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Direct TV / early termination

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In March/April of 2008 I made a call to Direct TV to get info on there service, and decided to go with them as my provider for TV, after Directv gave us crystal clear information on if I were to move, which I was planning on doing so, Directv told me that if at my next residence if they did not have or I couldnt have the Directv service for what ever reason then I could have my service canceled with no early termination fee. Well I did move about a month later and canceled service due to my landlord telling me that there is already cable provided and did not want Directv installed on her property. I returned there equipment with the box and postage paid which Directv provided. Next thing I know is that Directv sent out early termination bill and sent out a collection agency for the early termination fee that I refuse to pay. They have also put this disputed debt on my credit report as well for $527.00, I have filed numerous complaints with Directv and they have promised to call back and never have. When I called them out to have service installed they missed 2 appointment and came on the third. When I moved out Directv would not come over to get equipment they installed on apartment, Fire Dept. came out and issued a citation for the installation Directv did which was totally against city code, called them again and they ignored me. Finally had to pay a handy man out of pocket to take down there equipment that was thrown away after Directv telling us do whatever you want with it you own it...what a joke. Directv is the WORST company I have ever dealt with...BEWARE...My suggestion is not to do business with them at all, there are plent of TV subscription companies out there that im sure provide better service then this.

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  • Kd
      7th of Aug, 2009
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    I used Direct TV for over a year and was generally pleased with their product. However I had to move to a new apartment complex that would not allow satellite dishes to be installed. When I called to cancel my service I was told that I would be assesed a $320 early termination fee. Now I have issues being charged a termination penalty when I had no choice on if I could keep my service, but the problem gets worse. The following Friday, Direct TV withdrew the $320 from my bank account without notifying me that this was going to happen. This in turn caused me to have several NSF fees related to checks I had written not knowing that Direct TV was going to to this. Direct TV should have billed me the early termination penalty and at least given me 30 days to pay or contest the issue. Instead they have caused me many unnecessary issues and I will make sure nobody I know will ever do business with them again.

  • Fi
      5th of Dec, 2009
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    Print your own ### Direct TV tee shirts!
    File with the FCC!!
    this is what is sent them! I WILL DO
    thank you for finding a solution for your catch 22 situation. I moved to a rainy place where all my neighbors say they cannot get good reception. It will cost me $199 to move and your customer service rep told me No refunds on bad service. Now i have a $140.00 cancelation fee.
    That is not fair. Sorry but i can't pay that. I will file with the FCC, FTC Florida coorperation commision, Buy media, Ceate a web site. Small Claims court with TV cameras. You can find a solution other than black mail. Thank you for your attention. Dan R

    Email reference #091205-000653

  • Ap
      6th of Dec, 2009
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    I had direct tv for a long time, but switched to dish for the what was supposed to be lower rates.I found out that dish was the wrong company.I went back to direct tv within a month and yet they charged me an early termination fee.i think this is bad business .they took 440.00 out of mt checking account with out my permission.

  • En
      25th of Mar, 2011
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    After being forced to use Direct TV because of a contract with the apartments we live in, we had to switch from Dish to Direct TV. First, we ordered DVR's, but they only gave us receivers. I lost my job and had to move in with my mother. They said I had to pay early termination fee. When did I sign a contract? I told them Dish doesn't do contracts...obviously if I disconnected with them! Customer Service told me Dish was the same and had contracts. Not only am I on a contract, it's 24 months. I have never been contracted with ANYTHING longer than 12. No wonder they charge fees to leave them, because everyone wants to leave them. This is ridiculous and not in the customers best interest. Dish TV will go down someday because of this entrapement.

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