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CVS Pharmacynever have drugs in stock, pharmacist makes mistakes

Because I use numerous prescribed medications for ailments like Chronic Pain, Anxiety, my Choleserol level, and Mood Control, I need to use this pharmacy, located about 3 miles from me, for all my prescribed medications. In the past, they seemed to be good at providing medications for these various problems, but in the past year I have become increasingly frustrated with them not having medications in stock, and even having the pharmacist make gross mistakes on opiate pain killers that I need for my Chronic Pain. Today, THURSDAY October 14, I drove 15 miles to Lebanon, PA to pick up 2 prescriptions from my pain doctor. One was for Morphine Sulphate 30 mg pills, and the other was for Fector patches to put on the painful area of my back. After going to the Drop-Off Window, I asked the CVS employee how much the Fector Patches would cost. Well, after beating away at her computer keyboard for 5 minutes, she turned around and went to the Pharmacist. She came back and answereed, "We apparently do not carry those patches regularly, but could get some from another CVS pharmacy and have them for me sometime late FRIDAY afternoon! I chuckled and shook my head. Then the employee told me that they also did not have the Morphine Sulfate 30 mg pills in stock either. But, they could possibly look around for another pharmacy to get some later in the Day. I couldn't believe this was happening yet AGAIN, as about 50% of the time I go for a prescription, this lousy store doesn't have it in stock!

Back in August the same Pharmacist made a gross mistake when I took in prescriptions for both Morphine Sulfate CR (constant relief) and again Morphine Sulphate 30 mg (for break-thru pain). Well, she gave me "Oxycontin CR" instead of the "Morphine Sulfate CR", and instead of giving me Morphine Sulphate 30 mg, she apparently gave me Oxycodone instead, but Labeled it as Morphine Sulfate. As I happened to have an appointment with my pain doctor 2 days later, I took the bottles of pills along to him, and he instantly recognized that the Pharmacist had made a bad mistake, by giving me Oxycodone, yet labeling it "Morphine Sulfate." This person is incompetent! As other employees rush around trying to assist customers for their oftn un-filled prescriptions she stands in one spot, and slowly does her thing, making mistakes and failing to fulfill the times requested by customers for their prescriptions. People sit in waiting chairs and complain about the slowness of having their script filled, or wating for a script they had called in on the automated line asking for a 10:00 A.M. pickup, but not being able to get the prescription until an hour later. They are conflicted -- should they wait around, should they go home and come back later, etc. The situation is a disgrace to the CVS Pharmacy chain and some action needs to be taken!

I suggest that the old, slow, and mistake-prone pharmacist be replaced, and that somebody in charge of the Pharmacy there take a hard look at how poor they are at keeping inventory of commonly needed medications, even uncommonly used medications. After all, what is the Pharmacy there for? To provide medications for customers who have an immediate need for a prescribed medication!! It's like a crap shoot going to this Pharmacy in Manheim, PA, as to whether or not the pharmacy has you med in stock, when it is actually available to pick up, and even having to double-check to see that the med being picked up is the right one. Don't lay this problem on the Customer, it is only the fault of CVS Pharmacy in Manheim, PA. As I left today, THURSDAY, without knowing when my prescriptions would be available, the clerk said, "Sorry about that!" There it is! The old, time-worn phrase that a failing business expresses to a CUSTOMER, the one who provides the paycheck and benefits for those at CVS, and receives blatantly poor service in return. Well, I've had enought! I am going to take all my future prescriptions to the Sloan's Pharmacy in Manheim, and give time my business. I have simply had it with this CVS Pharmacy in Manheim, and I can only hope that more and more customers follow me to Sloans.

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    • Mo
      Montegirl Oct 14, 2010
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      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      I have done Inventory at CVS's Pharmacys and I will be the first to say, I would NEVER let my family/friends get their meds filled there. Their pharmacy is unorganized and dirty. This particular one was in WVA .

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    • Wh
      Whine11 Feb 22, 2011

      CR stands for controlled release, not constant relief. lol

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    • Ja
      Jane S Bressler May 01, 2011

      Tonight at approx 8pm, I dropped off two prescriptions at the CVS in Laurel, MD. Was told it would be two hours before it could be filled. Went back about 2 hrs later and had to wait another 20 minutes at the drive through. I needed the ambiem, which was one of the Rx. This CVS was the only one open 24hrs, as my regular pharmacy closed at 6pm. My doctor specificially wrote on the Rx, Brand Only, or PbO, which means brand only. I took both Rx's home...15 miles one way, to find out they gave me generic. The last pharmacy I used in January, told me that Ambiem is now in generic and the cost would be much less. I took it...after about 3 wks, I was waking up in the morning noticing that I had eaten food in the middle of the night and didn't remember it. This happened about 3 or 4 times. I questioned the pharmacy (Walgreens) and they had no idea why I was all of a sudden doing things in my sleep. When I finally figured it out, it was the genetric that was causing it, I went back to Walgreens and still got no satisfaction. So today with a different pharmacy, CVS, I can't believe after my doctor specifically said BRAND, why they made the mistake. Since I had a second prescription and my cost was $100, I didn't put 2 and 2 together that I had the wrong Rx. But when I drove back to CVS tonight and all I got was "we are sorry". That doesn't cut it for me. They are paid a lot of money and shouldn't be making mistakes like that. Had I not been aware, once I got home, I could have taken those pills and could have gone out driving in my sleep. Who would be responsible then???? What recourse do consumers have??? I will write the CVS main store with my complaint, but "sorry" did not cut it for me tonight!! What happen to pharmacy people asking 'genetric or brand". No one ever ask that any more? Yes, I called CVS tonight before I drove other there and was told, you know that will cost me more? Oh, really... I didn't ask what the cost was. I asked why I got the wrong medicine. So ignorant that person was and insulting to me!

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    • Sp
      Spineinjury Mar 18, 2014

      Actual Fact. I am having same issues here in Vegas. I suffer chronic pain and they make me suffer for 2 weeks in terrible pain waiting for the RX. This is a shame and needs to be addressed and changes need to be made to better suit the consumer. Or Shut CVS Down by customers vote. I should not have to wait 2 weeks for my script when I've been with this pharmacy for almost 10 yrs.
      CVS you need to do better. You know how many patients you have each month. Called supply and demand.

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