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Rite Aid reviews & complaints

Rite Aid complaints 334

Rite Aid - Woman tried to attack me! Management did nothing!

Today... 1 18 2022 at approx. 5: 30 pm... A female asian tried to kick in the ladies bathroom door! While I was inside using the bathroom... This was very frightening... I was afraid to come out!... No one came to my aid to see what was going on!... I opened the door to get out... The asian woman started screaming out of control chasing me up and down the aisles!... I thought she was going to use a weapon!... Still no employees or mgr. Came to my rescue!... They did not call police or make a store report... There was no no no security!... I want you to contact me asap... I find this completely negligent on rite aides part. I thought she was going to kill me inside you store... J mar... [protected]

Rite Aid - filling a 90 day prescription failure by rite aid pharmacist

I called in my prescription renewal. The prescription had expired, my Dr was contacted by Rite Aid pharmacy, I was notified by my Dr office that they had renewed my prescription with my pharmacy. I got a text from the pharmacy that my prescription was filled. When I went in to pickup my prescription the pharmacy only had 30 days worth of med not the full 90 day prescription. I asked if I could take the 30 days worth and pick up the remainder when it came in. The pharmacist said no, if I took the 30 days worth I would have to wait for 30 days until I could pick up the remaining 60 days worth. He said it would be in the next day. I chose to wait so I could get all 90 days of my prescription. I came in the next day to pick up my prescription and the remainder 60 days worth never came in. I told the clerk that I needed my meds as I had run out, so I got the 30 days worth and paid for it. I was told they ordered the remainder of my prescription and it would be in on the following Monday, it was Friday. I asked about the concern for getting the rest of my prescription, the pharmacist said that wouldn't be a problem. I didn't come in until the following Friday, I wasn't allowed to get the remaining 60 days of my prescription because I had paid for the 30 days prescription a few days prior. Your pharmacists at the Lebanon Oregon Rite Aid are the worst to deal with. They tell conflicting information and do nothing to rectify the problem. I want action taken for my situation as I was told that they were getting a lot of complaints. If you value your customers business you will fix this problem. I drove 30 miles one way 3 different times and till didn't get my prescription filled. That is unacceptable and all because of your pharmacists and Rite Aid policies. This needs to change immediately.My meds were for my heart condition, I take my health seriously, obviously Rite Aid doesn't care about it's patients.

Desired outcome: To get the remainder of my prescription filled

Rite Aid - Employee

Yes tonight my husband and I came in to get medications and once we were done, we went shopping and to play lottery. As we were doing this we could hear one of the workers talking about us while at...

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Rite Aid - Bathroom emergency! Customer service from manager

I'm very disgusted and disappointed in this branch! I ask for bathroom as im here over 20 minutes for script and to be told cant give code to bathroom and to catch the other woman who is going! Really, to go back there and Noone was there! Manager had to come open with code on door with attitude as he was same man telling me to catch the woman. Very unprofessional as I have bladder issues and was here while waiting for scripts. This place is unstocked, unprofessional unpleasant and no ethics! I see why you have 3 stars as maybe you should have none! Please take my advice and retrain your Manager in here as he's very nasty and still had to come open door smh with attitude! I almost wet my pants in here! I've been here before and they gave code no problem so I'm confused what's going on here!

Desired outcome: Please let the customers use bathroom this is unbelievable and evil!

Rite Aid - Pharmacy customer service

I went to the Rite Aid in Newport Beach on San Miguel. I had a prescription for Concerta. The Asian lady named Katie told me she would be right with me… There was no one at the counters she proceeded to make me wait for ten minutes I took a phone call while I waited for her she never came over. When I saw her typing away on a computer close to me I asked her if I can give her prescription She told me because I was on the phone she didn't come to me even though I was in the spot for drop off and she told me she would be right with me ten minutes prior.. I gave her the prescription and she told me that it was not in and that I should come back the next day and she gave me my prescription piece of paper. I asked her why she couldn't take it now and call
Me when it came in she said because they didn't have it... she was rude and inconsiderate and should not be working with people. I can take my business else where.

Dec 29, 2021

Rite Aid - Still waiting to fill prescription over 12 days

This continues to happen at Rite after they bought out Bartell's Drugs & it is getting worst as time pasts. Prescriptions not being fill over hundred plus being behind everyday as stated by employees! Have call manager at store locations many times and only after 3 months plus they are still working on it. I have left many message at the Corporate office & I ask for someone call me back with answer & the only thing I keep getting in email is they are working on it!

Desired outcome: To fill prescription when three days.

Rite Aid - poor customer service

On 12/23 I ordered medication and diabetic test supplies from Rite Aid in Kalkaska MI. this evening 12/28 I called to see if my order was ready. I was informed by the pharmist that they haven't ordered them yet. The pharmist was rude about this issue. They need to train the staff how to do the job or get staff that can do the job. I am a diabetic and being without medication and test supplies puts my health at risk but Rite Aid does not care.

Desired outcome: train or replace staff

Rite Aid - Vaccine Appointment

At the Rite Aid Pharmacy in Canby, Oregon I was unable to get the vaccine shot scheduled for me. I arrived just before the appointment, but with over 15 people in front of me and each person taking almost 10 min I cannot wait hours for it.

I'm sure it's related to short staffing, but there NEEDS to be warning to appointees that it will take several hours. I can't imagine how many others couldn't get the vaccine due to the same issue.

This was a 3:40 pm vaccine appointment in Canby Oregon.

Rite Aid - Staff associate

Worst service ever, I myself will never go into the store anymore, I have been living here in SanPedro ca for 45 years going to Thrifty drug store now Rite aide and never had a problem till today...

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Rite Aid - Pharmacy associate unfriendly and rude.

12/22/2021, prior to today a called was placed to make sure my spouse medicaion is receive and ready for p/up. A recording came on stating the pharmacy is closed at 6pm. Posted hours on entrances showed different hours on days of the week/end. Opening hours posted at 7am. Arrived at the store at 630am. Waited until 7:50am when two employees open-up. Pharmacy opened at 8:10 am. Top it off the female pharmicist asked who the medication, answered it's for my spouse. Gave her my spouse Military ID, she didn't even look at it threw it down on the counter. Gave her my spouse full name, date of birth, type of medication. She asked for my ID, handed my military ID. Asked for my DOB, gave it her, asked for my state dr.license. State driver license doesn't provide medical benefits, military ID does. This person has issues to military families. She did this on several occassions. The store in question: 2305 Oaklawn Blvd, Hopewell, Va...

Desired outcome: Transfering our presriptions to phamarcy..

Rite Aid - Pharmacy staffing

Dear RiteAid Management, I would like to file a formal complaint against the Rite Aid Southampton NY 11968 location. I was given the third vaccine dosage several weeks ago 11/27/2021 at the Rite...

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Rite Aid - Pharmacy

My family has tried to use Rite Aid pharmacy in Meredith NH for 5 years. I can count on one hand the number of times they have actually filled a prescription within the time they said they would and correctly. The prescription refill line is worthless. Every time we use it the prescription NEVER gets refilled. It takes a direct call to the pharmacy to get it refilled. This has caused several health issues with my family and not being able to get our medications in a timely manner. Blood pressure medications, Diabetic medications and supplies, Anti depressants, etc. The employees are rude and could not care less. I would ask that someone from senior management tries to put an actual call through to the Pharmacy, they won't pick up the phone, you just keep getting kicked back into the phone tree. Even after multiple calls to the pharmacy to get a prescription refilled it is still late. They give you a time and date to pick up the medication and more than half the time it is still not filled when you get there or they only have part of the prescription. It is no longer worth the fight to give you my business or my trust. I am moving ALL my family's prescriptions elsewhere. I am sure the Meredith employees could care less but I would think someone in management would.

Desired outcome: Fix the issues with the Pharmacy, more employees?

Rite Aid - Online pharmacy

The pharmacy is really confusing and has been being very difficult. My latest prescription had been on file for ages. When I called to have it filled like the site said to and the pharmacy said I...

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Rite Aid - Unanswered questions

We had been getting our prescriptions from a Rite Aid store in Spokane Washington for a few years when the cost doubled for the exact same medicines. When I tried to use a Good RX discount card I wa...

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Rite Aid - Patient prescriptions being refilled without prescriber authorization. Being place on hold for more than 7 minutes without any pickup

On December 13, 2021 I called Rite Aid #05845 at 9:38am, 9:47am, and at 10:00am to report and inquire about why your pharmacy had continued to dispense medication to one of my patients past the authorized number of refills, and I was placed on hold each time for up to 8 minutes.

I have filed a complaint with the pharmacy board regarding unauthorized refills. I am a prescriber who e-prescribed a patient 2 prescriptions with only 2 refills and learned today the patient who was last seen by me on March 25th 2021 has been getting refills beyond those authorized by me, which is unacceptable and not the standard of practice.

Desired outcome: Correct the practice of dispensing unauthorized refills.

Rite Aid - Pharmacist , Rite Aid , Yorkshire New York

We went in this morning to get the Pfizer covid Vaccine, filled out paper work, was then told there is no more 10 am walk in hours, it's now 2 - 3 pm . We went back at 2pm only to be told by the Pharmacist ( her name is April ) They are only giving Pfizer vaccines to people with appointments . I simply said that perhaps you should update your automated system so people are aware . We took time off work for this . At this point, she SCREAMED at me, it's not my job and I don't have time . She then hung up on me . Is this how your company treats your customers ? Because of this, I am taking me and my wife's business to Walgreens .

Desired outcome: April should be terminated . Sickeningly Unprofessional .

Rite Aid - recalled deodorant secret anti perspirant

I went today to return 3 recalled deodorant, anti perspirant, Secret brand, none of the cashiers knew how to do it. they made me wait and put 6 people in front of me, I finally located the manager who procedeed to rudly say that I cut in line after all his cashiers put me at the end of the line. also he refused to refund me the recalled deodorants unless I provide my ID . this is totally unacceptable this is the rite aid located 2040 Broadway st North Bend 97459 OR . the employees are not trained and the manager is rude to customers

Desired outcome: requesting apologies

Rite Aid - Pharmacy

I came to get a prescription and they said it would take over 1.5 hours BECAUSE the pharmacist has to do Covid Vaccination. That is total garbage because this is a pharmacy. Patient had surgery today...

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Rite Aid - There phone system has been down for a month and a half

Date: November 19th 2021, when u send electronic prescription you have a 2-3 mos. waiting because they are so far behind, low staffed, phones don't work in the pharmacy. What if someone needs there...

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Rite Aid - Service

Prescription was sent over to the pharmacy from my doctors office on 11/19/21 I haven't heard anything so I called this morning to find out that its still not ready yet and today is 11/21/21 plus it hasn't been touched. The person I talked to was NOT nice at all. (Ridiculous) plus I have other prescriptions that are automatically refilled but some how they aren't now? I have to call in for them but there phone doesn't get answered. 3 calls in 1 1/2 days with NO answer. Plus weather its Blairsville Pa or Tyrone Pa Rite Aide they all like to stand around and talk verses wait on the customers mostly (Tyrone). Im going to another pharmacy Im so tired of all the issues at rite aide! Many years of bad service and rude people ! I was in retail for 28 year and If would have treated anyone the way your employees do I would have been written up. It needs to start at the top!

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