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Comcast / Xfinity Customer Service


Comcast Corporation

1701 JFK Boulevard
United States - PA19103

Customer Support Phone Numbers

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+1 877 231 8749(Ethernet - Questions & Ordering)
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+1 800 741 4141(Ethernet - Customer Support & Care)
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+1 866 429 2321(Business VoiceEdge - Questions & Ordering)
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+1 877 761 7401(Business VoiceEdge - Customer Support)
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+1 877 231 8749(PRI Trunks - Questions & Ordering)
0 0
+1 877 543 3961(PRI Trunks - Customer Support)
2 0
+1 877 231 8749(Teleworker)
0 0
+1 877 231 8749(Hospitality - Questions & Ordering)
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+1 877 229 5999(Hospitality - Customer Support)
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+1 855 867 5010(Upware Marketplace - Questions & Ordering)
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+1 866 950 3789(Upware Marketplace - Customer Support)
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Mon4:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Tue4:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Wed4:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Thu4:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Fri4:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Sat4:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Comcast / Xfinity Complaints & Reviews

Comcast / Xfinity / 1st time customer who ordered self help kit

Ronald Orencia on Dec 14, 2018

I ordered Xfinity service with the self help kit package..when I was setting up, followed the instructions with no problem..turned the gateway light was off..called the 1800 and I was told that a technician should check the wirings in the house because the last time that an...

Comcast / Xfinity / double billing

Douglas Meester on Dec 6, 2018

Douglas Meester 1762 Dogwood Drive, Marco island, FL 34145 239.398-0346 Issue: I maintained a business internet account and a separate personal account. Personal Account: 8535100220192129 Comcast Business Account: 8535100220226588 As I no longer needed Static IP, in 2016 I requested...

Comcast / Xfinity / internet essentials program

LandRPh on Nov 20, 2018

Acct. 8499051290318223 ; I have fallen on hard times and get state assistance. After numerous calls, hangups and misinformation I was finally told that there IS a state aided program called internet essentials. I have asked about this for quite a while and finally got this information last...

Comcast / Xfinity / free prepaid visa card is a scam (bait and switch).

Kminetta on Nov 13, 2018

Since I switched over to Comcast's WiFi internet and LG mobile phone, I'm either on the phone or texting with them about this promotion. How long is this going to take, and how many people do I have to talk to? I'm being told that I don't qualify for the $150.00 prepaid Visa card. That'...

Comcast / Xfinity / xfinity service driver

Gary4 on Oct 3, 2018

I was driving north on I 69 in Indiana and the interstate started to emerge from two to one lane. The Xfinity van driver would not let me in and intentionally sped up to get on the bumper of the semi in front of him instead of allowing me to merge. I would think somebody in a customer...

Comcast / Xfinity / technician

NotWhite on Sep 22, 2018

A technican was near my home appearing to be working on wires in the box, and made a racist comment as I walked passed him without saying a word. A technican was near my home appearing to be working on wires in the box, and made a racist comment as I walked passed him without saying a word. A...

Comcast / Xfinity / internet alarm system cable services

Lisa Valdez on Sep 10, 2018

I am completely unhappy with Comcast services. I was lied to and mislead and now in order to correct the lies. I am out of contract and ripped off. I am currently looking for a solution with another vender. I have spoke to a manager unable to help and angry I wouldn't sign up for a...

Comcast / Xfinity / voice

David schwartzman on Sep 7, 2018

Everyday for the past two months the conversation s on the phone get interrupted. I informed many times Xfinity and it has not been resolved. They told me to buy a new phone which i did. Still today my doctor called me to give me important health information and the phone line got broken...

Xfinity / internet, tv & phone "best deal of the year!"

Paul Kirby on Aug 30, 2018

Received a promotion in the mail for Internet, TV and Phone. Went to an Xfinity store on August 22, 2018 and looked into signing up for the service with five mobile phone lines. Was told we would have to have the Wi-fi service installed and then come back to get the mobile phones and the...

Comcast / Xfinity / "top stories"

CharlesBalphha on Aug 8, 2018

I don't know where you get your "top stories" from, but your story about Charlottesville on 8/8 was appalling. It says a woman was killed in a "clash" between the Nazis and their opponents. NO, she was murdered by the Nazis and the other side was guiltless. Why the cover-up? Can't you...

Comcast / Xfinity / property damage

DON Bodkins on Aug 8, 2018

When the techs. came out to install cable on Thursday the 16 of July they stepped through the garage ceiling and tried to say it fell from vibration. They tore down the entire sheet of drywall to hide the truth. They didn't want to leave the damaged area as that would have shown what...

Comcast / Xfinity / service installation

steve.p2018 on Jul 12, 2018

We just moved to Vero Beach this week. I called in June to set up an appointment for 7/11 for installation and ordered a program package and internet. They confirmed an appointment for between 10 and 12. The service person showed up but said there must be a problem with the line coming into...

Comcast / Xfinity / renewal of service after two year contract.

NF Lewis on Jun 2, 2018

To Comcast: I have been a customer of Comcast since you bought out Adelphia cable.I would estimate 15 to 20 years ago. I have been trying to renew for two more years and lower my bill from $260 a month to under $200. I have made several suggestions but my local sales person cannot meet my...

Xfinity On Demand / the continuous pop-up of kelly clarkson while I attempt to browse for something worth watching

Jane Gutherie on May 27, 2018

Enough of this over-weight (trying to look not-so-fat in a black dress and way too much makeup)... Why for god's sake do you show this kc interview over and over all day and night long??? I pay way too much $ to be forced to watch this over-weight, no class, thing... Never did like her and...

Comcast / Xfinity / tv cable service

coplumber on May 23, 2018

Earlier in the day - I tried to sign into Xfinity account to get the new modem announced in the letter we had received. I was not able to sign in after 3 attempts over 2 days, so I called the service number. Got a service technician who said he could just send the new modem. He also said...

Comcast / Xfinity / reckless driver

Fridayjoise on Apr 30, 2018

April 30, 11:10 am. I was stopped with turn signal on at booth bend road to make a left hand turn on to hwy 18 in Mcminville, Oregon. The comcast authorized contractor in a small ford truck swerved around me to the left and look the onramp ahead of me, dangerously and barely missed another...

Comcast / Xfinity / overcharged and service disconnected

Egeniton on Jan 23, 2018

A salesman came into our business and sold us a Comcast Business Package...He compared our prices to our current supplier Verizon, and advised us Comcast can do much better. We switched to Comcast, and consistently got incorrect bills. We called Comcast many times and was advised that...

Comcast / Xfinity / billing/ missing payments

seanpam on Jan 13, 2018

On 1/12/2018 my son's service was cut off. I called Comcast and was told that the account was behind since October. I informed the lady that I had proof that the account was up to day. I went on the web to my Bank because I have ON LINE BANKING . I told her that comcast sent me a refund...

Comcast / Xfinity / constant grey boxes like a twitter feed

fishwizard61 on Dec 13, 2017

After reading complaint blogs obvious my time @ $50 per hour would once again be wasted as was my time with AT&T. This complaint will provide start of my documentation stream as we are very intelligent to the ways of monopolies.This will be saved. Complaint : As I have been back in thi...

Comcast / Xfinity / Comcast sux

Sharon Minik on Nov 29, 2017

Oh god, will you ever fix your services or will you just leave them as they are? It's not stable, always drops, always down. I hate the day when I started using your service. The speed is not what was advertised and promised. Ugh... Of course, I am planning to switch to a different provider...