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I wanted to let you know that Direct TV customer service and overall setup procedure completely sucks. I setup an appointment with a time frame from 8-12, so damn..neverthelesss the technician called at around 8:30am said that he'll be there in 30 minutes, then again called at 12pm stating that he'll be there in 40 minutes. After calling numerous times to Direct TV, he showed up almost at 6pm..damn idiot did not even speak English well...I’m a naturalized citizen myself and believe that everyone should speak's so damn easy in the first place..anyways...
he stepped onto my balcony and immediately said that I cannot get service here and he would charge me $75 for tripod..I said ok just get the damn thing going...
then after 20 min he said that they tripods are discontinued...he failed to mention that the tripods are ONLY for regular dishes, not Digital...
he let me speak to his supervisor who also could not mention the facts about the tripods...after wasting my time the guy said well if they let you get the tripod then I'll put it...then he left and said he'll comeback. I called Direct TV then after 20 min the finally explained to me the tripod thing...
stupid idiot waster my entire day...they should not sub contract if they dont know how...
I ordered DISH, technician came, ON TIME, finished everything in 20 min...perfect signal..awesome channels..billing is awesome..what a difference!!!

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  • Cz
      Aug 13, 2009

    I simply cannot wait until my contract expires in March 2010. If I had longer to go I would pay the 300 or so just to send them down the road. In addition to boosting the volume to blast off levels for commercials in general and especially their own which I am sure they cut content to slip in for free, they are the most obtuse company I have ever come in contact with. The latest is that my CC expired for auto payment. I telephoned in a week and a half ago to change it and all was well. I keep getting stupid computer calls to update my card, EVERY DAY. I called in yesterday and the rep stated that the auto pay had to kick in for next month, paying for the two that I owe, and then it would stop. She tried to make the payment then and wanted my 3 digit security code again...I said that the guy I set it up with 10 days ago input the card and she should charge it from there...she states that she cannot. Every time I speak to these blockheads about the many problems I have had I tell them I am gone at contract's one gives a crap.

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  • Di
      Nov 30, 2009

    Direct TV is the most overpriced, undelivered and non-responsive product/service I have ever experienced (excepting only a severe case of identity theft a few years ago). They take your money and then go on vacation, leaving you to deal with automated email response services when (NOT IF) you have a problem and are not receiving the service you paid for. Refunds for service interruptions, etc.? I will believe it when I see it. I am looking into replacing the Direct TV service with DISH, cable etc. since they could not possibly be worse.
    Really Disappointed in Florida

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