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salesmen lied about prices, and refer a friend!

I am complaining about the Salesmen that came to our Senior Apartments, and lied about prices..also, refer a friend, which means you refer a neighbor, and receive a $25.00 rebate, or something like that, which I did and never received a thing.. These two guys came, they were from the San Fernando Valley, gave a demonstration about Direct TV. One was name Shaun, I believe. Anyway, they lied to about nine of us that did get Satellite TV. I called his number, several times and he never answers. I have had Direct TV for about three or four months now. I gave up...one of my neighbors is also complaining, she said she is going to contact BBB. You need to check-up on these guys, and others that lie to customers, just to make a buck...

cancellation fees

I recently moved to arizona and was forced to stay in one place for a month or two while I was waiting for my...

unauthorized withdrawal from banking account

I just got off the phone with three "managers", Jesus, Employee # [protected], Rene, Employee # [protected] and one other incompetent customer service employee. O'yeah Javier is supposed to call me back within 20hrs. Right! $475 dollars was withdrawn from my banking account for receivers that had not been returned to them and a balance due on my account,even though the boxes came to my house about 24 hours before the withdrawal out of my account. Every manager I spoke to kept me on hold while they took their time looking in their dialogue index for "wants their money back". I was given the same answer, it's in the policy and you agreed to this when you signed up. Agreed for them to take out as much money as they see fit without any notice! I don't think so. I asked for their permission to record our conversations and did. I am now in the process of talking to my lawyer, filing a claim with the BBB, my local attorney general, as well as the Federal Trade Commission. Their practice is unethical and should be against the law. I encourage all of you that have had similar situations with this company to file a complaint with your local attorney general, the Federal Trade Commission as well as the BBB.

  • Li
    Lisa Mar 21, 2008

    My situation mirrors yours almsot to the penny.
    This is a travesty.
    I can't believe it's not criminal.
    I can't believe I've been raped for $475 dollars for horrible customer/technician service, deceptive practices, misinformation...or just plainly uninformed cancellation policies (or scams as I see it)
    A very, very expensive lesson learned, one I truly could not afford.
    I have contact ed the BBB and my Attorney General, what good that will do, I'm sure is nill.

    Good luck!

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  • Mo
    Morbo Sep 18, 2008

    $840 here, exact same issue. They sent the shipping box, we took an extra week to get things ready to ship back, then BAM! $800 GONE from the account.

    Called them immediately, They gave the same spiel... We had a ONE YEAR contract, One receiver went bad near the end of that contract, so they sent a replacement. They didn't say a WORD or even send any paperwork about a renewal of contract...

    They do this all the time, then whammy you for a ton of money just because they think they can. And even as an UNAUTHORIZED withdrawal from your account.

    THis happened to us just YESTERDAY. Needless to say we filed for this at our bank, and will most likely be getting into contact with the same organizations you are referring to.

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  • So
    SomewhereDownInTexas Jan 07, 2009

    Just to let you know, when there are two key things that you sign away when you sign the customer lease agreement when you first have your directv installed. First is that you sign that you will not take directv to court for any reason what so ever, so your case wont stand up very well in court when you signed that you will not take directv to court. Second you also sign that directv has the right to automatically withdrawal any funds owed to directv using the credit card or bank information they have on file with or without your consent at the time because sigining the agreement you are giving consent for any time that you owe money.

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  • Gr
    G Richards Mar 29, 2009

    Directv tech or whatever he was did not provide service as requested and I called to cancel and complain about the damage in my attic and the shortcuts he took to install and no service for another TV in my home.
    I called Dish Network to help and of course they did. When I went on-line to pay bills there was a deduction for $1, 094.10 from Directv. This was an unauthorized deduction from my checking/credit card account. I called immediately and was treated like as if I had commented this crime. I told them I wanted to speak to the highest official for Directv, still the same attitude - I asked for the President of Directv name & ph# and was told they don't know. I informed them, this company will NOT GET AWAY WITH THIS CRIME AGAINST Consumers.
    I called the Texas General Attorney's Office and I guess I will need some more help without Expensive Lawyers. We Need to be protected from the major company's fraud and nothing was signed to approve this or any withdrawals except for $26.00 for hardware installment and this was done over the phone with customer service. Can anyone help me this unlawful action?

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  • In
    Ingoditrus Oct 01, 2010

    I've been a Direct Tv customer since 2006, switched over to comcast 8/10. Paid the final bill sent their receivers back. While checking my account statement 10/1/10 I noticed a withdrawal for 100.00 from direct Tv stating I didnt pay for PPV's in 2007? Are you serious? When I contacted them they were unwilling to remove charge, I assured them they've been paid. I've always paid my bills on time. I am disputing the charge with my bank. Also I advised them to remove my credit information from their system. I chose paper billing, they never sent a me paper bill to support the 100.00, coincidence? I think not. It's like their pissed that I left them for comcast. They will never be referred by me. I will send reports to anyone who listens. I also stated I would take them to small claims court. I read somewhere that we signed off on that ability to sue. I mean how can I go back and research statements from 2007 to prove that I paid, when i mostly paid online. I will sign on to any class action suits!!! LEt's stop this madness and rape of big companies!!!

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early termination fees

On 4/15/07 I purchased an hdtv at best buy, the salesperson said they were having a promo on direct-tv. I...

48 hr to cancel?

Imagine this, you only have 48 hrs to decide weather you like their service or not, how ridiculous is that?! The contract i have in my hands says i can cancel within 7 days of signing the contract but when i called i was told that the contract was changes and the "charges re valid" their policies had changes and the contract i got was wrong and not valid, the apologize and said i needed to pay the amount billed for. So i guess we signed a an old contract and that our fault? These people are scammers...

  • El
    Elis Jul 21, 2008

    I was told I had 21 days to cancel and try it out reconfirmed it twice, when I called the first time-they said no that is not correct only 7 days to cancel (I was on about day 8). Now I am told I had to have cancelled within 24 hours-even less time than your 48 hours. I didn't even sign anything-fighting this one!

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  • Ly
    Lynne Jan 26, 2009

    They told you 48? They told me 24 hours... Can't talk to any supervisors, they dont' exsist, so tomorrow I'm gonna file a complaint with the BBB in town here.

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  • Ho
    Howard Mason Jun 23, 2009

    My name is Howard mason i applied for a job with direct tv in september 2008 and never gotten callled in for an interview. I notice that everyone that filled out an application the same day with me gotten hired only two are three month later. those people that gotten hired knows someone that work in hr. Why haven't i gootten hired yet since i dont need any expericence i dont think anything should be complicated.

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inexcusable customer service

The day we dropped the "free" premium channels which were part of our new customer purchase plan, we lost reception on more than half of all other channels. We reported this the next day. We were walked through a number of steps by a customer service rep. Those did not work so he suggested we climb on the roof (we have a 3 story house) and check out the dish. We refused to do that and were told to give it a try for a few more days to see if the problem would correct itself. We called again the next day to set up a service call and were walked through more do-it-yourself repair steps. This process went on for 5 days. When a service call was finally set up we were told our warrenty had expired and we would have to pay for it as well as any repairs. We'd never of paying for repairs on something that was leased and not owned outright. We requested our contract be cancelled. We were then transferred to Tony (badge number U7402)in the Retention Depart in AL. He agreed to send a service person 1 week later to install all new wiring, a new dish, and new receivers at no charge to us. When the service tech arrived his work order did not match the agreement. He talked with Shane in ID to straighten out the matter. Shane authorized him only to test the receivers. They worked, but the problem was still there. More calls were made to Shannon and Tom in OK. Tom said is was a software problem. TO BE CONTINUED

  • Si
    SICK_TIRED Feb 04, 2010


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  • Ma
    maryann myers Jun 30, 2010

    i dont have a complaint but i would like help changing my email add.to [email protected] now its [email protected] we cant get into my husbands email so [email protected] is our new email. can you help us get into our account? thank you

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  • Ma
    maryann myers Jun 30, 2010

    i need help changing email can you help or not

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  • Na
    nascar88 Nov 11, 2010

    ever sence you guys took sirius satilite away i have been mad as a hornet . sonic tap sucks and the quality it horrible and who in america wants 10 more hispanic channels not me

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  • Di
    disconnected Dec 01, 2010

    deceptive practices. Get you under contract then dispute contract agreements with programming prices and charges. Not a trustworthy service!

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  • Bu
    butch Jan 14, 2011

    Do Not Sign Up...straight BS! Your bill doubles with the HD BS they keep on your TV, and that two yr contract but only honor the pricing one yr crap is hilarious!!! Attorney general's office would love this one

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  • Ar
    arthur leggett Jan 13, 2014

    i have been a direct tv customer for years and i am appalled to learn you are discontinuing the weather channel, this will place millions of americans in harms way without their up to date forecasts.seems to me you could negotiate some agreement to keep this important service available.

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  • Ei
    eilantolowns Sep 16, 2015

    Waited over four (4) hours for installation. Direct T.V. never showed up, and then they lied, and stated that they had called to reschedule the appointment (which they had not called). I had to take time off work for the installation, and they never offered an apology, only a new installation date. I was "going to be a new customer", and I am glad I found out about the awful customer service before officially obtaining the service. I demanded my money back for the equipment, and decided to stay with Dish.

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scammed a loyal customer

I loved directv. To think that I will never, ever use them again, still doesn't feel good. I had them for 5 years, before the event.

So what is the story? Simply put, I moved and took advantage of the movers' program. Remember, I liked directv. I didn't want to get rid of them for nothing!

Move forward another year, and I move again as I sold my home before my new one being built is finished. I suspend my service, while I live in temporary residence. My new home completed, I have directv. Come out to install. The guys show up, and the only place to put the dish is on my garage in a very conspicuous place. Then they inform me that all the hd boxes I had purchased in the last 18 months ($1200.00 worth) were no longer good and that I had to buy new ones. I have 4 hd t. V.'s in my home. That is a lot of money. I decide, with regret, that it is too much to take on. I decide to go with cable, no big dish on my garage roof, no additional cost of hd boxes etc.

Move forward a month. A get a bill for 380 dollars. Mind you I have not had a service in 7 months. They inform me that I have an early termination fee. Remember, I have been with directv for 5 years. Early termination??? I call twice to dispute, the answer each time is, "we don't understand why you have an early termination fee." you have been with us for a long time. We will escalate and get back with you. I get one more bill and then nothing.

Move forward to today, I get a collections call. Of course I go crazy. I like my credit. I call billing, and again no answers. No one can tell me why I have a cancellation fee or why I owe all this money. I am told to write a letter to disputes and they will get back with me in 10 days. Whatever. So I call the svp's office ellen filipiak. I get a gatekeeper who tells me she can help me. After telling her the story she informs me the reason I had an early termination was because when I moved the first time and took adavantage of the mover's program I committed to a two-year commitment. That is right folks, the program they have to mitigate the churn when people move, the most vulnerable time to a cable or satellite providers customer base, they slap you with a two year commitment. Interesting "mover's program". And no I didn't see or read the "service" agreement, that is my fault. But I can tell you, they didn't tell me about it.

At least now I know why, my bill was so high. But here is the best part. I am in collections now, because no one at directv could tell me why I owed the money and I was told that they agreed, I shouldn't owe an early termination. I am not in collections because I wouldn't pay. I say fine, I think you policy is deceptive and cheap, but i'll pay. However, you need to let the collections company and the credit bureau's aware that the reporting was a mistake and that I am not delinquent, but that I was given poor information. There answer: "we are not going to call equifax (The credit bureaus)."

I am now looking at a ding to my credit due to the fact that they slip in a contract mimimum at the most inconspicuious time and with little to no disclosure and the fact they gave me misleading information and the lack of information about what I actually owed an why. Their unwillingness to take action or accountability for their inability to communicate and manage their business appropriately amazes me.

I have paid the bill, early term and all and will never, ever, ever use them again. Directv's integrity is in question, their commitment to customer is in question and their overall business practices are deceptive at the very least. Finally, this says nothing for the inept dolts they employ to engage with the customers.

My recommendation: don't go near directv, they will smile while they are picking your pocket.

  • Ln
    lnfkdf Mar 04, 2013

    Customer for 12+ years. In April 2012 received a letter offering updated boxes. Went ahead and received tw of them "absolutely free" we were told. Free is good. Should have realized nothing is free. In January 2013 switched to Verizon to get their triple play (internet, phone, cable). Cancelled with Directv. Received a bill for a $100.00 termination fee. Called Directv to inquire why we would be billed an early termination fee when we have been a Directiv customer for !2+ years. Apparently, when we activated our new boxes in April 2012, a new one year term was generated. We cancelled before April 22, 2013, hence the early termination fee. I have emailed them repeatedly and always get a prompt response . . . according to your Customer Agreement . . . .you terminated early. Personally, not that thrilled with Verizon, but will never be a Directv customer again.

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  • Th
    thinid Mar 25, 2013

    It's great that as a loyal customer, you were able to receive an upgrade of at least $200 in free equipment. However, the offer you received would have noted that accepting requires a 12 month service agreement. Yes, I know, it's in the "fine print", but it was there whether you chose to read it or not. When you called to accept the offer, the CSR would have read to you a disclosure stating that upgrading your Standard Definition receivers requires a new 12 month agreement beginning on the date you activate (connect) them. Then, you would have been transferred to our third party verification service, where another person would have verified that you understood this new service agreement and that you accepted it. That is three times that you would have been informed about the new 12 month service agreement BEFORE you received and activated the equipment.
    Did you contact DirecTV before cancelling your service? If so, you would again have been informed of your remaining obligation and the early termination fee. Verizon is one of our bundling partners for phone and internet services. In most of the country, our bundling discounts combined with their new customer pricing results in a lower cost than Verizon's "Triple Play".

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direct tv fraud

Mr. Chase carey, (Direct tv) I was charged for service for 14 months you never provided at all at 9833...

fraud & cheating!

Company charged us for nfl football sunday package worth over $300 that we never ordered and they said we had to pay it because we didn't say we didn't want it! Fraud. They then charged my credit card for $600 to cover early termination fee which I never authorized. We are fighting it. Their employees lie to you on the phone and hang up on you. The installation team came to the house an left the receiver in the box - unconnected - and said they had another appointment.

Avoid directv at all costs!!!

  • Mi
    Micheal Gentry Jan 12, 2008

    Direct Technologies in Dallas, NC contracts for Directv and they refuse to pay me the $3000.00 owed to me for working for them. The owners Jessica Long told me I was getting my money back in October 2007 and Stacy Long her husband will not pay me. He has a criminal record for being a thief. If I had known this when I was hired then I would not have worked there. This is a low life ### company. Please avoid them totally. They will rip you off!!!

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  • Gr
    gry123 Apr 17, 2013

    ordered DirectTV's bundle package for satellite internet, TV and Phone. What I got was billed upfront on my card $221.15. What I got on the day the young man was late hooking it all up was, DirectTV, (Nothing else). I ask where was the phone and internet. I was told that he was only there for the TV hookup and the others he had no idea what I was talking about. I told him to discount the TV and call his company and tell them I was killing the service then and there. I was then told by him that the boxes and cards inside them had to be mailed back in within 5-7 days or they would be billing me for their equipment. To this date 4-17-13 I have received no boxes for the returns. I was told by DirectTV to throw the recievers away and now the cards because they are no longer good or used any more. (Why was garbage used in my home/account? The TV washooked up on the 4-4-13 and I called DirectTv and canceled on 4-5-13. Guess what they told me, (I was NOT going to get my $221.15 back, just $2.47)! Because they hooked the TV up! I didn't have the rip-off service for 12-13 hours and it's costing me $218.68! I know/feel this is/was nothing but Theft By Deception! Isn't there a law for this? I just went to my bank and filled a complaint against DirectTv for my refund in FULL. They took my card and are sending me a new card. The bank put my money back on my account But, if DirectTV disagrees, then the money will be taken back off my account. Next I am writing the Attorney general and BBB to see what kind of Business DirectTv really is. I hope everyone finds out what crooks the DirectTv really is before they too get taken for NOTHING! Pissed off big time, 100% disabled Vietnam vet, Gary Hayes, Sr.

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direct tv installers need to go back to disney with there mickey mouse suggestion

I have had a similar nightmare with direct tv installation crew but i didn't find out that the direct tv and the "direct tv installation crew" were in a sense two separate entity's until i was transferred several times through every department to clear up a cancellation order because there service was terrible. First i order direct tv with premium channels. Second they schedule there install with the standard 4 hour window o. k. Next they arrive install the dish on the wall come to find out my community HOA says it must be installed on a pole in the ground mind you i'm not the first customer in my neighborhood shouldn't they have known this and been prepared properly "YES" but that wasn't the case they wanted to charge me additional $$$. Then they cut my original cable coax on the exterior instead of simply unscrewing the connection. After that they proceed inside to remove a splitter that looped my 1st floor with the 2nd floor cable outlets and say they need to run new coax up the exterior into the front bedroom through my hall and into the second bedroom in order to install my two receivers for those bedrooms. Oh and this wasn't gonna be free there was going to be a $$$ charge for this decorator cable running on my floor through my house. Fortunately my wife said no to all there ridiculous suggestions and they leave having installed 1 of the 3 receivers ordered,And no evidence of a workorder and the discrepancies discussed with there potential customer. So I turn on my direct tv to find out i have basic cable channels and no premium channels as ordered at this point i'm ready to cancel which takes me five days including sat, sunday because of the absurd operators that transferred and disconnected my calls finally when i speak with an operator and cancel everything for poor service they tell me there going to charge me for the days i used my direct tv with basic cable channels- Mind you before directtv my basic cable was on and working because of the HOA arrangements with the local cable company. And in order to dispute the charges which would be around "$8. 33" i would have write a letter to another direct tv enity what are you SERIOUS. It doesn't end there then i have to start on getting there equipment returned so i don't get charged a ridiculous fee for the garbage it is. Which takes another set of phone calls only to be transferred and disconnected several times before reaching the notorious installation department to find out why no one except myself knows i have only one receiver not three. finally i hope finally they have cleared up this cancellation nightmare nope they send three boxes for there equipment only i can't figure out how to fit the satellite in the other two boxes come to find out after more calls the other boxes are for 2 receivers never installed and the satellite is mine like i want your satellite "NO" i guess it really is that crappy there own company doesn't want it back. And so i thought it was over after they cancelled the 2 fed ex labels that were prepaid by them thanks for something right "no" not quite i get a bill for 137. 00 for cancellation fees. Cancellation of what i was never your customer because you never gave me customer service. i did'nt have contract with directtv for one receiver it was three my suggestion to them is stop hiring unqualified installers and trying to charge customers for unnecessary work and by the way i have been doing electrical work for 15 years plus and if i ever told a customer an outlet can't be wired properly and come up with a solution like running an extension cord through there house for everyone to see and for them to live with for a undisclosed amount of time i 'd be out of business. it's not the holidays year round- cords and cables should never be exposed year round either. Direct tv installers need to go back to disney with there mickey mouse suggestion. That. Knuckleheads

  • Yo
    yourmommason Feb 06, 2010

    you sound like a ###. i am an installer and come from hundreds of installers. and you think we all send out messages like you have do do a pole mount in ###ville. we have to put up with more of direct tv's ### than you can even imagine so why don't you shove you stereotype of an installer up your own dumb ###.

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  • Yu
    yupper Feb 23, 2010

    not all installers are ### but the jerk was that did my house.he cut all the cable runs to every room in my house.stole my multiswitch and left a mess.customer svc wanted to charge me to repair it!!from now on i will do the work myself.

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not able to receive the superfan games in high-def

I have sunday ticket superfan, and high-def programming. This is the second sunday that I have not been able to receive the superfan games in high-def. My hd works fine on the movie channels, and on espnhd, but on the superfan channels it does not. They come in as full screen only (Stretched to fit) and standard definition. And, again only on the superfan channels, some of the remote control buttons (Format, info) do not work. These buttons do work on the other hd channels.

I have spent over a week trying to deal with your customer service reps. First I was told that there is a problem with the way my system is hooked up (If that were the case, I would receive no hd at all, not just on the superfan channels). Then I was told that it was my receiver. When I called the first time today, I was told that directv is aware of the problem, and is fixing it.

I just spoke again with one of your reps. I requested that a technician come out to swap out my receiver, which obviously is not working correctly. I was told that I would have to pay $70 for that.

She was also one of the rudest people I have ever dealt with. She argued with me about when my dish was installed (It was august of 2005) , about when I started my programming package (Two weeks ago, after being "suspended" since jan. 2007) , and about how I could "hook up the receiver" myself.

I am requesting, with this message, that directv fix whatever is causing the problems I outlined above. I believe I need a technician to physically come to my house and hook up a new receiver, at no cost to me.

The only other option I see is that I cancel your service. I am not in the habit of paying for a service that I do not receive.

will not refund money

Cancelled service 6-16-07. Had been paying by visa credit card auto pay plan. It is 9-26-07 now. Have contacted directv numerous times as to refund of credit money. They promise a check in the mail, never comes. I would expect my visa account to be credited but no, not even that. Isnt that unethical business practice? I would imagine thousands of customers in this situation with directv earning money on others unpaid refunds also. I was a customer for over 11 years!

  • Mi
    Micheal Gentry Jan 12, 2008

    Direct Technologies in Dallas, NC contracts for Directv and they refuse to pay me the $3000.00 owed to me for working for them. The owners Jessica Long told me I was getting my money back in October 2007 and Stacy Long her husband will not pay me. He has a criminal record for being a thief. If I had known this when I was hired then I would not have worked there. This is a low life ### company. Please avoid them totally. They will rip you off!!!! Why would Directv hire someone with a criminal theift record??

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  • Ma
    Mandi May 03, 2008

    Hello! I called and cancelled years ago. Literally. (Though they claim i never cancelled, but i do remember doing so. My memory is to sound, what a photographic memory is to anything visual. Yes i am a musician... hehehe...among other things...) Anyway, i am also somewhat disabled and till just now i never knew how disabled i actually was. Recently, they figured out what was wrong with me. (After 15 years of trying) It is all treatable. It iws like someone turned on a light!!! Anyway, i have been collecting myself, and naturally taking stock of things i couldn't manage properly before.

    One of those things was my finances i am ashamed to say. Things are quite different now, rather suddenly. So in the process of organizing my life and figuring things out. I come upon a monthly charge for something called DirecTV. Which i distinctly remember cancelling. I spoke to a woman, Her voice was slightly high pitch she sounded young It was not overly soft, and might be described i guess as a bit... full... Her vowels were slightly rounded. (I notice these i was a vocal performance major in college.) Anyway, she said to me, . after i said i was moving and was calling and cancelling, that there was a fee to cancel i said fine. She told me specifically that she had entered the information into the computer and that the system sometimes takes a month or 2 to properly update and said i sshould call if i get charged for that month or 2 to be refunded the money. I thanked her and thought the matter closed.

    The move was difficult and as i said i was more sick than i knew. And things ultimately got over looked and fell through the cracks. I did not call about a month or 2 and part of why is because she told me it was cancelled. If i payed an extra hundred i wasn't too worried... Or even too bothered, more pressing things were taking my focus. I assumed the chapter was closed.

    Well, all these years later, when i 'wake up' with the proper treatment... I find they have been billing my account for the last 2 years and 4 months! As soon as i saw that i was shocked and went digging because at first i thought it was a mistake and only happened once but as my mind is more functional i still went digging to be sure. What i found is the 2 years and 4 months. Including a price raise of something like $10 at one point. Ofcourse, the adress which the service was connected to is mine. My father has been managing it as i am presently abroad most of the time. He is at the property (a 2 family) every day to every other day. He is very close with my tenants and if any such information of a raise in price had come he would have gotten it. He would have opened it and had me call them immediately! But didn't call had no idea about any of this till i found all of it in back bank statements.

    My feeling here is that i should have noticed all this a lot sooner. I am at fault for a making a major error, both of judgement on who to place my trust in. (I trusted the account was cancelled.) Also, i am responsible for not having found all this years sooner. I am not disputing my part in this nightmare. I think when one makes a mistake, one has to pay a price. I am not opposed to paying a price. I actively would find it obscene if i got all of the $1700 i payed them back. At the same time, when after a weekish of trying to reach them for a real conversation, i finally got a phone call from one of their employees who was very rude, and actively talked over me. Interrupted me, tried to put words in my mouth and even shouted at me... And refused to stop talking when i would interrupt her due to some of her statements being of questionable accuracy. Or being of no accuracy at all, her voice would raise more and she would keep going as if i weren't politely saying "excuse me... That is only half true at best..." or something to a similar affect. This call was received by me after a weekish of emails back and forth as none of the numbers i could find for them were functional (though that may be more due to my location than any fault on their end. I don't know.)

    Ultimately i requested to talk to her manager who she at first refused to put me through to telling me the manager would oonly say the exact same thing on their end this is all my error. They even say through her, that i never made that initial call to cancel the account! But i am most certain that i did. I feel, either way continueing to charge someone after they cancel, or not entering the cancelation int their records are mistakes on their end. It isn't right for them to make out and keep every penny anymore than it is right due to my own fault in the situation, for me to get every penny back. No matter how you slice it, mistakes are made in this situation on both ends. What was funny to me is how she kept telling me there was no way for me to prove the adress related to the account had not over all this time been receiving service and as i never cancelled... (Which i did.) It was all legitimate but they were happy to refund me $20. I thought it assinine. My response to her was that such a position works both ways. If they want to hang on to all of the money they removed from my bank account over the last 2 years and 4 months, they would have to prove NOT that they never entered my cancellation into their system, but that i never made the call. Which ofcourse they can't do... All the same, it seems custody is half the law right there. I am open to losing half of this money. I should lose half of it for the mistakes i have made. However, paying full price for services not only not rendered to me, but even cancelled prior to all these charges over the last 2 years and 4 months, especially with the lack of notificiation of the raise in price... Seems... Not only unequitable, but bordering on criminal. I *can* however prove i made that call. I made that call in the week before i moved. It is recorded in my phone records. If they can't be more 'forgiving' of my mistakes under the circumstances with my having proof of making the call of cancelation in the same week i moved... Why should i be anymore forgiving? Maybe if they are facing criminal charges they will become a bit more willing to 'settle.' Because, i would hope to be prosecuted (Being a moral and ethical person, ) if i actually went into someone else's account every month and took either $55 or $65 dollars out each time, after the cancelation call was made. To my mind, then to not refund more than $20 of it when over $1700, was withdrawn post cancelation phone call... It becomes clear, they don't care if they have made an egregious error. They have been unwilling thus far to even discuss an equitable solution that to me is more in line with a fair split as both DirecTV and myself hold a probably a roughly equal share of blame for all the egregious errors made in this particular case. Yet they are unwilling to even hear me out. I am uncertain how to proceed. I am somewhat in a mild state of shock... I am not sure what the next step is. Though the woman i spoke to today, has stated that the supervisor will get back to me in the next 48 hours. (We will wait and see.) I am stunned and unable to ascertain how such, error should end up as a pocketed mega profit for them while i in effect get nothing back as, that money was removed from my account each month under the guise of a payment for a service which in that time was not rendered to me. Just as it was not rendered to the tenant living in my old apartment. Who do i go to next? Who do i call? What is the process? How is this legal?

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customer service is a joke!

Direct Star TV


On June 12, 2007 I placed an online order with Direct Star Tv for a package called the Directv Plus Package which offered the following:

185+ channels

Free DVR (DVR service included)

Free HBO Showtime and Cinemax for 3 months

Get everything for just $39.99 a month for 10 months

Free installation

Up to 4 rooms installed

The installation by Directstartv was very quick and efficient and I have no complaints about the installation which I had put in 2 rooms.

The trouble started when I questioned the first charge on my credit card by Directv.

The first bill was $71.22

The second bill was $58.82

The recent bill which I have just paid is $60.92

I have called and sent emails to Customer Service but the answers I get do not make any sense. I was given the new customer credit of $10 a month for 12 months, but the extra $10 a month for 10 months is in dispute. The last email sent to me stated that I did not qualify because I purchased the equipment from a dealer who was not a participating Directv dealer - even though on the web site Direct Star Tv advertise that it is a Directv preferred online retailer.

I am also questioning the 6% Indiana Sales Tax which is applied.

On the first bill of $71.22 I was charged $6.24

On the $58.82 I was charged $3.84

On the $60.92 I was charged $5.94

I checked with the Indiana Dept of Revenue and received an email from them, telling me that sales tax would be charged on the total balance due.

I cannot get Directv to answer my questions about the original offer that I signed up for, and the discrepancy in the billing, or the sales tax issue.

Customer service is a joke - they are very nice in the emails and on the phone, but nothing gets solved, and each time I inquire, my inquiry is answered by a different person with a totally different answer.

I am now seriously considering cancelling my Directv service. I consider the whole process that I was enticed into by the online offer as a bait and switch operation.

  • Sh
    Shasta Mitchell Dec 04, 2008

    Well, I signed up through the Direct Star TV too! Only two weeks ago to find out that the person whom I spoke with on the phone offered me a premier package at 62.99 for 24 months that is not even a offer. so, now i am stuck with an $18 dollar credit for 12 months and $35 credit for the first three months and then the package shoots back up. This was certainly not what I was offered on the phone and not what i bargained for. Upon calling Direct tv, they sent me back to Direct Star TV that only answers the phone if you are a customer interested in purchasing and if not, they send you right back to Direct Tv who cannot help you to resolve the issue. So, they say I am stuck with the service for 2 year unless I pay out at $480 when I was told orginally that I had 60 days to make up my mind if I would like to keep the service. Unfortunately, I was scammed and will have to figure out what to do next. But one things for sure, after 2 years or finding my way out of this mess, never again with Direct TV!

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incompetent customer service, can't get rebates

DIRECTV should be brought up on charges! I have found hundreds of complaints on the internet and wonder why they are still in business! DIRECTV is the worse company I have ever had to deal with!

I signed up for Directv in March 2007 and have had so many problems that I'm taking my case to a lawyer. It is now September and I've had it! They have failed to fulfill their obligations and I refuse to pay their contract termination fees! Which I was told would be $900.00! That right! $150.00 per standard receiver, $300.00 for premium equipment (DVR) and $12.50 per month of the unfulfilled contract!

I have kept notes and a call log on every problem so I could write pages of complaints but here is a summary:

I have spent an average of 3 hours a week on the phone with DIRECTV for the past 6 months, which adds up to about 80 hours. This doesn't include all the hours "on hold" or calling back after being disconnected!

I was wrongly charged for installation, per DIRECTV, but can't get a refund.
I can't get any of the rebates that were promised! My service has been terrible and they want to charge me to come out to fix it!

My DVR, which is leased so it's their equipment, didn't work and I was charged $20.00 to get a new one! I received the new DVR on 8/20/07 and on 9/17/07 found out that they had extended my contract by 6 months, claiming that my service started new with the activation of the new DVR!

Their equipment is cheap, non responsive, and the guide is so blurry that it's difficult to read (and I have a new TV, as well as, new glasses!!!) I have been charged for returned equipment and told it was because I didn't return it quickly enough! It was mailed the day after I received the Return Authorization, box, and shipping label, WHICH I HAD TO REQUEST 2 TIMES!

DIRECTV customer service is terribly rude and completely incompetent! I have been lied to and disconnected so many times I believe it's done intentionally!

I signed up for DIRECTV through Qwest and DIRECTV customer service has told me to contact Qwest with my service complaints! I was also referred to Qwest by DIRECTV's automated message system.

Qwest confirmed that DIRECTV is referring a large number of their service complaints to Qwest although Qwest has nothing to do with DIRECTV service.

excessive charges for cancellation

I found my contract was extended when I purchased a new HD receiver at Wal Mart. I not only had to pay for canceling the extended contract early but also had to ship the HD receiver to them after I had paid $200.00 for it. I found out after I installed the HD receiver that I could only a few HD channels without upgrading the dish on the roof. The signal would also go out ever time it rained and I had to have a separate antenna if I wanted local stations for weather warnings when it was raining.

I went ahead and paid the charges and got Verizon Fios and have not lost service once since I started. The difference in picture quality was amazing and I have many more channels and features for less monthly costs than Direct TV. I will never use Direct TV again.

  • Ch
    Chris Watters Oct 21, 2007

    If you are looking for contact information for Mr. Chase Carey, President & CEO of Direct Tv - please follow the link below. There you can find more useful information for your battle.

    Also the Direct Tv Corporate office address is:

    2230 East Imperial Highway
    El Segundo, CA 90245

    Tel. (310) 964-5000


    Good luck,

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  • Ka
    Katrina Furton Dec 20, 2007

    I totally agree! This happened to me as well! I got a new DVR receiver for for xmas last year. It was purchased through Best Buy, per Direct Tv's request! I set up the DVR service and was never told about any contract. I had been a customer for 2.5 years already. As far as I was concerned, I had met all obligation to any original contract. Recently I went to cancel my service. I was moving and found a better deal with Dish Network. I had to speak to six different representatives in the process and not one of them mentioned a contract or early cancelation fees. a couple of weeks later Direct Tv charged $185 to my bank account without my consent, knowledge, or notification!! If I hadn't checked my bank account daily, I wouldn't have ever known!! I called Direct Tv immediately and had to talk to two more reps. One rep said I had a one year contract, and the other said I had a two year contract - They couldn't even get their stories straight!! They told me the receiver wasn't mine and that I had to return it, even though It was a gift and not purchased though them. They sent the recovery box to my old address instead of my new one, and are still going to charge me the full price of the receiver while they wait for the return - even though it is their fault in the first place! My experience with Direct Tv has been a an ongoing comedy of errors, miscommunication and misinformation. I have sent letters, and I am in the process of changing my bank account so that they cant charge it when ever they feel like it! I will be calling the California Public Utilities Commission, in complaint of the whole situation and fees charged to my account with out my permission, as well as notifying the Better Business Bureau. I have switched to Dish Network and love it. I can be month to month and not ever worry about early cancelation fees again.

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  • Ro
    Robert Mitchell Jan 31, 2008

    I asked for their DVR to be installed when they installed their system. THEY screwed up, finally got it to me 2 months later, and now are telling me that I have to pay an early cancellation fee up to the day that they installed it for 2 years! When I asked to speak with a supervisor - they put me on hold.... for OVER AN HOUR! I have the cell phone record to prove it. Total time on the call to them was 1 hour, 35 minutes and 32 seconds - at which time THEY HUNG UP ON ME! On their website, they list their "partners" - all of the broadcasters that use their system. Every one (I think) of their "partners" list a physical address as their headquarters. Direct TV lists a PO Box!!! IN A DIFFERENT STATE!!!! Cowards, Cheats, and Rip - Off artists.

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  • Lo
    Louis Santoro Mar 31, 2008

    My account keeps going up, I had a phone number fotr the presidents office and when I call now It doesn't work anymore and directs me to a main number. I would like to have the new phone number for the presidents office in Boise Idaho. This was the only place I got anywhere, I have been a Direct Tv custome rfor several years and now I'm getting upset with price increases and am thinking of switching to ATT Uverse which is alot cheaper with Fibre optics 200 channels, fast internet service, and Land Line, for about $100.00 please help, I'm on a fixed income, I thank you for the credit for 5.00 per month for 4 more months which helps but the new increase this month is eating it up.Please Help before I consider to drop Direct Tv. I have in the past got new customers for direct tv and never got a reward for doing so, it was before the new programs but still, better late than never, who wants to pay 70.00 to have tv service, I'll go bact to and antenna with a new 50.00 box if we have to, Please help.and maybe you can give us the 200 channel introductory price of 44.95 toatal choice plus with locals if you are able, the one pachkage on your web site. thank you, a sincerely frustrated, Louis Santoro of Ct.

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  • To
    Tonjia Vives Mojica Aug 09, 2008

    I certainly can relate to these complaints. I am having an issue as well. I suspended my services indefinately, because that's what they said I could do. They can't hook up the services where I live. The guy had the nerve to be sarcastic and say, well maybe your apartment office should have let us hook it up on the roof. I live on the first floor and I'm glad he said this over the phone, because the things he was saying, ---in person, I could have strangled him, not litterally. I purchased my own HD DVR at Best Buy, not DTV is telling me I'm under contract? Have they lost their minds. I hope the government is not protecting these clowns. If there is a lawyer reading these complaints, please help us put an end to this company ripping people off. Sincerely, Tonjia, Pleasanton, CA.

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  • Pa
    Patricia Bonilla Aug 20, 2008

    I can relay to the complaints because I am going thru a difficult issue:
    I bought the property at the first floor in a condominium in Shrewsbury, MA. I called Direct TV to install the satellite antenna. The condominium demanded that I need to take the antenna out because was not properly installed. I called Direct TV and they send the technician to take the antenna out. Then in two different occasions, I had to call the technicians from Direct TV to come to my apartment to install and des-install the antenna, because of issues between me, the 3rd floor neighbor and the condominium management. So, after excessive phone calls and meetings the Condominium decided that I am allow to put the antenna (because of the Federal Law), but I am NOT allow to put the wires connecting the antenna to my apartment located at the first floor.
    I hired a lawyer to write a letter to the Condominium management demanding a solution. Unfortunately, I don’t have money to law suit the condominium and I am asking for HELP from someone. I am a single-mother-to be and I am trying to survive with my salary.
    It is extremely stressful when I arrive at home and I can’t watch TV.
    I called Direct TV to cancel the services that I had purchased 1 month ago, and they said that I am under contract and I will have to pay $480.00 for the termination fee. They don’t care about my situation! So, I am paying and I am not getting the services from Direct TV.
    I need help! Thank you. Patricia. [email protected]

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  • Mi
    Mike Mings Jul 24, 2010

    We have been with DIRECT TV for 3 or 4 years. I just called today to cancel service with them and was informed that there would be an early cancellation fee of $340 because they said my contract was in effect until December of 2011. Last December we purchased a HD receiver at best buy for my son for christmas. I told the best buy rep that we wouldn't be getting it if it extended our contract with Direct TV and was assured by him that it would not extend my contract. I told him that if they said it would extend my contract when I activated it that I would be bringing it back and he agreed that I could bring it back in that case. When I called to activate the receiver I told the person at DIRECT TV that I would not activate it if it was going to extend my contract and they agreed that it would not.

    Now they are telling me that they can extend my contract without my knowledge or consent. I don't think so.

    If they are running these crooked practices on me then I'm sure there are thousands, if not millions of others out there they are doing the same thing with too.

    I'm going to start contacting some lawyers that specialize in "class action" suits about this fraudulent practice. I think I can find some that will have their mouth watering at the millions to be had from DIRECT TV.

    You can defraud people for a while and get away with it but in the long run unethical practices will catch up with you DIRECT TV.

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directv does not honor rebate sales promise

Subscribed to Direct TV about a month ago. Was told over the phone that the Family plan would cost $29.99/month with $100 cash back and that I would get $10 credit per month for the next 10 month. Also subscribed for Three channels of Premium Mandarin channels for an additional $15.99/month.

Was told that my total charges excluding taxes would be $19.99 + $15.99 = $35.98 / month for the first 10 month and $29.99 + $15.99 = $45.98 thereafter.

Guess what - got my first bill recently and noted the charges to be $29.99 + $15.99 = $45.98 + tax with "No Rebates"! Call DirecTV customer service and after a prolonged wait I finally get to speak to a service representative. They checked my account and told me that there are no records for the $10 credit for the next 10 month offer and that there is nothing they could do. Asked to speak to a customer service manager but was put on hold for over 15 minutes which I eventually hung up.

If I have to do this again, I would not want to deal with DirecTV. Does not deliver on sales promise and a customer service that sucks. But boy am I stuck with DirecTV or risk paying for the hefty early termination fees!

  • Jo
    John Darden Mar 16, 2009

    Its pretty much just a matter of time, directv will go down the same as AT&T. AT&T had the chance to be the king of the throne and ruined their own business by continuous phone roadblocks and screwing the customers, I can only say Directv is headed in the same path. I also have been scammed recently by Directv by this ridiculous rebate trap they have going on. I will switch back to Dishnetwork, they do service their customers much better.

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  • Xa
    Xardoz Jan 03, 2011

    We had a similar issue. Signed up for the XTRA package and was promised $29/month for the first year.
    After a few billing cycles and the price stayed at $59/month.
    I called and was told that I failed to submit a rebate and 90 days had elapsed so there was nothing they could do...

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  • Ch
    Chill919 May 30, 2011

    Direct TV did the same thing to me, never got the rebate offer nor did my brother who referred me. I called several times and they made up lies etc so as not to have to follow through on the fake rebate offer. I tell everyone I know they will NEVER see the rebate. Calling Directv is a waste of time. They have NO intention of ever giving the rebate offer, it's just a lure to get you to order Directv.

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poor service!

We ordered Direct TV from a salesman who came to our door on Sept. 9th. We were supposed to have our service...

try my tactic!

I noticed that my Direct TV bill was about $50 higher than it typically is so I looked at the details of my bill and noticed that they had incorrectly billed me for an add on service (NFL Sunday Night Ticket) that I had never requested... I hate football! So I called customer service and was told that since there was a free promotion happening when I joined a year ago and that promotion included the NFL football thing (which I never watched, by the way), that they automatically signed me up for this year! They claimed that they sent me a letter in June and I had 30 days to let them know if I didn't want it! Hello? Unethical business practice anyone? I then asked if I could get a refund and they said no. Then I asked if I could at least cancel the service so I don't continue to get charged and they told me that I had to continue to pay for several months for a total of $250!!! I asked if I could cancel my service altogether because I was so appalled that they were bullying me and they said it would cost $300 to cancel!! The good news? I supposedly got it resolved... but I will believe it when I see it. Here's what I did several hours later:

- I logged onto my account and searched their site for "regulations", "FCC", "complaints", "legal" etc. to try to find out the rules and what public agency governs their regulations. I wonder if they have a record of the searches you do when you are logged in... I suspect they do.

- I called the automated customer service and said the word "complaint" when the voice-activated system prompted me. Interestingly, my call was answered right away by a VERY polite agent (unlike the ones I talked to earlier in the day).

- The agent had a record of my previous calls and said that she would talk to her supervisor. She put me on hold for a few seconds and came back and said that they would not only cancel the service but would refund me the 2 months of charges within 24 hours!!! That was about an hour ago so we'll see. It will be quite a surprise if they do fix it.

I just thought I would post this in case anyone wanted to try my tactic.

  • Li
    LINDA SISK Nov 07, 2007

    An ex room mate had service installed at her new address, under my former Direct tv acct. I found out about it in June ( receiving an email from Direct TV thanking me for upgrading my pkg) I called and found out this acct. Was installed at her address in Dec.

    I have called Direct tv since June to get this out of my name. They cancelled the service added 250.00 early disconnect fee. And suggested their fraud dept. Would be who I needed to talk to. I have called them numerous times and actually talked to a person 2 times (who promised they would investigate and get back to me) GUESS WHAT? No call back I have called several more times after 20 mins on hold the call is disconnected . So I have chosen the option to leave my name and number. GUESS WHAT?? no call back.

    I have several pages of notes dates, times,. names, of employees I have talked to there since June. And still no response I have sent a certified letter explaining the situation and asking for help with this GUESS WHAT?? No response. The acct has now been put on my credit report which again I can do nothing about.

    I can not even imagine that a company could be ran this way. I only hope to compare this with the phone companies that used to take advantage of people by being the only available service. And look where they are now!!!

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  • Yo
    yolanda wallace Jul 20, 2008

    Yolanda of Shrewsbury PA (06/22/08)
    Has anyone ever had PPV charges for movies you didn't order? Someone, I don't know how... Called in on the phone (Direct tv says it was MY PHONE number that used to call in the orders) to Direct TV everyday for 2 months and placed orders for PPV Porn running up charges of over $1000.00. We didn't do it! Anyway, after several attempts to contact them all the way to the Office of the President, we were told that we were liars and that there was no way that someone else could have done this and we were responsible for the bill.

    Since then, credit agencies have attempt collections and we refuse to pay it. They have been so unreasonable and flat out calling us liars. They say that someone living here had to have called in these PORN movie orders. I didn't do it, my husband did't do it, nor did my 2 young children! Some orders were placed at 5AM when no one was even awake or home. Some were suposedly downloaded to our living room receiver... now, why would we download porn movies to a living reciever where our children would see them?

    So my credit is destroyed because of this. Can anyone explain how this could happen...could it have been a cruel joke and how did they do it? Direct TV says that their System is fullproof and un- Hackable. Why is Direct TV so unreasonable about these charges? They won't remove them.

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  • Jd
    jdbravi May 28, 2010

    In April of this year I received a charge of $10.99 for a PPV directtv claimed I purchased in Sept 08 - no exact date stated.
    I called to have the charge removed as neither I or my wife ever ordered a PPV. I don't think we could have even received a PPV as we use broadband for our telephone and not a land line.
    When I questioned why such a long delay in my getting a bill they told me they couldn't bill as I didn't have a land line and the "ordered PP V" didn't show up until I returned a reveive we were not using and they read the charge off that.
    Insisting we never purchased a PPV got us no where - have basically called liars and the bill stands.
    But get this, as we were moving in May I told them to cancel my service as I would go to cable. They offered a $100 credit but the $10.99 PPV charge would remain.
    I laughed and left them. Should I have trouble with them I shall contact the Dept of Consumer Protection in Connecticut and I am prepared to sue them in small claims court.

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  • Ma
    mad as hell at direct TV Mar 31, 2011

    Beware!! of the contract that Direct TV claims you signed to get their service. After the installation is finished the Direct TV installer will have you sign a one page piece of paper. That yellow or pink receipt you sign, which you think is just a receipt, says by signing it you agree to all of the conditions in Direct TV's on line contract. That online contract that you have never seen, says that you have now agreed to never take Direct TV to court if there is dispute with them; it also says that if there is a dispute wth Direct TV over billing you agree to binding arbitration with an arbitrator of their choosing ; that you, the customer pays the arbritrator up to $125 for that arbitrator to decide your billing dispute with Dirct T.V. This on line contract also says that if you terminate your service early that Direct TV can charge the early termination fee to any credit card they have on file for you or that they can take the money directly from your bank account without any notice to you. this early termination fee can be thousands of dollars depending on what you agreed to pay per month. That on line contract also says that you agree to stay with Direct TV for at least two years. To complain about Direct TV to the FCC, Send your complaint to the following address, making sure to include copies of all supporting information:
    Federal Communications Commission
    Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau
    Consumer Complaints
    445 12th Street, SW
    Washington, D.C. 20554 or
    PHONE: Our Consumer & Mediation Specialists are available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. ET to answer your questions and assist you in filing a complaint. Call toll-free at 1-888-CALL-FCC (1-888-225-5322) voice or 1-888-TELL- FCC (1-888-835-5322) TTY

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billed for 7 adult movies that I did not order

Was billed for 7 adult movies that I did not order. These movies were ordered by an unauthorized minor while I was out of state working. All I asked was for the charges for the movies be removed. I was told by a supervisor that they could not be removed or credited and I had to pay for them. Guess what, I am now refusing to pay anything until they remove them!

Beware people!

  • Hi
    Hilary Statten Nov 01, 2007

    You are responsible for the charges! There are locks and limits that are on the receivers that can be easily set, if you were leaving the state and didn't know who would be staying at your house or if you had minors that were not being supervised, you should have set a lock on those channels. Why should DirecTV have to pay for it? At around $15 each if I recall they are for 3 hour blocks at a time. The kid had the time and privacy to view 21 hours of porn?! Give me a break. In the end just refusing to pay for it is going to land yourself in collections. Read your contract and stop blaming the company when you should be blaming the kid who ordered them.!

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  • Mi
    Micheal Gentry Jan 12, 2008

    Direct Technologies in Dallas, NC contracts for Directv and they refuse to pay me the $3000.00 owed to me for working for them. The owners Jessica Long told me I was getting my money back in October 2007 and Stacy Long her husband will not pay me. He has a criminal record for being a thief. If I had known this when I was hired then I would not have worked there. This is a low life ### company. Please avoid them totally. They will rip you off!!!! Why would Directv hire someone with a criminal theift record??

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  • Mi
    Micheal Gentry Feb 27, 2008


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  • Da
    Dave4ed Mar 21, 2008

    Was told the rules for turning service off and on for vacation periods had changed. I was told I could cancel one of our two accounts because this new rule stopped us from using the accouts as we were told we could use then. We were further told to bring the receivers from home to our vacation house to get service. I was told the vacation home account balance would be zero when I canceled and no further balance would occur. Further, I was told a note was put in on the account records stating this.

    I now have a collection agency chasing us down for a balance over $300.00.

    Funny I now have to write to directv stating what they told me is in my account that the balance is zero.

    Ever notice they never put anything in writing.

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unvalidated charges thieves & liars

Direct TV lies about their services and their equipment. All of a sudden the FX channel didn't work on one of my boxes. The box was one that I had purchased from Best Buy for $100. They sent a technician to fix the problem and he installed a new box. He had said that that one was outdated. He told me to keep the box. I told him he could have the box because I had no use for it. Then they charged me $50 stating that the box had preventable damage. They charged me for a box i already owned!!! AND lied about the damage. There was absolutely no damage to the box. He also did not inform me that there was now a new one year contract. Had he done that, I would have never gone with a new box. I would have canceled the service.

  • Si
    SICK_TIRED Feb 04, 2010


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