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Direct TV / rip off!

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My services were disconnected on Feb. 11 prior to the disconnection date of Feb. 16, though I paid my accurate charges on the account. I was charged 74.99 for the NFL package which included the premier package, per 4 months. In additional, to the full payment, they charged me 42.00 for prorated use of movie channels. The rep claimed I agreed to such charges based on the plan I purchased. Direct TV's customer service to its customers is simply dissatisfying. This is definitely a RIP OFF! The customer service rep refused to assist me any further, until I paid the account

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  • Ki
      14th of Feb, 2008
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    Service was installed for less then a week when I called to cancel service, I was told that they did not have a cancellation policy (like most company you are given a grace period normal is 10 days). They then charged my credit card a total of 219.61, 20.95, and 57.75, with out my permission, my credit card company reversed charges and now I am getting harassed by a collection company on a daily basics. Something needs to be done with a company that falsifies their services. Reading about complains on line it looks like I am not the only victim.

  • Da
      20th of Feb, 2010
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    direct tv is the worst service I have ever had, can't wait till contract runs out!!!

  • Tl
      3rd of Mar, 2011
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    So we got Direct TV in November. In march the service goes out completely. They tell us that we have to pay $6.00 every month if we want someone to come fix it on top of the bill we are paying every month for the service. Since the 90 day protection plan ran out. First of all, we were never told about the 90 day plan to begin with since our installer could barely speak english. They said it was our fault that the satellite wasn't receiving a signal!! I don't understand how it was our fault? Then the costumer service rep tells us she doesn't even have Direct TV service herself! She has Cox communications! We ask her how much it would cost to cancel our service she says $400!! They wanted us to pay $400 to cancel a service they were not providing in the first place! And they say they have 6000 channels but 90% of their channels are channels dedicated entirely to playing infomercials!!! This business is a rip off.

  • An
      16th of Jun, 2011
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    Direct tv email reply. To refer a friend.

    DirectTv is a Rip off!

    I will never refer a company who cost me $1600 for 1 day of service. But I will let people know how horrible my experience was.

    I paid $400 up front for two HDDVR that took 3 weeks to first get an installed.

    The satellite was put on a non secure tripod and blows over my balcony the first night at 4am. So far I've had the service for 12 hours half of which I'm asleep.

    Schedule a service call. Earliest two weeks out. No call no show! Schedule another service call. Another two weeks. Tech gets the service back on but is un-reliable. Goes in and out for weeks. Mind you this first month with little or no service I've been charged for.

    Finally had it! Call to cancel. I'm obligated to pay for a two year contract break and they want the boxes I spent $400 on back with no refund on the $400. Wow great company.

    I'm required to mail the boxes back in empty boxes that they have to send to me. These empty boxes never show up. Called to order more. Again nothing no empty boxes to return equipment.

    So second month goes by. Mind you I've only had actual reliable service for 12 hours.

    So finally I wake up to $1200 taken out of my bank account without my permission from DirectTv on a card they had on file from the boxes I thought I bought for $400.

    Now here we are $1600 in the hole for again 12 hours of service.

    What a great company right!

    So no DirectTv I will never refer anyone. Instead defer everyone.

    That's my DirectTv blows story!!!

    Don't give them your credit card or they will rip you off!

    Shove your $100 up your ###!

    On Jun 9, 2011, at 12:55 AM, "DIRECTV" <[protected]> wrote:

    Refer a friend to DIRECTV and you'll both get $100 in bill credits.

    $100 in bill credits when person switches to DIRECTV and activates CHOICE™ programming or greater. New customers only. Offer ends 7/20/11.

    ©2011 DIRECTV, Inc. DIRECTV and the Cyclone Design logo are trademarks of DIRECTV, Inc. All other trademarks and service marks are the property of their respective owners.

  • Jd
      17th of Jun, 2011
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    I believe i commented on another complaint about direct tv. I had them once in FL. never again. My situation was very similar to your. So I'm jumping on your band wagon of anti-direct T.V.

  • Pa
      8th of Jul, 2011
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    I am not happy at all with Direct TV, My son moved out of my home, into his first home. I was helping so I called Direct TV and Charter to see who had the best deal, I told them that my son has already purchased 2 HD DVR while living with me, they looked at me account and told me that he could take the DVRs with him to his new home, All we had to do was Purchase's 2 New Cards @ $20.00 each to take them out of my service to his, So after he got moved and Direct TV Install I called for him to buy the new cards for the HD DVRs, He got the HD DVRs on a special they were having for $99.00 when I got them they told me they were reg, $199.00
    So what a deal Right. WRONG when I called to get the new cards they told me that the DVRs were leased we did not buy them that if we had purchased them they were $499.00, Know one never told me that was a lease, I was unstanding that I got a special deal and was buying the DVRs for $99.00 Reg $199.00 So people if you got a DVR and didn't not pay $499.00 for them the DVR is not yours, you are only leasing them plus paying $4.99 a Month each on your bill for the Service, SO this is what I see is I paid $99.00 for each HD DVR plus $4.99 each a month to used them for 3 years so far that $359.28 plus that is a total of $557.28 Now I am told my Son will have to lease 2 new ones at $199.00 each Down then the monthly fee, In the 3 years I have been a Direct TV Customer I was never told that the HD DVRs were just a lease, Now I did call and talk with someone on the phone and after talking with 3 people Finally a really nice guys was trying to help me out did agree to send me one DVR but not a HD DVR out for free but get this I got to buy the other one for $99.00 and pay some fee of $69.00 but they will take off the $69.00 on my bill. Ok so now I have to turn in the 2 HD DVRs that we have had that I have already invested $557.28 so I have lost money on this deal and now I wish I would have told my son to go with Charter they really have a better deal. if any one knows a Atty, they has a case with Direct TV I would really like to get in with it, I think it is time that big companys stop screwing with people and a law suit is the only way so maybe they will open ther eyes, My e-mail is [protected], So I look at it this way The girl knew I was shopping for the best deal for my son and she just lied to get the sale, I try to see if I could Cancel now so I could go with Charter and was told I only had 24 hours after install to do that so now my son is under a 2 year agreement with them and I am very upset, I will NEVER IN MY LIFE REFER ANY ONE TO DIRECT TV Thanks for your time. Pamela

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