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Complaints & Reviews

Financial relief during Covid 19, worldwide pandemic April 6 2020

Vacation home in Florida. Due to Covid 19 pandemic we can not use or even go there until some time in May, at least. Asked comcast for some financially relief until this virus is over, NO RELIEF, from someone who sounded like they were halve way around the globe. One would think that during a time of a world wide pandemic that Comcast would, at least, offer so help to it's regular customers for a month or two but no help from Comcast. Inappropriate and unsympathetic and extremely bad customer relations.
Hopefully in the coming months/years there will be some sustainable competition with Comcast. They are so large of a company I don't think they even care about there customers concerns for the most part. Comcast is always about rate increases..screw the customer, go for the dollar. Dam Shame!!


I mistakenly paid my bill twice and need to get a refund and they are refusing to even speak with me .
I am on disability and need the money to help pay my rent and pay for prescriptions. I also need to buy food and pay my utilities. I made a mistake and got confused over how to make the payment correctly and ended up paying twice.

internet & phone

Phone never works when power is out & I have the battery.. Then WOW has 1G reg $99.99 on special $74.99.. I tried calling and getting a better deal than the $113.00 itemized price for a 1G connection speed.. They would not help me at all, saying we are the best internet so tough.. Well you guys aren't that good.. Not special at all as far as I'm concerned.. I ende up hanging up after argueing with them.. They would not even better the deal I had.. Every time I calll about price I get nothing from them.. The BBB says to renegotiate better deal every few years.. well every time I try this they are down right hostile with me on the phone and I get nothing for my hour on the phone.. Very less than satisfied costomer.

Gary Jackoviak


You are being scammed if Xfinity is billing you $13 a month for their Wireless Gateway: TM722G and Internet speeds up to 500M with phone.
Oveer a year ago, I subscribed to their Triple Play package and they mad me upgrade the modem. So, I decided to just go with their package and went to the store and picked up my equipment. I did seveeral speed tests and received about 240M. After reasearching the modem during my current search to upgrade I found out that the modem only supports 300M, yet this is the one they provided me with my plan a year ago and since has been charging me a lease fee and charging me for 500M a month. They know I cannot reach half of what they are selling me, yet never sent me a notice to once again upgrade.

This company is scamming people.

do not use this company period

They are the most rude dishonest people I have ever met this is unprofessional the company treats u unfarly does not care to fix issues they would rather ruin your credit and be rude to u this company needs to start tossing people and getting rid of them period or learn how to treat people with respect

iphone xr purchased from xfinity 12/12/2019

Phone has dropped calls, calls me while I am on phone with someone else, drops calls 4 to 5 x in 5 min. keep...

Internet Service

I rely on my internet service for work. It is mandatory that I am attending many conference calls via the internet. Since I decided to go with Xfinity and had it installed, the internet would cut in and out. Sometimes during a conference call and other times before making it impossible for me to be on the conference call. I have lost a lot of money due to the poor internet service. The installer that installed the internet installed it on a very cold day and it was snowing. I saw him struggling trying to get a signal in the back. He decided to install the wires in the front yard which where a cable box was located but was used for my previous internet provider Verizon Fios. Immediately the problem began and I called customer service. When they came they replace the router. It worked for a moment but continued losing the signal repeatedly. Called customer service and they said it was the connector that went into the wall jack. The technician said the wire was bent and gave us a new connector. She left and the problems still remained. Several more times I called customer service and they sent someone over to repair it but all attempts failed. Every time they came I told them to check the front yard cable box because I saw the original installer working on that box. Every technician said it was impossible because it's owned by Verizon Fios and the problem was not there. Finally the last technician came ( the same lady who said it was the wall jack causing our problem) went to the front yard cable box and found out that the wire was defective and it was in fact where the cable was installed. She apologized for the inconvenience repeatedly because she knew that we had this problem for months. Having said that, I feel it is very fair to have some kind of credit applied to my account for the time that I was inconvenienced. I always paid my bills on time and there is no reason why I should be paying for months and months of service that was not working properly. I have been in contact with Comcast and I get the run around from them. I have been transferred to many departments and each department blamed the other. I have been on hold for hours only to be hung up during a department transfer. I feel as though Comcast doesn't want to be bothered with giving me a credit when it is rightfully due to me. We had service of only 30% per day for 15 months )January 2018 through May 2019 because I paid my bill in full every month. I feel as though I am being very fair considering the effects this has been to my professional life and the amount of money I had lost due to not having internet service. Please feel free to contact me at anytime. My phone number is [protected].
Jeff Siegel

Cable and Internet Service

Weekly the cable and internet service goes out for several hours. Once again on 3/3/2020 7pm Comcast service is OUT at my residence. It is always the same service area. Why can't they fix the problem and stop putting a bandaid on it. They could at least adjust the bill to reflect all the lost service time during the month. I am in online college and rely on my internet service to complete my course work. Something needs to be done about this poor service.

Customer Service

I called Xfinity Customer Service Department on Sunday February 23rd 2020 to make an arrangement to reactivate my service due to my services being temporarily disconnected. The amount needed to reactivate my services was $162.46. The first representative I talked to was extremely rude he informed me that I could make a payment of $81.23 today and then authorize a payment of $273.34 on March 7th. When I informed that I couldn't afford that amount and told him what I can afford he said he couldn't do that and started yelling No, No like I was one of his children. When I asked to speak with a supervisor he hung up on me. I called back spoke to a representative named Marie she was incompetent as hell she pulled up an old account that I no longer had when she finally found the right account she told me that I had a payment arrangement already set on my account for the 25th of February when I asked her why was my service disconnected when I had an upcoming payment already set up she started stumbling and clearly giving out wrong incompetent information. She told me that I had a pending payment arrangement on my account for $273.34 set to debit on March 7th I told her I did not authorize that payment because the representative hung up on me. I asked to speak to a supervisor because the representative that hung up on me committed fraud and authorized a payment without my knowledge. Supervisor came on the line and deleted the unauthorized payment and informed me that I could not make a payment arrangement past March 2nd. I challenged what was told to me because if that was the case how was the unauthorized payment set up for March 7th. She couldn't explain so I asked to speak to a representative in Payment Services. Payment Services Representative Unique was the only competent representative I spoke to on Sunday, We set up a payment arrangement for March 5th for the remaining past due amount and my services were restored. A call that normally takes 15 minutes took over an hour due to incompetent, not properly trained customer services representatives. The way I was treated was UNACCEPTABLE!!! I am looking for another cable provider.

  • Updated by Michelle Lester · Feb 23, 2020

    Xfinity Acct# 8771 30 004 3191323

Xfinity Mobile

I returned my device at this store. Its been 50 days. There is no refund and everyone is giving me the run...

internet speeds/cost

I have a 250mbs plan with the $30 blast pro and $10 fee for hdmi bs. I don't even use the TV portion, didn't want it but it was cheaper to bet a bundle than just internet. I've done a round of SPEED testing every month at different times with several different websites and I'm BARELY getting 70mbs. Less than a quarter of what I am paying for. Mind you, this is with the blast pro that's supposedly was going to raise my speeds. If it is and the best you can do is 70mbs... holy [censored] your company should get shut down for false advertising and not delivering services offered! I pay just under $140.00 every month for this laughable service because there is no alternative. I'm under no contract, and I need it for work and my kids run a gaming channel as well so we need the speeds! I'm tired of everything BUFFERING all the god damn time!!! Forget about watching a movie and playing games at the same time! One of those will stall! I get better response time from a cellular hot spot!!! (Iphone Verizon) all this does is create disappointment and disloyalty towards the company. Xfinity could care less for its existing members and all this seems like a snatch and run scam. You think you're gonna get a good service then you realize you bought something that should have been at the .99c store. Oh, and my router is a nighthawk, so don't even go there. I tested it on an att internet Signal at another location and the thing was pushing out 5G so just don't. Your service is a joke. The moment another company offers us anything at all, I'll be gone faster than a centrist Democrat leaving his insane party!

moved, tried to change my service, getting sales pitches, inflated prices, lied to, and hung up on, just want to go back to internet service only

mid December, I called Comcast to move my service, I bought a house and moved Jan 1, 2020.
Jan 15, called Comcast because internet really slow, and no TV service, they had no record of me changing my service to new address, although they did send me a connect kit on Jan 5th, to my new address (a single coax cable)
after trying to explain to them that I moved, I was transferred to retention, and they quoted me a new deal for basic tv and faster internet for $31.00. I decided to try it. I have a written estimate that I agreed to.
Jan 25th, called to see why I wasn't getting any TV signal, and internet was too slow to download my mail, once again they had no record of my order, but I had a $65 balance for my new service. they explained that I needed to rent equipment from them for the TV and internet, and that's why my bill was not the $31 they quoted me.
I blew up and told them to cancel my service, they suggested I go back to my basic service I had before the move (internet essentials, $9.95 per month. they then transferred me to internet essential, who I explained everything to, and she transferred me to retention, who I explained my story to once again, after more than 90 minutes of this, I was put on hold, and then got a recording to enter my phone number so they can look up my account and wanting to know what I needed so they could direct my call. I hung up. my phone battery was at 2%.

I refuse to talk to them again, they can keep billing me for service that doesn't work and equipment I don't have. I'm disabled, and I can't deal with them on my own.

  • Ti
    Tim Kirkevold Feb 13, 2020

    A week later, they've actually added more services to my account, still trying to bill me for last month of no service, guess I'm going to have to get an attorney to work this out, anyone out there want to take a pro bono case against xfinity/comcast or whatever there name is?

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customer service unethical practices

We have been a customer since the 1990's when cable became available in my area. We have several accounts which may change in the near future as I am totally disgusted. We called the other day to ask customer service, LOL, a question about our bill and before we knew it our service plan had changed and we lost many stations. Found out right away as while we were on the phone we noticed many stations we were clicking on saying we no longer have access as our account has changed. WE did NOT ask for our account to change-we just questioned a hike in our bill. We told the rep about it and she said she would call us right back, like that was going to happen. Called again and while this rep was very nice, basically told us we were out of luck as stations cannot just be put back unless we pay gobs of more money. I don't know if comcast cannot put channels back that they took away by mistake-maybe lawyers should get involved. Cannot understand how this company gets away with all of these scams as I certainly could not in my business. I am very disgusted.

internet/home service

Just spent over an hour in 3 separate phone calls with the Philippines. One call lasting 25 minutes.
Your people are unable to get your modem on line, "may be an internal problem, could be an outside wire problem, could be an equipment problem and on and on"
"Need $70 service call to fix, no make it $50 because you are so patient".
Here is what we need, service appt., no charge to rectify the situation.
2424 SW Manor Hill Dr, Palm City, FL 34990

service truck entering property without proper entry authorization.

When entering our secured gated community, one of your trucks, #15529, pulled up very closely and followed me...

lack of customer loyalty and senior discounts

My father is 96 years old and has been with comcast/xfinity since 1995. Today I called to speak to customer solutions regarding his triple play bill which I do yearly for him. His bill continues to increase however his social security check does not. Today is the first time in years of me calling that there was no resolution of decreasing his monthly bill. I am appauld that the represenative answered the phone and stated "Thank you for being a loyal customer since 1995, how may I help your today?". I spoke with a supervisor on the floor who also denied this senior any assistance in lowering his almost $200 monthly bill. All James wants to watch are a few channels which of course are available under the plan he currently buys. It is disqusting to me that Xfinity refuses to assist our seniors and a man who served in WW2 to protect our land. Shameful! Jim's daughter, Debra Russell

comcast over pricing

have paid a certain amount each month on a no contract program, and this month the rate went way-up, more than I can afford. Unable to contact comcast to see what is going on New rate $175.53
I am 82 yrs old, disabled, and a veteren, on a fixed income, and can not afford this amount. If comcast would re-install my old rate I would keep their programe, but as it mow sits, I have to look for other tv & internet service.

having trouble transferring account

we are moving to a new residence in the same city and are having trouble transferring our phone number. We have our number for a long time and we need to keep it. Our phone calls to xfinity have been very frustrating and and confrontational. we have also talked to a supervisor with no resolution to our problem - your site says we can transfer when moving within the same area code.

We have contacted AT&T and they say we would be able to transfer that number. Do you want us to transfer our account to ATT&T?

email: [protected] or chriswild [protected]


Location: 7844 W Tidwell Rd
Unit 130
Houston, TX 77040
United States

I was suppose to receive a coax wire for my internet. I just signed up for Xfinity and did not receive my wire. I called an XFinity representative earlier today (12/31/2019) She was very kind and helpful. She change the delivery to where I can pick it up in stores. We both agreed the one on Tidwell would be closest. It shows they would stay open till 6.
I got to the store location at 5pm. There were at least 6-8 workers in the store. The gates were down and doors were locked. I called customer service again that was down the street from this location. The representative informed me that the store should be open. She advised me to knock, so I did.

I encountered eye contacts with several of them and they just stood there. One of the workers then came out from the side doors and stated they close at 5 due to holidays hours. At this time, it's me and another customer waiting. She was arguing with the customer. He stated he trouble with his box and it was showing up a black screen and was told to come in to switch it out/have a look at it. I informed the representative that was on the phone of what was going on. The representative informed me that today was not holiday hours and they still work tomorrow but get off early tomorrow for the holidays. Another customer came, now there's 3 customers that are not getting any help. The entire staff including managers all went through the back and to leave. As they were leaving, they were making sarcastic comments, prancing to their car, and was enthusiastic to the whole situation.

They could careless if we stood there.
Another staff stopped in front of the store in her car. She stated they put a sign up but was torn down.
There was no signs in sight. Also, even if there was. The sign would not reflect off of the correct business hours/holidays hours. Did this Store location have permission to change these hours? If so, why would this information not be available for customers.

Both ladies stated that the customer service representatives did not know what is going on over at this location because they're located somewhere far. I stated they are located down the street from this location.

I am paying for a service that I haven't got the chance to use.

This location needs new managements/staff.
The lack of professionalism in the verbiage, tone, and clothing attire is unacceptable.
There were employees dressed in workout gear or dressed down.

As customers, we deserve great customer service. This situation should have been handle appropriately.

The supervisor, Pedro is aware of the situation.
I am hoping something will be done with the staff at this location, because this should not have happen nor should it be repeated.

Customers paying for services should not have to jump through obstacles to get customer service.

comcast vehicles being used for postmates delivery services

The reason I am writing - the driver was driving so rash around the Emory Hospital yesterday between 3:40 to 3:50 pm EST (12/28/2019) delivering Shake Shak food. The driver is using an official Comcast Vehicle and most of them were thinking it was Xfinity vehicle but it turned out to be food delivery for Postmates.

You can take the recordings @ Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital main entrance between 3:40 to 3:50 pm EST.

The driver has no value for the crosswalk or the speed limits and I doubt if she works for Comcast/Xfinity. Enclosed are the pictures were taken of the Van. I gathered 2 pic near the Emory and she is shouting when we told her to drive carefully.

Why would Comcast allow vehicles for personal business? Most of the people walking were cursing about the company as the name is all around the Van.

comcast vehicles being used for postmates delivery services
comcast vehicles being used for postmates delivery services

  • Co
    ComcastTed Jan 02, 2020

    Apologies that this happened. This is not the impression that we want to be giving and now who we are as a company.

    Thanks for posting the license plate photo. That will help our team review and track this down. Appears to be an "Authorized Contractor" for Comcast. Apologies and thanks again.

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