CVS Pharmacyimproper notification of medication received

Received a called from cvs with ordering a refill of nasonex - - today (5/6/17), I had another problem with my mother's medication — I went thru the drive thru and asked if the prescription that I was picking up was nasonex — the answer was yes — got home and found out it was the generic — called the store to found out what the doctor had written — stated it was for nasonex but he didn't check the box for no substitute — so they filled it with a generic — would have appreciated if the aide that waiting on me would have stated it was the generic (they seem to not be able to read the the order that is attached to the bag) — I would have refused, since my mother had used this generic spray before and didn't work as well as nasonex — cvs #1735 — rx 0711475
Ps: this is not the first time this has happened, will add this to her other generic prescriptions that have not been used, that cvs has failed to inform the customer that they make switches, even when the customer asks — by the way this customer is 98 years old — not all generics are equal to the non-generic products

May 06, 2017

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