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Customer service Was very rude and unacceptable profanity was used by the employees, employees don't follow the three step policy policy, they don't follow procedure with how to talk and deal with situations, and last but not least then please do not wear the nametags you ask him for the name tag to get upset and want to tell you that they're not gonna wait on you. With customer service like this I see one more more people go to Royal Farms!

Resolved horrible company

Never take your business to this horrible company!! I made the mistake of switching over to the 011...

Resolved this company sucks!

This company sucks! They lied to me to get me to sign up, the bill kept getting bigger and bigger, the phone itself was old as the hills, the battery died after literaly 5 minutes of talking and it was a huge pain getting rid of the company after I dutifully paid my two years. If you see this company run the other way... Rant over.

  • Ro
    robat7 Oct 30, 2009

    this company has very rude Customer service, when they want to present their services said "There is not any contract, there is not any monthly payment, if you do use our services we do not charge you ", but all of them is lie.
    their service is awful
    I do not recommend them at all

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  • 7a
    7anan Jan 14, 2011

    I have received today a letter contains I have won £ 300.00 Jamaa'ah WA: International topic just but I won't know how receipt or this speech is real or not? My email is [email protected]

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Resolved unauthorized charge; horrible customer service

1) monthly bills contained calls I never made. Was told that incoming calls from toll-free numbers get charged to my phone number. This is preposterous! Incoming calls from toll-free numbers are junk calls to begin with. And I get charged for them?!?

2) after being put on hold for 32 minutes, hung up and tried again. The recording while on hold kept on saying if I had any comments, let the agent know. Second time after holding for 15 minutes, finally got agent this time. Made suggestion to her that consider a real human coming on the line at least once even if to ask if caller still wanted to hold, or at least have recording give estimated number of minutes left to hold; when you're put on hold for so long, you start wondering if your call is just stuck in telephone maze black hole. Agend started lecturing to me that they're answering one call after next to service the customer.

I didn't call to be lectured. I also would not have offered my advice if the recording had not been telling me over and over to share any comments with the agent.

Company charges for outrageous calls not made by caller, and does not really live by its word of wanting to hear comments from customers. What a sham.

Resolved overcharged service

I have been a 011 communications customer for almost ten years. My previous rate for international calls to russia was 3.5 cents for the past year and a half. My last bill charged me 7 cents per minute. I'm very angry with the price change and have no idea what has led to it. When I called customer service, a female employee told me that the rate has always been 7 cents per minute and that the 3.5 cents I have been paying for the past year and a half was a system error. This really made me upset, because I usually call the company once every two months for minor concerns, such as poor reception. Every time, I ask about the rate with russia. Every time, I was informed that the rate was 3.5 cents per minute with russia and 2 cents per minute with moscow. Now they tell me that the computer was broken? I'm pissed and being a long time user, I don't deserve this mistreatment. Unless my rate is fixed to the previous price, I will end my bussiness with 011 communications and join another service provider. Being a customer for almost a decade, I have never expected this type of abuse. The russian speaking customer service representative told me the system was broken and the english speaking customer service representative told me that the price has increased. I'm getting two different stories here, so obviously something is up. I really hope this will get corrected immediately. Sincerely, ella gladwill

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Resolved horrible funny story

My sales rep from 011 communications her name is nancy. She offered my international call for 4cent a mintute. We gave her the number we were calling to, to confirm this rate was correct. She checked the number and told me it was the offered rate. I specified I dont want to change my long distance provider. I just want to use them for international calls. Anyway the changed my long distance provider and charged me outrageos charges in fact with my own provider I was on an unlimited plan in the u.S. And the rate for overseas was 25cents aminute. This company is a scam, very unproffesional. They are rude and there customer service is awful. My current bill is over $300, I am not paying this bill. Does anyone have any suggestions to get this company bad pr.

Resolved unauthorized charges

I had been with 011 communications phone company for more than 2 october 2008 I went over my bill and realized that insted of 7.9 cents per minute I was charged 21.9 cent!!! I called the company and hey revised the bill, which I paid online. Believe it or not, but overcharges continued untill may 2009. Finally I became sick of calling 011 communications to revise my bill., and in may 2009 I finally switched to another long distance phone company (love them). My last bill from 011 communications arrived in the middle of may, and again... Overcharge! I called them to recalculate the bill, the lady said that she would take care of it and that I have to call back in a few days to get my correct balance. When I called them back (011 communications), the representative told me that they were unable to recalculate the bill and that I have to pay the entire amount including the overcharge... Because I did not use their services for more than a month!!! How many more like me are getting overcharged by 011 communications, and do not notice it!!! Check your bills!

  • Ya
    Yasur5770 Jul 14, 2009

    Hello Everybody 011 Commucations they overcharge me and some calls I didn't even made it. I tryed to call them several times there attidude is bad they answer like there the king. They also shut the phone in my face I have never seen a Phone company so rude and bad. I kept calling to fix the situation and I also tryed to ask for the manager. They say they don't have a manager If they don't how do they have a phone company. if they don't have a manager how do I fix the situation and pay my bills. If I had to rate the company from a scale from 1 to 10 it would be one I have been with AT&T FOR 13 YEARS and iI had no promblem but this company is the worst company in the world.

    Thank you
    God Bless

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This company sucks! Extremely aggressive sailes persons, but then they # up with sending documents, returning back calls from customer service. Representatives are unbelievable rude - commenting your requests, hanging up, completely unfriendly manners, never met such crap before. When I asked to return my 011 service back to at&t, they told me that it is my responsibility, they just close my account in their company, though full rollout was promised at the beginning. They also playing with calls - they said I made a call, though I didn't make even one, waiting for document package. Be really careful!

  • Un
    unknown Dec 30, 2008

    This company 011 communications SUCK BIG TIME..###S, THEY concected my phone to their local and long without my permission, and now im trying to get rid of them but i cant, they charge me 10 cents if i call locally, even i alreaddy have att&t .they kept teling me to call att&t to disconect them, well to connect they did it by them self to disconect they telling me to do that.. Their workers are so not profesional, while i called, representative hang up on me two times. And everytime I called them if i speak to other rep and if i ask for supervisor or meneger they keep saying that they are supervisor or meneger... I just wonder how many menegers and Supervisors they have its like evry employee iether supervisor or meneger. ...PEOPLE DONT GET INVOLVE WITH THIS COMPANY...They not what they saying they are.

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  • Gr
    Gregory01 Apr 02, 2010

    Same exact thing happened to me. Barely got out of there.

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  • Ka
    kamikhan Aug 22, 2016

    This company is one of the most crooked company I have worked with. Not only they lie, but do anything to rip you off. Never trust this company.

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Resolved cheap prices with no phone service

I was aggressively pursued to switch for the great prices but the service was a zero. My business survives on...