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Direct TV / fraud and deceptive advertising

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Direct tv ran a ad in the local paper for 39.99 a month for 200 channels and local broadcasts. The salesman on the phone told me local channels are not availble today but would be soon.In the start he said I could file a waiver and get eastcoast or westcoast bradcasts fron abc, nbc, fox and cbs. He stated after you install you ask the installer to contact them and they will reprogram to get these. The installer told me he couldn't do that and I needed to call to file a waiver. After hours on the phone I receive a email back stating only 1 in 5 are approved and most likely mind will not be approved. I called them back within a couple hours of installing these and requested to speak to a supervisor to find out the sales staff is located in the phillipines. I requested to have these returned and a complete refund which tell said I would receive since it had been only a couple hours. I contact the fcc and the ohio attorney general and filed complaints. Prices do not match, promises made and not made. Buyers beware these are real crimials. Where are our senators and reps overseeing these thiefs.

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      21st of Oct, 2009
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    Have you ever gotten a resolution by writing the Atty General? After I fought with Direct tv since May, to get the proper price, and not getting it after I had it installed and was different than what I was told on the phone, the battle began. No paper work or bills, never got a bill until BBB sent me copies of what they said they would send. Be prepared that you will get no resolution from BBB, or the banks that steal your money. They always side with the corporation, who elses pays them? Direct TV took an unauthorized $1156 from my checking account. They tried many times to intercept the box to return the equipment by giving Fed Ex the wrong address. Finally FedEx called the driver and gave the driver the right address, even though they were still giving Fed Ex the wrong address and I finally got the box to return the receiver. There is a note in the box that states you have 7 days to return the box or be charged. So it gives them a great incentive to interrupt the delivery of the box with wrong addresses. The bank took out the $605 in my savings account which was the only money I had in the savings acount to cover the overdraft that direct tv created. The bank is brutal. Their "investigation" of the "dispute" was telling me I had violated the contract, early termination fee, all kinds of things. None of them true, and the bank accuses you of doing all the things that Direct TV tells them, and then steals your money on top of everything that Direct TV does. They actually tell you to your face and on the phone, you did not pay your bill, you cancelled your contract. Strange that they do not have prove anything. I won't go into the rest of the story because is has been very traumatizing to be treated like a criminal and then have your money stolen on top of this from the bank for illegal overdraft that direct tv created.

    They are like Nazis, you have no rights. I sent a complaint to FCC and all I got back was an automated email stating they do not deal with individual complaints, but keep your complaint on file for "trends."

    I was given some advice to contact the Attorney General of California from someone on the complaint board who gave me some direction on contacting the Attorney General who was successful in her complaint. I am so stressed now from all the abuse I have experienced with direct tv, but also the bank taking the last of my savings, and accusing me of not doing the right thing.

    It is unbelievable what the corporations can do with the help of the Government. It is the most unimaginable thing I have ever experienced. Yes, I know about the crooks that brought this country down, but I never saw the relentless ruthlessness of their greed and destroying people's hard work and lives. It was so chilling when I went to the bank today to find that they had also robbed me. Their composure is so complete while you are sitting at their desk and smiling at customers around you., telling you the way "things are."

    As I said, I will try one more thing with the attorney general. If you are not affluent, they have the means and power to break you down day by day. They are astounding, it is like being grilled by law enforcement or the SS. When I asked questions such as why wasn't I notified of their taking of my savings, and other questions which were never the same or true, they had a security guard come stand by the desk to protect the young lady from me, and the manager cames over and asked me to please be respectful to our staff "who is trying to help you." Believe me, never in my life have I experienced anything like this. The training that they have to break you down is very powerful. They are able to tell you that you broke your contract, (never had one, would never answer me when I asked). Early termination fees, turning off your TV and charging you $600. while you have another company.

    I will stop now. This has taken all my energy. One more shot at the Attorney General. If you fall into the clutchs of the powerful, and have no resources, and like myself at 76-years-old on a meager Social Security benefit, it is unbelievable torture. They are definitely trained to break the spirit.

    If you succeed in getting any positive response from the Attorney General's office please post it here, email me at

    There are a lot of things going on in this country, especially the issue of healthcare. And unfortunately, this turns people away from the other criminals like the direct tv and the banks.

    Can't we all get together and send our complaints to FCC and the Attorney Genera and get them to listen to us?

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