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CVS Pharmacywrong dosage info on script

I had a prescription for Zantac filled which should have been 1.5 ML 2x a day. Thank goodness I looked at the directions before I left the store. The pharmacist directed 1 and 1/2 TEASPOONS 2x day. When I questioned it I was told yes its correct, I repeated that it was for my 3 month old son and they said OH MY GOD! I am so sorry. I was given a refund, apologized to about 5 more times and thanked for my patience while they corrected it. It is really upseting thinking about what could have possibly happened to my son if I had not known better and given him the directed dose.

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    • Ti
      Tiffany2017 Jul 19, 2014

      Hello, I've notice a lots of the comments posted on Complaintsboard.com no one have mention anything about a consultation with a CVS Pharmacist. Every time me or my daughter pickup our prescription at our local CVS Pharmacy located in Pasadena, California. They always ask us when it's a new prescription would we like a consultation with a pharmacist. I would like to suggest everyone to when you pick up your prescription from CVS Pharmacy the next time to please tell the pharmacy you would like a consultation with the pharmacist before you leave the store.

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    • Ta
      Tambicka Jun 03, 2016
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      Verified customer

      Walked in to CVS #8373 to fill perscription and was treated very poorly. The gal behind the counter at the pharmacy drop off, should have been more professional. She told me I wouldn’t get my medication until 5pm, and it’s 1:05pm and I am the only customer at the pharmacy present. Next I am being told that because of their system crashing they are behind over a hundred perscriptions. Now, what kind of thing is that to tell a customerthere now and present. I don’t have transportation and I have to takea bus. I don’t have anyone to pick up my medication. I got out of my dictors appt. and need my medication. Finally, she said I would have to wait foran hour.

      What an inconvenience to treat a customer with such poor attention. Customers deserve to be treated with professionalism. We shouldn’t have to suffer because your system crashed. Thank you for your time and I hope customer service skills improve at the pharmacy #8373.

      CVS has some issues that need to be worked out. Every time I get my medication refilled there is a problem. They will be out of one medication and I will have to come back the next day to get it, always after noon. It isn’t always conveient for me to come back. Also 2 of my prescriptions have to be name brand. They filled it with generic and said the way the prescription was written it could have been filled either way. They didn’t even bother to look on my profile to see that I always get name brand. My husbands insurance pays better if I use CVS. I am about ready to pay the difference and use a different pharmacy.

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