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Direct TV / billing dispute

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Phone: 800-531-5000

Dear sirmad,
I called directtv to inform them that l"m moving out of my apartment to anew one.They told me they will come and fix for me on the 15th of october. They came and said they are not getting a signal so they have to put a pole in the land, so they said l shoud talk to the manager.l talk to her and she said no .I called again to ask one of your rep to cancell and she l can cancell because the contract has not ended. l said what should i do next, because when l don, t pay before the due date, you gonna charge me. she said not until 26th of october, so go and tell the manager that they gonna put on the land not in the land maybe she accept it.
I called again on the 25th to tell you know that manager said no, soyou should suspend the contract.she said l cannot suspend because l owe l tried to explained that l we have not use Direct for the whole this month so why should lget bill, she said no she cannot suspend, if l have a problem l should write to Directtv billing Dispute.So please if you can replay the recorded massages do so and suspend to contract without me paying a bill.thank you.

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  • Dr
      30th of May, 2011
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    My household previously had DirectTV service as a bundle package with Verizon. We found less expensive service for TV, phone, and internet through a different company and therefore terminated our service in Dec 2010. At the time of cancellation, we were told that there was a zero balance. We were therefore perplexed when a month ago we received a collection notice from DirectTV. My husband called DirectTV, and was informed that DirectTV had sent a bill to Verizon for service in January, and, because the account had been closed, did not receive a payment back. Apparently, several months later someone at DirectTV looked at the books and decided to hold us responsible for this clerical error, although no bills or notices were ever sent to us, until last month. After spending nearly 2 hours on the phone between various departments at both DirectTV and Verizon, it was concluded that an error was made by the DirectTV Accounting Dept, that we were not responsible for the payment. My husband requested a letter documenting this, and not only did he never receive it, I got word yesterday that this error is now reflected on my credit report.

    My husband again called DirectTV customer service yesterday and spoke to a representative named Armando. Despite the long period of time that my husband spent on the phone regarding this issue last month, we were dismayed that not only was it never resolved, very little of the prior interaction was recorded in your customer service system. Armando advised us that if we paid the balance in full, even though we were told previously that we were not responsible for this error, that we would get an immediate email showing that our balance was paid in full, and that we could take that to the credit bureaus. Unfortunately, when we followed this advice and made full payment over the phone, all we got was an email trying to sell us more services! Armando assured us that another email saying that payment in full was made would be sent once the payment had gone through. Today, activity on our credit card clearly marks that a payment went through, yet there is still no email documenting this from DirectTV, and now they have a payment for a charge for services never rendered!

    We now have submitted a letter to the CEO, Michael White, re-requesting our original letter, and now requesting a refund of the illegitimate charge. If this leads to immediate remedy of this situation, I will repost. If there is no subsequent repost, assume that we were hosed.

  • Sh
      16th of Jul, 2011
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    attention:direct tv I recieved a call from my bank on 7/18/11 about charges being charged to my account. Im not sure if this is from a previous issue that
    I thought was resolved, or from some new issue that demands my attention.In dec. 2010 I let a friend use my credit card number because a representative he was speaking to told him that he needed a credit card number to waive a fee. I spoke with the guy myself he told me that I would never have to worry about any charges or fees he just needed a credit card to waive the fee. About two months later I did recieve a charge for my friends cable bill. I called, explained the situation, and was tolded that my card was on auto-pay, which it should not have been. I ended up paying a bill that was not mine. At that time I was supposed to have been taken off of that account, now Im recieving new charges and I would like to know why?this is causing serious problems for me, and I need to have this resolved as soon as possible. PLEASE CONTACT phone#(651)-592-7674 email thank you Shawn Ashford

  • No
      28th of Sep, 2011
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    DirectTV was the only carrier offered with our apartment building when we opened in 2008. For these exclusive rights they offered one comp account, which I was given as property manager of the building. When they set up the corporate account and my account they ran my personal information and set up the account under my name, social security number, etc.. My account was covered for a year until I ran into billing issues. They eventually shut off my cable because I was not paying the bill which was supposed to be comp for the exclusive rights to our building (which they still maintain). I now live in Virgina and I recieved a call that I was sent to collections for this bill. I have tried so so so many times to get this resolved. When I call customer service they have no answer for me but to pay the bill. When I ask to speak to a supervisor I am either placed on hold for 10 minutes or my call is dropped. The few chances I have had to speak to a supervisor, the advice was to email billing disputes. When I do this I get the same answer: See below.

    Now my credit is in jepordy because I cannot resolve this issue with DirectTV despite the countless hours I have called, sat on hold, been passed around and dropped or emailed. I am so frustrated and I just want this issue to be resolved as I have been fighting with them since 2008.

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    Response Via Email(Leisly C. - 100321668) - 09/27/2011 02:00 PM

    Thanks for writing. I'm sorry to hear about your billing concern. Please know that your satisfaction is one of our primary concerns. Let me help you with this.

    As I checked your account, I see that the balance now of $285.96 includes $125.00 for non return fee for an HD receiver, $15 for disconnect fee and $133.09 for the services that was used before the account was cancelled plus taxes. These charges are incurred for your account and services alone not for the whole apartment building.

    We have reviewed the information you provided and we have found that your account reflects the correct amount due. However, you can return the receiver back to DIRECTV and the non return fee of $125.00 plus taxes will be reverse.

    If you want to make an arrangement about this balance, you can contact the collection agency where we forwarded your account. The collection agency is CBE Group Inc and you can contact them at 877-224-6529.

    Thanks again for writing, Ms. Patera. We respect your time and I appreciate that you've given me the opportunity to personally address your concerns.


    Leisly C. 100321668
    DIRECTV Customer Service

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    Customer By Web Form - 09/26/2011 02:53 PM
    Sent to collections over a bill that was supposed to be covered by my apartment building corporate account. My apartment building signed exclusively with Direct TV and in return Direct TV provided 1 comp account. When Direct TV set this up they ran my information and credit check. This caused the account to move from corporate comped account to an account under my name where I was billed and sent to collections. This was not suppose to be billed directly to me. I have tried to resolve this for years and I need to speak to someone who handles billing to resolve this issue or we will have to remove Direct TV from our apartment building (and future apartment buiding) exclusive offer.

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