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On 10-19-2008, direct tv process an unauthorized charge to my account in the amount of 988.71. I have never had direct tv and at this point never will! My roommate had direct tv and I made a payment on the account in july of 08. I selected not to have a recurring payment and got a confirmation for this. Wouldn't you know once he moved out and had everything disconnected, direct tv charged my bank card the 988.71 for his unpaid bill and equipment not being returned. I talked with direct tv and they wouldn't discuss the account with me as it wasn't my account! I said well you guys took the money from my personal account and now you can't discuss anything with me?? I took this up with a supervisor which got me no where! They stated that any payment made on the account, they will hold the card information to bill later even though it states one time payment. I explained that this wasn't even my account and I never gave authorization for this transaction, they didn't care.

After 3 days of getting no where with direct tv, I went to my bank once the transaction cleared my account. I filed a fraud claim. It took 7 days, but after the banks investigation the bank gave me my 988.71 bank. I am so thankful for this as this was some money I put up for my 5 kids christmas. Direct tv has to be stopped with this unauthorized transactions!!!

I am willing to file whatever needs to be filed against this company to stop this headache from happening to anyone else. Until they change their ways do not pay someone elses direct tv account with your bank or credit card info! If its your account and you disconnect, change your bank card info first! They will take this money without your knowledge!! So all you other file a claim either with your credit card company or your bank! Direct tv will give you the run around. Direct tv even asked me to fax a copy of my card to them along with my bank statement. Are they nuts??? I refused as this is my personal info and I didn't want them to take anymore from me than they already have.

I have since changes my banking info so this will never happen to me again! They are running some sort of scam and they thought they got another sucker, but I got news for them!! As of today I am set back to where I was when this whole headache started about 10 days ago. If you have any questions please contact me! The banks and credit card companies do have policies in place for this type of fraud so use it! Don't use direct tv you are wasting your time!

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      Feb 13, 2009

    I have had trouble with DirecTV from the get go. First I was promised a portable DVD player. After calling and sending forms for two or three months, I received a cheap DVD player (not portable). When I contacted the company to complain, the person to whom I spoke called me a liar and said a portable DVD player was never offered. I said I had the paper in front of me, he continued to call me a liar. Before my first year was up, I called to cancel the sports channels and any other extras. I had a serious family illness about that time and did not pay close attention to my bill. After three months I noticed I was being billed $115 per month instead of $64. I called them to have this taken care of. I was told I would be credited for the difference. This did not happen. They continued to charge me $115 each month. I called the credit card company and explained the situation and they removed DirecTV from my account. Through the year plus several months I called them many times to hear this would be all taken care of. This never happened. I disagree with the amount they say I owe and have made several phone calls to get this straightened out. All I want is a statement showing how they come to the amount they say I owe. They said to go on line and get it. It is not there. I was told I had to talk to a supervisor. There was none available but, one would call me back within 48 hours. It has been almost 96 hours and I have not heard from them. My service was turned off almost a week ago. My question is can I get out of my contract which is not up until September? My recommendation is never, never get involved with DirecTV.

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