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I am a new CVS customer. My insurance forces me to use CVS and originally this didn’t seem to be much or a problem. However: On September 5th I went to the CVS pharmacy at the corner of Shute lane and Lebanon Road in Hermitage TN with my list of prescriptions. . I dropped of the list and explained that the original prescriptions were at the Walgreen's Drug Store in Hermitage on Old Hickory Blvd. The pharmacist looked at the list and handed it to a girl working there. I gave her my insurance card and she punched keys on the computer for 2 or 3 minutes. She then told me “the prescriptions would be ready the following day and they would call me when they were ready”. I waited for a call but no call. On September 11th I went back to the pharmacy and after several minutes the pharmacist said they had not filled any of the prescriptions because they did have my name. My name was on the insurance card that I gave them when I brought in the list on the 5th.The following week, I, thinking this lousy service was probably only in one store, I went to the CVS downtown Nashville on 21st avenue. I dropped of the list and explained that the originalprescriptions were at the Walgreens Drug Store in Hermitage on Old Hickory Blvd. They said they would be ready the next day. I went in the next day and picked up the sack and paid for the prescriptions. After I got home to hermitage and opened the bag I found that they had only filled 7 out of 13. I checked with my doctor and found only one of theprescriptions that were not filled had expired. My doctor wrote a prescription for the one that was expired and gave me 4 new prescriptions. I returned to the CVS Store this afternoon and gave the girl the list of prescriptions that they had not filled that were not expired and the four new prescriptions. I and explained that the original prescriptions for those were at the Walgreens Drug Store in Hermitage on Old Hickory Blvd. She said they couldn’t fill these prescriptions without the phone number for Walgreens in Hermitage. I don’t carry the phone number for Walgreens around with me.

This may seem like a trivial little thing to you as apparently it does to CVS employees. It has been a hardship for me because I live about 4 miles from the CVS on Shute lane and Lebanon road, the closes one to me and can’t depend on them to fill myprescriptions . The store on 21st downtown Nashville is 17miles from my home which in its self is bad enough but there I have to park in the back garage and walk over a blocks distance to the store. Not to mention that I am 64 years old, have trouble walking very far and being unable to see the small print in phone book, was unable to look up the Walgreen’sphone number for you lazy employee. It is quite an expense and hassle for me to drive around Nashville looking for a CVS with employees that want to serve me in a proper respectful manor. In closing I just want to say that my insurer is the State Of Tennessee and I will be complaining to the proper department about CVS.

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      Apr 10, 2011

    How sad Seems to me like CVS has a Government attitude, dont care, so what, & how much money can I rip off from thee consumer before They get caught. I waited 6 days before getting my Meds due to poor customer service. This reminds me of Thee Dennys In Palm Springs, CA When they refused to Serve us we sat there for over 40 minutes were asked to leave because waiteress said we were drunk, Which was a lie Because we do not drink any alcohol, They called police On us for no reason" Officer was Polite & we submitted a report, & SUED Denny's, maybe thats what CVS Needs to happen to them. THERS Is No EXCUSE for Bad service, & REFUSAL of service to anyone Because of their Skin Color Or Disability. STOP Rascist & Bigit behavior. In all business's. We NEED Thee Real POWER, & LOVE, True repentance, Which is the HOLY GHOST, have you recieved the HOLY GHOST since you believed, ACTS 2-38, This is Thee Only solution.

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