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Personally, I have only a $160 balance one month after turning off the directv service, I was planning on paying this bill this week, however, directv automatically debited my credit card with no authorization (I have never approved an automatic debit on my account). They have illegally tried to remove money twice now. I called and they said it is their policy to debit the last credit card on record. So if any of you have used a credit card to pay your bill, directv thinks they own that card and can use it any time they wish.

Because of this I will be credited and will never pay this bill off for any reason, I don;t care what happens to my credit record!

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      Feb 11, 2011

    Called DiectV to get install about 12/17/2010. Install scheduled for 12/20/2010. Called about 12/18/2010 and reduced service from Choice Xtra Package with 2 free receiver upgrades to just one HD receiver and 3 standard receivers. Was told, after about 90 minutes on the phone and being switched thru 4 different "service persons", to wait for the installer and make the changes then.

    So I waited for the installer. On 12/20/2010, the installer arrived and I explained what I wanted to do. He contacted the company and talked with them. Then he gave me the phone and I talked with 3 different "service representatives". After being switched the third time, I got someone who knew what to do. He canceled my installation and restarted a new installation. At this time I applied for the "advertised refer a friend package' with my brother's account number. It was accepted and my brother sent in an email to say I was his referral. The installer did the install.

    It seems DirectV can't get its schedules correct as they called me 3 times after that with new installation dates. Everything seemed to working well until I got my credit card bill dated 1/12/2011.

    Instead of the $21.32 it should have costed to get installed, they had billed my credit card 4 different transactions($121.63 total), only one of which I authorized for $10. When I called in to complain, I found out(90 minutes and 4 switches later) refer a friend rebate was not given. I decided to cancel and did 1/21/2011.

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