercials get extremely loud. Some of the ones that I'm referring to are Enterprise rentals and this app where you pay money to people via a phone service. I'm not swearing to it but I'm thinking it's zelle... maybe... and one or two others. Isn't there anyway that these commercials can be controlled? I'll watch these shows and next thing you know one of those extremely loud commercials will come on and it startles my great-grandbaby and sometimes it'll catch me off guard. Please look into this... I'm thinking that there's a law about volumes exceeding maximum volume. Thank you so much!

repetitive show

Due to the fact that all I ever see on History Channel is American Pickers, I'm removing it from my channel lineup. I will not be adding it back. Is extremely frustrating to check to see what shows are on History Channel and it's the same exact show every hour of every night. There used to be a variety of shows, interesting shows, and now History Channel thinks that America wants to see American Pickers all day everyday? I'm done.

"history" channel programming.

I thought that programming on HC couldn't get any worse, Ancient Aliens, Curse of Oak Island etc. etc.
Now we're going to be subject to the deeply historical "Kings of Pain" where (I suppose) people will subject themselves to all sorts of discomfort inducing situations. I thought "[censored]" had already fun it's course.I
Shame on HC.
You are an embarrassment.