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poor customer service & over-billing

While hooking-up a new DVD player we were unable to access our DirectTV service. Calling custome service we were informed we need a new access card and would be without service for 3-5 business days AND charged $20 maintenance fee. We were also informed that we were continued to be billed for a defective receiver since Sept. 2007 (automated payment for 16 months at $5 per month). 47 minutes on the phone with customer support supervisor "Richard" in Alabama: he refused to credit our account the over-charge, claimed it was not DirectTV's policy to check/correct errors to our accounts...we are to do so and notify them within 60 days...and did not end the conversation with a good-bye...he just disconnected the line. Knowing the line was still active we waited until the rep. got on the line then got Richard's ID #! I've written to DirectTV. Let's see what they'll do now!

unauth. withdrawal of funds

Monsters! Thats the word that comes to mind when discussing the business practices of Direct TV. Two days before Christmas, Direct TV decides to withdraw over $500 from a co-workers account, without notification. She had discontinued service with Direct TV back in June, and now without warning, in December, they take over $500 out of her account. She hadnt even received a bill from them since June either.There is something sooooo wrong about this. My question is who can she contact to dispute this? The local rep from Direct TV refused to give her the corporate number to complain, which makes this situation even more questionable.

  • Ba
    bajaskier Dec 23, 2008

    Small claims court! That they'll understand.

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  • Rg
    RGValleyGal Jan 08, 2009

    I had been a customer of DirecTV for about 6 yrs. Back in March of 2007, I ordered one of those DTV or whatever those recording boxes are called. I knew there was a monthly fee. Anyway, no problem. Then I found out that I could get satellite service cheaper thru my phone company bundled with phone, cell phone, and internet. So I signed up with them. And cancelled DirecTV. Well, they said I owed them about $225 for early termination fee. I said no way, but they told me that it was because I have a early cancellation fee on that box. Nobody had ever mentioned any such fee when I was told about the box and signed up for it. So I am not going to pay it. It will be a disputed item with the credit bureau and if they keep bothering me over it, I will go to the FCC, Texas Attorney General, and any other agencies to complain about their devious tactics to get this huge sum. I never could figure out how to use the box. I am a senior citizen, disabled and confined to bed at this time. I can't hook up and unhook wires and such and this is what they expected me to do in order to get it to work. Never did work for me, so I feel that my stopping the service was valid and because they NEVER told me there was an early cancel fee, I refuse to pay it!

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  • Jo
    John Jan 21, 2009

    Similar thing happened to me, they don;t explain this 2 year committment to you when you order Direct TV, they show up to your house, install everything, then ask you to sign papers. The installer told me, you have to sign to say you recieved the equipment. I told him, I never agreed to a 2 year agreement. He said that is between you and Direct TV. I need you to sign saying you recieved the equipment. THE FCC AND FTC should be brought into this. They are using deceptive practices. They know this, that is why they hide a clause about arbitration in the contract that you don't see until you have the equipment installed. Basically it will cost me 125.oo in arbitration fees to recover my 240.00 that they stole from my checking account. DONT EVER SUBSCRIBE TO DIRECT TV!!!

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  • Gc
    GCrutchfield Nov 13, 2009

    I cancelled my Direct Tv Sept 1rst 2009 they said there would be a $140.00 early cancellation fee, ok I accepted that, however when I didn't pay it right away, they took $258.00 out of my checking account without my knowledge.

    There should be a law against that and I would love to get together with everyone and sue them, I was on the phone 3 days in a row, I sooke to the corporate office and she was very rud, they are the worst company that I have ever dealt with.

    it seems as everyone is having the same problem with Direct TV. I think that they should be sued for unautorized withdrawing money from anyone's account, I hope they go out of business,

    I think if everyone should e-mail the Attorney General's office and maybe something could be done about them,

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Wanted the nfl ticket because cable didn't offer it. Paid 70.00 a month for it the first season. Suspended service after football season until the following year. When we asked to have our svc. Reinstated, we asked for the same package as the previous year. Direct tv failed to inform us that the service was now 182.00 per month. Direct tv had my credit card # on file and automatically charged me for 6 months!!! When i complained, they refused to give me a credit for the extra charges. I asked to cancel, they charged me 160.00. They also said they will charge me for any equipment that is not returned. I am returning all equipment, but this company is not to be trusted!!! I am afraid they will charge my credit card whatever they want, just as they have been doing. Please dont do business with them, they are crooks!!!

  • Hi
    hilton1 Jan 03, 2011

    I agree, they are absolutely crooks! The equipment they are sending out now (& has been using it for several years now) is a receiver that runs hot, so hot as to actually burn the access card. Then when you finally make them understand it has died because of that, not something you have or have not done, they send a reconditioned piece of [censor] that either does not work at all or picks up half the channels you are receiving/paying for. These receivers are so bad & they are getting so many complaints that now they don't want to take them back without a service call. Well many of us are not home enough for constant service calls to be set up. A lot of us are having a horrible time just sitting on the phone with them for hours trying to explain that the [censor] is just not working, take it back, and send another "reconditioned piece of [censor] that might/might now work", at least it would be something. Crooks, crooks, crooks!!! PS: On the receivers that they do take back they usually say they failed to recieve the other one even though you mailed it back the day the "new - reconditioned piece of [censor]" arrived. You lose either way, no matter what you do with Direct TV.

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  • Nm
    nmwolfer Jan 21, 2011

    WOW, they sure heck are big time crooks. I gave them my credit card number so I could pay my bill with it. Well the next month I had a charge of almost $400.00. I called and they said it was a mistake and would correct it on the next bill. I got my bill and not only was it not corrected another charge of almost $400.00 was charged. Again I called and they said that the correction had not caught up to it yet. Well the next month the same thing, so I called my credit card company and had them intervene and they finally got it resolved. They called a few months ago and offered a discounted package for 5 monthes. I accepted it and the salesperson told me I could call and cancel anytime. Well I called today to cancel and they now tell me there is a concelation fee.
    As I said they are crooks and I advise everyone to stay to heck away from them. Come August when my 2 year contract is up I will be canceling and happiness will be Direct TV in my rear view mirror.

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  • An
    ANNIEwilliams Oct 10, 2012

    I was a loyal customer to Direct TV since 1999. Their cost as too expensive so I accepted an offer with Dish. Upon trying to cancel my service with Direct TV they tried to charge me for a receiver that I bought. They made numerous attempts to debit my credit card without authorization! The credit card was replaced and they STILL SOMEHOW DEBITED MY CARD!! The bottom line is that their service is over priced and they're a bunch of CROOKS!!

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false charges

I was forced to cancel my Directv service after 11 years because of rising costs and very poor service. I...

scam and stealing

On 10-19-2008, direct tv process an unauthorized charge to my account in the amount of 988.71. I have never had direct tv and at this point never will! My roommate had direct tv and I made a payment on the account in july of 08. I selected not to have a recurring payment and got a confirmation for this. Wouldn't you know once he moved out and had everything disconnected, direct tv charged my bank card the 988.71 for his unpaid bill and equipment not being returned. I talked with direct tv and they wouldn't discuss the account with me as it wasn't my account! I said well you guys took the money from my personal account and now you can't discuss anything with me?? I took this up with a supervisor which got me no where! They stated that any payment made on the account, they will hold the card information to bill later even though it states one time payment. I explained that this wasn't even my account and I never gave authorization for this transaction, they didn't care.

After 3 days of getting no where with direct tv, I went to my bank once the transaction cleared my account. I filed a fraud claim. It took 7 days, but after the banks investigation the bank gave me my 988.71 bank. I am so thankful for this as this was some money I put up for my 5 kids christmas. Direct tv has to be stopped with this unauthorized transactions!!!

I am willing to file whatever needs to be filed against this company to stop this headache from happening to anyone else. Until they change their ways do not pay someone elses direct tv account with your bank or credit card info! If its your account and you disconnect, change your bank card info first! They will take this money without your knowledge!! So all you other file a claim either with your credit card company or your bank! Direct tv will give you the run around. Direct tv even asked me to fax a copy of my card to them along with my bank statement. Are they nuts??? I refused as this is my personal info and I didn't want them to take anymore from me than they already have.

I have since changes my banking info so this will never happen to me again! They are running some sort of scam and they thought they got another sucker, but I got news for them!! As of today I am set back to where I was when this whole headache started about 10 days ago. If you have any questions please contact me! The banks and credit card companies do have policies in place for this type of fraud so use it! Don't use direct tv you are wasting your time!

  • He
    Helen Heideman Feb 13, 2009

    I have had trouble with DirecTV from the get go. First I was promised a portable DVD player. After calling and sending forms for two or three months, I received a cheap DVD player (not portable). When I contacted the company to complain, the person to whom I spoke called me a liar and said a portable DVD player was never offered. I said I had the paper in front of me, he continued to call me a liar. Before my first year was up, I called to cancel the sports channels and any other extras. I had a serious family illness about that time and did not pay close attention to my bill. After three months I noticed I was being billed $115 per month instead of $64. I called them to have this taken care of. I was told I would be credited for the difference. This did not happen. They continued to charge me $115 each month. I called the credit card company and explained the situation and they removed DirecTV from my account. Through the year plus several months I called them many times to hear this would be all taken care of. This never happened. I disagree with the amount they say I owe and have made several phone calls to get this straightened out. All I want is a statement showing how they come to the amount they say I owe. They said to go on line and get it. It is not there. I was told I had to talk to a supervisor. There was none available but, one would call me back within 48 hours. It has been almost 96 hours and I have not heard from them. My service was turned off almost a week ago. My question is can I get out of my contract which is not up until September? My recommendation is never, never get involved with DirecTV.

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over charged

After cancelling service with direct tv on nov. 13 because of moving to a condominium and not being allowed satellite service, paid the balance of the account in order to cancel service, asked if they needed the equipment back and was told, no they did not want the equipment back. Today one month later on dec. 15 we receive a new statement of service for 63.69. Called customer service, got transferred 3 times and finally connected to a representative which kept insisting that we never cancelled the service. It was a vicious service. Asked to talk to the manager and was told it was not possible, he could resolve it, but he kept insisting we never called to cancel. Well they are never going to get the 63.69 from us, they are thieves!

  • Er
    Erik Norback Dec 09, 2008

    I signed up for direct tv on a promotional of 34.99 plus tax 37.33 the bill came thru for 60.33 ? after calling to inquire on the difference I was told you had to call to set up the 23.00 discount affective immediately. The next month the bill came thru for once again 60.33? Once again calling to inquire as to why, I was then informed that it takes 6 to 8 weeks for the discount to be applied. the failure on behalf of the Direct TV representative caused 2 transactions in my checking account to [email protected] $30.00 each.Had I been given this information before hand I would have been able to properly budget my finances. If you or I were to steel money from any source we would be charged as criminals . Although they did not physically steel from me, their negligence has led to my loss. During this conversation I asked for a supervisor several times (denied).At no time was I ever rude to the Representative (Stephanie) who actually was very rude to me stating she has explained every thing to me and there was nothing else she would do, then hanging up on me. To Stephanie, I hope you are satisfied with you outstanding customer service. signed, DOESN'T ANY ONE REMEMBER THE BOSTON TEA PARTY!

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  • Da
    David Ortega Jan 25, 2009

    Last year we decide to get the NFL package.It was for two years and the cost was two hundred and sixty nine dollars total.The first year was fine we paid sixty four dollars for four months and this year we have paid six hundred dollars for four month so we contacted them and they said that they didn't understand why we were over charged, and they wouldn't do anything about it so we canceled and now they want to charge us two hundred and eighty dollars.I feel that this was not part of the deal.

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  • Ro
    ronfx4 Apr 15, 2009

    someone needs to contact a lawyer and file a class action law suit against direct tv. the better buisness bureau needs to help in this matter

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  • Jh
    jhvt Jul 28, 2009

    Directtv is the worse system I have ever gotten in my years on this earth. The address is wrong. The billing is overcharged. The installation was 2 weeks late. The so called "bundle" with AT&T is a joke. Just take my word for ir. DON'T DO IT! I can't even get an address to write to the BBB.

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  • Tl
    tlauerii Nov 02, 2009

    This is what I sent IMMEDIATELY to Directv when I realized I made an error in ordering on their website:
    "Customer (Thomas Lower) - 11/01/2009 11:28 AM
    I was trying to find programing information on the NFL Package and tried subscribed by mistake. I tried calling your 800 number to make sure I was not charged for this and i was not able to get though. I was put on hold, then hung up on twice. I do not want the package, I have not watched the package and I do not intend to pay for this package. Please do not charge me and please make sure I am not subscribed to the NFL package."

    This was their response today:
    "Response (Michael H ID U8397) - 11/02/2009 02:57 PM
    Dear Mr. Lower,

    Thanks for writing. I understand your concern about canceling the NFL SUNDAY TICKET and SuperFan and I can help. I have reviewed our information and see that sports subscriptions can’t be cancelled, transferred, refunded, or credited after the season starts. We have found that your account reflects the correct amount due. DIRECTV is unable to honor your request to remove the NFL SUNDAY TICKET sports packages.

    Thank you again for writing and allowing us to respond to your concerns.


    Michael H. ID#U8397
    DIRECTV Resolution Specialist"

    Here is my response today:
    "Another reason that I will not be renewing with your company. I have been a customer for over 3 years, I always pay on time and this one time I ask for something to be removed after I mistakenly subscribe, you cannot accommodate. I sent the email and called IMMEDIATELY after I mistakenly ordered the package. The way that you advertise the package shows it as $49.00, which is why I ordered, then realized that it is only one of four payments AND I couldn’t even watch the game I ordered for. Your company has scammed me and I cannot wait until I can stop doing business with you. Please check out my postings at /link removed/ and with the BBB. I am really disappointed with how you do business with a long standing client, pathetic. I will make sure that all my facebook friends and tweeter followers know about this poor client service as well. Like they say, good news travels fast, bad news travels faster. I am sure the damage to your brand will do far more harm to you than ripping me off for $200."

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  • Ro
    Roger Thomas Nov 03, 2009

    Let me know if you're from PA like me.
    They had to pay me $3, 900.
    [email protected]

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  • Mr
    mrsbonham Mar 10, 2010

    I payed my February statement to Direct TV for $87.96 Direct TV cashed my check on March 8 and cashed my check again the next day on March 9 for the exact same amount with the same exact check number. I'm a supervisor of a retail store and I don't understand how that is virtually possible to cash the same check, with the same exact check number, for the exact same amount. I called Direct TV and spoke to a rep, she then transferred me to billing. Billing told me to take matters up with cooperate and my bank. That infuriated me and demanded I speak to a supervisor/manager. Once Direct TV cashed my check twice its their fault, not my banks. If this happens again, I'm switching cable companies. I will receive a $0 balance on my next billing statement but this was just so frustrating to be on the phone for 45 minutes to get the problem solved.

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  • Ba
    barpkmgr Dec 16, 2010

    i ordered direct tv i signed up for the 34.99 service after a week i called them to tell them that the service i wanted i wasnt getting so they changed it and charged me for changing my service they billed me 19.95 which when asked about the charge it was for shipping and handling what is that supposed to be also i get a bill for 68.99 i called them again oh you didnt sign up for the discounts well they didnt mention anything about signing up on line to get the discounts so far i cannot get a straight bill allready sick of this company

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adding nfl package without my authorization

Direct TV added NFL package to my account without my authorization. My husband noticed the big hike after a few payments and mentioned it to me. I proceeded to call the company and spent about 1 hour being directed to a woman that told me they would never do this without my authorization. She said they hire telemarketing companies that may have called me. Oh, I did receive a call for that but I said NO. She said she would have to go to different dept. and I would be notified within 5 days. Well 5 days went by and I said to my husband " have you received any new bills yet?" Well tonight after maybe a month we get a phone call from them saying if my bill isn't paid my service will be cut. I explained to the agent the first phone call and she said nothing was noted only that I cancelled it along with my ShowTime . I asked to speak to a supervisor again after 30 minute wait I hung up and called again. This time I was told because I once had it they automatically renew it at NFL time. I explained when I initially signed up it was given to me as a promotion but cancelled it after 5 weeks. ICANCELLED IT . I NEVER WANTED IT.
The agent was only able to credit me $60.00 while they billed me for 5 months without my authorization. THIS COMPANY MUST BE STOPPED, BEWARE OF DIRECT TV.

  • So
    Sophia Apr 25, 2009

    Direct TV charges for MLB Sports package

    I did not order or ever receive notification of renewal of this service
    While Calling Billing at Direct TV I was placed on hold 3 times and disconnected 3 times

    After the fourth call I spoke with Loren who informed me he is the highest manager at Direct TV

    I stated to Loren that my husband is critically ill and I would not have renewed. His response was "We do not give credit for sports channels and if I was unhappy let him know when I wanted to terminate my service


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billing issues

Direct TV is a total rip off. I had service with Direct TV back in 2005, I then moved and had to cancel my service in 2006. In 2007, I subscribed to the service again after moving yet again. Well, I was having some issues with the reciever last month Nov. 2008 and connected it to the dial-up and my bill has 3 pay per view movies from 2005 posted to my account in month. I have no bill to verify from 2005 that the movies where never paid for and I was told that they have been sitting ideally on the reciever since that time and puff now I need to pay up. (1) How in the heck could I have ordered a movie, without a record of the purchase being anywhere but on the reciever since 2005. (2) They have a record to verify I never paid for it but I was never billed until now for a 2005 charge that I can't see it or verify and I am expected to pay without proof that is isn't a billing error. The charge is about $16.00 not a make or break situation but it is the principle. I asked the customer service rep and the superivor "Is is not possible that is could be a billing error and I am being charged twice.." response "That is not possible..." give me a FREAKING BREAK... They just lost a loyal customer today...

  • St
    Steven Rains Apr 27, 2009

    I signed up for service in June 08. The special offer I accepted was contingent on my not suspending my service during the first year.
    I called the company 4 times in 9 months in attempts to be removed from the marketing list, as I was being asked via marketing to 'come back to direct'.
    As a way to mollify me about the attempts to be removed from marketing, they offered me 3 months of free movies. I explained how I dont use the service for 6 months per year so this offer wasnt going to meet my needs.
    The CSR then told me that there was nothing in my original offer that would stop me from suspending for up to 6 months per year starting with the first year. I then requested transfer to a supervisor who agreed with the CSR that i could have cancelled had I asked to. I then immediately requested a $240 credit because had I not been told I couldnt suspend of course I would have and the retro credit should be approved based on the sales persons misrepresentation. I was told this would be investigated and that I would get a response in 2 weeks.
    I waited 3 weeks and having not received a response callled the company. After 1 hour of hold I was advised by a supervisor that my request had been denied based on the fact that they would not base a credit on the sales persons 'mistake' and that they did not have a recording of my sales transaction since it happened way back in 6-08. (funny but in another of these complaint posts the company was able to back bill a person for ordered movies 3 years after cancel)
    I really dont care about the $240. The sales guy made it quite clear that because of my contract offer I could not suspend in the first year. What I dont like is that he could misrepresent the contract to the point of fraud and the company, while agreeing that I should not have been treated that way, will do nothing for me.
    Consequently, I am now waiting 1 more hour until the closest thing to a corporate office will take calls at which time I am going to challenge the premise that they dont have a recording of my saels call. At that point, considering they will NEVER produce the call I will be SOL for legal relief and if I guess correctly they may even cancel me for being such a jerk.

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From the Direct TV salesperson to Istallation and billing, this company operates in the most fraudgelent, underhanded way of any company I have ever dealt with. The salespeople will say anything to get you to take the bait, even lie and the technicians that install the dish and cable are not even properley trained in doing so and communicate none of the installation process with the customer who is having the work done. They have no regard for your personal property and don't care how you feel even after the damage is pointed out to them. My home was seriously damaged from Direct TV installation and their Quality Lead even came out, took pictures, wrote up a report and told me this was a bungled job and it would have to be re-installed. I was promised a senior tech ASAP and after waiting and not hearing anything from Direct Tv, I called a week and a half later to find no work order oredered. I cancelled my service with them, and now am being billed a $500.00 early cancellation charge. I have called and tried to talk with their customer service, who really need a job titled auto response team with no knowledge of anything, and was told I owe and they would do whatever it takes to get it, even ruining my credit. I am now going through damage claims specialists in Oregon, hiring a general contractor, had to have an electrician fix my wiring in the attic from the fault of the direct tv tech messing with it, and now trying to fight just to keep my credit in good standing. DON'T EVER HAVE DIRECT TV INSTALLED!!!
You'll regret it.
Thanks for listening, Tracy

  • Ro
    Robert Brown Apr 21, 2009

    Sorry to hear about your problem...in fact I had almost the same experience, but the damage done to my home exceeded $2200.00.
    Anyone that does business with this firm watch out. I regret changing from cable.

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unauthorized withdrawal of funds from my checking account

I ordered a cable service on Nov. 23rd for $52.99. I was promised 100 or more channels with some local sports channels including CNN in addition. The service was restored on Nov.23 on Nov. 24 while at home I decided to view an NBA game on a local channel but as soon as I went to that channel, I was asked to pay to view the NBA game. Secondly, I couldn't get CNN as promised by Direct TV representative. Therefore, I called an canceled my order within 24 hours. I persistently asked the rep. whether I will be billed for any penalties and the lady said no. To my surprise Direct TV went ahead and debited an amount of $295 from my checking acoount unknown to me. I just realized that this week 12/5/08 when I received my account history from my bank. I called immediately and reported the withdrawal of the unathorized amount from my account and said they will get back to me but as of now I have not heard anything from them yet. I want my $295 back immediately. This is fraud and if I do not get my money back I will sue Direct TV.
When this incident happened I returned their receiver and the cable remote to them within four days and even at that time when I called and asked them whether I will be charged extra for canceling the agreement within 24 hrs they said no. However, they went ahead and debited my account of $295 of which I want that money back immediately. Thanks

  • Ro
    ronfx4 Apr 16, 2009

    someone needs to contact a lawyer and have a class action law suit against direct tv

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bundled w / qwest... don't do it.

I got the service with Qwest and Direct T.V. My only relationship was with Qwest through that bill. There was an extra modum sent and I repeatedly got charged for it for six months, every month being on the phone with Qwest. Finally they fixed it but I had had enough. I cancelled the service April 30, 2007. I called Direct T.V. to find out how to send the quipment back and the guy said to keep it...I had no use for it. Next think I know I am being charged for the equipment and three more months of Direct T.V. Normally they would shut you off quicker for non-payment. I did not even have the service I was being charged for. Finally after several months, they sent me boxes to send the equipment back. Then they sent me to collections for the three months of service I was not using. I tried and tried to resolve that with letters and phone calls. Now that collection has gone to an attorney. Screw Direct T.V. and Qwest both!

  • Ad
    adnan awad Aug 03, 2007

    This is by far the worst company i have ever dealt with... From the day of installation until to day when i finally unplugged their stuff and ordered with another company... they over charge, recharge and still have nothing to watch... if YOU are one day late... its cut off... even if they have your check and just have not posted yet... then you are charged a fee for reconnect and disconnect... but.

    If they are late or don't show up or the system goes down due to a storm well hey hey hey thats just business... What ever they SUE me for will be fine... I won't pay it... I'm celebrating to day because those ugly grey boxes are where they belong taped up in a box belonging to another company waiting to for pick up.

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  • Ch
    Charles M. Jewell Oct 28, 2008

    Company ( Direct T.V.) was informed that we were moving and was told not to access our private bank account. After we moved they said it was in our contract. However the only access they had by contract was on a once a month fee for services for that month and nothing else.
    Why do companies like this keep taking and taking and give poor service or no service and want their money anyway. If a cloud goes over the satellite you are out of services and your money until it passes. And ifi ts snowing or raining forget it you are just out of luck. Poor Service and Poor people services as well.

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  • Sh
    Shirley A. Willis Dec 12, 2008

    Hi My name is Shirley A. Willis, I want to make this complaint to you because I have spoken with a member of direct tv and a team manager about a bill that I received. The first one spoke down to me like I was a child. And the team manager just went right along with the other man I had spoken too.
    I had caught up my granddaughters bill by Sept 2008. Of 90. dollars and some change. A few days later I called and spoke with a lady who was very nice and I tolded her that I would paying the bills for my granddaughter and who I was. So she placed my name so that I would beable to call. Well it was just a few days later that my tv and my box would not work so I thought that it had been turned off. Even the additional box would not work. So That even made me no that it had been cut off. No I did not call the company because I did not have the money to keep the services and I new that I would not beable to continue paying for it.
    When I called and spoke with a rep. he spoke down to me like I was child and tolded me that I would pay for it or it would go on a credit report. I tryed to tell the man that I was a growned women of 56 years old and he did not have to speak to me like I was a child or stupid. But he continual to do so. So I requested a team manager to talk to. I stayed on the phone for 409 minutes waiting to talk to a team manager and then he just kelp telling me that it was my responsible to call and ask why they had cut it off. I ask to speak to his boss and I have been on hole for 1 hour and 20 minutes. until I just hung up. I have not been receiving bills from Direct TV. And today I did and when I did I called them and this is how I was treated. I am a caner patient and I do not need your employees telling me what I am going to do when I cannot afford to buy grogerys at times. I live bye myself and I enjoyed watching direct tv and now because of this I feel that I have been handle in a negative way and this reflects your company. You may call me and talk to me if you wish and I want to file a complaint against the two men I spoke with. The first guys name is andy. And his boss is tyler. The acct number I am speaking of is my granddaughters which is (68215530) Alicia Walker.
    My home phone number is (1-229-775-2088) You may call me in the evening. The amount is $101.96 and I do not feel that I should pay this when even now the box's in my home neither one is working. I have been using my rabbit ears to watch tv.
    Please reply to this complaints
    [email protected]
    I pray that the lord will help you to make up your mine to do the right thing and remove this bill from me. Or my granddaughter. I tryed to tell them it has not been on but neither one of the men would listen to me. All they are worry about is the money. And my granddaughter did work for you all and she loved it.
    God Bless you or who ever receives this letter of complaint
    Shirley Willis 13121 Adel Hwy. Barney Ga. 31625

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  • Ch
    charmayne Nov 04, 2009

    I am very upset and would never ever recomend anyone to this company at first all was well then a few months later we bought our first home and moved that was the start of this all we had trouble first with this company it took them over a month to move our service they kept calling and changing the date after a month i was upset then when they did come and move the service they advised no local channels and to call every month to see about coverage now its a year and four months later they do cover this area but it will coast me over $100.00 to change recivers to get local channels and it would not be installed for another month why should i half to pay for the recivers if i had local channels to start? when i asked customer service it was either take it and pay or keep what you have and explained i only had to month of my contract left if i wanted to cancel my service alot of help im stuck with a company that does not care about there customers and pay for service that doesnt work in rain or snow and pay for local channels i do not recive.

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  • Ch
    charles posen Jun 25, 2010

    I talked to two sales reps and two so called supervisors. Got 4 different quotes
    they all lie and cover for one another.
    After they installed the dish on our roof i received an email with a much higher quote.
    I tore up the contract that I signed prior to the installation, I was then told by the liars at Direct tv that the contract was valid.
    I had the installer take the dish off my roof, and told the liars at direct tv to shove it.
    You can never talk to the same person, to verify the quote, they are always at a
    different office but with the same phone no.
    I have never delt with such a dishonest company in all my life.

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  • Me
    meganleigh Oct 31, 2010

    On October30th I found a 417.96 unauthorized charge to my debt card from Direct T.V. After calling I was told that when i signed the contract it gave d.t.v. power to withdrawl funds at anytime if and when the acct was delinquent... I cancelled my service with them in July and requested the rreturn boxes. Some representitives confirmed cancelation some were unsure.. bottom line is they dropped the ball and the consumers are paying a huge price for it... Can you imagine anytime for any reason... UNRREAL'''''

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  • Ka
    Kathy R. Nov 21, 2010

    When I ordered This service, Direct TV., The add in the local newspaper said that you would recieve a video recorder. I have a handicap and had a Dr's Appointment that day, and my daughter stayed home to allow them in. They did not leave the recorder, I called and they said I HAD TO ASK FOR IT IN ORDER FOR THEM TO LEAVE ONE---NOT WHAT THE ADD SAID! I later moved 5 months later, and I packed all the equipment to the new address, as they said. Then they called me and said it would be 3WEEKS before anyone would be able to come and connect it. Plus they made me pay another $50.00 to come hook it up at my new residence, 10 miles away! Then, 1 nite, I wanted to rent a movie off of PPV, and they said I owed $ 206.00 back due. I always have paid my bills as they come in. And now the darn remote has messed up and I can't get my volume to work on my remote control, they will probably charge me again! Plus if I choose to disconnect, for any reason, I will have to pay $300.00, or they will charge it to my credit card, WITHOUT MY APPROVAL!!! They have a real game going on here.

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  • Li
    livlaughluv Nov 30, 2010

    I was working for smart circle a direct t.v. sub contractor and got fired for being pregnant... im a single mom with 3 kids, no sympathy what so ever and the holidays are coming up.

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  • Jo
    johnnye2 Jun 23, 2011

    I am new to direct TV. and I must say I am extremely disappointed. It has been a constant head ache from the start, everyday talking to sales agents, their supervisors and even their superiors . No one can seem to get it right. I know what I agreed to when the sales agent gave me the terms and condition. When I called and spoke to another agent to confirm it was completely different to what I agreed to. I am tired of these back and forth conversation that are getting me nowhere and I want a firm answer. I do not watch T.V. often that is why I never had cable in the past but when I was offered this supposedly great deal I felt it was time. What I agreed to was the choice ultimate package with the special rate of $30.00 for the first 20 months and last 4 months were going to go up to $40.00 and everytime i spek to someone new the price changes.

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  • An
    Annette Hawkins Jul 18, 2016

    I cancelled my Direct T.V. service on July 15th, 2011. Since that date, I have been billed on the 14th of each month for $110.61 for Direct T.V. Service which I do Not have. I have spent many hours on the phone with Direct T.V. trying to correct this or find out why my Visa acct. was being charged. I was just told that there was a problem and that the receiver that I returned is actually active on another acct. Unfortunately, I just noticed this on my Oct. Visa bill. After checking back on previous bills, I found that I was billed, each mo. $110.61 by Direct T.V. Again, I have not had Direct T.V. since July. I would like to have this resolved and be re-imbersed. This will NOT continue to happen because I have alerted Visa NOT to pay this. However, I'm STILL out several hundred dollars.

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billing dispute

Dear sirmad,
I called directtv to inform them that l"m moving out of my apartment to anew one.They told me they will come and fix for me on the 15th of october. They came and said they are not getting a signal so they have to put a pole in the land, so they said l shoud talk to the manager.l talk to her and she said no .I called again to ask one of your rep to cancell and she l can cancell because the contract has not ended. l said what should i do next, because when l don, t pay before the due date, you gonna charge me. she said not until 26th of october, so go and tell the manager that they gonna put on the land not in the land maybe she accept it.
I called again on the 25th to tell you know that manager said no, soyou should suspend the contract.she said l cannot suspend because l owe l tried to explained that l we have not use Direct for the whole this month so why should lget bill, she said no she cannot suspend, if l have a problem l should write to Directtv billing Dispute.So please if you can replay the recorded massages do so and suspend to contract without me paying a bill.thank you.

  • Dr
    drmelpal May 30, 2011

    My household previously had DirectTV service as a bundle package with Verizon. We found less expensive service for TV, phone, and internet through a different company and therefore terminated our service in Dec 2010. At the time of cancellation, we were told that there was a zero balance. We were therefore perplexed when a month ago we received a collection notice from DirectTV. My husband called DirectTV, and was informed that DirectTV had sent a bill to Verizon for service in January, and, because the account had been closed, did not receive a payment back. Apparently, several months later someone at DirectTV looked at the books and decided to hold us responsible for this clerical error, although no bills or notices were ever sent to us, until last month. After spending nearly 2 hours on the phone between various departments at both DirectTV and Verizon, it was concluded that an error was made by the DirectTV Accounting Dept, that we were not responsible for the payment. My husband requested a letter documenting this, and not only did he never receive it, I got word yesterday that this error is now reflected on my credit report.

    My husband again called DirectTV customer service yesterday and spoke to a representative named Armando. Despite the long period of time that my husband spent on the phone regarding this issue last month, we were dismayed that not only was it never resolved, very little of the prior interaction was recorded in your customer service system. Armando advised us that if we paid the balance in full, even though we were told previously that we were not responsible for this error, that we would get an immediate email showing that our balance was paid in full, and that we could take that to the credit bureaus. Unfortunately, when we followed this advice and made full payment over the phone, all we got was an email trying to sell us more services! Armando assured us that another email saying that payment in full was made would be sent once the payment had gone through. Today, activity on our credit card clearly marks that a payment went through, yet there is still no email documenting this from DirectTV, and now they have a payment for a charge for services never rendered!

    We now have submitted a letter to the CEO, Michael White, re-requesting our original letter, and now requesting a refund of the illegitimate charge. If this leads to immediate remedy of this situation, I will repost. If there is no subsequent repost, assume that we were hosed.

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  • Sh
    Shawn Ashford Jul 16, 2011

    attention:direct tv I recieved a call from my bank on 7/18/11 about charges being charged to my account. Im not sure if this is from a previous issue that
    I thought was resolved, or from some new issue that demands my attention.In dec. 2010 I let a friend use my credit card number because a representative he was speaking to told him that he needed a credit card number to waive a fee. I spoke with the guy myself he told me that I would never have to worry about any charges or fees he just needed a credit card to waive the fee. About two months later I did recieve a charge for my friends cable bill. I called, explained the situation, and was tolded that my card was on auto-pay, which it should not have been. I ended up paying a bill that was not mine. At that time I was supposed to have been taken off of that account, now Im recieving new charges and I would like to know why?this is causing serious problems for me, and I need to have this resolved as soon as possible. PLEASE CONTACT phone#(651)-592-7674 email [email protected] thank you Shawn Ashford

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  • No
    noelle1222 Sep 28, 2011

    DirectTV was the only carrier offered with our apartment building when we opened in 2008. For these exclusive rights they offered one comp account, which I was given as property manager of the building. When they set up the corporate account and my account they ran my personal information and set up the account under my name, social security number, etc.. My account was covered for a year until I ran into billing issues. They eventually shut off my cable because I was not paying the bill which was supposed to be comp for the exclusive rights to our building (which they still maintain). I now live in Virgina and I recieved a call that I was sent to collections for this bill. I have tried so so so many times to get this resolved. When I call customer service they have no answer for me but to pay the bill. When I ask to speak to a supervisor I am either placed on hold for 10 minutes or my call is dropped. The few chances I have had to speak to a supervisor, the advice was to email billing disputes. When I do this I get the same answer: See below.

    Now my credit is in jepordy because I cannot resolve this issue with DirectTV despite the countless hours I have called, sat on hold, been passed around and dropped or emailed. I am so frustrated and I just want this issue to be resolved as I have been fighting with them since 2008.

    Billing Dispute

    Discussion Thread
    Response Via Email(Leisly C. - 100321668) - 09/27/2011 02:00 PM

    Thanks for writing. I'm sorry to hear about your billing concern. Please know that your satisfaction is one of our primary concerns. Let me help you with this.

    As I checked your account, I see that the balance now of $285.96 includes $125.00 for non return fee for an HD receiver, $15 for disconnect fee and $133.09 for the services that was used before the account was cancelled plus taxes. These charges are incurred for your account and services alone not for the whole apartment building.

    We have reviewed the information you provided and we have found that your account reflects the correct amount due. However, you can return the receiver back to DIRECTV and the non return fee of $125.00 plus taxes will be reverse.

    If you want to make an arrangement about this balance, you can contact the collection agency where we forwarded your account. The collection agency is CBE Group Inc and you can contact them at 877-224-6529.

    Thanks again for writing, Ms. Patera. We respect your time and I appreciate that you've given me the opportunity to personally address your concerns.


    Leisly C. 100321668
    DIRECTV Customer Service

    P.S. Have a question? Anytime, any topic, instant answers - support.directv.com The Answer Center provides you helpful information, 24/7, all at your fingertips

    Customer By Web Form - 09/26/2011 02:53 PM
    Sent to collections over a bill that was supposed to be covered by my apartment building corporate account. My apartment building signed exclusively with Direct TV and in return Direct TV provided 1 comp account. When Direct TV set this up they ran my information and credit check. This caused the account to move from corporate comped account to an account under my name where I was billed and sent to collections. This was not suppose to be billed directly to me. I have tried to resolve this for years and I need to speak to someone who handles billing to resolve this issue or we will have to remove Direct TV from our apartment building (and future apartment buiding) exclusive offer.

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false / misleading information

I was offered a special package/rate deal due to being a "loyal customer" (5 years) and the fact that direct tv was discontinuing the total choice plus package that I currently have in a few months. I was told since I was a "loyal customer", I could get the sports package and all movie channels for $10 dollars extra for the next 4 months. After which, I would have to call and cancel if I didn't want to continue with it.
Three days after receiving this new deal, my bill went from $70.96 to $162. I was told that my bill included a $49.95 charge from having a defective receiver changed out by a tech (Wasn't informed about the fee by the service dept) , but that still doesn't explain why i'm now paying $41.00 dollars more. I tried to cancel the deal, but they claim i'm under contract for 4 months and another 18 months due to the new received that i'm leasing from them... What a crock!.
I really hate the way they leave out the details or completely omit them while their locking you into these deals.
Consumer beware. This is the first time in 5 years of doing business with them that i've had an issue, but the way this started and the way it's being handled is totally unethical and unprofessional.

  • D0
    D'rectumTV Mar 18, 2009

    I started a contract with DirectTV almost 3 years ago. During this time, the DVR failed. I was paying the extra insurance fee to cover any equipment failures, so they replaced it. The technical rep was surprised that I had that particular DVR as he said it had known failure issues and was no longer in their product line. OK, so I had the insurance AND the DVR was a known poor quality unit. Due to economic circumstances I can no longer afford the $76 a month or any monthly fee for that matter. I called Direct TV and canceled. The customer service person said I would have to pay a cancellation fee. I asked why and explained that the replacement DVR was not a requested upgrade - the one they installed had failed, so OF COURSE it was replaced. He said he had waived the fee. Several more calls from DirectTV to get me to stay with them, each person mentioned the cancellation fee, I recounted the story, they said the fee had been deleted. Today I get a bill for a $304.60 cancellation fee. Three calls to billing in which they listened and agreed I shouldn't pay. They each noted that I shouldn't pay and then put me through to connections or the "ACE" department to finalize it. No one bothered to tell "ACE" about the deceptive business practices and how it brings about bad juju to your company. Each person insisted that when the DVR broke, by getting it replaced (remember it was INSURED) I was extending my commitment by 24 months. So, I had a choice not to replace the DVR, not to watch my DirectTV service for a year and have no extension, but since I had the DEFECTIVE DVR that THEY installed replaced, I was automatically signing on to another 24 month agreement. I tried to stay with the logic of the argument but find it unbelievable. "Leah" told me that I should not have allowed them to install the defective DVR in the first place (my bad!). When I mentioned that I would take this to the Colorado Atty General's office as an official complaint of deceptive business practices she stated that DirectTV had their HQ in Colorado "so good luck!". If you are researching DirectTV prior to signing up my input is don't do it. I don't know if Dish or Comcast have this same rule but it appears that if DirectTV installs poor quality equipment and you have it replaced at various intervals, theoretically they can keep your commitment to them extending indefinitely into the future. The world truly is their oyster - unless you want to be chained to them indefinitely or be forced to make a mega payment to separate for whatever reason - DO NOT SIGN WITH DIRECT TV!!!

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  • El
    ElvisR-NY Jun 04, 2009

    Been with DirectTV for over 7 years. We had the Premium package ($147 monthly)with 4 leased boxes. DirectTV offered us two FREE HDTV boxes, with free installation. Everything was perfect! All I had to pay was $9.99 additional monthly.

    About 5 months later. We decided to close the account.

    The Rep told us that we needed to close the account via writing, because we are longtime customers and will get assessed termination fees because we were on a two year contract because of the FREE boxes we accepted. bear in mind that was NEVER explained when the offer was made. We wrote the letter but still got assesed the exhorbitant fees. This is what they said, "Even if the Rep did not tell you on the phone, we send the terms out in writing." That's all fine and dandy, but everything we do with DirectTV and all our bills are electronic. Meaning, we do not receive paper bills from DirectTV. So we do not open mails, as 90% are marketing materials. I sent emails to them, letting them know we are not paying the ridiculous fees.

    To be honest, I was planning to switch back to DirectTV, but after this it will take a year and 12 millenia before I do that. I have no issue with their service, but their marketing tactics are unscrupolous, and borderline - if not outright - illegal. I will not tell anyone not to sign with DirectTV, but do not accept anything FREE from them. It ain't!

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how you fix directv billing problems

I ran into their scam billing / cancellation problems last year. They claimed I owed a balance when in fact...

dishonest and thieves

I canceled my service with direct tv and requested they mail me the return kit for the convertor box because I was moving. I advised of the date I was moving and that I would need the kit before that date. Twice I contacted them regarding this. They mailed the kit the day after I moved. When I finally got a new address they billed me for the convertor box because I had not returned it after I had again contacted them to give them a good address to mail me the return kit. So now they have my money and the convertor box. They charged my credit card for the cost of the box! I contacted them for a refund and they said "the check is in the mail. " what check? Credit my card. They do not do refunds on credit cards, just charges. Oh by the way, it will take six to eight weeks to get the refund. What crap. Stay away from them. They are dishonest and thieves.

  • Di
    DirectTV'snewsucker Nov 26, 2010

    I signed up for Direct TV when I signed up for the triple play with Verizon last year. Of course, I had to sign on to Direct TV for a two year contract. At that time I did not get the local channels but I kept getting assurance that it was "definitely" on its way to my area. I was directed to go online and get a waiver for CBS, ABC, Fox and NBC from the east coast area (New York.). CBS, Fox and ABC granted me a waiver for $2.50 each a month. NBC refused. Finally, when I called this past fall they told me that the local channels would be available in my area in November. But I had to keep calling to find out. Today when I called they said it is now available in my area. However, I would have to upgrade my equipment to HD. I said okay what is that? One time fee of $199 for my livingroom TV with DVR and an additional $94.29 for my bedroom TV. Then they will charge me an additional $10.00 a month for local service. What happened to the free local service that they advertise??? I told the poor sales person who had to listen to my bad language for 5 minutes that I felt it was a rip off and that Direct TV was sounding more like the Comcast everyday with the additional fees and costs. If things don't change I will definitely seek my service elsewhere or just sell the TV's and start listening to music.

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  • Gh
    ghp1952 Mar 06, 2011

    When I moved to Rhode Island from New York, the only TV service that carried the YES channel was Direct TV. The original sales person, who sounded like he was drunk, told me that I would get the YES channel. After the installation I put on the YES channel to watch a Yankee game and found that I did not have the service. I called Dircet TV and was told that it takes time for all of the channels to load up. Two days? When I still get it two days later, I again called was told this time that I had buy a certain sports package (additional $150.00) to get the channel. I paid them the money and again two days still did not have the service. I called again and now was told that the only way to get the Yes channel was to purchase their top of the line sports package (additional $250.00). Even with this additional I would only beable to get 42 games out of 162. I told them that I was tired of being lied to, I wasn't going to pay them anymore money and that I wanted to cancel their service. They said it would cost me $491.00 to do so and told them what they could do with their cancellation fee. I then spoke to a woman in their disconnect department who after I told her the whole story, she told me that she was going to write up the original salesman for misleading me. I also told her that I wanted them to take down their equipment and make any repairs needed to my roof. She was very sympathetic but said that I would still have to pay the disconnect fee. I told her no way and that I wanted to speak to the President of the company. She told me she couldn't transfer my call to him, but when I received my last bill, with the disconnect fee on it, there would be a phone number on the back of the bill which would connect me direct to the President's office. I got the bill, called the number listed on the back and was connected to the Service Department. The woman who was so sympathetic lied to me as well. I called DirectTV three times over the next 2 months telling them to come and get their crap off of my roof. No one ever came. I finally stopped calling. Each time I got another bill, I threw it in the garbage. I finally got a bill from a Collection Agency. I called them and told them I wasn't paying it and the reason why and told them their client could take me to court where they would lose as I had the entire story documented and would have this wedbsite with me to show the Judge what a crap company Direct TV really is. I never heard anything further. Eight months later I got another bill from another Collection Agency, which I threw in the garbage. Meanwhile, no one ever came to take down the dish. It was now time to get back and I did some research. I found out who the CEO of the company is (David White) and where headquarters is ( El Segundo, CA) and started sending him bills for free advertising they thought they were getting by not taking down their dish. I was charging them $2.00 per day and back charged them to the month after I had last demanded they take down the dish. Each bill has been sent directly to Davd White via registered mail. After White received my first 2 bills I got a phone call from a flunky employee who told me that they would not pay my bill and they had no one who could come take down the dish. I was also told that the dish was actually mine as I had payed for it in the beginning. There is no way that I paid for this dish with the little amount of money I originally laid out. Another lie. I then told each flunky that they had installers who could just as easily remove the dish and make the needed repairs to my roof. I was told the installers did not know how to remove the equipment. Another lie and I told the guy he must be a complete idiot to think I would believe his lie. I then informed the last [censor] that the bills would keep coming and when I decided they had had enough time to pay them, I would engage my own Collection Agency to come after David White directly. If this didn't get me satisfaction, my next step would be to go to the media. The bills are now totalled to about $1200.00. I think this is a great ida to go after this shoddy company and everyone else who still has the damn dish on their roof should start billing Direct TV for advertising. If you are interested, I will be glad to give you the mailing address to send your bills to.

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no service call

I've used directv for a few years now only because comcast didn't offer as much. If you can put up with glitches, no sound at times, tiled and frozen screens and poor weather reception then they're your company.
I had a tech (They are not techs) to my home to fix a no sound problem. He left with no cable connection so I could record a program and watch another and added a broken up picture (Tiled). I called diredtv the same day to tell them my problem. The problem now was because the first guy screwed it up it becomes some kind of "special management" case and requires a manager to allow the guy to come back to fix the problem.
I first called diredtv on the friday they were here. It took six days to finally have a "manager" call me. That was after calling them everyday for six days. Then this idiot of a manager says it will be another five days until a tech can return. That's a total of eleven days without tv reception.
This kind of business incompetence should be addressed by the fcc.
Anyone considering doing business with directv should surely think twice. They're reception is poor.
They're hd recorders take several seconds to just change the another channel. I don't have enough room here to say all that i've found unsatisfactory with diredtv. Find someone else, please

cancellation fee on non existing contract

Today I cancelled my direct TV service because frankly, the service is interrupted everytime it rains and Direct TV advertisements are so much louder than the rest of the programming that we must have the remove close by to mute the ads.
So when I called to cancell, they advised me that I have to pay untill 210 because when I activated their service their terms of service say that it is a two year contract.

I have asked for a copy of a signed agreement where I agreed to a two year contract and they of course have none, because I would not have signed one. The go back to saying that when I activated I automatically agreed to a two year contract.
Of cousrse what will happen next is that Direct TV will send me a bill, I will refuse to pay it on the basis that I did not agreed to a contract, next they will give the "Froudualent Bill" to a collection company who will file a collection notice on my credit report in order to damage my credit and force me to pay. I will send the entire process to my attorneys and they will contact the collection company.
I have instructed my attorneys to file legal proceedings if necessary.

The important thing here is that Direct TV is in financial trouble and is going trying to force costumers to stay with them even if the have to beat them up fiancially. The days of the thug with a baseball bat are gone, now comapnies use froudulant documents lawyers and collectors to do their wor.

I will keep you posted on my fight with Direct TV.

PS: If there are many other people out there that have had this kind of issues with Direct TV, there may be grounds for a Class Acction Case against them.

  • Dl
    dlwsvcl Apr 01, 2009

    I am definately in pursuing a class action lawsuit against Direct TV, DEFINATELY. I am being charged an early termination fee of $378. and only had the service for 2 days. THIS IS A SCAM ORGINAZITION.

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  • Pa
    Pastor_George Apr 20, 2009

    I would love to hear what happens with this. We owned our receiver outright and had for many years. One night mysteriously we could not get any PPV channels. After many attempts at "resetting" the receiver the customer service girl said they would have to send us a new set. I was OK thats fine. No mention of "leased" equipment and nothing on any boxes or the device.

    I went to cancel today and was told I had an 18 month contract. I too asked to see a singed contract and go the same "you have an activated set so you agree" They want $320 out of me.

    Where do we start the lawsuit?

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  • Dl
    DLHI Nov 09, 2009

    I signed on with DTV and the dish was installed on 10/21/09 and today is 11/09 and during that time I have been able to watch only a few hours of Television. To date my TV does not work. Channels change on their own (when the TV displays) most of the time it is black with no picture. A tech came out to my house, pressed a button or 2 and got a local channel and told me (hang on to your hat) the power strip in my entertainment center was acting like a firewall! Talk about a line AND what makes it worse is there was nothing plugged into the power strip in my ECenter and he expected me to believe that line of garbage! I told him the tech that hooked it up plugged the strip in and his response was "We only found out about this on Wednesday 11/04!! He left and it wasn't 5 minutes later I was without a picture so I call DTV and they said he would be contacting me; 3 hours later no call so I called back. At that time they told me he couldn't make it and the supervisor would be contacting me. I never heard from the supervisor! I contacted customer retention who said they were going to send a "real technician" out to my house on 11/14 to solve the problem which is yet another line of garbage. So, at this point I will be without service from 10/21 thru 11/14 and getting closer to that 30 day window. I was told by the salesman and technician that hooked me up I had 30 days to cancel the contract but when I started having problems I was told by 2 reps I had 24 hours and the case manager said it was 72 hours! Right, like anyone can evaluate reliability in 72 hours. I told him I wanted to cancel my contract because DTV has not upheld their end of the contract. I have not had reliable service since inception and he told me it would cost me $482! Lawsuit...heck yes! I am more than ready! I would advise anyone to stay away from ALL services that have contracts! Go with cable (I would have if I could) or get a digital antenna and subscribe to NETFLIX OR start playing cards, board games etc. and get to know your family again. I have found TV is like smoking...I have been without it so long now I am getting used to it!

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  • Qu
    quank Feb 08, 2010

    They told me I had 30 days to cancell and when I tried to cancel they said you only had 24 hours. Now they want to charge me over $400 for a cancellation fee and wont let me see the "contract" I sighned.

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  • Ad
    Adrobat Feb 22, 2010

    I'm having the same problem with Direct TV. They are charging me for early cancellation when I clearly told them that I have the original flyer that advertises for 12 months and the receiver is leased for 12 months. Both the forms front and back does not specify 18 month contractual agreement. The installer never gave me a form to sign when he installed the dish. As a matter of fact he left a mess of cables all over the floor and I had to clean it up and patch the hole in the wall that he created. Please contact me if there is a class action lawsuit. I'm in
    [email protected]

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  • Na
    Narayan Ganpath May 14, 2010

    I am being screwed over by DirecTV for $ 260 -- early term fee. I had to move to a different housing subdivision that does not allow dish installs. No luck speaking to the reps (incompetent liars) or writing to billing disputes department. They all have the same scripted responses and do not care about taking care of their customers. A class action suit will teach them the right lesson.

    Ryan Ganpath

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  • Ma
    MARR Jun 29, 2010

    I too have been a victim of Direct TV and an 18-month contract. I put up with it for 17 months. Last straw is when I suddenly could not see the local area stations during the day -only before 7:00 am, as if done purposely- and was told that either I paid $155 for them to come and fix the disc and wiring, or I sign up for about $6 month service from then on. I refused and called to cancel. Then, and only then, they would give me some free stations, they would come and put a new dish and wiring (the existing one is only 17 months old...). I told them too little too late. Done and over with them. Then, they send me the final bill with a $20 early cancelation fee. I told them I would, and will NOT, pay for the late fee.

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  • Ov
    Overwelhmed May 28, 2013

    DirectTV placed a charge on my credit card for $400 for early cancellation fee of a 2-year contract. I never signed a 2year contract with them. I've asked them to provide me with an agreement I signed agreeing to a 2 yr contract. O f course, they are unable to do so because I never signed a contract with them. I"ve asked my bank to dispute the charges on my credit card as I did not authorize this. T he bank has agreed to do this and not pay DirectTV. However, they may be sending the bill to a collection agency next. What recourse do consumers have? Please let me know.

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Log of complaints with DirecTV This log is intended as record of problems I have dealt with DirecTV and i...

scam artists

My cable bill was out of control so I called Direct TV last month and asked about their options. I was told their options and chose one which best fit my family. I was told I would get a discount for one year if I agreed to a two year contract. I agreed. They said I would get a discount if I bundled and included ATT as my internet provider. So, I checked the price of ATT internet prices and they were equal to what I was currently paying, so I agreed.

She told me what my total was for my Direct TV and that included four receivers. I asked her if the price she just quoted me was a one time charge for the receivers or monthly, she chuckled, of course it was only a one time charge, so, I agreed. I got my first bill and there was no discount for anything. Then I got my bill for this month, the second bill. They had charged me for the receivers again and there was still no discount for the two year contract agreement or for signing up for ATT.

I called Direct TV and was told that I had to pay monthly for each of the receivers and I must have misunderstood the sales person. I am now paying way more for my cable then before I signed up for direct TV. She woman on the phone said that I was not receiving my discounts because they had never been activated so she activated them but would not make them retroactive to last month's bill. My bill is not exactly what it was before I switched to Direct TV.

I asked the woman on the phone to pull up the recorded conversation of my order where the woman tells me that the receivers were only a one time charge when I ask her. The woman told me that she could not listen to the conversation and if I wanted the recorded conversation, I would have to subpoena the recording.

When I told her to cancel my service, she said that she would have to charge me $400 for canceling my service. I was outraged. They lied about charging me for the receivers and then when they did not hold up their end of the bargain, they wanted to charge me $400 to cancel my contract.

I will continue to get hosed by Direct TV and after my contract is over, I will not stay with them. Do not sign a contract with Direct TV and record all your conversations with them. They are scam artists.

  • Gw
    G. Womack Mar 12, 2009

    I also was lied to on the phone when I ordered their service and was NOT told about any refund/rebate to bring my total down. I turned them into the BBB and got a response but I WILL NOT accept their offer to issue the $18.99 per month for 12 month rebate because I will NOT agree to pay $52.99 per month for the basic package. I was told it was $29.99 per month except for the first month which included some sort of fees . . . by the time the second month bill came, I realized I had been scammed. I also requested they listne to my conversation with their sales agent but they said they did not record it. . . let's all go to the attorney general's office!!! That's where I'm headed.

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  • Ja
    James Jul 28, 2009

    I discovered that Direct TV did not install HD after 2 years of paying for the service and they refuse to come out to correct the problem unless I pay for a service call; they refuse to refund my money and refuse to remove the charge from my bill.

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  • Jd
    JD1983 Jan 10, 2010

    Kinda messed up on your part that u don't know what you have after 2 years. Plus there is a 10 dollar fee for HD access a month and you can remove it online or they will be happy to remove it. I Love directv and there service. But come on, how do you not know what you are being billed for after 2 years?

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  • An
    Angela Feb 08, 2010

    My husband has been given orders to go back to Iraq, so he canceled with direct TV. Military personnel can not be held to contracts whenever they are called to duty because the service is of no use to them. He canceled on Dec. 4th 2008 by phone and email. The first week of January, we were shocked to see that direct TV had taken $544 from our checking account without permission or without giving a notice. My husband called Direct TV and the lady apologized for the mistake and said the money would be returned to our account immediately. After a few days, the money had not been returned, so my husband called again. This time a man told him it would be 7-10 business days. By this time, we had bounced many checks, because I had mailed out bills not knowing this money would be stolen from my account. I sent an email about the stress and hardship it was causing my family and got another apology and this person said that it would take up to 6 weeks! My husband called very upset and was told this time that Direct would not take responsibilty for the $410 in bad check fees they had caused, yet the week before he was told that Direct TV would refund the bad check fees. This is over $900 they have cost me during an extremly stressful time. I do not have money that kind of money to spare.

    This is my husband's third time going to war, I have three small children, and no family to help me because both parents are dead and I live in another state from my in-laws. Thank you direct TV, for supporting your military.

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  • Sp
    SpotSterling Oct 18, 2010

    I totally agree with Direct TV being a rip off. I took advantage of an offer from Direct TV and AT&T. When my Direct bill came it was more than I agreed. Same crapola from customer service. Told me I must have misunderstood. I am so happy to find out that after all these years I can't hear correctly, can't read correctly, and cannot understand simple agreement terms. And now to see the CEO of Direct TV on the tv show claiming it was his aim to "work out some bugs"- lol- why not start with the fraudulent way that the original sign-up agreements are being handled.

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direct tv is cheating the public

1. Direct tv refused to suspend tv service after i made this request by phone. They said my current bill had to be paid. The current bill was not overdue. I have been a customer for several years, have always paid my bills, have never had a billing problem.

2. Direct tv refused to suspend my tv service after i made the request a second time by way of a written note. I paid the current bill by its due date. I enclosed a note to suspend the service. Based on what direct tv had told me - the bill had to be paid and then they would suspend service.

3. Direct tv billed me a monthly charge after i had suspended service twice - by phone and by written note. Seems there is no communication between the billing department that received my written note and the department that suspends service; and, therefore, i must pay for a month of service after i had twice requested suspension of that service.

4. Direct tv refused to suspend my tv service after i made the request a third time, by phone. Direct tv said the the charges billed me for the month after i had twice requested suspension of service, by phone and by written note, had to be paid first before they would suspend service.

This company is outrageous. Direct tv is cheating the public with made up charges, making it difficult to suspend service so they can collect extra charges. This cheating company should not be allowed to operate in any area where there is no competitor. Their license should be suspended in all areas where they have no competition.

  • Ma
    mac2920 Mar 05, 2009

    Yes I have just experienced the same thing and catch this one. I had service for 18 months which was my commitment term-I cancelled one week after the 18 month-they charged me $125.00 for early termination and just yesterday I got socked with a a$52.82 cent charge. I called their customer service and you are transferred to the Philippines. I asked to speak with a manager and they told me this was for pay per view events that showed up on my access cards from 2007!!! Well I tried to tell this idiot that my phone line was never connected to any receiver so therefore I never got the event and yet you can try and steal my money from me 18 months later? There needs to be something done about this company legally. I am furious. Not only did I fill my commitment but also I had the most expensive HD package they carried for 5 rooms. How can this company be allowed to do this?

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