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Good Morning,

My name is Candice and I have had a contract with Cell C for over 4 years. Recently (February 2017) I have upgraded and received the mobile and sim on 09 February 2017. Upon receiving the handset I had inserted the "new" sim card into the phone, this sim card did not work and the existing micro sim (old phone) was inserted into the handset so that I could receive calls. A day later 10-Feb-2017 I received the data sim card, this sim card did not work either and the message "not registered on network" pops up. I then bought manual data for the existing sim card which was loaded onto the handset daily. The data sim card never worked and I was not able to connect to whatsapp or play store during this time resulting in me purchasing manual data for my existing sim card that was also in the new handset (dual sim phone). I then telephoned Cell C on 13 Feb 2017 as I was advised to put a cap on the data sim and while speaking to the customer care agent, I advised her that the data sim card has never worked and that it said "not registered on network" since the day I inserted it into the phone. She advised me that the 2Gig data (as per my R 99.00 contract) has been depleted and that I will receive a top up on the 01 March. I nonchalantly said "OK" and left it at that.

At the end of February my account was debited as agreed, however the March debit order showed an amount of R 6 100+, which thankfully was reversed due to insufficient funds, I contacted Cell C and was advised that the data sim card was active between 10-13 February and I had "surfed" the internet, I layed a dispute advising that this sim card never worked and I had even informed Cell C of this when I called in. The case was under investigation and the result was that I agreed to place a cap on the contract.

At the end of April Cell C has then tried to debit R 6 300+ from my account which was reversed due to insufficient funds as well also the agreed debit orders went off . Firstly, I have been on the line with your agents for months now who clearly don't seem to know what is going on. One told me that the R 6K outstanding is for monies owing over 2 months (Utter lie and your existing debits go off each month and you can check your records). Secondly, why is Cell C debiting this particular amount seperately and why is this amount escalating now? Third, I was told previously that the number that used the data was the [protected] number, last week when I called in a agent who was very polite and helpful advised that the number which "used" the data is [protected]. I was completely shocked as up until then I have been led to believe the ...8267 sim card used the data (reminder that I had bought data for this sim card as the data sim which was in the dual socket of the phone did not work). She also advised the following:

- The data sim was very active from 10-13 Feb and was surfing the net on those days. I advised her that the sim has never worked "not registered with network" and that she should listen to the voice recording on the 13 Feb which will confirm me advising the agent "the sim does not work".
- She confirmed that the sim card line is open but is not active and has not been active since then. How odd is this now, so the sim which I advised never worked since day 1 was magically working for 3 days using all this data and has not been active since? Yes the sim is not active Cell C because it never worked!!!

So between the back and forth I have been advised to go into store and listen to the voice recording of me agreeing that I will place a cap on the contract once I receive the phone. Cell C - I am disputing the data charge of a sim card that has not worked and still to this day is not working! I am disputing your "data validation" of a card that is not registered on does a card work for 3 days and stop working up until today? Can you see how bizarre that is? It makes absolute no sense and your agents arguing with me that the card was active for 3 days is not going to resolve the issue or make it better. I have advised each agent that I will not be paying the R 6K as I have never been active with the Data Sim and that this is daylight robbery.

As advised earlier to Lindiwe, I will not be paying this bill as I have not used data and had to purchase data for my contract number as the data sim card did not work from day 1 which was reported to Cell C on 13-Feb!

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • Cell C Customer Care's Response, May 04, 2017

    Hi Candice

    Thank you for bringing the matter to our attention.
    We'd like to apologize for the frustration and inconvenience caused. The matter has been escalated.

    Our team will call you to offer assistance.


May 4, 2017

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