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Comcast / Xfinity reviews & complaints

Comcast / Xfinity complaints 633

Comcast / Xfinity - No One will help or take responsibility for helping me, passing off to someone else.

When we moved to Benton TN I had Comcast set us up. We have been with you since 10.5 years. Bills kept creeping, had to do something. I called (Terrible) and chatted. No one would take responsibility to remove 100 install. I was told by installer, no chg. After being frustrated so bad, i decided to go to Chattanooga Xfinity Office. No Help, they cannot remove charges, has to be someone thru text. I am really upset. Drove over 100, iles today tpo be told no again. Is there no one in your whold damn company that can appreciate your customer who has been thru Hell and remove the $ 100 install charge. ALSO, i need my Biling Due Date changed to the 3rd of the month, not the 1st. I don't get paid until the third of the month, i will always be late if you don't change it. I was an Exec Vice President with U-Haul Co. I told my representatives, It is easys to say yes than No. A dissatified customer will tell 25 people, and so it goes. Please help us, It can't be that hard. When a Senior Rep in Chattanooga named Jeremy Cameron can't fix such aminor detail, you people have big problem. In Chattanooga, where EPB is eating your Lunch, you can't fix something simple as removing a service charge, you are in trouble. Please write me back so you can tell another customer no, good idea, Sincerely, Mitch Thurmer, NOT RICHARD TRAUMER< He does not exist, your people created, Jeremy was supposed to have removed Richard, But I see him here.

Desired outcome: Remove the $ 100 charge, and make sure Richard Traumer is remove, My God. Change the due date to the 3 or 4th.

Jan 19, 2022

good luck getting that done, I'm still waiting on [and wont receive due to the statute of limitation] the $700+interest for failing to fix an issue 7 times. the 8th i just dumped the equipment off at the local HQ and said cancel my account. I found out from their competitor that my signal was on the end of the line back then. yeah their tech [Comcast] couldn't tell me that instead blamed it on the building wiring being old [nope it was completely redone before i moved in.] Comcast is NOT a good company for anything but giving you migraines.

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Comcast / Xfinity - Internet and TV

Since early December, my husband and I have been trying to get Comcast to send a crew to connect our new build home to the underground cable so their installer can set up our internet and TV services.

The installer will arrive for the FOURTH time to do his job, but will be unable to since the underground crew has failed to do their job. They have been to our home twice, got out of their truck, looked at the ground, and LEFT…..doing NOTHING! At this time, there was no snow on the ground and the ground was not frozen. Unfortunately, that's not the case now. There is snow on the ground, but my husband has already done digging to locate the cable that the crew has failed to do. We just need them here to do their job! We will have to turn away the installer AGAIN tomorrow due to this! Please help!

Desired outcome: Connect us to internet and TV services!!!

Comcast / Xfinity - Mislead on promotions and unlimited data

I was given wrong information on when I would receive my 2 - $425 visa gift cards for switching over my service. They told me 30 days and now they are saying 90 days because they don't want you to switch back to your prior provider and cash out the cards.

Also they tell you their plan has unlimited data but in actuality it isn't not. Once you reach 20GB you receive a message that you have reach the maximum data and your speed will slow down. Apparently the sales person doesn't tell you this but it is in the fine print of the contract you sign so that is how they get you. I don't recommend anyone switching their mobile services over to them they have a pattern just like they do on their cable and Internet service where they promise and can't deliver.

Desired outcome: Offer me a discount monthly price and money for all my inconvenience


Comcast / Xfinity - internet tv package

On January 13th I called comcast to renew my internet/tv package.
The comcast associate I dealt with told me they could match the price I had on the package that just expired, $191all inclusive (taxes fees, etc.) if I signed up for another 24 mo's, because I was a long time Comcast customer (since 1996).
I never received a confirmation or a contract renewal so I called this morning and they told me there must have been an error because it never went through. I asked to speak to a supervisor who told me that they do not even offer 24 month contracts as of sometime in 2021. They offered me a 12 month contract @ $218.
As you can imagine I am not happy with this offer as it is almost $30 more per month than what I was promised originally.

Desired outcome: Match the contract I just came off for the same price


Comcast / Xfinity - Unburied internet Line in the front yard for over 4 months- tripping hazard

My name is Carolyn Lyttle. I reside in Tuscaloosa, AL. I had services conducted on the outside of my home [bad wire/connection] for internet services in August 2021. The tech stated he would put in an order to have someone come bury the line. He left an orange cable across my yard. Fast forward, a few surveyors have been to my house to survey the line... flags, paint ext... on multiple occasions however, no one has successfully buried the wires. A company managed to come to the house, replace the orange cable with a black cable but failed to bury the cable. Another guy came out and removed the orange cable, replacing it with a black cable, and in December right before Christmas another person came out and put down about 50 yards of orange wire and left the black cable. I called Xfinity on SEVERAL occasions regarding this issue and have also filed more than one ticket regarding the "Trip Hazard, Lines down" at my address and have yet to see anyone follow through with servicing an appointment or closing this ongoing issue. In fact, after submitting the ticket, I received an email stating the issue had been resolved [on both occasions] without any update, phone call or services rendered. This issue is effecting me as HOA is fed up with the cables laying across my yard and adding a trip hazard to public sidewalks. and my drive way. Please fix this issue as it should not take 5months to complete a simple task.

Desired outcome: For the internet cable to be buried under the driveway like it was before the tech came out in August 2021

Jan 14, 2022

Comcast / Xfinity - When will comcast start servicing silver ridge subdivision in pearl, ms?

I recently moved from an apartment in Pearl, MS and purchased a home also in Pearl, MS which is about 5miles apart. But when I went to move my service I was told that you all were not in that area. They have Hughes Net which is GARBAGE and charges a arm and a leg and your first born child for service that will only covers 2 phones and a TV. REALLY! While the rates with Comcast aren't all that good either, the service and quality are out standing, in my option. I want to know when will Comcast start servicing Sliver Ridge Subdivision? The houses are new construction in the back of it and it would have made sense to lay down lines while this is being down. Let me tell you... Yall are loosing a lot of money by not being in this area. I would love to know the reason as to Why and When.

Andora Baker

Desired outcome: Just an answer

Jan 06, 2022

Comcast / Xfinity - Internet

We pay for a 100MB/s download speed internet and for the last 2 to 3 months we have regularly only had maybe 4MB/s. It continuously goes out and drops to these speeds without warning. We have restarted the modem, gateway, etc multiple times to no result.
Speed tests outside those provided by the company and those provided by the company through the app have both given the same result of the abysmal speed and connection. For the first couple months, there were no issues, but now it is a daily struggle to connect to any site and get any work done, especially as many universities and companies are still online due to the pandemic.
This is kind of ridiculous, especially as it is the only internet service provider within our area. Our friends who are also on Xfinity and within a couple of miles of us are having no such problems.

Desired outcome: Fixed internet speeds and connection issues or reduced cost.

Comcast / Xfinity - installation damage

I recently purchased a home in Marathon Florida. During the installation process the installers damaged carpet in two rooms while drilling a holes into the carpets. It appears the drill bit snagged the carpet fibers and ripped long lines of carpet out. Then covered the damage up by moving furniture over it. I made a complaint where the installation contractor rep. (ITG) told be to get a quote on repairing the damage and they would have it fixed. I received the quote and forwarded to the company rep. He responded with they are not going to pay. Instead, they suggested I cut a piece of carpet from my closets and repair the main damage which would leave my closet floor exposed but no one would see it. I could not believe that was their recommendation and refused. Since then I have not received any contact and my phone calls are ignored. I am hiring an attorney and suing comcast for the damages along with the $100 service charge for a "professional installation". Again, I recently purchased the home and can not set up the rooms until the repairs are done. Its been a couple months

Desired outcome: Compensate damage costs and refund $100 installation fee

Comcast / Xfinity - Data streaming over charging

I pay a monthly fee for 1.229 terabytes of streamed data for laptop, Netfix & Prime information and entertainment expansion beyond Xfinity baseline TV services. My average usage has been under 500...

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Comcast / Xfinity - Early Termination Fee

So I am moving to a State / County that does not offer Comcast/Xfinity services. FOR 25 years I have had services with them now they are charging me 220 dollar early Termination Fee. I would have gotten service Transferred if you HAD SERVICE THERE. I am moving and money is low. Charging me 220.00 is a slap in the face after all these years. Do you Honestly think I would ever take on your service again after this when available in the new Area?

Desired outcome: Waive ETF

So I am moving to a State / County that does not offer comcast services. 25 years I have had services with them now they are charging me 220 dollar early Termination Fee. THIS is a slap in the face when Money is low due to the move. Shame on you Xfinity. Do you honestly think I would even consider Buying another COMCAST/XFINITY product/service when it becomes availiable in the new area after this?

Comcast / Xfinity - Internet

I have paid xfinity excessive amounts of money for service I was told would be $65 with unlimited internet no extra for going over whatever. Now I have paid $120 to $200 per month for over two years, and if you don't pay the little bot won't allow you speak to anyone. Then they ie..lie. So we have a huge issue. I have zero issues with filing a class action lawsuit against xfinity/Comcast. I have sued many companies, I would suggest you email or call immediately [protected]

Desired outcome: Credit of $500 a written apology

Fix my over charges or I will personally file a class action lawsuit against xfinity and Comcast


Comcast / Xfinity - Being Billed since 2014 and our wilmette locations was closed and all equipment was returned as instructed

My name is James Young Director of Operations at Ecodirect Cleaners LLC.
We've been billed since 2014/15 when we closed 3520 Lake ave (ste101), Wilmette, Il 60091 and our 1908 dempster st (ste C), Evanston, illinois 60202. I've spoken to numerous customer service reps. over the months and the situation has not been resolved. As of now we've been billed $12, 984.00 and counting. We just received another bill. I registered a complaint a number of times with no resolution. They was suppose to close the account on my last call but they just gave me a CR0148144717 number and as of today it's still not corrected. Our company only use comcast even now at our new locations but with this type of service we will seek other alternatives for service. But I would like to speak with the president of this company if possible because I keep getting the run around from every level of support. All the equipment was turned in back in 2014/15 and your customer service rep stated " there have been NO activity on the account ([protected]) since 2014/15 on that equipment.

Desired outcome: Returned the money that has been ACH from our account.

Comcast / Xfinity - Internet Services

HI Am Arnulfo Agudo

I had a slow internet connection since August, and it was getting worst as the days went over, during that time i called Xfinity customer service, every time i called your customer service rep tried to solve the problem by sending a signal to the modem or router, sometimes that would work for a while shortly after i had a slow internet again. Called customer service again they
checked everything again and found nothing wrong so they blame my computer, took my computer to the shop the technician replaced the hard
drive, i still had a slow internet, at this point i asked for a new router or modem they said there was nothing wrong with the modem, on late September they sent your technician to my house, he found a bad internet cable, the system got a little better but went back slow again after a couple of days, before the technician left i asked him to change the modem he said there was nothing wrong with it, called customer service again they told me there was nothing wrong, they suggested to go to the store to change the modem if i thought it was bad, on December 18th i went to Xfinity store got me another modem installed it and now i have the fastest internet i ever had.

Desired outcome: Better training for customer reps

You need to better train your customer service reps with regard to trouble shooting.

Due to their lack of knowledge i had to take my computer for repair when the problem was the modem not my computer.

To update my computer the hard drive was replaced.

thanks for the attention to this matter,

Arnulfo Agudo

Dec 21, 2021

Comcast / Xfinity - Brian L. Roberts CEO Comcast

Brian L. Roberts is a vile demonic fraud who cares for no one except himself. This man is a greedy devil who could care less to take care of his own clients. It takes an hour to get anyone on the phone, every time.

Brian L. Roberts laughs while people who are paying him for his service have to jump through 30 hoops to get this company, comcast, xfinity on the phone. Brian L. Roberts is a criminal and needs to be arrested for thievery.

Desired outcome: Fire this animal

Dec 21, 2021

Brian L. Roberts charges people for a product and doesn't provide that product. This is a self-serving evil man who has no conscience.

Comcast / Xfinity - Xfinity, Panama City,Fl

I have been on autopay since I purchased my condo in August, 2021, and now I'm over $550.00 dollars, this company has the worst customer service and people that cannot speak English answering the phone. How in the world can I be over $550.00 in bills, and nobody can explain this to me, After I have been on the phone for over an hour trying to get an explaination this situation, even the manager cannot explain this, yet they still want to charge me late fee's, The people that work in the Panama City, Fl location are sad to say the best. Please bring the call centers back to America


I have been on autopay since I purchased my condo in August, 2021, and now I'm over $550.00 dollars, this company has the worst customer service and people that cannot speak English answering the phone. How in the world can I be over $550.00 in bills, and nobody can explain this to me, After I have been on the phone for over an hour trying to get an explaination this situation, even the manager cannot explain this, yet they still want to charge me late fee's, The people that work in the Panama City, Fl location are sad to say the best. Please bring the call centers back to America

Comcast / Xfinity - internet/phone/mobile

I was looking online for a new provider to switch my services to. I saw some of your plans online and had some general questions. I called and spoke with a Sabrina who should not be working for your company; especially answering calls from potential customers. First, she demanded to give her my name. I say 'demand' because that's how she came across; ok... I gave her my first name and informed her that I was calling for 'general' information. She then demanded for my last name. I said that I didn't want to give her my last name as my call was for 'general' information 'only'. She proceeded to tell me that she can't help me if I didn't give her my info. I asked to confirm if she was serious; she seemed to be serious about her information and kept putting me on hold. I hope the call was recorded so your company can see how her 'don't care attitude is not a good representation of your company; and certainly not a good first impression. At any rate, I asked her to send me to someone else or manager; she again kept putting me on hold; then a nice gentleman who id'd himself as Romario and a manager came on the phone. He was really nice but unfortunately, I can't sign up tonight because of Sabrina.. and I want your company to know about it. I told Mario that I needed to complain first and then think about calling you back again. I hope I will not get Sabrina or someone else like her.

Desired outcome: for Comcast: please train your frontline people so they know how important their jobs are in bringing in new business

Comcast / Xfinity - Being able to speak to someone in the USA about my issues

12-16-21 I have been on the phone for over an hour today trying to speak to representative about getting an upgrade phone and all I get is some foreigner. I don't want to speak to a foreigner about my business in America. This is freakin ridiculous that you hours to speak to someone in the USA. Its absurd. There should be a prompt for you to select the language you want and the country. I don't need to speak to some that speaks broken English. I have been to the comcast stores and can't get a phone and I can't even speak to someone about ordering an upgrade phone. I would love to speak to someone about this problem. [protected]

Comcast / Xfinity - Driver

I'm a tenant on the same floor coming out my door listening to the customer saying let me get my mask and the driver says you don't need to wear it I'm not wearing mine. You don't say that to a customer. Driver is stupid and irresponsible saying that and needs to be reprimanded. If he would have told me that I would have said leave. There is a mask mandate here in Washington state and he knows that. Driver appt was 12:30pm License plate number C08959F Vehicle number 00438 is his vans information. Drivers like this need to take there job serious and customers health serious with the pandemic going on. irritates the hell out of me.

Desired outcome: Reprimand

Dec 21, 2021

Get a clue. You are re-breathing your own poisons, bacteria, etc. You a clueless and have obeyed tyrannical orders and are a dupe.


Comcast / Xfinity - DVR recordings taken along with storage

I have spoken to several supposed Comcast agents and none of them was worth a crap. I was lied to, some were rude and they generally just don't care anymore.
I even contacted the Top Consumer Executive, Tom Karinshak, who never responded himself. He shoveled me off to two people that were no help. I was then given a call by Executive Customer Relations. Brittani offered literally no help at all. She played the Blame Game and tried to put it off on me even though it was Comcast/Xfinity that removed 90 percent of my DVR storage and the hours of recordings I had saved for my job. I have been a loyal Comcast customer for over 30 years and they screwed me over and don't care. I'll be cutting the cord very soon! Buyer beware!

Desired outcome: Give 500 GB storage back

Dec 13, 2021

That's really nasty. I'm glad I read this before signing up 🙂

Dec 10, 2021

Comcast / Xfinity - Internet

I moved during COVID and could not inform Comcast because I did not have an online account, and no one was answering the phone. I am on autopay. My router has continued to work for the last nine months. I finally reached someone on 12/8 to inform them of my new address and they turned off my router. I am being charged for a service i did not authorize or use because they said EBB would pay for it and my service is no longer working since my account number and address changed. I was on the phone with these guys from 12/8-12/10 for over 10hours and no resolution. No one speaks English.
To summarize:
I called to change address after several months because I couldn't get on online. I have physically been in my new location for 9mos and my router has worked perfectly all this time. When I finally reached someone I was given a new account number and an online account and upgraded to Internet Essentials Plus because I needed and online acct to apply to EBB. Couldn't get to EBB as the process was so herky jerky. I asked to put me back to regular Internet Essentials cause i didn't want the upgrade anyway. The tech told me EBB would pay for it but after unsuccessfully getting EBB I asked to go back to regular Internet Essential. Started talking 12/8 for 4hours on phone. Called back on 12/9 with no luck for 2 hours. Called back on 12/10 for 4hours and was able to go back to IE but was told I had to pay the balance of 26.42? I had zero balance and was on autopay. Never got my modem reactivated, never got the EBB program and moved back to regular IE and now owe them 26.42 for all of this inconvenience. What the hell is going on. No one speaks English and those that do cant see the dependencies and dont care. My service now doesnt work and I owe them for doing nothing. This is too crazy

Desired outcome: Cancel the charge of 26.42

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