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Buckeye CableSystem complaints 4

7:20 pm EDT
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Buckeye CableSystem Overpricing

I am tired of Buckeyes cable always raising their prices. From January 1, 2023 to June 15, 2023 alone Buckeye Cable has raised their price twice to a 15% increase. There is absolutely no reason for the large increases every year except for pure greed! If you need dates let’s go from Jan1, 2020 to June 10,2023. Every year you raise your rates 25+ % every year without explication! You keep raising you rates so much that people have to cancel their contract with you and then to make up for the loss of income you keep raising the rates of your remaining customers. Quit sending this complaint back to me stating that you don’t understand my complaint!

Desired outcome: I would like to to be more reasonable with your costs. If you make your prices more reasonable more people could afford Buckeye cable and the cost could be spread out over more customers.

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5:32 pm EDT

Buckeye CableSystem internet cap raising rates new scam

What Scam! Buckeye Cable Keeps Raising Rates! Loosing Costumers And Now This. Well Here is Some New Information From Buckeye Cable . As of February 18th, 2018, the charge for data transfers that exceed the customer's data allowance (overage charge) will be billed at a flat rate of $15. This fee will not be pro-rated, and the customer will be allotted 50GB of additional data.

To help customers avoid overage charges, Buckeye allows customers to pre-pay for additional data at a discounted rate. Customers have two pre-purchase options:

Unlimited data for $30
150GB for $15
Buckeye has discontinued the "additional data" product that provided customers with only 100GB of data—customers who are currently subscribed to that product will be grandfathered in, but that product will not be available to new customers or to customers who do not currently subscribe to that product.

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2:40 pm EDT
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Buckeye CableSystem Billing

First: my payment history with Buckeye Cable had been consistent and on-time for several years, until I became late only one month. Second: my funds to pay the cable bill were delayed, so, I had to request that my due date be forwarded to the 10th of the month instead of the third of the month. Third: a surprise fee of $72.00 was added to my bill for the request. Lastly: Now, on top of the ridiculously large bill (for basic cable, phone, and internet), the entire amount must be paid on the new due date, or suffer termination of services. Never mind the constant internet interruptions from a "reminder" to pay the bill, [or else], and letters of cancellation.

This feels like price gauging and harassment, at best. I am seriously considering a change of services, completely, if Buckeye Cable feels that this is how loyal customers should be treated.

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6:32 am EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Buckeye CableSystem Horrible Serice Calls/Techs

Yesterday, 2-10-10, I had a service call done, to fix “hum lines” (Ghost lines that slowly move bottom to top, which usually measure 1/3 of the screen) from my cable and “antenna TV” Note - Free TV’s in line 1, Buckeye Cablesystem in line 2.

I thought everything would have gone OK, but that’s not how it really went.

Before I begin, I must warn you, I have had “Tracy, ” the “best” technician, in my home to fix the same issue. She was the escalation person, after many calls on this same issue. Needless to say, the issue was not solved.

I also must make note of the Buckeye Tel situation that I went through with the same exact people. I paid for caller ID, but did not get other Buckeye Tel (Buckeye CableSystem phone) customers on the Caller ID. Yes, this included friends and work. I finally got fed up and quit all services. But had to come back, due to Sage Telecom’s inefficiencies, costing me even more money, than Buckeye Tel.

With all said, their track record is not good, with pinpointing and diagnosing issues. That’s mostly what I had to deal with yesterday. My issue was not fixed. The Tech person wanted me to still have “hum lines, ” and be satisfied with just getting the service. He seemed to appear as though I was privileged to be able to get Buckeye. But you may pick that up in a few minutes of reading on.

Service call was made for the “hum lines.” Yes, “CHRIS K” was on time, within the window. It was about 1:30 PM. I showed him in – Instantly got the “the reason for your hum bars are…” I had to interrupt him. I proceeded to mention that it was not my equipment, since the last time I had gotten brand new equipment (literally less than 30 days old to this service call). I mentioned that the hum lines go when I plug in the RCA, component and coax cables, even all separately.

I was going to have the box switched… which did happen, but the same issue persisted. It just took the power plug to be plugged in, while any cables were connected to “LINE 2” (Buckeye Cable Port line). We then switched Buckeye to “Line 1” and same thing happened, just reversed lines inputs.

All of the sudden, my heater, my turned off computer, my lights, etc… were at issue. But remember, If it were one of those, you would see the same issue in the FREE TV (on line 2 now, from line 1). That was not happening. Free DTV had no lines, until Buckeye’s Cable was hooked up. That instantly should say something… especially since my antenna is on powered amplifiers. It’s not power or anything a/c powered in the living room.

My next thought was that it was… why did they not check the electrical components of the converter box? “Chris K” checked the signal level, but not the voltage in or out. Remember, Buckeye is supposed to be superior to knowing their equipment. Testing it only anchors this. Testing of voltage was not done, which should have been done. He also asked why I had gold splitters. I told him that they are for my local Free DTV… however, the coax splitters were not hooked into the box, in any ways. A good investigator… or engineer/tech, would have seen that first off.

This was the same level of service as with the phone. If I had a dial tone, and a non-Buckeye Tel cell phone calls and it showed up… the problem did not exist. Forget testing… never happened.

Beyond the lack to testing of their Tech, “Chris K” seemed to not be very happy. He did not seem to smile once. It almost sounded like he was being put out to work. What’s more, I was watching my local TV, or Free DTV… He told me that WBGU-DT4 (WBGU-Encore), which Buckeye does not carry (but is local), would go away. Somehow, he didn’t realize I was watching a station that they did not offer, showing lack of knowledge of their own product/service. I had to tell him that WBGU-DT4 was not carried by Buckeye, but was local…and that I had my own antenna… after re-hooking everything back up.

Suffice it to say, the tech/engineering aspect of Toledo, Ohio’s Buckeye CableSystem has major training issues. They also appear to not be knowledgeable of their own equipment or products. Due to this, I have canceled TV… and at an earlier time, cancelled Buckeye Tel phone. Their Customer service on the phone is exemplary! Just terrible at engineering and tech services, on service calls.

Note that service calls have been very late in the past… but that is not up to the customer service… that’s once again, tech/engineering/dispatch.

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Jeannie Herold
, US
Jul 31, 2021 2:20 am EDT

My cable box keeps resetting itself about every hour to hour and a half. Called buckeye and said I need to get a new box. I told them I will bring it in. Well my niece was over and she said she will take it next week. Now this has been going on for months. Now all of a sudden it quits. Something seems shady to me.

Christine Mccoy
, US
May 16, 2016 7:52 pm EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

You have the same movies ever month.. the free movies are all offer no rewards for customers who have been with you for years and customers who buy movies all the time. Give them something so they would stay instead of raising their bill every month.

Dave Burling
, US
Dec 01, 2015 8:58 am EST

Free gifts for taking a Buckeye Cablesystem survey? Not when I get to the end of the process and discover that there IS a charge. No gifts here. YOU pay the shipping or better yet, have the "gifts" available for pickup at your locations. I don't pay people for giving me gifts. This is very misleading and makes your company appear somewhat unseemly. You would be wise to discontinue this practice.

Sylvania, US
Feb 04, 2011 2:39 am EST

I have been a Buckey Cablesystem customer for 13 years. I had Verizon prior to having Buckeye Tel. The Verizon customer service was both rude and arrogant when I had problems with the services. In addtion I was paying almost $60.00 a month for local service with no long distance. I have not had any problems with my phone service since I switched. The customer service is excellent. I am not that tech savvy, but when ever I have had a problem with my computer they are able to help me without making me feel stupid. I also really like that they are local and not in another country. I really wish more businesses around this area treated their customers with the same respect I have gotten from this company.

Buckeye needs replaced with another Co.
Sandusky, US
Dec 20, 2010 11:05 pm EST
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

you have me wondering if you just work for buckeye to be named proud buckeye customer. I can blame them for my issues regardless of internet searches. My connection to the internet lasts about 10 seconds then drops nonstop. They have brought out 3 modems and same deal ever since using the arris cm550a modem. I even explained a firmware issue with that modem that other users have complained about with buckeye. They don't care. The tech who came to my house has tried to steal from me before while I was at work. My wife had to call in on him. He then on another visit attempted to cut at my hd wires behind my tv which have nothing at all to do with the modem. Then this time around refused to stick around to test the signal to see if it drops even after buckeye told him to get back when over the phone they witnessed it dropping 4 times during the phone call after he left. That was only 6 minutes after he left the house from hooking it up. From my view sending 1 crappy tech out over and over sends a bad signal. It makes them look bad. He is giving them a bad reputation. Plus now they have to pay him for a 4th visit to my house for something that would have took 1 visit if done right.

I am far from proud of their crap service. When I lived in Elyria I had Comcast and 0 issues with it. I only moved here to Sandusky to be near my job. Ever since I got here I have had a drop issue almost every week with them. Now it is almost every minute - every 10 seconds.

Proud Buckeye Customer
Toledo, US
Nov 18, 2010 8:25 am EST

For someone who is internet savvy enough to belong to/post to Complaints Board, maybe you should've goggled hum bar causes . You would've found that a hum bar is not very common and sometimes a naturally occurring problem. It's not Buckeye Cable's "fault". They didn't cause it. There are many causes for a hum bar. A bad component. If the hum bars are visible on a couple of channels then your off air ant system with amplifiers could be causing them. If visible on all channels then... A poor or bad ground on your electrical service to/in your home. A poor or bad neutral to/in your electrical system could be causing it. The outside cable plant is grounded to the Edison service at regular intervals. Your potential for a hum bar or ground loop could've been there for years. You not seeing it on your off air system is more than likely because your equipment in the home only had one path to ground. Once the cable drop to your home was connected to the outside plant and bonded to your electric service outside, your electronic components now had more than one path back to "ground". A/C is always looking for the path of least resistance to ground. If the cable shield ground was better than you Edison neutral ground then A/C could be using the cable drop as a return to the Edison plant. If this is the case then well then you have allot bigger things to worry about...

If you take nothing away from this, understand this. Cable TV systems are getting way more complicated than you'll ever know. I hope you weren't using the tech's real name. Have some couth. For you to Slam the repair tech and the cable company is just plain ignorant of you.

Michael Lake
, US
Feb 13, 2010 9:31 am EST

I had the same apparent Ground Loop problem without Buckeye Cable. It seems a majority of technicians have little experience with recognizing and solving apparent group loops. Or perhaps they worry about the costs to eliminate the ground loop.

Search the internet for suggested solutions that are considered safe. Simply running the buckeye cable through a surge protector that includes coax protection may fix it. A coax isolation transformer may be another solution, which you could make by connecting a 75 ohm to 300 ohm transformer to a 300 ohm to 75 ohm transformer.

Ground loops happen for me all the time because I keep adding cameras and other devices to my security system and with cheaper solutions like using old home video cameras it was easier to get ground loops.

Michael Lake

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