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rebate for dish buyout

The salesgirl that set up my account promised a 100% buyout of my DISH lease if I would convert to directv, I agreed, since switching to directv I have called them several times including the salesgirl, I have been told several times by the company that if I don't hear from them by such and such a date to call back, and for the salesgirl I haven't heard from her either. just want everyone to know that this supposed buyout salespitch is nothing more than a scam to get people to switch to there product.

  • Vy
    vye Oct 10, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I got conned into using them when I did a package deal. I was suppose to have gotten it for $29.95 a month. LOL! Every month the bill is different. When I wanted to cancel they said I'd have to pay them $200 for a early disconnected fee.

    That's how they can afford to give you $100 and your friend $100 for signing up.

    As soon as April 11, 2011 comes I can't wait to call and tell them cancel service.

    Whenever we have a bad storm we lose service as well.

    I'll never recommend these people to anyone.

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  • Fr
    FRUSTATED_CUST Oct 18, 2010


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directv will not service the satellite dish without charging a service call fee.

When my service was installed the tech did not install a satellite dish as the contract stipulated.
Rather he hooked up to an old unused one.
I began having problems within days when trying to record some programs.
It was not very often in the beginning, however, I immediately had problems with billing for services that my contract stated were free.
When calling about billing issues I did inquire about searching for signal errors.
I was told, "Don't worry the receiver needs to download over a period of time. Also, I was informed that there was a piece of equipment between the co-ax cable and the receiver that I needed to unplug and reconnect.
I informed them I did not have it.
Then I was informed, "Oh you don't need that after all.
This has never been right. Yet I still receive my full billing.
My last three calls I was told I either had to pay a service call or sign up for a protection plan for a fee

I have paid every bill for a service that I am not receiving.
The disappointment from finding a program or sporting event I had tried to record, did not record in full or not at all seems to be inconsequential

cannot access anymore my paid service

Cannot access anymore my paid service. Almost 3 month, use very seldom because I can't see what I want or not available. What a scam!!! Now I can no longer access it because they say it was installed on another computer of mine. I have only one laptop and I did my business with them in this only laptop. If they said it was installed in another computer, why don't they just shut it down in that other alleged computer and allow me to use the service I have paid for with hard earned money in this laptop.

Pls help me. Thanks

  • Ma
    Manuel Lalog Sep 10, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    After a computer crush, I lost my original shortcut for SatelliteDirect TV. I tried asking for help thru their customer service, there is none! They advertised a one time payment for something I can't use anymore thru no fault of mine. The site always will tell me that the program is already installed in my computer, that's it, period. What a customer support. I would like a demand for my money for service I cannot use for more than 2 months, advertised for one time fee only!

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  • Nv
    NVRE Satellite Nov 28, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have the exact same problem. I bought and installed Satellite Direct on one laptop, now when I try to run the program, it says you installed this program on another PC, and I cant run the program. The fact is that it was never installed on any other computer, this is the only computer I use, I sent them several emails, their response is generic "uninstall and re-downlowed the program and install it again with the same registration key", I did that several times, but still I get the same problem. I have no clue what I can do to get them to fix this issue. Any suggestions?

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  • Mu
    Murph8up May 31, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have downloaded Satellite Direct TV as well. I have been able to access any and all available channels they have listed in their line-up. I have not experienced any problems with the down load or transmission issues as of yet. So far, so good I guess. The only problem I have encountered is there are a few channels I would like for them to offer, but I have not tried to contact them. I downloaded the software in Jan of this year. I live in the Midwest but I wouldn't think that to be an issue. I am somewhat surprised that so many people are having problems and I have not encountered any problems myself.

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  • Ca
    Captain Pete May 22, 2012

    I have the same problem when trying to run it I get a message saying it has been installed on another computer which is not the case this is the only laptop I use and I have tried to reach them with no luck, I hate being scammed and this company is doing just that.

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dvr replacement/contract extension

Recently, I had a directv technician show up at my home unannounced. He indicated to me that they had they...

customer service

Requested them to come out and fix the system. They disabled the system and then said it was unsafe because they saw chew marks on the cable so they were afraid of rodents on the OUTSIDE of the house. They would not replace the cable and did not put the system in the original state as when they got here. We had some cable before and now we have none. They will not fix it we have to fix it ourselves. We are now looking for alternatives. STEER Clear!!! We have been excellent customers for a number of years and with our first problem they failed!~

  • Bw
    BWatlington Oct 22, 2009

    Supposed to send a return label for a receiver, have been promised by their customer service department that it would be here in a couple of days on FIVE different occasions. Is the only competition for this vomitous company Dish Network? The government is so busy bailing out everybody, why don't you do something useful and crack down on these idiots??????????????????????!!!

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poor quality

This service that Direct TV offers is terrible. Its not cheap either, costing over $300. It continuously freezes. Im talking every couple of minutes. Sometimes it freezes for only a few seconds and then starts back up. But most of the time it causes me to have to log out and log back in. It is advertised as a way to watch every game from Direct TV's Sunday Ticket on your laptop. However I have probably missed at least 50% of what I have tried to watch due to constantly having to log in and out of the website. Sometimes it completely doesnt offer a stream saying "no stream available". When you call Direct TV customer service they really do nothing. They say they will send a report to their tech support department which never really amounts to anything. I think they should at least offer partial refunds to customers for offering a service that they clearly do not have the capability of handling. Btw, as I have typed this it has frozen 4 times, and completely kicked me off once.

defective products and bad customer service.

I order direct tv and it was installed on the 22. On the 25 the box would not turn on and they told me a will have to pay a truck roll fee for the installer to come hook up another box. I told them I cold hook it up myself (Just 2 wires). They said I would still have to pay for the tech. To hand me another box because he had to deliver it to me. When I told them he is in my apartment complex everyday and is the only tech in this area they said I would still have to pay. They would not tell me what my warrenty was on my box either. They are just looking to get more oney out of me.

black square place on tv screen

For the last 4 months while in dispute over my billing, a black square has appeared on my screen, blacking out the view of the listed television show chosen. This would occur during the notice of payment billing sent out via Direct TV. When I called into Direct TV to discuss billing issues, make the payment and ask technical services about this black square, I would be asked about the message listed with the black square. No message was message listed. After much discussion, resetting, re-signaling, nothing was removing the black square that would appear every thirty minutes and last for 5-10 minutes before disappearing. The only thing that would remove the black square is when the bill was paid.

My question is, has anyone experienced this same thing from Direct TV when having a past due bill? Please respond for this information is very important and can be submitted to the Federal Communications Commission in violation of service practices by Direct TV.

misleading job posts, fraud, unprofessionalism

I've noticed that this little man, pierre marcella is still up to the same antics from nc now to md. Each...

dropping god tv channel 365

I just find out you are dropping GOD TV channel 365, as of 10/1. Insead of dropping you should give them...

over billing

Direct Tv has been trying to over bill me. Have put these overbilling charges in dispute, in writting, but my...

broken fence / lost dog

My name is charlene lathan. I ordered direct tv a couple of months ago. The technician went thru my back yard through a fence we have never used! We have two fences in the backyard. In order to gain entrance he had to forcefully enter thru that gate!! In 5 years we have never opened it. He broke the gate leaving it hanging from the hinges and never told me or my husband. Also he used our ladder and left it in the middle of the yard. In each room where he installed a box he left the actual boxes in the floor. I called your claims department who assured me someone would come out in 2 day to repair my fence. After 5 days i called back and was to the same thing. Finally i received a letter from your claims department asking for pictures and a estimate in which i provided 1 week later a field rep called to come see the damages. 3 days after that i got a call from claims stating that direct tv would not pay for my whole repair because some of the wood was rotten. My argument was that if the tech would have never forced his way thru a sealed fence it would not be off the hinges..Now the est was for 900.00 and you want to settle for 450.00 way should i pay anything for a fence that was standing tall before you guys broke it down? Not to mention i had a dog whom we had since she was 4 weeks now she is 8 who had to be tied to a tree to keep her in the yard. After 2 days she broke thru the rope and left our home and has yet to be found. Direct tv has destroyed my home my kids and our life. What are you plans to rectify this situation? I don't have a problem calling 7 on your side to have this aired. I have heard that you don't respond for months to complaint if at all and now that i am a victim i see its true this has been going on for 2 months.One last thing one of my tv's dont even work its not connected and im still paying for service and waiting on repair. Here are the photo's i sent in

Charlene lathan

no-one showed up for installation appointment, but charged anyway!

Direct tv charged me for a year for something I did not even have. Tivo. I tried to get a credit to my account, but that never happened. I decided if I am being charged I might as well have the equipment so I put in the order for tivo to be installed. I was given a date and an open window of time noon until four and that the technician would call twenty minutes out from appointment. I took a day off work and waited and waited... No-one showed and no-one called. I called customer service and no-one seemed to care or offer any reason why no-one showed. I talked for hours going round in circles with different people and not one person could help me. Frustrated I cancelled the tivo order. To my horror I have been charged for the installation and equipment that I do not have. They have scammed me again. How many other people has this happened to. I cannot believe that they can get away with this!

beware of extra charges!

I signed up with direct tv as bundle service with verizon a few months back and I have had to call them nearly every month for extra charges they're including in my bill. They're running a scam! I called about a charge for a dvr, which I do not use, and comes with an hd receiver. The customer representative told me that I could not have one without the other. She also reminded me that if I cancelled my service I would have to pay them over $400! I asked for a supervisor who told me that I could get an hd receiver without the dvr! Now, I have to decide if I want to be charged over $400 and be done with them once and for all or if I finish my contract in 2 years!!!

Don't go with direct tv please, shop around first. They are running a scam!!!


I am this after the thirty minute conversation I had with a supervisor’s named Albert. Let me start from the beginning. (Brace yourself, I’m long winded)

My service had been interrupted for lack of payment sometime in June or July. I’m sure I am not the only one struggling in this economy and unfortunately, it was my cable among other things that suffered. My payday was August 13th, and with that check I had planned to pay not only my DirecTV bill but the remainder of my rent which was also passed due. Thank goodness for understanding landlords. When I checked my account balance at the ATM machine before withdrawing the money for my rent, I learned that $678.42 was missing. I later learned that DirecTV had not only recouped the past due amount of about $149.28 that I owed but additional fees and the cost of the DVR still in my possession. Imagine my horror.

While I knew I was up a creek without a paddle, I completely understood why the funds had been removed but needed it back immediately. I needed help! My first call was to the Customer Service Department with DirecTV on Saturday, August 14th approximately 1:42pm. I spoke to a representative who said refunds normally take 30 days but he would connect me to a supervisor. The Supervisor although courteous was also unable to help me so he connected to what I think is called the Financial Department. Finally, I spoke with a very sweet woman and explained my dilemma.

“My rent is past due, please help me”, I begged and she was sympathetic.

She explained that a refund normally takes up to 30 days but she was going to do everything in her power to have it posted in the next 2 business days. If not 2, no more than 7 days she told me. Not what my landlord wanted to hear but not much I could do about it and much better than 30.

After Tuesday, August 17th had passed without a deposit to my bank account, I could see that she wasn’t able to get the refund posted in 2 days but maybe 3 or 4 I hoped. By August 20th (the 5th business day), I called back. Again I started with Customer Service who told me he couldn’t help, but he transferred me to a supervisor who again connected me to a different department; perhaps the Financial Department again. There I spoke with a woman who said, “Yes, I see your request. I will have someone call you back today”. Guess what, no call.

I called back August 21st again starting with Customer Service. This agent told me the normal process is 30 days but, he could escalate my request for a refund which could take up to 8 business days.

“WAIT…eight days from my initial request, or 8 days starting today.”

“Eight days starting today”, he told me.

Noooo! I was beyond upset. I didn’t bother with a supervisor I was so mad I had to hang up immediately before I forgot how my mother raised me.

On August 25th, I called again, just to see if the refund was still being processed. Didn’t want anyone to give me another 8 day story. She told me my refund had not been processed yet and could take up to 8 days.

Okay, so here I am, September 1st; 8 business days later. No rent money!

With my landlord beating down my door rightfully wanting the money I owe, I called the Customer Service number around 4:30pm eastern and immediately asked for a supervisor. He quickly transferred me to Albert. I asked Albert if he should transfer me to a different department since I had spoken to them before about my refund. Albert, employee number 467520 tells me, “You’ve reached the right department.” So I explain the long, sad story.

“My service was turned off, my account was debited, my rent is past due, I was promised a refund, blah, blah, blah…help!”

Albert says, “It could take up to 8 days, plus 5 to 7 more”.

All I saw were visions of the Marshalls throwing my clothes outside. I’m sure if that was the very first phone call I made, I could have handled the news a little better. A little! But this being my 6th call, I simply could not.

“WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT”, I’m furious and all I want to do is talk to the department who told me they could help but Albert refused. REFUSED!

“Let me talk to your supervisor then”.

“I am the supervisor”, he told me.

While I’m sure Albert is a very important person, something tells me there are quite a few more people above Albert before I reach the president of the company, but no, Albert was standing guard and would NOT let me in to speak with them.

“He doesn’t take calls.” He told me.

I thought to myself, Self…why won’t this man at least transfer me. Why?

Calmly Albert tried to explain that the reason NO ONE ever mentioned 8 days plus 5 to 7 more is because they were wrong. All of them? All 6 other DirecTV employees were wrong? No one is right but Albert.

Fine, if that is the case then let me talk to them. Let that department that gave me this misinformation, clean it up. No…Albert refused.

I request Albert last name. No. I requested Albert’s supervisor’s full name, No. I asked again, “Please just connect me to the other department.” No!

Albert told me I didn’t want to believe him, and he would NOT transfer the call and proceeded to ask what my occupation was. I suppose he planned on using this information to explain to me the dynamics of customer service. Dear friend Albert, I am a very educated woman, and take offense to such a question. I have every right to ask his position, I am the customer. He was not only inappropriate, he was insulting and I promised I would make sure this was brought to someone else’s attention.

I consider myself a reasonably responsible person with limited funds these days. I also feel I have responsible expectations. I don’t expect people to pull miracles out of their hats but when I ask for assistance I do expect to get it. Albert told me he just started his shift so unless I planned on staying on the line with him all day…hey, I have unlimited talk time. I was willing to go the distance but I grew so angry I knew I was only making the matter worse. This is after he threatened to transfer me to the voice automated recording. Great customer service!

Bottom line to all the Albert’s out there, all I want is my refund. My money! Not yours, not Albert’s, not DirecTV’s, but my hard (and I do mean HARD) earned money so I can pay for the roof over my head; literally.

The sad thing is, there are people doing worse than I am in this economy. I hate to think what’s happening to them.

Yes, I hope that you do find this call, listen to it as you state calls are monitored. And I hope you do fix the mistakes that were made with all of the misinformation and customer service issues but most of all…I just want my money back. FAST!

Please…to the powers that be…can you PLEASE PLEASE give me back my money?

  • Di
    Directv Hater II Sep 08, 2009


    I am a very dissatisfied new customer with Direct TV. On August 16, 2009 I place an online order with Direct TV mistakenly, I ordered a DVR player I did not need but they charged my credit card $108.90. I called the next day and was told I will get a refund in 3-5 days. Well it is September 8, 2009 and I still have no refund. I have called about five times and emailed about four times. Each time I emailed I am told wait 3-5 days. To add insult to injury you are billing me $59.99 due on September 10, 2009. I am a single mom and switched from Comcast to you because you were cheaper. They won't even use my refund of $108.90 to apply to my account. The $108.90 was for grocery money for my family. I don't have the $59.99 to pay them on September 10, 2009 because I will need to the money from my refund to pay them. I don't understand why they would keep a customers money like this. Why they would commit. I am going to write a letter to the Illinois States Attorney Office because I am sure what they are doing is illegal. I had several co-workers who were going to switch from Comcast to Direct TV if I liked it, needless to say I told them to stay with Comcast. I called today to find the status of my refund but the supervisor of customer service yelled and me and hung up.

    Direct TV is the worst company in the world.

    They should be ashamed.

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equipment returns

I canceled my Direct TV service on August 13th and was supposed to receive return shipping materials. On August 20th I received a box that contained inadequate packing materials to protect the two receivers that I need to return. The return shipping label was also missing. I contacted Direct TV the same day and was told that they would reship the return packing materials and confirm shipment with an email. I received neither. I again contacted Direct TV on August 26thand escalated my request to a lady who told me her name was Sekl. After quite a bit of discussion, she said she would send out a return package and that I would receive an email confirming the shipment within 24 hours. At this time August 30th I've received neither. I've been told I have 16 days to return the receivers and controls in good condition or I would be charged $250 for each receiver.

  • Te
    Tee Bone Sep 13, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hey Jim,
    It's now Sept. 13th.. Did DirecTV ever send you the correct shipping boxes, materials and labels yet? I just saw your post and was a wondering.
    Best regards.

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pay per views that was never ordered

My two years contract with direct tv had ended so on february 2010, I called and cancel direct tv.
A final bill was sent to me which I paid. Now to my surprise, I received another bill for $216.76.
I called direct tv to find out about this new bill, the rep. Told me that the amount was for pay per view charges (Adult movies) stemming from 2007.
I told the rep. That we never ordered any ppv movies from direct tv muchless adult movies. I mentioned to this rep. That my husband is a member of netflix and that we usually receive three movies a week including any latest releases so there is no reason for us to order any ppv movies. My next question to this person was why it took over two years to bill me for these charges, his answer was that after receiving the cable boxes they were able to extract this information. At this time I asked to speak to a supervisor who stated the same, and bluntly refuses to waive these charges. I told him that I will not pay for these charges, and so my conversation with direct tv ended.

On may 2010, I received a collection notice from cbe group about this matter, and respond to it stating the above.

On june 9, 2010, I received a letter from direct tv collection department that after reviewing my file they determined that the charges are vaild, and I must pay this bill.

I am asking your viewers if anyone has this problem to e-mail me at [protected]@yahoo.com to let me know whether it was resolve or
How to get is resolved, because I don't have any intension in paying this bill, I would rather go to court and let the judge handle it.


poor customer service and installation

I have scheduled 3 appointments for satellite installation. When no one showed for the first appointment I...


Starting several months ago, direct tv tried to charge me additional fees for continued service after my contract had expired.
I told them verbally, and in writing, that I would not pay anymore than the last negotiated price, with no reduction in service.

I gave them the option to cancel my service. They continued to bill me for the additional amount, where I would call, or write to notify them to either pick up their equipment and discontinue service, or honor the prior agreement.

They tried to get $180 additional funds out of me tuesday, and when I refused to the demand, the said they would have some one in retention call me.
Instead, they simply cut off my service, after they just received my payment for this coming month's service.

I just spent 2.5 hours retelling this story to over 7 direct tv representatives. After dumped calls, and much repetition, I dialed "the president's office at [protected]. This resulted in a contact with a pleasant woman who told me I could hang up with the other folks (On my other phone line) at direct tv who had had me on hold/standby for over 45minutes on that particular round. She assured me that she was the end of the line, and that a resolution and final result would end with her, at the "president's office!".

I re-explained the details of situation, and she remained very attentive, and seemed to be understanding.
She stated that the expired agreement required that if I made any payment towards any bill, that action would make that increase acceptable regardless of my repeated objections to the increase and refusal to pay the increase. That rolled forward into a revised balance, approximately $100.00 off from what I had ever agreed to.

Yet, after not being able to negotiate a reasonable package for my $66.16 per month I had previously agreed to; she (Ever so politely) threatened to charge my credit card for their perceived remaining balance due (Infact they owe me a credit). I informed her, that I did not have a valid credit card on file with them, and her demeanor changed from that strategy.

We then agreed that there was not a resolution; and she still maintained that I owed the balance in question, and I maintained that I was due the payment I had sent in, plus a reconciliation of the overcharges still reamining on my account.

She said that I was responsible for the payment, and that she would send return boxes out for the equipment.

I told her I would not be returning the equipment until I got a satisfactory and fair balance reconciliation. She said I would be additionally be billed for equipment.

I told her that they would not be getting the equipment from me, but that I would take the equipment, and the boxes to either the local justice of the peace, or sheriff's office, whichever entity was most appropriate to file my complaint with.

We agreed that there remained a chasm in our understanding.

She called back a few minutes later offering a package with similar, albeit a few less channels for slightly less than what I had been paying. I told her I though t that was reasonable, as far as plans go, but would not accept any contract, and wanted my balance to be paid in full through this coming month's billing cycle.

She agreed to make the adjustment, and pro-ration to reflect our new agreement, and we both agreed that any price increase would have to be pre-authorized, and that if I did not accept the increase, that I would simply request a disconnect. (I did this with the initial price increase, yet continued to receive service, and no adjustment to my account.

I have no doubt that if I had a credit card on file, I would have not been given this "concession", or in my assessment nearly fair treatment, after several hours invested.

The woman at the president's office was no doubt a skilled negotiator dealing with my principled brick wall.
The "policies" of direct tv are probably no more pompous, or unilateral than most pig headed corporations.

I am offering this, not to blow smoke at my own negotiating abilities, but to provide others some hope as to resolving problems with direct tv. I wish to assure you, it is probably not you if you are getting the run around from them.

I also believe it is high time that we all start quoting more of our own policies to them, and be very careful as to how you trust direct tv or any other business with credit card information. When they have all the cards, you become the servant, not the customer.

John l.

  • Ti
    Tim Vikouski Apr 11, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    this is going on with my fatherinlaw they keep billing him he cancled 3 months ago they threaten to ruin his credit if he doesnt pay hes 90 years old what a bunch of crooks this story is go across you tube we will see how many people will finnaly say ive had enough and stand up to this bs

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  • Co
    coophov Nov 16, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi agree that they are cheats.
    I was sold on 9/8/17 to sign up for direct TV for $50 per month guaranteed for two years. My first bill was for $60 which was $10 over. My next bill was for $105.00 and they added a service plan package that I never ordered or agreed to.
    I called and spent hours on the phone being transferred several times and then they sent it to the escalation department and they said they would call within 7 to 10 business days. They called after 10 PM on Saturday night and I was asleep. I called them back on Monday and spent over 3 hours being transferred and retelling my story. Then they said they were sending it to an escalation department and would get back to me in 7 to 10 days again. The next day I received an email that they had cancelled my service.
    I called again and was told that I also owe a $400 cancellation fee for early cancellation.
    I told them I will not pay the fee and they could not charge me for cancelling when they are the ones who cancelled and they did not keep their agreement to charge me $5o per month for two years and I was not going to [pay them for baiting and switching their charges on me.
    Roland H
    Washington State

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  • Co
    coophov Nov 16, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree they do not hold to their agreements. They cheat people.

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will not take back receiver

On august 18th, 2010 I finally received my replacement receiver. After hours spent on the phone at the beginning of august trying to diagnose my problem, the solution was to send me a new access card. It took 10 days for the access card to arrive. Then I had to spend another hour on the phone to then find out that I needed a replacement receiver, which would take another week. I received the replacement receiver a couple of days ago finally. I spoke to customer service and got the new receiver activated. Here is where my problem started. The customer service rep informed me that I had to dispose of the old receiver because it was broken. Wait what? This is leased equipment.In california, it is against the law to just throw something like this in the trash. It has to be taken to an e-waste recycling facility to be disposed of properly. Apparently, from directv’s point of view, once the equipment is & ldquo;broken”, it is no longer leased, but owned by the customer. Well, I requested that they send me a recovery package and / or a prepaid shipping label to send it back to them. It is their equipment, therefore their responsibility. I look at it like you have leased car under warranty and say the engine is shot. Instead of it being towed back to the dealership, the dealer delivers you a new car and tells you and refuses to take possession of the old car.
So, I ask for the manager. I end up speaking to kyle, employee # v1688, in technical support. He refuses to send me a prepaid shipping label so I can ship their equipment back to them. I have been a directv customer for over 5 years, paying them $95 a month. That is $6000 + in revenue to them. The cost to ship this back to them would cost them a max of $15. It is totally irresponsible, inconsiderate, and insulting that I would be treated this way.