Cell C Service Providercell c refuses to terminate agreement and still charging supscription fees after ctc has been cancelled in writing

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This is a formal complaint against cell c service provider for an agreement we entered into in september 2007. The contract was for 24 months and in beginning of the year (January/february 2008) I requested a migration from casual chat 100 to business 1000 which was granted subject to provision that my account was up to date. I later found out that cell c does not support blackberry and because of my job I had to take up a contract with vodacom on business 1000 and asked cell c to down migrate my package back to casual chat 100. I was told that due to the fact that I had defaulted in the past 3 months their system could not change my package to casual chat 100. At the time I could not afford the subscription of both contract and this was explained to cell c. I spoke to their call centre in june/july and got through to their legal department where they advised me that in order for them to change the package back to casual chat 100 my account should be up to date for the preceding 3 months. At the time I thought my agreement was due to expire in september and made an agreement to pay at least r1000 a month as I could not afford the bill. By this time my service was neither suspended meaning I could not make calls nor get my free minutes back. I understand that according to the agreement I got into with cell c that I am obligated to pay a subscription fee even if my service has been suspended.

September 2008 was the end of the minimum agreement period and I sent a letter to cell c to terminate my contract with them having made an arrangement with someone from their legal department to pay a r1000 a month until I finish paying what's due to them. At the end of november when I checked my cell c statement I found that they are still taking a subscription fee on a contract that's expired and on top of it a contract that's been terminated by sending a written notification of my intention to cancel. I then called the cell c call centre and was told that cell c cannot terminate the agreement if the account is not paid in full. I asked to be transferred to their legal department trying to explain the fact that I could not afford to pay the full subscription fee and that I had requested a migration down to the package I had initially which was refused. My argument was that if I make an arrangement to pay a certain amount every month and send through written notification of my intent to terminate the agreement after the 24 month period had elapsed, why would they continue taking a subscriptions fee for a contract that has expired and still take charge me a rate for business 1000 after my service has been suspended for over 6 months.
I spoke to a guy by the name of elijah from the cell c legal department who spoke to me with an attitude and was not helpful at all. He pointed out to me that cell c cannot terminate the agreement even though I have sent the letter to terminate the agreement until the account is paid in full and I asked for a copy of the agreement or the terms and conditions and he referred me to their website. As far as I am concerned a company should have a copy of the agreement on their systems to refer to and no stage was I ever advised of that condition. As it stands my account is sitting at r12700, with a monthly subscription fee of over r1500 including october, november and december which was after I had terminated the contract with cell c. I feel i’m being robbed and see this as a breach of contract from cell c. I managed to get hold of their terms and conditions (Please see attached) under no circumstances is it mentioned here that if my account is not up to date then my agreement cannot be terminated.
Clause 3.1.1 of the t&c states that a contact may be terminated by the subscriber in the form of 30 days calendar notice given to cell c and clause 5.3.3 stipulates that an "administration fee" will be charged if payment is returned or unpaid and at no point does it mention that cell c will not terminate the agreement which I find disgusting anyway that they would continue invoicing a client who can not afford the contract and who has notified them of the issue and has made an agreement to settle the amount owing to them. It is stipulated on clause 6.1 that ownership of the cellphone will only revert to the subscriber once the amounts due are paid in full.

I do acknowledge the fact that I was liable for the subscription fee before the minimum agreement period came to an end in september however I cannot invoiced for a subscription fee on a contract I don not intend continuing with and after I have advised cell c of my intention to cancel the contract. I never received any amendments to the contract within the term of my contract with cell c and believe none have ever been done on the initial agreement.

This is really frustrating, I just don't think this is a good way to conduct business and feel cheated and defrauded. The company has no integrity and does not practice fairly. Even dealing with their call centre wich I have been in contact with a thousand times and have confirmed receipt of all communication i've sent to them but lack professionalism and rude and just inefficient.

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  • Wi
      Mar 12, 2010

    My account was suspended due to non payment, or so I was told, but yet my account was up to date and it has been handed over to the pre legal department.A lady by the name of Linda told me to call back about 6 hours later, after I emailed three proof of payments through to them to get my line activated.This has been going on for more than a month now and a joke is no more a joke.
    Maybe I should consider taking steps towards Cell C.
    I need some resolution on this matter as I am starting to regret going to Cell C. I think they are the worst possible network provider.Even virgin mobile is more professional and handle accounts better than Cell C

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  • Ja
      Mar 29, 2011

    My cell phone account was handed over to Legal by Cell c.
    They the listed me on ITC For the amount of R580.00
    I have made the payment after I found out that I have been black listed.
    I have never been able to get hold or speak to anyone in the legal department .
    Have email a cell C sore based in Maphonya Mall and even they are able to assist me
    Cell C have unfairly Treated me the only person I was able to talk to was a gentleman form the legal farm that they have handed me too
    I want to a settlement later from Cell c as I have made all the payments that I know about
    Have called Cell c but all they could do for me is issue me with a ref number REF NO [protected]
    There is no way that I can follow up on the Ref number above
    This has became the worst nightmare and Cell C does not want to communicate with me regarding this

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  • Jc
      May 17, 2011

    Hi Jabulie,
    The same thing happened to me. I am still bleacklisted for an account that has been paid in full in August 2010. I cannot get hold of anyone in the legal department!! Do you have any suggestions?

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  • No
      Jul 04, 2011

    I am also in the same boat. Cell c has not updated my payment profile and I'm struggling to get a job anywhere but I payed their account in full.
    Their legal department's phone just rings without any answer and I can't get a settlement letter from them. I tried emailing their customer service but they were of no assistance to me.
    I have run out of ideas on how to handle this matter.
    Cell c is honestly the worst network provider out there. They don't care about their clients and I will never do business with cell c ever again.

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  • Si
      Mar 21, 2016

    I entered into a contract with cell c for a computer connection.
    They gave me a router.
    The router could not be connected to my computer.
    I returned the router to cell c in walmer port elizabeth and requested immediate cancellation of the agreement.
    Despite numerous e. Males and phone calls cell c handed my case to their legal department. I am still waiting for the legal department to solve my problem sidney coad williams

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  • Va
      Nov 02, 2016

    • Had 2 contracts with Cell c, requested a commitment amount (settlements), payed it, by end of that same, month they debited my bank account, I need to mention this “I have a R1400 monthly contract with Vodacom since 2007 meaning I took this cell c handsets for my cousin and Uncle but took the sim cards out”, that means ever since, I used Cell C Simcards not more than 100 dial-outs”. When I call them claimed it was a short payment for year 2014. Through investigation I conducted and proof, cell c changed stories saying it’s an early cancellation fee, penalty(recorded) and refunded only one amount of R334.00 (R342.00 !! robbed) case was open with lorrancia.[protected]

    • Next coming month they deducted my account again (April /May) when I call them story changes it was short payments for year 2014 and 2015. It took them more than 3 weeks to refund my account while they need their instalment payed on 25th of each month they forget other creditors/lenders wants that too and they complain if they don’t get their monies in time.

    • Around April or May I decided to change my banking details because cell c was abusing that privilege of getting money from it, and let them know. They insisted I owe R 343.00 which looks similar to the earlier commitment amount I paid earlier which was also R343.20. When I wrote an email to Cell c, a lady wrote back to me saying that was a mistake, but they charged me R70/ Month, which is debit cancellation fee. Got an email and attachment as proof, which means they charged me for 5 months and 1 week if I take a difference of R343/R70, while I had only one month payment as cash.
    Again they change their version of story with different excuse.
    • After I accuse them of been scammers or illiterates why are they changing stories after others, they removed that amount and added R559 which is my current instalment and their records shows I paid that amount which they claim it’s for August. I kept calling them for two month always tells me different version of they stories. Around July I decided to go the the branch to get the amount owing, took some snapshot to make sure I don’t make mistake a bank. I paid R579.00 for June, R1300+- of which I believe I was owing, for July and late August I payed R559.00 for August. Every week they keep calling me saying Payment for August was not received. If I give them a proof, story Changes to “ No those were short payment for year 2014 and 2015 because you been paying by hand which is true lies because I still got records from my nedbank Account since Year 2010 till to date, all debits were successful..

    • Last Month on the 11 /10/2016 they sold my account to MBD, got proof. I got a miss call from [protected] when I speak to this lady She said Cell C gave MBD my documents for collections/ Recovery then Later Cell C Call (MDB) back the very same date saying (MDB) must not Call me as my case is highly sensitive.

    The Total Amount owing to them, sent to me, last month (SMS’ed) is similar to the screen shot I took from the Cell C branch, but telephonically it’s different. Got proof.
    • Lastly today again a lady call me from this number [protected] at around 16H48 her Nhlangani/ Nhlakanipho She was so ignorant and sounded like She was never trained that the customer also got the right to ask question or maybe She never finished her high school classes. Recording attached... She never gave me even a change to ask questions I believe she always treats her customer as they stupid and poor financially who can listen or dance to any note she hits.
    • Sadly every time I listen to the recordings almost all references Cell C Rep is telling me they are not valid and I regret Cell C Branch warned me that if a customer is good payer they will not allow me to do early settlement and turned out to be true.

    • I took this matter a defermation of Character, if Cell C is failing to resolve this, even my ITC scoring has moved from 891 to 726 in the past two month which means I am a failure who can pay R1400.00 to Vodacom for a period of 11 years but fail paying R559 monthly for two years.
    • Almost all recording are ready to be listened to. Attached as well.

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  • Va
      Nov 02, 2016

    Proof provided for above matter...See attached and tell me GUILTY OR NOT

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