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I started working for CVS not too long ago and since day one it's been hell.

On the first couple of days I assumed the manager's 'attitude' to be because I was new. (As in his inerrant frustration was because I was just learning things, and hadn't quite gotten the hang of some procedures.)
There were several occasions where this continued, however.

I told some of my family/neighbors what was going on, and each said that he should be reported for it, but, I didn't quite see the use for it, until recently, when he humiliated me in front of customers, and one actually asked me "Does he always treat you so harshly, you poor thing?" -- I should not have to have customers calling me a "poor thing" because the manager is that awful.

Things he does include:
When I forget a procedure, and wish to do it according to the CVS codes, I ask him (Seeing as it is faster to ask him rather than go to the back of the store, find the code book, find the situation, and hope to find an answer) ... When he gives me a reply on how to do things, one he stands very very close to me and traps me next to my register, two he explains in a harsh tone of voice "I have told you over and over again how to do this, why can you not remember?" and on top of that he watches the next few transactions I do still standing very close to me.

When a customer has a complaint and upsets him, he takes it out on his employees by treating them like dirt. (He gets an attitude, gets terse with them and other customers, etc)

Always when a customer has a question regarding someone he talks down to them like they don't understand. We recently had an elderly lady leave the store crying because he "taught" her how to use the photo machine.

Today while doing a money gram the customer chose to purchase products and receive cash back for those, then do the gram, rather than going to the nearest ATM a mile or so down the road. The manager asked him in a condescending voice, "Are you aware of the ATM at the gas station nearby? Why don't you use that instead of doing this, then?" When the customer said he'd rather just get cash back here, and purchase his products. The manager stood so close to me--again--trapping me while he did the transaction. I called him to the front merely because my cash drawer was low on funds, I did not actually need him for the money gram, yet he did it anyway and explained to me how to do it. ( At this point in time I know how, and can do it well and according to procedure.) ... This was the customer that asked me if he always treated me so poorly.

Today also, I had a customer read off the numbers of a receipt for a return... Having slight numerical dyslexia, I ask the customers to read it to me rather than entering it in and getting it denied several times. Saves both parties time, and frustration, and so far no customer has complained about this approach. He came up behind the register--again-- and entered the number in himself, and told me I need to enter the number on my own, and I needed to "Keep pace, for this is a fast paced store" ...

He often approaches me with a very angry attitude, often walking quickly and aggressively. I cannot recall a time where he's ever approached me in a friendly manner save for the day I went in for the interview.

I should not have to feel sick about going into work on the days he's there. I love my job, and I wish to keep it. I am a good worker and that shows when he is not there, it's just that he frightens me so badly...

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  • Ro
      12th of May, 2012

    Document .. document. If you really want to fight this battle have date and times. Be ptepared to have your drawers come up short and actively look for another job. I wish you the best!

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