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Rite Aid Complaints & Reviews

Rite Aid / cashier #54796158 in store # 05479

Mike Q. on Sep 16, 2017
Store 05479 (4410 East Saluson, Maywood, CA 90270) Register # 3 / Transaction # 1838203 Cashier #54796158 Cashier #54796158 in store #05479 ran from register to register trying to assist customers at the same time. This cashier takes money from one customer at a register then goes to another...

Rite Aid / daewood air conditioner

Fareed Hassan on Aug 8, 2017
I went to the rite aid near me and they had a 5000 btu daewood ac unit for sale listed as $129.99 with your rite aid card. There was a second sign posted as 50% off . When I went to buy the ac unit I was told it was $100.00 as the retail price was $199.00. However there was a sign posted...

Rite Aid / the pharmacy of alturas california

Edrie Miller on Jul 6, 2017
Today at 8:00 am went to get my suboxan filled and only received 2 out of 28 was told that more were coming at noon so come back than so at noon there was no pharmacist then come back in 15 minutes I called before they gave me an even longer time to wait then a pharmacist tech called and...

Rite Aid / prescription shortages.

Dogtaggedn89 Army on Jun 23, 2017
On more than one occasion, my prescriptions have been short. I just returned from the Rite Aid on 1012 W. Sylvania Ave. Toledo, Ohio. Once again my script was short. This time by ten pills. The first time this happened, I called and was pretty much blown off and accused of possibly taking...

Rite Aid / nature's truth supplements

0007DENO on Jun 23, 2017
Stopped in one of your units in Akron, Ohio, (Springfield Township), to purchase Nature's Truth Supplements which were in your Ad this week at BOGO! There were only 7 different varieties on a 3' shelf! Why bother advertising an item that hopefully will bring in customers? Then, the only...

Rite Aid / In store experience

Vladimir Bukrinsky on Feb 28, 2017
Hello, Today I visited one of the stores that is on 1720 Kings Hwy in Brooklyn, NY 11229. I would like to submit a complaint against cashier in this store # 48673050 who worked on February 28 at register #4. He was rude and not professional. He did not give me my change back, when I reminded...

Rite Aid / The manager was very racist and discriminates against white people.

Maria salma on Feb 7, 2017
The manager of Rite Aid is very racist with me and he has told me that he can not give me this job because I am not American and because she does not like that I speak with an accent. I feel very sad, and very humiliated and very discriminated. I am from Europe and have been legally living...

Rite Aid / Inept incompetent dishonest and rude employees

Amanda Melvin on Jan 30, 2017
store 00155 96 Dolson Ave, Middletown, NY 1/7/17 - rec'd call (automated) that rx -Lyrica needed prior authorization. Called pharmacy and they told me they reached out to the doctor already for the authorization. 1/9/17 - I called prescribing physician's (Dr. Chantasi) office and asked...

Rite Aid in Woodbury, NJ / Discrimination, and slander

Sevayanna88 on Dec 17, 2016
My name is james chard but go by jamie. I have been discriminated again my makeup that I wear, I use to wear it heavy but then told to do it lighter and I did. Then a new shift manager started named jackie and she told mike the store manager cause I was wearing makeup. He told me to take...

Rite Aid / Dirty conditions

Gwenmh on Nov 30, 2016
While parking my car in the lot, I got out and stepped into a large pile of feces. It was partly covered by a cardboard box and some paper towels. My drivers side tire was covered in it and I tried to step out of my car, I foot also went into it. I went into the store and complained to a...

Rite Aid / Rite aid brand nicotine gum

David e Lewis on Nov 14, 2016
about a year ago you changed the recipe for Riteaid cinnamon gum, for a few years I was buying from your stores then you changed the gum . If you look online you will find pages of similar complaints, we want our old gum back, I think it was from Watson Labs, the new recipe is too sweet...

Rite Aid / Store manager

Rosely Spencer on Aug 30, 2016
The store Manager does not close. If I'm not mistaking I thought store managers was suppose to close three nights out of the week. It isn't fair to the other managers to always close and for him to always open because he doesn't like closing . I also don't like he is very rude and...

Rite Aid / Unethical behaviour

JovanNapier on Aug 25, 2016
I work in a pharmacy as a cashier. Granted I'm not rail thin, I'm not large either, just curvy. One day my "wonderful boss" had a great time asking if Captain Ahab is still stalking me and can he just call me Moby. He continued on and on with whale references. It seemed as it took forever...

Rite Aid / Unethical behavior

billboard4387 on Apr 7, 2016
4/7/16 This is a complaint from a Coca Cola Driver. I attempted to make a delivery today at 7am to Rite Aid store number 5886. As I walked into the store I asked for a manager the employee at the front of the store called the store manager David. As hr walked up he ignored me also walked away...

Rite Aid Corporation / Their website is way too confusing/Tells you your are doing everything Wrong and Incorrect-Cedar Mill Store Portland Oregon

PamelaPr on Mar 8, 2016
Yesterday when I got my housing application I started to work on it and needed for the last 12 months a record of how much money out of pocket that I had spent on prescriptions. I went on their website and spent over 3 hours trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. When it said to...

Rite Aid Pharmacy / pharmacy

Reviewer26514 on Feb 19, 2016
There seems to be only one pharmacist and she is overworked and usually grumpy. Also the "call your RX" for refills service is terrible. I was told (by their computer voice) that one of my RX's didn't have any refills. It had 4 of them. I was also told that my other RX was not in the...

Rite Aid / Breo

Lanxton Washington on Feb 6, 2016
My doctor gave me a prescription for BREO, refill 1 time. The 03523 store issued me a 14 dose package, "INSTITUTIONAL" . I complained on two separate occasions to the pharmacist and was told that I was wrong and that they gave the correct package. I complained to Customer Care and they...

Rite Aid / Customer Service at Pharmacy

LacyJo22 on Feb 2, 2016
This happened on January 30, 2016 at the Rite Aide on Queen Street in Chambersburg, PA. My boyfriend, myself, and our 2 children (ages 10 and 9) went to get his prescription for methadone filled. The Pharmacist, Nitial(?) was from the very beginning rude and out of control. She told my...

Rite Aid Pharmacy / Medication issues

Reviewer23023 on Jan 18, 2016
I was prescribed Humilin R as my insulin drug. I receive my insulin three viles at a time secured together. When I began to take the last vile, I noticed it was cloudy (milk-like) and thought it was from being in the refrigerator. But then I looked at the vile and noticed it said Novilin...

Rite Aid Pharmacy / Pharmacy tech

Aprile Jennings on Jan 4, 2016
I am in the Archbold Rite Aid store at least once a week and have been a loyal customer for over 20yrs. In the last three months the new pharmacy technician(s) are RUDE!! Today was the last straw! As each person comes in we all stand in line and await our turn ( 1st grade lesson). As I...

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