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I have a cell c insurance that is meant to cover my phone for theft and damage which I pay every month. on the 24 April 2017 I took my phone in for repairs (damaged screen) at Maponya mall Cell C outlet, they then made me fill in the claim forms and they e-mailed them to Cell C surance, I do have the proof of that e-mail. on the 28th of April I called to follow up with Cell C surance to check if they received the claim forms as I was advised by the store agents. I was told that they did not receive my claim documents, I then resent them using my own e-mail address ([protected] to [protected] and I also received a "read confirmation" from a SYS CELL C. I again called their number which is [protected] which you hold for about 30 minutes without any answer and when they eventually answer, I was still told that they did not receive my claim form, seeing that we not reaching any conclusion on the matter I requested their physical location so I can personally drive the forms, the address provided by the phone agent was 390 ontdekkers, roodepoort, I drove to that location only to find out that is a shopping complex (florida junction). till to date I am struggling to confirm the receipt of my claim form. I also wonder those people who does not have or afford airtime to hold on for 30minutes if they ever receive help.

  • Cell C's response · May 09, 2017

    Thank you, we will be in touch to assist.


  • Cell C's response · May 12, 2017

    Dear Mr. Masando

    We understand that we have made contact with you, and we have advised that your claim has been approved, after consultation with Finrite.


  • Cell C's response · Feb 12, 2018

    Dear Mr. Motaung

    Thank you for making contact with Cell C and bringing your query to our attention.

    The matter has been escalated and we will call you with feedback.


  • Cell C's response · Jul 11, 2018

    Hi Kedibone,

    Apologies for the inconvenience experienced.

    Please email us your contact details to [email protected]

    We will follow up on your query and revert back.


  • Cell C's response · Sep 03, 2018

    Dear Sir/ Madam

    Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

    We do apologize for the inconvenience caused.

    Our team will look into it and revert back. Do expect our call.


  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.


  • @cellc_support May 02, 2017

    Hi Masando

    We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you and for the unpleasant experience.

    Please send us your query + Cell C number + an alternative contact number and our team will assist.

    Our email address is [email protected]


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  • Tu
    Tumza120 May 09, 2017

    It's very frustrating as client whereby you have phone insurance and they are unable to assist you in regard for claiming your phone. I've tried to contact the cell c surance several time I keep on hold more than 30 minutes no consultant will up the phone. C surance it is failing clients, since I submit my claim in 02 Feb 2017 and also paid the access fee I'm struggling to get hold of them please contact me on this number 0613890104

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  • Em
    emerentiajacobs Jun 28, 2017

    Hi there my name is geraldene venecia butler I have an insurance acc with you guyz. ive been a customer of yours for almost 2 years never claimed. my daughter's phone needs to be repaired she already handed it in at the cell c shop closes to us but every time we ask about it then its still at the cell c shop.. I mean really now the service is poor please see to it that you send the claim forms to cell c or to my daughters email address..

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  • @cellc_support Jun 29, 2017

    @emerentiajacobs Dear Ms Jacobs

    Thank you for making us aware of this matter.

    Please forward the Cell C number, job number + contact number to [email protected]

    We will get in touch with you to assist.


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  • Em
    emerentiajacobs Jun 29, 2017

    @@cellc_support Hello there emerentia here my cell c number is 074277398. im still waiting for a job number my phne is still at cell c store at the bridge shopping centre.. dont know if there is a job number yet

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  • @cellc_support Jun 29, 2017

    @emerentiajacobs Thank you. We will be in touch.


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  • Em
    emerentiajacobs Jun 29, 2017

    Hi there sowi to bother but I just came from cell c at the bridge greenacers port elizabeth just to be informed that the insurance that is being deducted from my account is for an old contract I have upgraded in march 2016. the contract was renewed telephonically so we did not know we had to recapture the new imei num so please tell me what I should do about that because I no longer use the samsung s3 mini im using the samsung j5 now and thats the phone I want to claim for.. so how do I go about my samsung j5 please let me know. my phone is still at the cell c store by the way I seriouslly need my phone urgent

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  • @cellc_support Jun 29, 2017

    @emerentiajacobs We'd like to call you so that we can speak to the insurance and see what can be done.

    The number you have provided is missing a digit. Please provide the correct one.


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  • Em
    emerentiajacobs Jun 29, 2017

    @@cellc_support Sorry about that the number is as follow 0742773987/081 8596616

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  • @cellc_support Jun 30, 2017

    @emerentiajacobs Thank you, we will be in touch.


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  • Em
    emerentiajacobs Jul 03, 2017

    Morning still waiting on your phone call

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  • @cellc_support Jul 05, 2017

    @emerentiajacobs Thank you for taking our call.

    As advised, we have escalated the matter with the insurance, and we hope they provide feedback that will benefit you as well.


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  • Em
    emerentiajacobs Jul 05, 2017

    Morning guys I received an phone call yesterday still waiting for the feed back from the complaints board.. need my phone guys

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  • Em
    emerentiajacobs Jul 07, 2017

    Good morning everyone I just want to thank skhumbuzo from complaint board for the excellent service I got from him. he really helped me with my claim as far as I know my claim has been submitted just waiting to hear when I must go and fetch my hand set so thanx a million skhumbuzo from geraldene butler.

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  • Gs
    GSnaidu Aug 01, 2017

    Good day,

    it is very frustrating and worst service...since 10 days was calling to c surance customer care to get hold and i was made on hold for hours and hours due to high call volumes. still not sure the consultant will answer my call. can anyone please provide me the alternative numbers for c surence.

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  • @cellc_support Aug 02, 2017

    @GSnaidu Dear Mr GSnaidu

    Our team is well placed to assist.

    Please send your query to [email protected] & include your Cell C number + contact number if not reachable on your contract number.


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  • Th
    Thabang Motaung Feb 12, 2018

    hey My name is Thabang, I took a phone at cell c store in bethlehem(dihlabeng mall) and i was advised to take insurance but was never told about terms and conditions.i put on an insurance claim to csurance and was told the claim was declined, because the sim card that was in the phone at the time the phone got stolen was not a sim card that was insured.i was never made aware of such terms now i have to pay a phone that i dont have.what was the use of taking insurance if it wont give me a new phone?
    Please assist me 0760785408 thats where i can be contacted
    My ticket number for the claim is:424959.

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  • Go
    gooseboy Jun 15, 2018

    [Ticket ID: 764924]

    I have contacted CellC Newmarket and advised that they I have waited 6 months for the claim to be approved.
    In the meantime, I have already purchased a new phone, as one could expect.

    Please advise the following:

    • Why can this amount not just be deducted of the amount that Cell C / Csurance will pay out
    • This amount will be paid in cash, as the claim took 3 months to receive any feedback and still not resolved. And cash is what I have already paid for my current phone
    • What is the amount, as it should be equal to what I would have paid for my handset if bought it new cash? i.e. REPLACEMENT VALUE
    • When will this matter be resolved???

    It has been 6 months, CELL C advised me to go for CSURANCE. Cell C are the ones I pay for this cover! The reason is to have it replaced if lost or stolen - WITHIN A DAY or TWO MAX!

    CELL C cannot blame CSURANCE as I ONLY dealt WITH CELL C!

    Steven 0834714853

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  • Mo
    Modiapula Jul 11, 2018

    Hi my name is Kedibone.My phone's screen was damaged and I took it to cell c waterfall mall in rustenburg.Even today my phone is still there and it's almost 3 weeks now.The forms were filled and my ticket number is 511110.Everyday I've been phoning C surance to find out why is my phone not collected from cell c store and they always promise to send the courier guy to collect it.The courier guy when he arrives at cell c he doesn't my phone but collects other phone's, simply because of the poor service from C surance as he wasn't told to collect it.How am I supposed to deal with this, every month I'm paying for the insurance for what?????

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  • Ce
    Cerl Aug 08, 2018

    Just had terrible experience with C-surance. You pay insurance premium for specific mobile equipment value, but if they can't repair the phone they want to replace it with cheaper phone for the value at the time of loss, this is rediculous as the phone is damaged! what value do they want to derive from a damaged phone? This means that if you take good care of your phone and after two years it gets damaged it will be replaced with a phone around 10% or less the value it was 2 years back. Your insurance premium does not decrease over this time. What is the benefit of having insurance? If your phone gets damaged or stolen in the first couple of months, there's a hefty excess payment required. They still deducting the same premium for a phone worth next to nothing. Cancelling it this month and no more C-surance as well as Cell C. I am done, and would advise friends and foe to rethink dealing with these two... Insurance claim was for 0742390558 and I can be contacted on 0718705815.

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  • @cellc_support Aug 10, 2018

    @Cerl Dear Cerl

    Thank you for contacting Cell C.

    We have received your query regarding your C- Surance claim. Kindly forward us your query to [email protected] and include you Ticket ID number.


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  • La
    Laundy Sep 03, 2018

    I do not actually understand what the use of c-surance is. My screen cracked a few months go, I was told I had to pay a ridiculous amount for the access fee. I disputed this, took my device back and still the monthly deductions were continuing as usual. I then realized I can't be paying for nothing and letting c-surance get away with my money and not actually doing what they claim they do in their pamphlets and home pages(which is never doe by the way, atleast not without a fight) My phone went in on the 23rd of August 2018. I was told I approximately have to wait a week before the process. This is the third week without my device now, I have to be the one who makes the effort to follow up on the progress(or no progress actually cause it seems like it will take forever to get to me) .The device I handed in was an Iphone 6s, last week when I called to do a follow up I was told the only available devices they have are samsungs. I DO NOT WANT ANDROID!!! I don't even get why c-surance feels customers should take less than what they submitted. I was told t wait again, another week. This is the third week without my device, I called in today spoke to one of the rudest call center agents by the name of Koketso(a guy) who hung up on me when I requested to speak to the manager. The service this cell phone insurance company offers is disappointing, I would NEVER recommend c-surance for ANYONE. It has been such a tedious and its VERY inconveniencing. I have sent an email to c-surance as well as [email protected] with my the ID number and Claim Number. If I don't get my phone by the end of this week I am cancelling ALL this rubbish plus my contracts with cell C. I will broadcast the poor service in all my social media platforms as well. I cannot be dealing with such. Contact number 0749466532/0846745157.

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