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The Canadian Pharmacy Complaints & Reviews

[Resolved] The Canadian Pharmacy / want me to buy more product

Mar 14, 2019

They call my house phone business phone and cell phone at least twice daily wanting me to buy more medication. Even though I scream and cuss and tell them to stop calling they tell me they wont stop no matter what. I have told them for over 8 years the product they are selling is no good...

Canadian Pharmacy / abuse marketing of viagra

Aug 06, 2018

Sales people claiming to work for Canadian Pharmacy have been calling for months. They call 2-3 times a day, I have told them that if I need it I will call them. They insist on calling. Their calls apparently are from India or Pakistan, because their accent. They use hacked numbers. I know...

[Resolved] The Canadian Pharmacy / they call me from different numbers 3-4 times a day, I keep blocking the numbers

Jun 08, 2018

Calling 3-4 Times a day from all. Different numbers from all over This has been going on for 4 years now, I once ordered from them and it was China made the drug was NO Good who knows what was in it !? I have asked to be removed from the list to Zero avail This is very disturbing all day everyday...

[Resolved] The Canadian Pharmacy / hi

Jun 06, 2018

I sent in an order for Cialis weeks ago for about 250 dollars but so far nothing received and I have sent 3 emails to Canadian Pharmacy but no replies received so far. Tried the toll free number but says this number does not exist !!! Have you gone into liquidation ? I have in the past...

[Resolved] The Canadian Pharmacy / phone solicitation

Apr 15, 2018

I have never purchased anything from this company, yet they call every day and have done so for ten years. They use revolving phone number identifiers, so I can't block them. Calls are 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year for TEN YEARS. The operation doesn't appear to be...

[Resolved] Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy / unwanted phone call

Apr 09, 2018

I, have receive over 30 t0 40 phone call a week from this company. I will be at work, Church anywhere they call from so many different number I can not keep up with them. I am not suppose to get these call at work and I told them but they still call and harassed me every day of the week...

Canadian Pharmacy / Harrassment with phone calls

Jun 29, 2013

For the past three years I receive around 5 to 10 calls a month from Canadian Pharmacy asking my to purchase a subscription. They have called me from multiple different phone numbers from all over the U.S. I have asked multiple times for them to please remove my name and to stop calling...

Canadian online pharmacy / Harassing phone calls

Feb 12, 2013

Over the past 3 years, I have received over 700 phone calls from more than 25 phone numbers from this Canadian Online Pharmacy. Every time they call, I tell them to take me off the list - only to hang up and literally - within the hour - get yet another phone call from the same "said"...

Canadian Pharmacy / Repeated calls


Canadian PharmacyI have repeatedly asked to be removed from their call list, but they keep calling. Calls stop for awhile and then start again. This time the number was [protected]. Their address is shown on the photo, taken from their website: They are located in Birmingham, United...

My Canadian Pharmacy / deceptive spamming


These loathsome swine send emails that LOOK like something else. Today I received something that appeared to come from "[protected]" <[protected]> Here is the message: Dear Customer, Your order has been successfully canceled. For your reference, here'...

Canadian Pharmacy / Poor Service/Refund Complaint


Ordered flagyl through Canadian Pharmacy and paid by credit card. The cost ($60) was withdrawn from my account within 4 days. I also paid add'l for expedited/courier service ($15.00) so now we're talking about $75 total. A month and three different tracking numbers and re-order...

Canadian Pharmacy / Prescription


I called them to ask what they needed to fill a prescription for antihistamine, said I was going to my Doctor Monday and needed to know. They immediately wanted me to sign in and register my Credit Card, even though I had no prescription to fax them. They said I would immediately be charged...

Canadian Pharmacy / Generic Niagra (Nizagara) is worthless


Ordered a small amount of generic viagra to test the product before buying more. Glad I did. Package arrived a little late but OK - product in professional looking foiling and plastic. It came from India and the package looked like it had been wrapped by a 4-year-old. Normally with real...



I don't know if this is the right place to write. I am constantly getting harrassing phone call from a company out of canada wanting to sell me medicine. I've continued to tell them to stop calling to no avail. Now the company call an uses profanity over the phone and call three or four...

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy / Spam


Canadian Neighbor PharmacyI have been receiving mail that was supposedly sent from my web address to others in my address book. Some of the addresses are so old that they are no longer viable and the mail is returned to me. The majority of the messages are requesting that the receiving party look at a web site that...

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy / Russian Mafia- steal and sell credit card info


Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy -NO PRESCRIPTION is a Russian Mafia scam You do not have to worry about the medicine being fake, because they are not going to send it to you!! They are nothing more than a website. They just want your credit card info. The plan on stealing...

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy / Medication Ordered


Ordered a prescription for my son from this website; one he must take, $174.85 never received confirmation, tracking or anything except monies taken out of my account on Dec. 15, 2010. Any suggestions of what to do next?

Canadian family Pharmacy / Advertising Emails being sent from my daughter email address


Advertising emails are being sent to people using my daughters email address. She is only 14 and was at school during the time that I received this email. I know that this has to be illegal. I didnt think it was possible to send emails from someone elses email address. If I continue to...

&Canadian Pharmacy& scams; companies who spam; and general bad stuff / Not a complaint; tips and start a thread ?


Word or warning, I do ramble. I'm also a noob here on Complaints Board. So.. In I Come With a Bang. I've been dealing with spammers for years. I know I playing "Don Quixote" and tilting at windmills now, but I still do it for fun. (spammers forced me to learn "net things" like WHOIS...

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy / fraud


I have been receiving calls to my home phone number with people asking if this is Canadian Pharmacy. If you have received a number or saw a number anywhere that begins with 302 area code, it is not the Canadian Pharmacy. I have also been duped by these people and had to close my credit...

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy / Fake Site; Hacks into Private Email Accounts


For several weeks, this site has hacked into my Yahoo email account and sent their website link to contacts in my email "address/contact" list. It has also used my name and Yahoo email address to send emails advertising this fake pharmacy to people I've never heard of. There is no phone...

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy / SCAM Never received order


This website is a scam and has charged my Visa card for $85.35. I never received confirmation of the order and never received the order either. After reading online, I realize I have been the victim of a scam. I have notified my credit card company, but don't know if I'll recover the money or not.

Canadian Pharmacy / Not delivered


I bought on line two durgs from Cnadian Pharmacy on 26th May 2010 one medicine which was shipped from India was received but other which was supposed to be shipped from USA has not been received after more then a monthn where as that suppsed to be received with in 2-3 weeks time. Now I an...

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy / Email hacking / spam


For months, Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy spammed my email box with dozens of spams each week; reported to US FCC which stopped them for a while. Now they are back with a vengeance. Two days ago, they hacked into my email account and sent their website link to people in my email account...

Canadian Pharmacy / 3 e mails a day


they keep sending me e mails 3 times aday i hit the unsubscribe button it goes back to more drug products please have them stop e mailing me [protected]

Canadian Pharmacy / Spam


What a low life slime ball lying thieving bunch of #s. They somehow got into my wife's email account in yahoo and stole her yahoo id and her address book and are sending their # website to everyone on her address list. Beware beware beware If you get anything from these #s: canadian...

Canadian Pharmacy / Wrong order


I ordered 10 viagra proffesional tablets. Order No. X94-833551. Cost 69.8 dollars incl postage I have today received 12 of the ordinary viagra 100mg tablets. What are you going to do about it?

Canadian Pharmacy / Endless unsolicited emails


Past 10 days suddenly Canadian Pharmacy has been sending unsolcited emails to 3 different email addresses that reach me. All emails shown in the 'sender line' as VIAGRA <followed by my own email address> preventing me from identifying as spam or blacklisting it since it...

Canadian Pharmacy - Salena Fuliame / Using my email address to Spam me cannot block otherwise I block myself


Using my email address to Spam me can not block otherwise I block myself & will not be able to receive emails. Have notified Bell to no avail. Salena Fuliame - this individual is using email address as if it was hers so that I can not block her or her company Canadian Pharmacy!

Canadian Pharmacy / Fake Drugs


I finally received my order of 20 pills of what was supposed to be Cialis or as the back of the bubblepack reads 20 mg Tadalafil, THEY DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ! I have used cialis before and these are fake, no results. I plan to revoke my $67 Visa Card payment, if I can. I think they wait to...

Canadian Pharmacy / Never received product


Placed an order paid by credit card and never received products. I emailed and tryed calling numerous times, but no one would ever return an email or call.

Canadian Pharmacy / Unsolicied E-mail


How do I get off of this mailing list...It is very frustrating.

Canadian Pharmacy / EMAILS



The Canadian Pharmacy / arip MT 5 mg.


I recieved sugar pills in place of my medication, I have been a nurse for over 30 years and am familiar with placebos. I paid $116 + shipping and handling for 100 5mg tabs of Arip MT 5mg. and recieved tablets that were sugar. I have tasted these before and they are unmistakeable.

2002-2008 Canadian Pharmacy Inc. / Fraud


On the surface this website looks legitimate. They appear to be from Vancouver, B.C. and it also says they are Licensed by the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia.They also send out a confirmation email that your order has been processed. However, your credit card is charged and you...

Canadian Pharmacy / on line scam


Paid 70euro by creditcard on line for supply of antibiotic tablets, never arrived, tried contacts, no reply

Canadian Pharmacy / Goods not recieved


Ordered from this company on 3rd March2008, CC was debited on 5th March 2008, have recieved a few emails stating delays caused by shipping thru India, and have spoken to them via phone, but cannot now contact them by the toll free number [protected] . I have just sent off an email stating that...

Canadian Pharmacy / FRAUD


Have taken my money for product I ordered, given me false shipping details, unable to make contact with them. Please do not order anything with these people, whoever they may be as it is all one big fraud. BEWARE

Canadian Pharmacy / Scam and fraud!


I would like for someone to tell me if they have been scammed by the site . The logo on their page is a red oak leaf in a circle between the words Canadian and Pharmacy. Address is I have ordered from them three times since early last year and received my meds in a...

Canadian Pharmacy / European Pharmacy / Are these people rip offs?


I am sick & tired of different people emailing me & telling me about this fantastic Canadian pharmacy. At first I fell for it so I sent a few enquiry emails regarding medicines to this company & never got a reply. I've read some of the complaints about them & just want someone to...