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bait and switch!

In november of 2006 direct tv was promoting a free ipod if we signed up. I thought "this is too good to be true", red flag, red flag!!! But being the trusting consumers that we were, we signed up. Several months later we received an off the wall brand portable dvd player, which of course wasn't what we signed up for. I want to point out that we never broke the seal to the box. We contacted direct tv who in turn had us call the mystery people that are supposed to supply the free ipod. The first guy told us to keep the dvd player and that they would send out the ipod, which never came.

So we called again and were told by another person to send the dvd back with the enclosed return shipping label, a letter of explanation, and they would then send us the ipod. We sent the dvd player back with the seal still intact and still have not received the ipod. I contacted direct tv customer service today to recant my "bate & switch" story and she told me there was nothing she could do about that. It is now march 18, 2008 and still no ipod.

I would love to hear if anyone else has encountered this same problem with direct tv.


  • Ro
    Ron Smith Dec 28, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Below is a letter that I sent to Direct TV regarding their "bait and switch" policy:

    I just finished a telephone conversation with several of your representatives and I am astonished by the lack of customer service your representatives exude. I have had the unfortunate pleasure of dealing with your Alabama call center for the last 30 minutes and if this is how you train your employees to deal with customer concerns your need to re-evaluate your training department.

    On November 15, 2007 my wife, Jennifer, transferred our account from California to Tennessee. The representative who established the account offered my wife the premier channels free for 4 months – there was no mention of the NFL Sunday Ticket package for $69.99 each month. This is where the bait and switch comes in and apparently Brandi in your Atlanta office condones this type of behavior as she wanted to argue the point that my wife had agreed to this. If the initial representative had offered this package with something to do with NFR (National Finals Rodeo) or some type of programming along this line she probably would have taken the package, but definitely not football. Neither my wife nor myself watch football except for the occasional college game. This is the reason I know that my wife did not agree to the NFL package.

    After speaking to a representative that I did not get the name of, I then spoke to Adam who could not help me. Adam transferred me to Ashley who was able to assist me to a degree, she waived the December billing and canceled the NFL Sunday Ticket programming, but was not able to take care of the November 15th to December 16th billing. Per Ashley this is an agreement you have with the NFL? Ashley then transferred me to Brandi who wanted to argue the point and did not want to let me speak. When I asked to speak to her supervisor she refused. I finally was able to get out of her that the call center manager was Sue and that they were located in Alabama, but she refused to give me any other information or transfer me. She also finally gave me the office of the president, but very reluctantly.

    The bottom line is: I want the $69.99 waived for the 11/15/07 to 12/16/07 billing cycle as we never requested this service. At this point it is not a matter of money, but it is a matter of principle as if this is the type of customer service your company condones, it is not a company that I would like to do business with. Up until our move to TN I was very satisfied with Direct TV, but since we have moved here, the installer showed up at 8pm on the second appointment – he missed the first one, and did not leave until midnight. You company did give us a missed appointment credit, but now I have to deal with this situation and customer service that is far below a minimum standard.


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  • Sc
    Scott Johnson Dec 28, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I did some leg work & located their corporate office number which is (310) 964-5000, try to call them. Explain the issue in a calm manner (don't be ### or angry) & explain why you think it's unfair & see if they will be able to assist you.

    Generally that would be the final step with the company to get the charges reversed.


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  • Ka
    Kay Aug 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I completely agree with the lack of proffesionalism that I recieved from this company. We have been customers with them for more than 13 years and have always paid our account on time.

    The last times that I have called to speak with someone, I was blantantly called a liar and was treated with total disrepect by several of their representatives. No one would address my problem and extended our "commitment" with out any authorization. When I asked questions from different representatives, I was given completely different answers. When I asked them to produce "paperwork" to substantiate their claims, they told me that this was not possible and there was nothing that I could do and then hung up on me. Also, even though I have ducumentation to prove that I had previous calls to them regarding my issues, they again called me a liar.

    I will be taking this company to task for treating me in such a unprofessional manner and urge others to not go with this company for their provider.


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  • Fe
    Fed Up Mom Oct 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    That’s not the only time they do bait & switch. When I upgraded to my HDDVR, I was told I needed a new dish, but that the upgrade was free. The tech came and installed my dish, but they charged me a 49.99 relocation fee, which they said was to move and set up the other existing DVR that I *physically* carried to my bedroom upstairs and that *I* programmed myself. I was the one who pointed the dish and programmed the new DVR. They did credit it to me.

    The charge was incurred because after the tech came out and installed the dish, I realized I didn’t have two lines run to my bedroom for the existing DVR. I made a call to Direct TV to have them do this, and thus, was charged. However, the tech who installed my dish said I need to have a wall fish and that it would be $60. I called Direct TV with that information to set up the service call, and the rep said well, it’s only $49, so be it. That charge was added to my bill, and I paid it before the second service call happened.

    When the tech came back out (a different tech, a different company this time), I was then told it was $120 because it was two floors and that I needed to pay him. When I explained that I was quoted $60 and that I had already paid Direct TV, he gave me a supervisor line to call. The idiot rep tried to tell me that the $52.36 on my recent bill was not for the extra line run charge, but was for pay per views because I had swapped my receiver (sent it back) and kept the card.

    The idiot rep didn’t even realize I had kept the entire receiver and relocated it myself to the bedroom. She then asked the tech if there was any evidence of new lines ran.

    When I asked her how he would have this information, she said there’s a database he can call up to to find out. I asked her if he would have received this information prior to coming to the call, because he was standing right there in front of me using MY landline to speak to her. She told me that no, he could use his cell phone to call another number.

    I asked her how that was going to be possible while he was talking to her on my landline and I was right there in front of me.

    Basically about 8 hours later of holding, screaming, sighing, and speaking thousands of foreign languages to figure out what the heck happened here, I realized that you don’t call Direct TV to have custom labor, like wiring a second line, done. You have to call their contracted installer, and you are at the mercy and whim of whatever tech comes out and quotes it.

    If you don’t like that price, you can refuse service and make another appointment, but be prepared to wait three months and be given several songs and dances about how the hurricane has put everyone’s installation dates off even if you don’t even live anywhere near where the hurricane hit.

    I asked if Direct TV thought that this practice was reasonable. If someone calls up a store, is quoted a price, makes the drive out to the store, and talks to a rep while at the store, and is waiting on this piece of equipment in order for something to work, and is the told at the register that it is double the price, I think most people would feel that is predatory business practices, and leave.

    When I suggested to Direct TV that I get the quotes in writing first and decide who I want to install my cable, they asked me if I thought it was reasonable to cut them out of the deal, and I retorted, do you think the extra $60 is going into YOUR pocket?

    Yes, I think it’s reasonable when I have someone drilling into my siding, stapling into my drywall and doing something not to electrical code that I DO HAVE a choice in whom I pay and WHAT I pay for that service.

    I have had Direct TV since 2000, and in the last three years, I have never seen such customer service gaffes from a company. I explicitly went with this company due to the same stick-it-to-ya practices that cable was engaging in….

    Now….I’m not sure I’m going to have satellite service again. What crap - if I ran my business as such, I wouldn’t have customers, and I’d be reported to several governmental agencies and sued out the yin yang.

    Unfortunately, the only voice with have here is with our dollars and who we decide to give them to.

    Try complaining here: if enough of us do it, maybe they’ll listen:

    Senior VP Ellen Filipiak
    Direct line (310) 964.6508

    DirecTV Corporate Offices
    2230 E. Imperial Highway
    El Segundo, CA 90245
    Attention: Office of the President

    Chase Carey President & CEO

    John Suranyi President Sales & Service

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  • Th
    The Sanders Feb 25, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My husband took advantage of the "Refer A Friend" promotion. He has since been on the phone at 3 hour intervals (including a call center in Mexico!!!) to find out why he is not receiving the $10 monthly rebate?!

    He was told (a) It was not set up properly, but we cannot fix it for you. He should have talked to so-and-so...but how were we to know that when he called the number on their promotional flyer????

    (b) That even though he was talking to customer service (this is Mexico) he could not be transferred to a Supervisor because of their procedures. So, if William could not help him, too bad, no suprevisors are to be bothered???

    (c) That even though he called the 800 number provided, you need to talk to (1) new service (2) customer service (3) billing, etc. etc, all at the SAME 800 NUMBER HE ALREADY CALLED????

    (d) DirectTV contracts out their service. Initial installing and customer service, so even though they answer the phone as DirectTV, they are NOT DirectTV...and we know this how??? By trying to get something corrected that apparently nobody wants to take ownership of. EVERY department transferred him to yet another department, also known as Passing-The-Buck!!!

    (e) He is now being transferred to the "Escalation" department. They are telling him that if their "Activation/New Service department" set it up incorrectly, too bad nothing can be done, even if it is DIRECTTV'S fault!!!

    So, we ask for the Corporate Office phone number, can only get a PO Box number, and we all know what file that goes into...13!!

    Do we wish that we had read complaints before signing up...of course!! Hopefully others reading about the dissatisfied service given to their customers, they will think long and hard before buying into their "Special Offers" programs, or any other new services.

    Trust me, this company is good on Offering specials, but short on delivering on them. I mean really, should it take longer to get an answer as it does to give birth????

    The "Escalation" department is none other than the other 30 departments we have talked to...totally useless!!

    Sorry to sound so bitter, but really, can all these complaints be ignored?? Apparently, the answer is YES.

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Resolved awful company!

Everything is great the first year, then after your contract is up, they of course raise your rates, and when you try to cancel, they only give you seven days to get their equipment back to them. They shipped the boxes by fed ex on 3/14, I canceled on 3/12, it's 3/17 I still have not received the boxes, I just told the jerk customer service idiot that there was no way I can get the equipment back to him in seven days, and all he could say was I haven't been charged yet, of course not, it hasn't been seven days yet. I told him flat out I wasn't paying, and he said Alright, then I told him to have a nice evening A-hole.

All their customer service people are rude and have bad attitudes. Do not go with directv. Plus, they don't want their stupid dishes back, only the receivers and remote controls, what am I going to do with their stupid dish.

  • Jo
    John Apr 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The quality of the signal is terrible. If it rains in the slightest amount, I can plan on listening to the radio for the evening.

    When I expressed my concern about bad signal in rain to the agent when I purchased the service, I was told that they improved the quality of service and she only had problems in serious weather conditions. What a crock!

    When I call and complain, the person at customer service says that loss of signal is normal. They walk me through the normal tests then say that the dish is misaligned. They suggest sending out a service technician. Think there will be a charge? I will ask for assurance that there will be no fee for a service complaint.

    Must be nice; no signal you pay. Don't pay, they turn off the service. They turn offthe service, you still pay. WOW!!!

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  • Am
    Ambrosio Santos Apr 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I subscribed to Direct TV on March 29th after my request with Dish Network to reroute my dish wiring through my bedroom window to comply with our condo association's regulations was declined without charges. I got the Preferred Choice package which includes TFC, HBO, STARZ and Showtime for $62 per month for the 1st year and will go up to $72 per month thereafter plus the $6 Protection Plan. I was also in their website during the subscription process and the Preferred Choice package was not shown in the options since I was told it's an international package. I specifically asked (confirmed 3 times) if the Military is included in the package and 3 times I was given a "yes" answer. Concluding the deal I was given a 12PM to 4PM time window that the Direct TV technician will arrive to install everything. I took a half-day off from work to make it happen and 4PM past, no technician. After several follow-ups with Direct TV the technician finally arrived @ 5:50PM. Everything were going smoothly till after the 1st TV was operational, I started to check the channels and found out that the Military channel is not included in the package. I called Direct TV and was told that the Preferred Choice package I subscribed for does not include the Military channel. I reiterated the deal I had on March 29th and the rep I was talking with offered me the missing Military channel but a completely different package altogether. Price went up to $98/month for the 1st year and will increase to $133 thereafter. I called for the complaint @ 9:35PM PST and the technician have not finished installation yet. I was threatened to be penalized $20/month for 48 months, the length of the contract if I will not confirm cancellation at that very moment. I was also charged $25, as a deposit, which I was promised, will be reimbursed to me in my 1st month's bill. Given no choice I had to cancel because the contract I agreed upon on March 29th was completely modified.

    Direct TV's deceptive practices to consummate the sale are unacceptable. They will revise the package which will jack up the pricing and the threats you'll be given to give in to their altered offer on the package will make people agree to their terms is unacceptable. I wish to put a stop on this approach of Direct TV and penalize them for continuing to threatened people of penalties despite their deceptive practices. The installation was completed @ 10PM PST, March 31st and I cancelled the service 25 minutes earlier.

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terrible experience!

For the past 5 months, Costco & Directv have been running a joint promotion. If you sign up for Directv at...

Resolved damaged our roof during removal

We were loyal customers for DirectTV (Account Number: [protected]) for 2 years since 2005, and here is what we...

scam on bundling services

offered contract by cinci bell to switch serv from time warner cable to cincin bell and direct tv-contract...

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false information

When i originally agreed to sign up for Direct TV there was a promotional advertisement going on now that i've gotten my services installed and i received my billing statement the price that was told to me is not what im being charged i've spoke to two representatives in which one said that I may have been incorerctly billed so she would transfer me to a supervisor whom i spoke to and basically was told whomever initially set up the account gave me wrong information and i was wasting my time because there is nothing he could or would do to correct the false information that was given to me.

I am completely unsatisfied with the way the situation was handled I spoke to three different representatives from Direct TV in which all of them have given me different informaton i fell as though they tell u one thing to get you to sign a contract and then bill u for whatever they want and that is totally unaccetable and i would like to get this matter resolved a.s.a.p.

  • Th
    Thomas Bergstrom May 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I signed up for direct TV about a year ago I think. I was quoted an amout with several specials offered to me for leaving cable and going to Direct TV. I bought the DVDDR with a discount also. When the installer came to my house, he hooked eveything up. When he was finished he called a representive at direct and she went over the EXACT AGREEMENT that I had agreed to. There was no problem. The next day the channels were not all working, when I called Direct TV I found out that I was now signed into an agreement that cost more and didn't have the package I agreed to. I made several calls, the customer service was very rude, would not help, actually said there was no package even offered that I had agreed to. After the rudeness, no help from the customer service and now I didn't have the package I agreed to, I canceled my service after three days. I then was charged a bill for breaking my contract. NOTE: The contract and service that I never agreed too. Several months later, Direct TV told me if I mailed my DVDDR back my account would be cleared. So I mailed back the DVDDR that I paid for and owned, and now I have a collection agency calling morning, noon, and night. Can you please correct this problem for me. If I have to pay anything, I want my DVDDR mailed back to me, Thomas R. Bergstrom, phone #707-746-8855

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  • Pa
    Patrick Marceau Jan 10, 2011

    Direct Tv is very misleading .
    When you talk to the sales team and set up your account they dont tell you that in order to get the refferal reward for some one that recomended you you have to set it up before you sign on the instalation. That is also the case for there Rebates. and when I gave them my cridet card information for a one time payment of $19.99 service fee to start it up they billed me for $57.99 a month in advanc and took it direct from my account, They also set it up as a direct with drawl from my account for the rest of the payments .
    I contacted customer service and the reply was " You should have read the fine print" and " To bad what it is is what it is "
    I'm not done with this yet .

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dvrs are horrible as is customer service

I was a customer in love with directv. Never had one problem in almost four years. I had the wonderful...

online signup

Tried to sign up for Direct TV online. I got a screen that said there was a problem with my order and to call and gave a phone number. I found, when I called, that there was no problem, they just wanted to tell me that the first month would be $10 higher and that there would be a $21 fee for something.

None of this was on their website. I told the rep that their website was deceptive and to cancel my order. She just kept right on talking until I hung up.

I will do without satellite TV before I will do business with this company.

  • Ke
    kent phh Jun 17, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please stand up together we can make a right thing
    We will open a campaign to force Direct TV to provide their services to consumers rightful and Direct T V should obey the fed or/and state regulation that should protect consumers. Direct TV, They are running a big scam right now by giving out misleading information and flyers all over Medias. By many and many scams from Direct TV’ false advertisement, wrong billing, poor and incompetent customer service, Unauthorized over charge, cancelation fee and 24 hours only policy for cancelation, Harassing calls, scam selling, roof damage and more to notice. It is ridiculous for consumers that are allowed only 24 hours to cancel the services from the first day installation if consumers are not satisfied.
    We need stand up together to ask our Congress representatives, our senators, our local force law force, our State General Attorney to sent a clear and strong message to Direct TV. We want State and Federal open investigation on all over Direct TV misleading services to our consumers for many years. We should not allow this happen in our society today.
    We will collect all the problems you have, are facing with Direct TV and we will sent letters to all official agencies and Congress. Please have your name and address if applicable.
    Best Regards
    Kent Phh
    [email protected]

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free & 30 trial!

I am disputing the charges from DirectTV for $477.85 on 1/26/08. On December 13th 2007 I had DirectTV installed in my home. The reason I tried DTV was because they were doing a year-end promotion. The promotion was $39.99 for one year with a $20 off coupon per month for that time. They also had a 30-day return policy for this promotion. Obviously it was too good to pass up so we had it installed while keeping our regular cable company just in case since we had thirty days. On December 25th I emailed them (emails attached) to cancel the service, within the 30-day trial. I then saw on January 26th they charged me the above amount. I called and talked to Clover who stated I was correct and she would forward the email to the Management team for evaluation. I followed up with a email on their website inquiring about all this and never received a response back. Of course, you cannot get a copy of the contract you originally “signed” on line at the time of sign-up. So it is hard for me to prove this since it is not available to me.

This practice is unacceptable by DTV and I refuse to give them what they are NOT due. They are a bunch of lying thieves and no one in the legal system seems to care!

direct tv customer service sucks!

Direct TV is a mismanaged, horribly run company. If anyone is to search there are hundreds of complains logging the same infractions done by direct TV. Apparently, no one at Direct TV is bothering to take the complains seriously enough to make changes.

For the first month of service we have lost signal 4 times and for days at a time until a service tech as available. They mis-keyed the amount of the check to cover the balance and did nothing to rectify the situation. The original price we were quoted was not what was reflected in our monthly statement. What they do not tell you is that you have to apply for a rebate that takes months to reflect in your bill. This is unethical business practice and would not be tolerated in any other serious business. If direct TV is interested in keeping customers, as well as, obtaining new customers they would be wise to listen to the numerous complaints.

Beware of Direct TV...

  • Ch
    Chuck Feb 22, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The most horrible company I have ever deal with and share your feelings...I wanted to upgrade to the new HD programming and was told I needed to buy a new HD receiver..I had an older one, an HD also but was limited to a small amount of HD channels..I asked them if that was all I needed to upgrade and they said I needed a new dish... the dish is free of course but the receiver cost $300...so I bought it, set up an appt for dish install and waited... the installers came, told me that the new dish was twice the size of the old one and that I needed a full 360' line of sight.. so they wouldn't install it.. I canceled the service and immediately was locked out of my on line account... I was responsible for additional fees of course, for early termination, balance of current bill... but instead of sending me an e-mail advising that I had a bill due, they just took it, auto withdraw from my account without telling me they were doing it.. I know it says they have the right to be paid for any obligations, but at least advise me your taking money from me....I had check bounce against my account because I didn't know about it...Today I go into my bank acct and notice another huge withdraw for DTV... this is now a month since i left them... i called and they said i never returned the receiver which is leased... and that I should have received a return kit in the mail... never did.. so they went into my bank acct and took the money again without notice putting me in a position where checks may bounce again... If your thinking about direct TV... STOP and think twice... they are ###... by the way, info given to me by the installers was not accurate and all this occurred because they were too lazy to do the install... its cost me about $900 to be free and clear from them... NEVER AGAIN...

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  • Er
    erik appelo Jan 16, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    direct tv customer service sucks they want to charge me to fix their signal strength problem. i have been a loyal cuatomer for 11 years.. i guess that makes me a real sucker in thier eyes. no more i'm done with them.

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misrepresentation of product and price!

I called and ordered a 39.99 plan.As i was going to hang up the phone i this guy yell "i am throughing in ta nfl package for ya"! So i said great! Little did i know i would receive a bill for 90.00.I called direct tv and tried to explain. Every robot in that place had the same answer. Sorry you signed up for the nfl package ha ha. These people want me to pay 545.00 for cancellation. If my order was correct i would not have to cancel it. To make a long story short. The guys out on the street working for direct tv i found pleasant. The sales person i got on the phone was the lion king1 what a piece of trash. Direct tv is to be avoided. Do yourself a favor! Go cable!!! Don't get pinched!

  • Mi
    michael G. Lane Apr 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Something is happening too me right now.

    DirectTV is doing the same type of ripping off too me.
    When I ordered, I was told that I would get $18.00 off my bill for 12 months.
    DirectTV now says, that I'm only eligible for $13.00 for 12 months.
    I was also told at time of order, that I would get a $50.00 Visa Giftcard.
    I asked about that, and, they blew me off.
    I was also told at time of order, that I would get an additional $5.00 off because I use Qwest phone service.
    DirectTV Lied again!!!

    I do not have a problem paying anyone for services rendered, as long as the company doesn't lie or cheat to get business.

    I think everyone who has had a problem with DirectTV should do as I am going too do, and, that is go directly to the state Attorney General's Office.

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stole money from my bank account!

On or about December 21, 2007 I called Directv to start a service in a house that my wife and I had just purchased. The attempted install took place on December 26, 2008. That day I was told that I would need another card for the Tivo that was left here and after that all of the tvs would work. The cost was $20.00. I used my debit card on the installers phone to a customer service rep said they would promptly mail the card. The installer told me that all I would have to do is install the card and everything would work.

I received the card on December 30, 2007. That evening I installed the card and nothing. So I called technical support on the issue. A few hours of reading numbers on the back of the tivo, the card, hitting reset buttons, turning the tivo off for several five minute intervals and speaking to 4 different people, the entire system still did not work!

After several frustrating hours I was then told that the tivo box was still in the original owners name and if I would wait until February 7, 2008 they could get the system in my name and make it work. I called the previous owner on December 31, 2007 and asked him if he would call DirecTV and give them the ok to put the box in my name. He agreed to do so and actually did. On the evening of December 31, 2007 I attempted again to get it to work... NOTHING!

On January 2, 2008 I called and asked customer service if they could just get me a new tivo. Their response was yes, for $95.99 and I could receive in 7 to 10 working days. This was the best that they could do, and still no guarantee that it would wok then.

On January 3, I called to speak to a manager. I was asked why. I gave the reason why and the young lady tried to get me to go through the system of troubleshooting. I told her that I was past that and wanted not even try anymore. She asked me to hold on. Then connected me to the Disconnection Department who immediately tried to sell me a service that I no longer was willing to work with.

I rudely asked to speak to a manager! Once connected and I went through all of the issues with him and told him I was not interested. Then he told me that I had an eighteen month contract and would be charged $340.00 to terminate their service. I asked him, “What service, up to this point I haven’t had any service! I do not want to deal with you anymore!”

On February 1, 2008 DirecTV illegally withdrew $324.35 from my account using my debit card without my permission and without providing me with the first bit of service. Beware!

  • Oz
    Oznog16 Jan 28, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was a direct subscriber. I am also a disabled vet on a fixed income. Direct tv removed half of my disability check from my bank account without my knowledge in two withdraws from my bank account leaving me unable to make my house payment without help from my family and only 14 dollars to live on for the month. $432 and $108 were deducted 12-31-2014 and 1-2-2015. As I have been unable to work with direct tv on this matter I will be printing a picture of my bank statement showing how direct tv treats a disabled american vet and also links to the consumer watchdog site where direct tv complaints are extremely prevalent as well as sites showing the class action lawsuits over the early termination fees. I will be distributing this very important consumer warning over the action of direct tv in the hopes that others not fall victim of direct tv's treatment of their customers.


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ruined credit!

I had a account with Direct TV but due to the poor customer service I canceled my account > I paid my last bill in full my contract was over so everything should have been over - until I started receiving phone call for a Brenda Gomez and a Brenda Longoria from collection agencies . I noticed I had 2 alerts on my credit report and they were from 2 different collection agencies .Direct TV had placed a Brenda Gomez and a Brenda Longoria in collections with my SS# and Address and Phone#--For months I have been trying to get this issues resolved with no luck-I have disputed this with the 3 credit reporting agencies to no avail because as long as the collection agency has my SS# then it must be mine-I called the collection agency to dispute the issue and they will not talk to me since my name is not Brenda Gomez or Brenda Longoria even though my SS# is the same they tell me to contact Direct TV-I called Direct TV and its the same story they cannot talk to me since my name is not Brenda Gomez-so I called back and said my name was Brenda Gomez they asked for my phone number I gave it to them and they said that that name did not match the phone # so I gave them my real name Brenda Smith and they told me that my account is in good standing with them ,and they could not talk to me concerning Brenda Gomez's account even though Direct TV turned this person over to a collection agency with all my information and it has appeared on my credit report, they said to call the collection agency-I have been going back and forth with Direct TV -CBC National Collections-Trans Union-Equifax and Experian and I have not found 1 person in any of these companies that knew what they where doing- Thanks to the ignorance on Direct TV's behalf I now am hounded all hours of the night by collections and my credit score has dropped .THANKS DIRECT TV-Be very careful before you provide Direct TV with any of your personal information and always check your credit report if you ever had dealings with Direct TV-

  • Fw
    F. White Mar 13, 2008
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    Verified customer

    You can sue Direct over erroneous information being provided to the credit bureaus.

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  • Mb
    mbmulloy Apr 21, 2009

    DirecTV has sent a bill to the collection agency, they are claiming I terminated the contract early. I terminated the contract with DirecTV for poor service excessive billing and the most pathetic programming in the business.

    But the most glaring offense being that you're charged a premium for watching public TV.

    They did place a claim on my credit report which I had removed because I could provide proof that I had paid the bill through the bundled service at Qwest.

    I would encourage everyone to write your congressmen and senators about DirecTV and their abuses. Just check on the web there are thousands of complaints against DirecTV. As long as I can keep their phony claims off my credit report, I'll continue on answering the occasional phone call from the collection agency and enjoy a few moments of delivering verbal abuse to the caller before I hang up.

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equipment failure!

I ordered four Direct TV receivers in 2005. In late 2006 I upgraded two of the systems from basic to DVR. The DVR in my basement was simple to install and worked initially. Since installing the DVR's, the basement DVR has failed to function at all, requiring a hard re-set while on the phone with the company (45 minutes minimum to get through the automated answering machine each time) to talk me through the process each time. The system will be out for days at a time before I can free up the hour I know it's going to take me to resolve this problem.

Direct TV tells me that the initial installation was faulty but I"ll have to pay to have a technician come in and correct the problem. I've replaced the DVR in my basement four times so far, have to re-set it (10 minutes each time) every time we want to watch something on it and now, the fourth receiver won't come on at all.

I'm looking at DISH network now and setting myself up to cancel Direct TV, deal with the mess I'm sure that will entail (over-billing, billing for receivers they will tell me they never received back from me, etc.) and re-installation of a service that actually cares to provide service they're paid for.

  • Je
    jeremiah Mar 07, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I just found a unapproved charge of $817.56 from Directv on my credit card and now they are giving me the run around! They are the rudest people to talk to on the phone their customer service skills are horrible! They are a rip-off, scam, fraudulent company! Beware! And I will get my money back, through my credit card company!

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unauthorized charges!

I have had DTV since 1999 and never had a issue until now. I moved to S.C. in July 2007 but kept my DTV hooked up in Jersey because I was still going back and forth and because a female who lives with us was still in the Jersey home until we could buy a house out here in S.C., I had kept a balance on the DTV just because I was in know hurry to pay it off since I knew I wasn't moving the service right away. In November we found a house in S.C. that caused us to have to put all our bills on hold for a month so we could come up with the closing costs on the house and I informed the DTV people of this and got an extension, Unfortunately, the house fell through and we paid all our bills then a week after the house fell through we were talked back into the deal for the house and in the middle of January finally closed on the silly thing. Because again we had to put all our bills on hold starting the second week of December until the middle of January I again called DTV and explained this. I had a back payment and the new payment for January and was informed the day I called that my service was to be shut off the following day so knowing there was no way I could pay it I said go ahead shut it off but had explained in detail I intended to re-hook as soon as possible and was assured that when I did they would remove the charge for the reciever and some other charge and all I would owe is the balance and late fees, I said fine. On January 30th my husband got in his E-Mail a notice from DTV stating they were canceling my contract and 3 days later we were short in our account $ 581 and when we called the bank we discovered DTV took the money. I called to complain that this is not what I was told when last I spoke and that I didn't authorize anyone to remove funds from my account at which point I was informed that it was in my contract. I don't think so... I switched to HD in April 2007 and had my Step-Daughters boyfriend hook me up since he was working for them at the time. I just had him confirm I NEVER SIGNED A CONTRACT AND WAS NOT IN ANOTHER 2 YEAR ANYTHING BECAUSE I BOUGHT THE RECEIVER ON MY OWN AT BEST BUY, ALL HE DID WAS CALL AND HAVE ME HOOKED UP TO HD. I fell through the cracks on the deal. if anyone has bought the receiver make sure they DO NOT put you on a 2 year agreement you don't own the reciever because you are "renting" it from them but you do not need to join the 2 year agreement since you bought it yourself and not through the company. We are fighting this of course, we have gone through our bank who will refund our $ 581 then go after DTV for their money. When they try to pull up the 2 year agreement they will finally get it through there thick skulls that I DON'T HAVE ONE, I NEVER SIGNED ANYTHING. We are also considering finding a Lawyer for Criminal charges and Unlawful Withdrawals. Clearly, we will NEVER use these A**holes again!

  • Su
    Susan B. Hackett Jun 04, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Maria and to all others,

    I tried to find your reply on here Maria so I could answer you but was unable so I am sending this in hopes you will see it and others should read it as well.

    To your question Maria, No I Do Not have a fax number for them.

    As far as what is happenening with us and our case:

    First and most important, I, along with many others on several different DTV Complaint boards have filed with BBB, FTC and FCC and stated our complaints, unfortunately, although I heard back from the FTC they literally filed my complaint away and stated they will hold it for future reference... What that means is they are waiting for more complaints and until they get them mine and everyone else who has complained so far will be "sitting around collecting dust".

    If you want these people to do something about DTV ALL OF YOU NEED TO FILE COMPLAINTS! They won't do anything until they get enough. Once they have enough complaints they will investigate and most likely begin a class action suit.

    As far as we go, we are not waiting for a class action suit although I am doing all I can to get one started WE ARE GOING AFTER THOSE ###S DIRECTLY.

    We wrote them formally, signature required, explaining their mistake and they called us back. We explained to a rather ignorant woman (CC) who literally refused to let us speak to a manager, the situation. She got very upset with my husband who kept trying to explain we were taking this to Small Claims Court unless she could produce a document stating we were FULLY AWARE and SIGNED that we entered into another 2 year agreement when we upgraded and where it states they can charge me $330 for a unit I already bought at Circuit City to complete the upgrade (For $99) and that they may want to reconsider letting this go to court. Of Course "It's in the contract I signed" and she ignored us.

    Well we gave them 60 days to resolve this and naturally they did nothing so we are filing charges against them for fraud.

    My husband seems to think it will never see court, once their lawyer realizes they have No documentation for the upgrade (all done over the phone NO papers signed) and sees we had No knowledge of being put into another 2 year agreement they will be advised to settle out of court.

    We shall see.

    I have a written statement from the fellow who hooked me up and called to have the TV turned on with the upgrades and he states he DID NOT inform us we were entering into another 2 year agreement and that HE HIMSELF was unaware we were being entered into another 2 year agreement and that the CC who hooked us up via the phone call NEVER stated to him or INFORMED HIM HE MUST STATE TO US we were entering into another 2 year contract.

    I have the reciept from Circuit City along with a written statement from the Main Office VP stating that although they sell the products for DTV and are in an agreement with them they are unaware of agreements between customers and DTV. They are also unaware of any knowledge stating when we buy from them we are automatically entering into a 2 year agreement and that they Do Not practice "warning" potential buyers AS THIS IS A DIRECT TV ISSUE not Circuit City's.

    That means they (DTV) Can Not claim when I bought the unit from Circuit City I was automatically entered into a 2 year agreement. If they try to claim that... How could I have known if Circuit City didn't????

    I really don't want to settle out of court, I would like to take this all the way and get it into the papers and really make it huge and blown out but I don't think my hubby will let me all he really wants is his fundage back and a little compensation for the headache.

    I will keep all who are interessted posted on the outcome when it happens but seriously folks if you want the BBB, FTC and FCC TO GET OFF THEIR BUTTS AND DO SOMETHING ALL OF YOU NEED TO FILE COMPLAINTS WITH THEM. otherwise we are all just a bunch of losers whining to eachother about our woulda, coulda, shouldas...



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  • Ja
    James Ream Aug 07, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My DTV HD Receiver kept giving me a message that they were trying to download an update but the progress bar never moved off zero. I called to report this and they had me go thru several steps to see if it would take, but it would not, so I told them to send out a technician, but that it would cost $79.95 because I didn't have their service protection plan. I asked how this could be since it was their equipment and their software they were trying to send that was failing. They just repeated that I didn't have the service protection plan so I would be charged $79.95. I thought, this couldn't be and the woman I was talking to didn't know what she was talking about so I told her not to send out the tech since this was a weekend and I would call during the week when I would get someone who knew what they were talking about. I did call on Monday and related the problem to them. After going thru the same routine to try and clear up the problem they said I would need a technician. So I said OK, because in this case there was no mention of any service charge. He showed up and spent an hour or so along with several phone calls and said he didn't know what the problem was. He left me his personal number and told me to call him directly if it didn't clear up over the weekend. It did not so I called on the personal number and he said they had determined I had an incompatible dish that he would have to replace. He did and everything was working then the bill showed up with a $79.95 service charge. I called DTV and they told me I didn't have the service protection plan therefore I was chargeable. I told them I didn't request any software upgrade and that was the only reason the dish didn't work so how could I be charged as it was their service that was the problem. They kept repeating that I didn't have the service protection plan so that is why I was charged so I asked for a manager. I got transferred to a different person, but it may as well have been the same guy as he repeated the same story. I just don't understand how a company can charge you for a service each month and then when they want to make changes you have to pay if they don't work properly. This doesn't make any sense to me and I would venture a guess that 99.999% of people would agree. Bear this in mind when making any decision about DTV service.

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lengthy process to cancel subscription!

At the time that I ordered satellite TV from Direct Star TV, I was talked into accepting the offer of a free month of Sirius Satellite Radio. I say this as I hardly listened to the radio to begin with. Even before I received the equipment, I began receiving email reminders to activate the service. So as soon as I received it, I opened the box and called to activate since the emails stated to "activate today", and otherwise if I didn't activate by December 31, 2007, I would be charged a $50 non-activation fee. Not being familiar with satellite radios, I didn't know that it had to be installed on the vehicle to do this. I thought it was like a GPS unit that could be moved from one vehicle to another. (I went back through my emails -- I overlooked the part of setting it up in the car before activating, which was on the very first email from Sirius). After three weeks after activating it in the second week of Jan and hardly listening to it, I decided to cancel the subscription. During the call, I had to enter my phone # and after 10 mins (I was using my cell phone and could see the timer), I was finally speaking to someone with a Latin American Spanish accent who again asked for my phone #, then my full name spelled out, address, and email address. I had to tell him three times to speak slowly as I was having difficulty understanding what he was saying. It seemed that not listening to it was not enough of a reason to cancel as he kept asking if the equipment or the reception wasn't up to par. Then he said he was transferring my call to have another person confirm the cancelation. When that person finally came on 6 minutes later, I had to again tell him the phone # and other information I had already previously given to the first person. Then I was a little upset when he mentioned that he had just talked to the other person (If the first person confirmed who I was, why go through it again?) and wanted to know if service or reception was the problem, he could fix it. I said no. Then he asked if I wanted an additional free month, then two, and then three. No, no, and no. I just wanted it canceled. He finally gave me my account # (for my record) and stated the reception would end on Feb 12. Thanks, goodbye. The whole process took just shy of 20 mins! During the extensive waiting periods, I was tempted to hang up but knew that this was probably one of the tactics used to have patrons stay on beyond the trial period, and I knew that if I hung up, I would still have to do this again on a later call.

  • Jo
    Josh Jul 25, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I totally agree! I just sat on the phone for almost 10 minutes on hold to cancel my order when I chose the "Cancel My Subscription" option. I got sick of waiting and figured they'd never pick-up. Then I wondered how long it would take for them to pick up when on hold to renew or lengthen my subscription or in other words - give them money. Sure enough it took less then 30 seconds. Basically what I told the guy was that I wanted my credit card taken out of their system because it was, without my being aware up until now, automatically withdrawing for the payments, which I never agreed too in the first place (oh I'm sure it was somewhere in the fine print with out m knowing, but somehow I doubt I'm alone in this bullcrap). I avoided the "C" word (cancellation) the best I could, telling the guy that I wasn't necassarily canceling the subscription I just was annoyed with Sirius unknowingly wihdrawing from my account and I just wanted the card out of their system. He kept saying he couldn't do that without signing up for a 1 year subscription. What? I told him I'd cross that bridge when I came to it which in reality would have, but now I just want it canceled! I told the guy that before the 3 months was up (lying) I'd do that but for right now I needed to have the credit card taken out of their system. Back and forth, back and forth same bullcrap! Then I started getting pist off and told the guy I don't have to sign up for anything to have MY credit card taken out of their computer's! Well he finally got the point and before I could say anything else the ### patched me through to the goddamn cancelation department, thats RIGHT the same one I had initially waited for 10-15 minutes beforehand! Now I'm pist and I'll never get this crap service again! Now all I have to do is figure out how to cancel it! EVERYONE's gonna here this one and if anyone I know or associate with that plans to get Sirius I'm gonna punch them in the face because as of right now thats what I feel like has happened to me with this Sirius experience (well actually I'll warn everyone except for the guy I sell my Sirius unit to!)

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fees and penaltys!

I called DirecTV in October 2007 because they were charging me a $4.99 fee for a service plan on my receiver which I never signed up for or authorized. They had been charging me this fee since December (they just added it to my account). I get my bill automatically deducted each month so I wasn't opening my statement (which I agree was stupid). They originally told me that they could only credit up two months but then when I pressed the issue to the point of mentioning who knows how many peoples accounts they have added this fee to they decided to go ahead and credit the entire amount. I had already been thinking about switching to AT&T so when this happened I decided to make the switch when my contract was up. I asked the representative to see when my contract was up and the representative told me December 11th. The representative even notated on my account that this conversation took place. So I signed up for AT&T to be installed December 6th and planned to cancel my DirecTV account on/around the 11th. When I called to cancel they told that there would be a $67.01 fee because my contract was not up until 2008. The representative did not say that it would not be up for another year and a half or 2008 at any point. When I asked to speak to a supervisor it was greatly discouraged and they kept telling me that there was nobody I could speak to that could do anything to help me. The final person I talked to regarding this issue told me that it doesn't matter what the representative told me it was my responsibility to know when my contract was up. Originally I was not trying to get out of my contract but just get through it. I took the steps to call and find out when my contract was up but even though they gave me the wrong information DirecTV still would not only not let me out of my contract but would not even meet me partial way to come to a compromise because of the miscommunication. The supervisor actually told me because they had credited my account for the $4.99 fee that they had already done enough for me (this is the same fee they never should have charged me) and there was nothing else he could do. So I set my account up for cancellation and paid the cancellation fee.

DirecTV then sent me two boxes in the mail to mail my receivers back. The boxes did not come with any due by date and my statement did not have a due by date on it. So after a month DirecTV charged a $319.35 fee to my Visa card. I wasn't overly upset about this because it had been a month. So I called DirecTV to make sure that when I sent the boxes back I would see the credit to my card and the woman assured me that I could still return them and get my money back. I sent them back to DirecTv on 1-29-8. I did not see a credit to my visa card as of 2-5-08 so I called to make sure that they had received them. The representative said they had and that they credited my direcTV account. I asked her why they would credit my DirecTV account when I had closed it and why the money didn't go back onto the card they had charged. She said that it always goes back to the account but I could request to have a check sent to me but it would take 6-8 weeks. Now this makes me mad they can charge my card without any warning but they can't put the money back onto my card that they charged. This does not make sense to me. This seems like a very wrong business practice and they should be required to return the money however it was taken out. She told me that there was nothing that she could do. So I asked to speak to a Supervisor again. I waited on hold for about 10 minutes (which isn't that bad, could have been worse) and then she came back on and said they could do a Urgent Refund Request which would credit the money back to my card but could take up to 8 days. I told her that was fine and to go ahead and process the request.

I am submitting this letter because everything is extremely shady with this company from charging my account with out approval, to not standing behind what their representatives, and then telling me there is not way to put the money back on my card and then coming back with this Urgent Refund Request. DirecTv should be investigated for how many accounts they have added that fee to without approval.

Thank you for your time.

Kristen Eppler.

  • Oz
    Oznog16 Jan 28, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was a direct subscriber. I am also a disabled vet on a fixed income. Direct tv removed half of my disability check from my bank account without my knowledge in two withdraws from my bank account leaving me unable to make my house payment without help from my family and only 14 dollars to live on for the month. $432 and $108 were deducted 12-31-2014 and 1-2-2015. As I have been unable to work with direct tv on this matter I will be printing a picture of my bank statement showing how direct tv treats a disabled american vet and also links to the consumer watchdog site where direct tv complaints are extremely prevalent as well as sites showing the class action lawsuits over the early termination fees. I will be distributing this very important consumer warning over the action of direct tv in the hopes that others not fall victim of direct tv's treatment of their customers.

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installer didn't show!

Directv contracted with Ironwood to install and update current satellite equipment. They had scheduled the service for a time between 12 noon and 4pm, today, Feb4, 2008. They never showed up. I waited in the garage with the door raised so that I would be sure to see them. If they came by, they would have to park in front of the open garage door. When I called Directv, their notes said, "4:30pm. Customer not home".

  • Me
    metheney Feb 20, 2010

    i have been waiting for 2 days for them to upgrade a box, and the time keeps getting later, so i have been on hold for over 45 min. to talk to a supervisor, they also left a note that i was not home, i have been home for 2 days waiting for this guy to come and install this stupid box...i wonder what dish network has to offer. there customer service has to be better.

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false charge om my credit card!

I signed up on a 12 month and after my 13th month was up I canceled, now there saying it was a 24 month, but they did not tell me that till after they charged a late cancellation fee, they charged on my credit card without me knowing, my papers show 12 month, not 24. Directv is a rip off, I was never late paying my bill, and I don't charge on anybody else credit card, I WOULD GO TO JAIL, its not right for directv to charge on my credit card.

  • Da
    darkeegan Feb 02, 2008

    that is what small claims court is for. you get your money back, and they dont get to use their high price lawyers at all.

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  • St
    Steve Slate Feb 16, 2008
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    Verified customer

    This is sooo like DirecTv. I am having issues with them as well. Hours upon hours on the phone, dealing with possibly the worst customer service available to mankind. Their Customer Agreement is terrible, their misrepresentation of their products is beyond comprehension.

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terrible experience!

Find me a directv installer whose paycheck hasn't randomly been butchered (Aka, "charged back") without any explanation and i'll show you a phantom. They don"t exist! Imagine working 7 days a week sometimes 16 hours a day (Because folks will obviously die it they don't have tv and will take their complaint to the highest level if someone isn't at their house at 9:00 p. M. - cuz that's the only time they can be home... Ever); your work is labor intensive (Installers must have a 40' ladder) and potentially life-threatening (Electrocution, falls from ladders and/or roofs, dog attacks, etc.). After waiting up to four weeks for a paycheck, it arrives with hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars deducted from it. No explanation. No warning. You've just donated three weeks of your time to rupert murdoch! How long would you continue working for that company?

Here's what most folks don't know. If you call directv with a complaint or question about your programming, billing/charges, equipment, etc., things completely unrelated to the actual installation, they charge back the installer. These charges are completely random, ranging anywhere from $75 to $150 or more. If you cancel your service before the contract expires, guess who they charge? They charge you for early termination and the installer. Directv has certainly devised the perfect profit plan!

And you wonder why there seems to be a shortage of qualified technicians/installers. Only a complete # would continue to work for a company that may or may not pay them. And to all the crazy customers out there (You know who you are)... When your installer is finishing up your custom installation (Which, by the way, the directv sales rep assured would be performed completely free of charge) that took over three hours and now he's late for his next scheduled appointment, just remember this... You got if for free and he did it for free.