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Bigg boss season 2

ഹലോ ബിഗ് ബോസ് സീസൺ ഇന്നലെ നടന്ന കോടതി കോടതി ടാസ്ക് നീതിപൂർവ്വം അല്ല നടന്നത് തികച്ചും നീതി പരം അല്ലാത്തതോ...

Basketball wives

I am saddened by the fact that og will not be back next season. It's obvious that evelyn, shaunie, malaysia and jackie are the darlings of the show, but up until now, with og, has the show been real lopsided with the aggressiveness of evelyn. She has thrown drinks, hopped over tables, chased, insulted, threatened, been petty you name it, evelyn has done it to just about everyone on the show, except shaunie, she ain't stupid after all. You need to check the internet commenters, there are waaaaaaaay more og fans than there are evelyn fans, and you will lose viewers behind this decision. They were calling og aggressive when she was just sitting down talking, and evelyn was standing and looking for her opportunity to chase down cece... Wtf?!? I'm curious... What was evelyn gonna do when she caught up to cece? Doesn't anyone else see the total hypocrisy in all this? Bottom line, og is a good balance for this show. She keeps evelyn in check, and this satisfy's numerous watchers of the show, but if it's true that og isn't coming back next season... Neither am i, and trust, after you read the comments on fb, instagram, twitter, black twitter, you'd strongly reconsider. Og has a huge following, and they will stop watching too.


This complaint is directed towards vh1 for the reality tv show Black ink crew New York the show is 100% fake the individual name sky is disrespectful with showing nudity and over acting! Over years this show has been going down hill never improving! Please remove this show off of television! Its fake and unbearable to watch! It's unbelievable its very scripted from the beginning to end! Please remove this show from television. I will not be watching it again!

vh1 basketball wives

I am sadden in many ways to see a network display such foul language and antics, racism, partial nudity with women with children body parts hanging out, slapping their vaginas, throwing tables, chairs, wine bottles etc just for ratings. VH1 broadcast a clear our which r uibed a man's life about abuse only for the so call abuser to continuously call, text and reach out to the person whom was claimed to have donevwtong. This show is a mockery and should be cancelled. In many opinions Chad should pull his receipts and file a lawsuit against Evelyn, VH1 and Viacom as parties in the law suit. There are women being abused every second in the world and I guarantee they are not staying in constant contact with there abusers. this show is an embarrasment on so many levels. This show needs to GO period. Is this how you think black women act? Does this organization condone violence, abusive language, lies, racism?

basketball wives

Shaunie and Evilyn need to be fired. They're promoting racism. Its disgusting. I will no longer watch thi...

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power ballads heaven top 50

The channel VH1 has passed songs with the title power ballads heaven top 50 and the two top songs are so unrealistic.
So many bands with powerful ballads to add on list chart and suddenly ten minutes later Celine Dion sings "my heart will go on". This channel is a joke.
So please tell to director of the channel to put someone with right sense and knows the term of Ballad.

kpop show

This is a complain regarding the Kpop show aired in India on Saturday at 8pm.

The songs played are always repeated.

BTS the biggest boy band does not only have 2 songs, 'Idol' and 'Waste it on me.' They have a lot of songs such as Fake love, DNA, Blood, sweat and tears, Run, I need u, Fire, Dope, No more dream, Boy in luv, N.O, Danger, War of Hormones, the entire album of AgustD, RM, JHope, Boy meets evil, Lie, Euphoria, Serendipity, Epiphany, Mic drop and many more.
Same goes with BLACKPINK they don't only have the song 'Boombarya' they have other songs like ddu du ddu, whistle, forever young, playing with fire.

I request you to please have a variety of songs played rather than just playing the same set album every week, it's bringing down your own goodwill.

I request immediate action to be taken.

vh1 catfish and playing less new songs

Vh1 is not playing songs, they only play catfish and other awards shows

And vh1 can not play hit new songs

Please change vh1 shows for India and play songs 24 by 7

There was a time when I used to saw only VH1 channel because they provide some good music of good singers but now I can say that vh1 literally graded down their quality of music other channels have better music thanews vh1

they ran a commercial on 9/3/17 at around 8:45 cst stating they stand with 'undocumented immigrants'

Hey vh1:
Newsflash, they are not undocumented immigrants they are illegal aliens. Keep your opinions to yourself, no one asked for it. Hey, if you stand with them, then give them jobs at your company. Put your money where your nasty mouths are.

Businesses have no business dictating to the consumers. Do your job and entertain us - that is your function. As for me, an actual american & legal citizen, your station is being removed from my programming.


Like the songs which use curse words and are like the top songs on the board. The curse words are muted which...


That's it, I can't wait anymore. Every time a new Justin beiber or a one direction song comes out, you have it on exclusive that very day, or the very next day. But when Taylor swift's out of the woods came out, I waited for 4 days counting today too. But it hasn't Been on air yet. PLEASE make sure you play it. otherwise there is no complain on your channel. Request from a true fan.

  • Va
    vas16 Jan 13, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Vh1 India channel has a change of channel resolution from the starting of the year 2016. The title of the song and artist name cannot be seen from a distance. And the title of the song and artist name is displayed only in the beginning and not at the end. Please correct these two changes and please bring back the old settings.

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  • Ma
    maryanne Jun 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have written several comments to Vh1's blog of rock of love bus and each one has been deleted, this isn't right because mine do not contain any inappropriate wording or pornographic language I am tired of Bret not being able to read mine instead he has to read ones containing vulgar language and lets just say extreme negativity thank you for your time and I hope that this can be solved.

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anti american

Do to the anti American semantic statement that this azealia banks made on playboy totally disgust me and she should be taken out all music video channels and all her cd's should be taken out of all stores and band and if mtv & vh1 play's her music videos i will cancel my cable tv and playboy needs to pull that book off the shelf and make her pay for it and no I'm not a fat white conservative farmer i am an at weight inner city hispanic American conservative what a domass

stupid class less music

you guys are a crazy bunch of dick faces. last 2 years ago vh1 provided good all u show is gay...

wicked single

I think vh1's wicked single show is absolutely disgusting! The people on there are ugly, trashy and ridiculous. Their behavior is atrocious.

  • Oh
    OhBiteMe Mar 18, 2013

    How about changing the channel? You don't have to watch it.

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  • Sp
    spencer23 Oct 17, 2013

    Hello, I am writting this to express my outrage with the tv sho preachers of la. How dare you people take something so sacred as relegion and tarnish and trash it by airing this filth! I am going to try to get more and more people to back me on this but you peopke need to pray to God and beg him to forgive you for what you have done!

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opera singerp commercial break intermission plus character with a big mouth

The commercial intermission message was horrible no good ugly yellow keaster plus that was a bad idea I hate that opera singer who was making fun of cartoon show"s name plus insulting cartoon show the commercial is a big hypocrite. Either you get the hypocrite off the air or i'm sueing it to viacom! P.S. Get rid of the annoying character with a no ugly yellow keaster off the air asap!

  • An
    Antilove Feb 01, 2013

    I didn't like plankton dress up as a baby saying a word nom nom plus turning baby's suit head. Either get rid of the episode called pets for plankton, or unair Spongebob

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baseball wives

The show baseball wives on VH1 is the most pointless show I have ever come across. 3/4 of the girls on there aren't even married to the player anymore, that's not a "baseball wife". Dating a baseball player does NOT make you a "wife". Get the show off the air. Its crap. What's the point in the show? They have no story behind them. Its all lame women who take stabs at eachother. They're crying about being invited to a chef party or whatever? Honestly... Come on VH1 even mob wives is more entertaining than this. And basketball wives atleast had a player even appear on an episode. I feel mind [censored] when watching it, after it was over I felt mentaly handicapped and my mind turned to mush. Ahhhhhhh!!! Its so bad!!!

&single ladies&

I must say that Vh1 has never been the top dog in television. I never watch the channel, so when I finally found a tv show I liked, I was more than just upset at not only how it ended, but also how the main star left the show after one season. I'm not sure of the exact details of why Stacey Dash left the show, but I must say I am very disappointed. The only thing worth watching on Vh1 is now going to go down the drain. Congratulations Vh1, you are back down to one of the bottom spots in television. Your trashy reality tv with girls catfighting and d-rated celebrities getting over addictions will never get you to the top. I suggest you try and fix "Single Ladies" and hope that the only show you have worth watching doesn't lose all of the fans that followed Stacey Dash.

  • Ma
    maryanne Jan 07, 2009

    I have written several comments to Vh1's blog of rock of love bus and each one has been deleted, this isn't right because mine do not contain any inappropriate wording or pornographic language I am tired of Bret not being able to read mine instead he has to read ones containing vulgar language and lets just say extreme negativity thank you for your time and I hope that this can be solved.

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  • Na
    NastiaPero Feb 07, 2015

    On the SNL marathon you are currently showing, it doesn't show any performances of any of the bands in the 90's. It probably won't show any of the classic performances either. This is one of the reasons I am watching the marathon. Why are you cutting out the musical performances? I'm sure that I'm not the only person who wants to see these classic performances.

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disturbing commercial

I am completely offended and appauled after seeing a commercial on VH1 advertising the 'hiphop...

extremely offensive religious joke

I have a complaint about vh1's show known as "sizzler." saturday, april 21, 2007, during the 10 a.M. Show, (central time) a religious joke was made that I found extremely offensive. Recently, richard gere, acted in a manner with an indian actress which has been deemed inappropriate in india. He grabbed the actress on stage and began hugging and kissing the actress profusely in front of the audience and cameras broadcasting to many countries america this may not be considered a harsh matter, but for a conservative eastern culture such as the one in india, it is quite inappropriate. Now I will grant the fact that india may have overreacted a tad seeing the progressive day and age we are currently in. However, vh1 found it necessary to not just make fun of the conservative culture, but to directly attack the nation-wide religion practiced in a whole country, which is absolutely ridiculous. Vh1 depicted a religious figure in a very insulting manner. As a hindu, born and raised in america, I can't help but think that if a bollywood television program were to depict jesus in such a manner, the uproar it would cause in this country would be phenomenal. I was highly offended by vh1's remarks seeing how they did not attack the culture, but the religion. The disrespect that was shown for the hindu religion was outrageous considering it's coming from a television program produced from a country that claims to be more liberal and open-minded everyday. There is plenty more I could say, but in all honesty, I fear that my complaint shall fall on deaf ears - which I highly hope I am incorrect about.

  • Na
    nat hines Feb 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yeah VH1 needs to check that ###. They made a little slick as joke about MLK on Saturday 2/16/08 They had a skit about some ### then at the end of it compared it to Napoleon Nerd movie and Austin Powers movie. At the end of his "joke" he was like "Martin Luther King, 'I have a dream'...yeah right" Mother ### that ###. That's some slick ### ### to pull on a murdered man. ### YOU VH1 SUCK MY NUTS ###S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Ka
    Kate May 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I want to complain about the new show Little Beauties.. a pervert special. Who do I write to. Kate

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  • Je
    Jess Apr 27, 2009

    I have a complaint about 90% of the shows on, daisy of love? are you kidding me? get real vh1, this station is supposed to be a MUSIC station, not a washed up, wanna-be celebrity reality show sation. Im so sick of these "love" reality shows. No one is there for love, they're all wanna bes and losers and wash-ups... Learn when to walk away VH1, they'll give anyone a show because they have no idea what good tv really is.

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  • Sh
    sherry leamon May 04, 2020

    I want to know WHY you took M.A.S.H off.I love that show and you replaced it with 4 hrs. of Andy Griffith, now dont get me wrong I know people that love that show... but 4 hrs.?? really? I miss M.A.S.H please, please, please put my beloved M.A.S.H back on!! thank you for your attn. on this matter!

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