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lose your phone

Tired of several calls aday for something of no intrest to me and have told you on several occasions to quit calling stop calling stop calling stop calling stop calling stop calling do you understand stop calling you stupid ass ideot stop calling stop calling stop calling see how stupid you are that is what you do, same thing over and over stop calling


They call at least twice a day and I have gotten up to 12 phone calls in one day. I have never ordered anything from these people and never will but apparently the person that had my phone # before used viagra and got it from them. Now they think my name is Paul and I'm a female. I've been nice, rude, cried, laughed, screamed, called names, even tried to convert them to Christianity and nothing has detoured them. They still call every day. For over a year they have been up to this. I need help. Their calls are unsolicited and unwanted and they have been told many many many times now to stop calling my phone number now. I expect to be vindicated in some way.


These bums have been calling me for three years. Now they have resorted to calling me after 8 and 9 pm and as early as 7am because I have been ignoring them for months. I've even gotten calls at 11pm which I don't answer.
I have wasted so much of there time with dummy questions yet they still called. I now recognize the one guys voice when he still calls.
I would never buy anything but who know what's in those pills???? I get calls from a large number of different pharmacies as well. Now the call from a Canada number so I can't harass them 🤣.
This is such bs but we can't stop it ourselves. If I called someone in US as much as they call me I'd be tracked down and charged.

pharmacy drugs

Harassing phone calls, sometimes 50 or more a day. I have to unplug the phone, therefore losing contact with friends, important calls that I want, appointment reminders, ect.

These India sounding solicitors will not stop, need help as I can't watch tv, eat a meal, have a conversation on phone without hearing all this clicking as they are trying to call.

The multiple phone numbers, disguised as to be local can be a problem as I have hung up on friends, not recognizing there number thinking call was fake from India.

us pharmacy

STOP STOP STOP please [censored]ing stop calling my mobile, US Parmacy continue to bombard my phone number with telemarketing phone calls. I continue to ask them to take my number off the list they are rude and just hang up the phone before I can even finish my conversation.
They are rude and so annoying. I am trying to run a business and need to answer random numbers, I block the number and they just call on another.
How do I get them to stop please help


I have repeatedly asked ( over 50 times) that they remove me from their call list.
They hang up on me, and never put a supervisor on line.
They use multiple phone numbers.
I have always told them that I'm on the National no call list, but they're Harassment continues.

I would like to sue them for damages, as they intentionally continue to Harassed me with their phone calls,
I have Never in my life, had to deal with one company so many times, in this fashion


To Whom It May Concern...

I am recieving calls at all hours of the day/night for last 5 years or so.
I do not wish to purchase drugs from you or one of your Indian Tele Marketing friends.
I must have 1, 000 or more blocked numbers now and sick of therew calls.

If this does not stop I will take it up further.

My mobile number is [protected] (Australia)

Thank You and I hope these calls stop


viagra which I never asked

Get a call around 1 to 7 times a days I have asked dozens of times to stop but they don't. They have sworn at me, cursed at me and has been overall very disrespectful and won't leave me alone. This has been going on for more than a year. They even. Called me more than once on my mother's funeral. They consistently call me to the point of harrasment. They are stressing me to the point where I'm afraid to pick up the phone


Here is one number these cockroaches use to call from repeatedly. They don't have ID to identify a blocked number on this line. PLEASE call them repatedly and remind them how annoying it is to get unsolicited calls over and over. They get pissed! Use the number until they shut it off, but they have called from it for months. Use *[protected]. Enjoy and be rude!

they have jacked my phone number to make calls trying to sell there pills. then the people call me

Hacked my phone number. And now use it to make calls to there return these people call me and...

selling viagra over the phone and calling 5 to 6 times a day.

For years now sometimes 5 to 6 a day I receive nonstop calls from US pharmacy trying to sell me Viagra. I have asked many times to be put on the do not call list, hung up on them screamed at them nothing works. Please get me off this list.
They also call from all different numbers all over the world so you never know it's them calling.
No matter how many times I asked them not to call they do so with a vengeance. Is there any way to stop them.
My email is [protected]
Please let me know what I can do to make this stop and to stop them from harassing other people.
Thanks Joe

  • SubSquirrel Sep 19, 2019

    The only way to stop it is to stop having relations with women or men who kiss and tell that you need viagra.

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medicine I once ordered online. I do not take anymore.



call several times a day every day for at least 5-6 years. always hang up on them. tell them not to call. they still do. you say no and they still persist calls any time of day 8am -6pm husband ordered from them once so they call constantly. i even told them my husband died kept that up for a month. that did not work. they call as usual. this really sucks.

I have at&t call protect and since january 2017 I received

The numbers that come up a different every time so even when you block them they still come through again...

harassing phone calls

I have told these people at least 7 times to remove me from their calling list and do not call me again. Now I am getting recorded calls from them...They have many different phone numbers they call from. How can I put a stop to them calling me at all. Today they offered a sample of Viagra and Cialis...I am annoyed that they are allowed to continue calling even though I have told them to remove my name from their calling list. There has got to be some way of stopping this kind of call.

illegal and harassing telemarketing

These scamming criminals harass millions of people every day. Like many here, I get literally dozens of calls from then every day, 56 in one day a few weeks ago, all using spoofed caller ID.

Having dealt with them for years, I want to explain their scam for people here who aren't aware. The company does not actually exist. What's happening is the drug maker in India allows (encourages) any call center to peddle their crap for them. And India is loaded with thousands of telemarketing scammers with call centers ranging from one idiot with a phone to hundreds of them in a center. And all of them spend their time peddling every scam they can. Some hire out to sleazy businesses in the US peddling their crap under the radar of the US telemarketing regulations. Other times they run the credit card scams, the fake IRS scams, etc. But the drug scams are home grown to them since the manufacturers is in India.

They wont stop, but they can be hurt by wasting their time and money. A couple of years ago I started using credit card number generators online to generate fake cards that match the format of real cards so their computers think the numbers are valid. I used those to place hundreds of orders to various addresses and to various names, including Arnold Ziffle and Jeffery Dahmer. They actually shipped at least 34 orders, some as high as $1500 each. And some of the packages were even delivered to my real address after they got that in some database merger of something and I kept on. I got legal threats and death threats from the call center owners. All of them recorded, but it hurt them. They all shut down for almost two weeks, apparently to train them all not to ship until after the payments were processed. And many of the call centers no longer accept credit or debit cards, which no doubt cost them some sales. I even warned them I would show others in detail how to do the same scam on them if they kept calling, but they did and so I included a chapter on how to do it in a book on Amazon, "Trolling Telemarketers for Fun & Profit". I posted that chapter for free all over the internet, it should be easy to find.

To slow these vermin, we need to have the US government put the heat on the government of India. But to stop them, we need to get American phone carriers to offer "extensions" as part of the basic service. Every phone user can simply have a recording answer with an outgoing message to "enter the extension" or even the enter a specific given number to continue. That would eliminate robocalls as well, but since these vermin don't even puck up the phone until the connection is made, it would stop them, or make them pick up the phone and waste their time entering numbers manually, which they can't afford to do millions of times a day. The user could enter a clue to the extension or state it in the recording, or keep it secret so only people who know it can ever get through. It would effectively end telemarketing entirely, even by surveys and political parties and charities who are exempt from the Do-Not-Call list.

us pharmacy 15 calls a day from different numbers

I get at least 15 calls a day, all from numbers that are owned by private individuals. I have asked them to stop calling me, told them to stop calling me. I have asked for a number to return call and they have all been fake numbers that are active private phone numbers to individuals that are not associated to us pharmacy. I have never done business with us pharmacy but they have my personal information and medications that i take. I have asked to be removed from calling list and get hung up on. I have even been called a christian mother [censored]er and [censored] by their callers.


I've been being harassed by your company all year. I get called about 15 times a day at my job where I work as a special education teacher and at my school where I attend my graduate classes. Please as I told the many customer service agents put me on the do not call list before I file a legal complaint. The calls are disturbing my day to day life.

united states pharmacy

I made an order approximately 6 or 7 years ago. I now get 20-30 calls every single day including Christmas. I...

medical products

THESE people are RELENTLESS !!! I ordered an item from them about 6 years ago and have been receiving calls every day since then in 2019 (as of literally 5 minutes ago.) They have a rotational system that changes the area codes on each call, i repeatedly block the number then they dial back 15 minutes later with from another area code. What IS it with these [censored]? Do they actually think that after 20 calls in a couple of days that you will finally say "Ok, you win, i'll order some product ??" Seriously? I asked the last idiot for their website and said they don't have one, because i wanted to send a direct complaint to their corporate office and to the DNC list but nothing. I am BEYOND pissed OFF !!

pain products and diabetic supplies

I received 8 calls today from this company the people had an accent and there was people talking in the background. They told me that they want to send diabetic supplies because someone in my family wrote them a letter talking about me and how I eat I asked them who sent the letter and their address and they would not tell me at all. I blocked the phone numbers on my phone but yet they found another way to call with a different number I am hoping that you and the American people and government can help me so these calls don't happen again.

us pharmacy

This crap has to stop when they call I ask for a supervisor and they hang up. They call me from 315-] 979 -1786. I'm calling my phone service to see if there is anything to be done. I know on cell phones there is an app that will mess with them. But they are calling my home phone daily!!! This is driving me nuts!!! Then they wonder why people from these countries get a bad rap!!!

viagra sales

The people are from India. Most are mooslims. Some are Hindu. 5 to 10 calls per day. Frequently calling from my area code. Some will actually talk with you. They HATE Donsld Trump. They deny having sex with camels. Talking about that makes them angry. I sometimes act like I am going to order from them. Then when it is time to pay ask then to send a picture of them having sex with a camel.
I am going to talk about eating cows next. Nothing stops them from calling. I have a call blocking service on my phone. They still get through.

drug/ pharmaceutical

I once purchased viagra for like a dollar a piece of this telemarketing company that called themselves US pharmacy. The quality of the product was well below par. So never bought anything from them again. this was in 2011. It is now 2019, and I have been receiving calls from them just about everyday since. Just when i think the calls are slowing down, i get some robotype hangup calls (validating my number i guess) and the calls start heavily again. To this date i am receive between 8 (on a rare low day) to 26 calls a day. This has become a huge burden.
I have asked to removed, told them they have the wrong number, downloaded a 'number no longer in service' recording and played it when a out of state number calls me that can't be identified with a paid caller id app, i have threaten law suit, asked for managers, Ive toyed with them, pleaded nice, begged, screamed, yelled, and this viscous circle continues with no hope in sight. I have filed complaints, have had them blocked, and purchased the best apps, but, they still find a way.
Some of these apps block about 2/3 of the calls but these apps have their flaws. If you choose to send to voicemail you still get voicemails, if you opt for the hang up option, it will actually hang up on your current call if you are talking to someone when these calls come thru.
My only choice may be to change numbers, but my clients all have my number. And i also run the risk of getting a number that somebody else gave up for the same reason.
Just need help. No where to turn.

unsolicited phone calls

I got some hindi sounding guy that won't stop calling me despite cursing him out and telling him not to call more times than I can remember. Today he told me no when I told him "stop [censored]ing calling me" in a very hostile tone. I am sick of your [censored] company and your calls. I will never buy anything from you. I will encoufage others not to as well. He calls from many numbers but the one he used today was [protected]. Fire this harassing [censored]. I'm am so [censored]ing sick of you and your callers. Seriously, [censored] you! Stop [censored]ing calling me!

unsolicited calls daily

I get calls from an company that has callers of india type accent . I tell them wrong number.. take me off list but to no avail. I get over 10 a day... Some days as high as 18 calls. That's only the ones i answer. This has been going on for 5 years and has only gotten worse. It's like it starts to show down then i get a few robo call hang ups .. then starts all over again. Like they sold my number to another firm.

Please help.. just want it to stop

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    Gary tettenburn Aug 31, 2019

    I had 42 calls the other day from US Pharmacy. This website does not seem to be helping the situation it’s just for people to bitch about the situation? Does anybody know how we can fix the situation?

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trying to sell me pharmaceuticals.

For the past 5 years I have told them, I've never used their products nor do I want to and I'm a veteran of the US Army and I get my Pharmaceuticals free for my disabilities and to please remove me from their call list. Some even call back to back just to annoy me. I have called the Real company and they said they do not do sells calls and it is not from their company. If someone is using my name and destroying my name I would spend the money to eliminate the problem to avoid lawsuits but that has not happened as of yet so I have no further solution but to establish a lawsuit against them.

I ordered viagra and cialis

They call me atleast 6-10 times per day and always from a different telephone number from somewhere in the USA. I've told them atleast 500-700 times to please stop calling and put me on do not call list because I have heart problems. They will not stop and get rude. I have been extremely rude at times because I get calls even on Sundays! I am at wits end and can't take them anymore. They're always an India man calling with a broken English accent.

unethical calls and harassment

These people have been calling me for years and won't stop. Saldana Mayra
[protected] is the latest name and number. I've tried calling it back and it is disconnected immediately (number no longer in service) on 03/28/2019. How do they keep getting different numbers so quickly? I've been nice, Rude and even compliant with their questions and all they do is hang up and call back in a couple of hours. It's really a shame that the government allows this behavior, but worries about collusion of the the governmental offices. Can't protect their own people from this sort of harassment.

constant calling

The only way to get them to stop calling is to change your phone #, and hope they don't get the new one. US Pharmacy has been calling me multiple times per day- for years! I've been kind. I've been rude. I've been insulting. I've hung up. I give up. Sometimes I hand the phone to my kids. Sometimes I chat them up for a bit. Today, I agreed to buy everything they were offering. I enjoyed this. The guy was so confused, he didn't know what to do! He told me he had to get his boss. I enjoyed this one.

When they call during my commute, and if I'm bored, sometimes I have a little fun with them.

Them: Hello sir, do you take Viagra/Cialis?
Me: Only when I'm [censored]ing your mom.

Them: Hello sir, do you take Viagra/Cialis?
Me: (In my deepest male voice) I have a vagina.
(The guy on the other end of the line actually cracked-up laughing.)

Them: Hello sir, do you take Viagra/Cialis?
Me: (sobbing) I lost my penis in a rodeo accident.

Them: Hello sir, do you take Viagra/Cialis?
Me: No, but do you have any cocaine?

unwanted phone calls

Always thtu a made up number so many calls even my 9 year old son asked if he wanted viagra. Requested many many times to lose my number from their calling list. Still called 4or5 times a week. The us have a reputation for good service but this company break every law in the world for unconstitutional dealings with customers. Seriously who ever deals with them after the barrage of calls. Even issue threats over the phone. Close them down

  • Mrs Bean Feb 14, 2019

    That's not your CVS but a robo number. Your 9 year old should not have a cell phone to begin with.

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I get at least 10 calls a day from them. I have told them I am female and don't need Viagra, women don't take that [censored]. Calls in the middle of the night from them. I cussed one guy out. I had enough. I have a severally disabled 17 year old who hardly sleeps. I get maybe 3 hours sleep in 2 to 4 days. This has to stop. I asked the guy why they are harassing and coning people and refused to take me off their list and he replied because we want your money so we can bomb America again. Then proceeded to call 15 more times in a row from different numbers. This has been going on for years. There has to be something to stop this crap.


Listen, LISTEN = Nothing absolutely nothing you can do, what I have started after 7 years 5 times a day, holidays, weekends, after hours, rude, soliciting terrorist, this is what works, be polite for 30 seconds and then go and insult these people as vile as you can, heck I'm getting better at it, I used to get tongue tied and embarrassed but now I'm good and it has become enjoyable

a call center that continues to harass me

US Pharmacy (foreign accents) call me every 2 hours daily. They will not stop. I am trying to get specific information so that I may file a harassment suit against them. It is 12:13 p.m. on a Friday and I have already received 3 calls telling me they can do better with my drug costs. How do they know what my drugs are or even if I take any. They have been doing this for more than 2 years and I am sick and tired of having to screen calls on my personal phone. Also they will not stop nor will they remove your number. Because of some of the things I do I cannot disregard my phone. And why should I? This needs to be stopped. I know I am not the only one. I pay $45 a month for the use of my personal phone so if I use just 2 years (24 months) I feel that they should pay me $1, 080 for harassment, then for each month forward they should reimburse me $45 and then they can call all they want, I just won't answer.


We have been receiving harassing phone calls from a company called US Pharmacy off and on for about two year...


Do not order anything from this company. This is the worse company ever. Calls 5-10 times a day, . I tell...


How do I get the number to the Chief Executive officer of this company. I want to call them like they are...

constant phone calls trying to sell me viagra.

The calls come from phone numbers all over the country. I have constantly told them to take me off their call list. Calling multiple times per day for over a year. They even have local numbers they call from. This is a company with no moral compass. Surely somethjng can be done to stop this kind of unwanted call. I am on the do not call list but even after telling them at least 100 times to stop, the calls continue.

multiple calls everyday

I purshased a pharmaceutical product from this company in 2011 because of repeated calls. I said " if I buy you product will you stop calling me EVER." They said they would stop the harassing calls. They did not stop calling. I get usually 6 to 12 calls daily. There have been as many as 20 calls a day. I have asked repeatedly for them to put me on the do not call list. They don't care. The calls keep coming. I've received five calls today And most of the calls come after five PM. They are driving me nuts. Please Please, get them to stop calling. The calls average 6 times a day, 7 days a week, about 363 days a year. That is over 1000 calls OR MORE per year for over 6 years. I'm not sure where they are located.

phone calls

I have been receiving phone calls from thousands of numbers and i have even got to the point where i don't even want to answer the phone and i miss a bunch of phone calls i should be answering but dont because this us pharmacy has got on my nerves so bad i asked them to remove me from the call list and i get hung up on. Im sick and tired of it i want this issue to be addressed immediately.