Viacom International Complaints & Reviews

Viacom International / vh1

Oct 02, 2019

This complaint is directed towards vh1 for the reality tv show Black ink crew New York the show is 100% fake the individual name sky is disrespectful with showing nudity and over acting! Over years this show has been going down hill never improving! Please remove this show off of...

Viacom International / vh1 basketball wives

Sep 26, 2019

I am sadden in many ways to see a network display such foul language and antics, racism, partial nudity with women with children body parts hanging out, slapping their vaginas, throwing tables, chairs, wine bottles etc just for ratings. VH1 broadcast a clear our which r uibed a man's life...

Viacom International / basketball wives

Sep 24, 2019

Shaunie and Evilyn need to be fired. They're promoting racism. Its disgusting. I will no longer watch this show if either are cast again. The way Ogie was treated at the reunion is beyond racist. Evelyn can throw things jump over tables, use the most disgusting language and she's never...

Channel VH1 / power ballads heaven top 50

Jun 28, 2019

The channel VH1 has passed songs with the title power ballads heaven top 50 and the two top songs are so unrealistic. So many bands with powerful ballads to add on list chart and suddenly ten minutes later Celine Dion sings "my heart will go on". This channel is a joke. So please tell to...

VH1 / kpop show

Feb 06, 2019

Hi. This is a complain regarding the Kpop show aired in India on Saturday at 8pm. The songs played are always repeated. BTS the biggest boy band does not only have 2 songs, 'Idol' and 'Waste it on me.' They have a lot of songs such as Fake love, DNA, Blood, sweat and tears, Run, I need u...

VH1 / vh1 catfish and playing less new songs

Nov 18, 2017

Vh1 is not playing songs, they only play catfish and other awards shows And vh1 can not play hit new songs Please change vh1 shows for India and play songs 24 by 7 There was a time when I used to saw only VH1 channel because they provide some good music of good singers but now I can say...

VH1 Viacom Entertainment / they ran a commercial on 9/3/17 at around 8:45 cst stating they stand with 'undocumented immigrants'

Sep 03, 2017

Hey vh1: Newsflash, they are not undocumented immigrants they are illegal aliens. Keep your opinions to yourself, no one asked for it. Hey, if you stand with them, then give them jobs at your company. Put your money where your nasty mouths are. Businesses have no business dictating to the...

VH1 / songs

Jul 04, 2017

Like the songs which use curse words and are like the top songs on the board. The curse words are muted which makes the song sound really worse. So what I request is to stop muting the words no matter what in songs. There are a lot of songs which use curse words and with out the words the...

VH1 / exclusive

Jan 04, 2016

That's it, I can't wait anymore. Every time a new Justin beiber or a one direction song comes out, you have it on exclusive that very day, or the very next day. But when Taylor swift's out of the woods came out, I waited for 4 days counting today too. But it hasn't Been...

VH1 / anti american

Mar 17, 2015

Do to the anti American semantic statement that this azealia banks made on playboy totally disgust me and she should be taken out all music video channels and all her cd's should be taken out of all stores and band and if mtv & vh1 play's her music videos i will cancel my cable...

vh1 india / stupid class less music

Jan 16, 2014

you guys are a crazy bunch of dick faces. last 2 years ago vh1 provided good all u show is gay music .believe it or not there are other music genres other than pop and electronic.the show which bothers me most is hip hop either show only Eminem songs or t-pain...

VH1 / wicked single

Mar 18, 2013

I think vh1's wicked single show is absolutely disgusting! The people on there are ugly, trashy and ridiculous. Their behavior is atrocious.

Viacom International / opera singerp commercial break intermission plus character with a big mouth

Feb 23, 2013

The commercial intermission message was horrible no good ugly yellow keaster plus that was a bad idea I hate that opera singer who was making fun of cartoon show"s name plus insulting cartoon show the commercial is a big hypocrite. Either you get the hypocrite off the air or i'm sueing it...

VH1 / baseball wives


The show baseball wives on VH1 is the most pointless show I have ever come across. 3/4 of the girls on there aren't even married to the player anymore, that's not a "baseball wife". Dating a baseball player does NOT make you a "wife". Get the show off the air. Its crap...

VH1 / &single ladies&


I must say that Vh1 has never been the top dog in television. I never watch the channel, so when I finally found a tv show I liked, I was more than just upset at not only how it ended, but also how the main star left the show after one season. I'm not sure of the exact details of why...

VH1 / disturbing commercial


I am completely offended and appauled after seeing a commercial on VH1 advertising the 'hiphop honors' show where someone is discussing the upcomming election saying that it is between 'a black guy, and a man who cant lift his arms up higher than his chest'. No matter...

Sizzler VH1 Show / extremely offensive religious joke


I have a complaint about vh1's show known as "sizzler." saturday, april 21, 2007, during the 10 a.M. Show, (central time) a religious joke was made that I found extremely offensive. Recently, richard gere, acted in a manner with an indian actress which has been deemed inappropriate in...