DirecTVbilling department and customer representative fall short.

Word to the wise: Your a very important person when you are a 10 year customer on auto-pay @ $235/mo, but don't think you can escape their grasp if you want to disconnect !

I was very happy with the service since 2007, telling all my friends and family how wonderful DirecTV was and that they should consider switching providers. Even my neighbor switched from Time Warner after my suggestion. Come to find out later they were giving $100 credits for this same action throughout this period without notifying me of this nice little perk! When I contacted them about the sales I initiated, they said the policy was that the new customer had to give the installation representative my account number before the installation was scheduled. Too bad for me I was selling their service for free. Now for the real negative rant !

I recently had some billing issues with DirecTV. Since the AT&T purchase they decided to stop accepting the payment option through Verizon One-Bill. I found out a few months later that my bill was not being paid by Verizon, which whom I had been still paying, and was suddenly in default with late charges and fees escalating. A few phone calls later (6-7) I had the ability to speak with a 2nd tier Supervisor, Rachael (whose last name was not provided) who would not accept the idea that I wanted to part ways with DirecTV over this billing debacle. I was not going to continue a relationship with a company whose first instinct is to presume a customer is in default by their own volition. I finally coerced this supervisor to disconnect my services, as I already had a next day appointment with their competitor. Needless to say the disconnect order was not placed that evening, or the next day or even the next 2 weeks. I had all the equipment disconnected and replaced with the competitor when I get a bill from DirecTV for 3 months + service owed. I call customer service to explain their confusion, I'm told there was no disconnect order on the account and I would be responsible to pay for the next full month of service plus fees and late charges. That was the last straw, this has been going on for a month now back and forth with supervisors and billing department. They refuse to credit the overcharges or the late fees, they disconnect you during difficult phone calls, their complete disregard of professionalism and rationality. What a repulsive business model to extort customers for fraudulent billing charges. Then to top off everything the customer service representative explains to me that if I don't pay this inflated bill in full within 30 days they will just take it from my credit card on account. Unbelievable, I spend $27000.00 with this company over almost 10 years and this is the treatment I get ? Be warned, do business with a snake and you will eventually get bit, and this one is poisonous! I will post this everywhere I can, lets hope enough people see it to affect their earnings.

Feb 01, 2017

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