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Direct T.V. / bundled w / qwest... don't do it.

1 Boise, ID, United States Review updated:

I got the service with Qwest and Direct T.V. My only relationship was with Qwest through that bill. There was an extra modum sent and I repeatedly got charged for it for six months, every month being on the phone with Qwest. Finally they fixed it but I had had enough. I cancelled the service April 30, 2007. I called Direct T.V. to find out how to send the quipment back and the guy said to keep it...I had no use for it. Next think I know I am being charged for the equipment and three more months of Direct T.V. Normally they would shut you off quicker for non-payment. I did not even have the service I was being charged for. Finally after several months, they sent me boxes to send the equipment back. Then they sent me to collections for the three months of service I was not using. I tried and tried to resolve that with letters and phone calls. Now that collection has gone to an attorney. Screw Direct T.V. and Qwest both!

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      3rd of Aug, 2007
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    Direct T.V. - The worst company I have ever dealt with!
    United States

    This is by far the worst company i have ever dealt with... From the day of installation until to day when i finally unplugged their stuff and ordered with another company... they over charge, recharge and still have nothing to watch... if YOU are one day late... its cut off... even if they have your check and just have not posted yet... then you are charged a fee for reconnect and disconnect... but.

    If they are late or don't show up or the system goes down due to a storm well hey hey hey thats just business... What ever they SUE me for will be fine... I won't pay it... I'm celebrating to day because those ugly grey boxes are where they belong taped up in a box belonging to another company waiting to for pick up.

  • Ch
      28th of Oct, 2008
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    Direct T.V. - Unauthorized withdrawal of Funds
    Direct T.V.
    United States

    Company ( Direct T.V.) was informed that we were moving and was told not to access our private bank account. After we moved they said it was in our contract. However the only access they had by contract was on a once a month fee for services for that month and nothing else.
    Why do companies like this keep taking and taking and give poor service or no service and want their money anyway. If a cloud goes over the satellite you are out of services and your money until it passes. And ifi ts snowing or raining forget it you are just out of luck. Poor Service and Poor people services as well.

  • Sh
      12th of Dec, 2008
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    Direct T.V. - Billing for Service never received.
    Direct T.V.
    Directv p.o. Box 538605
    United States
    Phone: 1-800-531-5000

    Hi My name is Shirley A. Willis, I want to make this complaint to you because I have spoken with a member of direct tv and a team manager about a bill that I received. The first one spoke down to me like I was a child. And the team manager just went right along with the other man I had spoken too.
    I had caught up my granddaughters bill by Sept 2008. Of 90. dollars and some change. A few days later I called and spoke with a lady who was very nice and I tolded her that I would paying the bills for my granddaughter and who I was. So she placed my name so that I would beable to call. Well it was just a few days later that my tv and my box would not work so I thought that it had been turned off. Even the additional box would not work. So That even made me no that it had been cut off. No I did not call the company because I did not have the money to keep the services and I new that I would not beable to continue paying for it.
    When I called and spoke with a rep. he spoke down to me like I was child and tolded me that I would pay for it or it would go on a credit report. I tryed to tell the man that I was a growned women of 56 years old and he did not have to speak to me like I was a child or stupid. But he continual to do so. So I requested a team manager to talk to. I stayed on the phone for 409 minutes waiting to talk to a team manager and then he just kelp telling me that it was my responsible to call and ask why they had cut it off. I ask to speak to his boss and I have been on hole for 1 hour and 20 minutes. until I just hung up. I have not been receiving bills from Direct TV. And today I did and when I did I called them and this is how I was treated. I am a caner patient and I do not need your employees telling me what I am going to do when I cannot afford to buy grogerys at times. I live bye myself and I enjoyed watching direct tv and now because of this I feel that I have been handle in a negative way and this reflects your company. You may call me and talk to me if you wish and I want to file a complaint against the two men I spoke with. The first guys name is andy. And his boss is tyler. The acct number I am speaking of is my granddaughters which is (68215530) Alicia Walker.
    My home phone number is (1-229-775-2088) You may call me in the evening. The amount is $101.96 and I do not feel that I should pay this when even now the box's in my home neither one is working. I have been using my rabbit ears to watch tv.
    Please reply to this complaints
    I pray that the lord will help you to make up your mine to do the right thing and remove this bill from me. Or my granddaughter. I tryed to tell them it has not been on but neither one of the men would listen to me. All they are worry about is the money. And my granddaughter did work for you all and she loved it.
    God Bless you or who ever receives this letter of complaint
    Shirley Willis 13121 Adel Hwy. Barney Ga. 31625

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      4th of Nov, 2009
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    Direct T.V. - very upset with this company
    direct tv
    125 glen haven rd cedar bluff va 24609
    United States
    Phone: 276-202-5054

    I am very upset and would never ever recomend anyone to this company at first all was well then a few months later we bought our first home and moved that was the start of this all we had trouble first with this company it took them over a month to move our service they kept calling and changing the date after a month i was upset then when they did come and move the service they advised no local channels and to call every month to see about coverage now its a year and four months later they do cover this area but it will coast me over $100.00 to change recivers to get local channels and it would not be installed for another month why should i half to pay for the recivers if i had local channels to start? when i asked customer service it was either take it and pay or keep what you have and explained i only had to month of my contract left if i wanted to cancel my service alot of help im stuck with a company that does not care about there customers and pay for service that doesnt work in rain or snow and pay for local channels i do not recive.

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      25th of Jun, 2010
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    Direct T.V. - bait and switch
    Los Angeles Ca
    United States

    I talked to two sales reps and two so called supervisors. Got 4 different quotes
    they all lie and cover for one another.
    After they installed the dish on our roof i received an email with a much higher quote.
    I tore up the contract that I signed prior to the installation, I was then told by the liars at Direct tv that the contract was valid.
    I had the installer take the dish off my roof, and told the liars at direct tv to shove it.
    You can never talk to the same person, to verify the quote, they are always at a
    different office but with the same phone no.
    I have never delt with such a dishonest company in all my life.

  • Me
      31st of Oct, 2010
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    Direct T.V. - billing
    United States

    On October30th I found a 417.96 unauthorized charge to my debt card from Direct T.V. After calling I was told that when i signed the contract it gave d.t.v. power to withdrawl funds at anytime if and when the acct was delinquent... I cancelled my service with them in July and requested the rreturn boxes. Some representitives confirmed cancelation some were unsure.. bottom line is they dropped the ball and the consumers are paying a huge price for it... Can you imagine anytime for any reason... UNRREAL'''''

  • Ka
      21st of Nov, 2010
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    Direct T.V. - lies to customers
    Direct T.V.
    Du Quoin
    United States
    Phone: 618-5424909

    When I ordered This service, Direct TV., The add in the local newspaper said that you would recieve a video recorder. I have a handicap and had a Dr's Appointment that day, and my daughter stayed home to allow them in. They did not leave the recorder, I called and they said I HAD TO ASK FOR IT IN ORDER FOR THEM TO LEAVE ONE---NOT WHAT THE ADD SAID! I later moved 5 months later, and I packed all the equipment to the new address, as they said. Then they called me and said it would be 3WEEKS before anyone would be able to come and connect it. Plus they made me pay another $50.00 to come hook it up at my new residence, 10 miles away! Then, 1 nite, I wanted to rent a movie off of PPV, and they said I owed $ 206.00 back due. I always have paid my bills as they come in. And now the darn remote has messed up and I can't get my volume to work on my remote control, they will probably charge me again! Plus if I choose to disconnect, for any reason, I will have to pay $300.00, or they will charge it to my credit card, WITHOUT MY APPROVAL!!! They have a real game going on here.

  • Li
      30th of Nov, 2010
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    I was working for smart circle a direct t.v. sub contractor and got fired for being pregnant... im a single mom with 3 kids, no sympathy what so ever and the holidays are coming up.

  • Jo
      23rd of Jun, 2011
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    United States

    I am new to direct TV. and I must say I am extremely disappointed. It has been a constant head ache from the start, everyday talking to sales agents, their supervisors and even their superiors . No one can seem to get it right. I know what I agreed to when the sales agent gave me the terms and condition. When I called and spoke to another agent to confirm it was completely different to what I agreed to. I am tired of these back and forth conversation that are getting me nowhere and I want a firm answer. I do not watch T.V. often that is why I never had cable in the past but when I was offered this supposedly great deal I felt it was time. What I agreed to was the choice ultimate package with the special rate of $30.00 for the first 20 months and last 4 months were going to go up to $40.00 and everytime i spek to someone new the price changes.

  • An
      18th of Jul, 2016
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    Direct T.V. - Being billed for the last 4 mos. $110.61 by Direct T.V. for service I do NOT have
    Direct T.V.
    665 Waycliffe N.
    United States

    I cancelled my Direct T.V. service on July 15th, 2011. Since that date, I have been billed on the 14th of each month for $110.61 for Direct T.V. Service which I do Not have. I have spent many hours on the phone with Direct T.V. trying to correct this or find out why my Visa acct. was being charged. I was just told that there was a problem and that the receiver that I returned is actually active on another acct. Unfortunately, I just noticed this on my Oct. Visa bill. After checking back on previous bills, I found that I was billed, each mo. $110.61 by Direct T.V. Again, I have not had Direct T.V. since July. I would like to have this resolved and be re-imbersed. This will NOT continue to happen because I have alerted Visa NOT to pay this. However, I'm STILL out several hundred dollars.

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